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									Larry Herring
55 Zhen Ning Rd Block D #3303 Shanghai, China 200050 Cell: (86) (21) 134-8218-1856 US Vonage phone number in China: 214-256-3528


10 years experience as a professional level designer and scripter for video game titles. I have worked in production on various projects since March of 1997. Pc, PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360 Professional game engine experience includes Doom 3, all Quake based engines, all Unreal based engines, Lithtech and Slay Ed. (Proprietary engine for The Collective). I am skilled with 3d Studio Max for use in level Design and various terrain creation tools.


CCP Asia
Mar 2007 – Present

Unannounced title currently in pre-production
Published by CCP Environment Director: Responsible for developing environmental design and workflow processes for the title as well as hiring and training Chinese staff.

Ubisoft Shanghai
Mar 2005 – Mar 2007

Splinter Cell 4 – Double Agent – Xbox 360 and PS3
Published by Ubisoft Lead Level Designer: JBA Headquarters missions - I was responsible for staff training, supervision and design for a group of 4 missions with a new style of game play for the Splinter Cell franchise.

2015 Inc
Aug 2003 – Dec 2004

Men of Valor
Published by Vivendi Universal Games Created original content and worked on existing content for the game until it was shipped.

Worked with programmers and artists on original content and scripting on prototypes for publishers.

The Collective
Jan 2003 – July 2003

Undisclosed Title published by Midway
Created design, architecture and gameplay for title. Provided guidance to Jr. designers. Project was canceled by Midway.

Thirdlaw Int.
July 2001- July 2002

Alien Vs. Predator 2 add-on pack
Published by Fox Interactive

WWII Iwo Jima
Published by Value Soft

Various projects Ion Storm
March 1997-June 2001

Published by Eidos Interactive

Published by Eidos Interactive Created several original levels, and reworked existing levels under direction of the game designer. Work was done in the Quake 2 engine. HOBBIES Reading, movies, computer games, music, building computers and home networks
Complete non-Game work history available on request. References available on request

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