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“First day of class” requirements and other important things you need to know ! 

Drug Calculation Exams
• Students must successfully pass the drug calculation exam with 80% proficiency. Three attempts are allowed. If the student is not successful after the 3rd attempt, a course failure is earned.

• Examples of drug calculation problems are on the CNHS website.

ATI Testing
• ATI tests measure your “readiness for NCLEX” in a particular content area • ATI books and DVDs provide valuable information that will augment course materials • Results from ATI tests provide critical insight into areas where you need to improve!

ATI testing
• After testing, print gradesheet & identify areas needing improvement • Use ATI books & CNHS resources for remediation • Dr. Kay Williams is available to assist • ATI scores will impact course grades

• A student meeting the criterion established for

Benchmark for CNHS: For Content Mastery Tests Proficiency Level 2
Proficiency level 2 at the recommended cut score:

• Is fairly certain to meet NCLEX standards in this

content area • Demonstrates a level of knowledge in this content area that more than adequately supports academic readiness for subsequent curricular content • Exceeds minimum expectations for performance in this content area • Demonstrates achievement of a satisfactory level of competence needed for professional nursing practice in this content area

Proficiency Level 2 for ATI Content Mastery Tests
• Content Mastery Test • Fundamentals • Medical-Surgical • Leadership • Community • Maternal-Newborn • Peds • Pharmacology • Psych • Proficiency Level 2
68.3% 68.9% 71.7% 65% 68.3% 66.7% 70% 68.3%

ATI RN Comprehensive
• The ATI RN Comprehensive test is a reliable and valid predictor for success on NCLEX

ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor 3.0 (based on the 2004 NCLEX-RN Test Plan) Benchmark for CNHS: 62% (which equates with ≈ 90% probability of passing NCLEX)

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

RN Comprehensive Predictor 3.0 Composite Score >=70% 68-69% 66-67% 64-65% 62-63% 60-61% 58-59% 56-57% 54-55% 52-53% 50-51% <50%


Predicted Probability of Passing the NCLEX-RN

99% 98% 97% 95% 91% 83% 74% 58% 40% 28% 15% <=10%

ATI Comprehensive Exam
• Performance on the ATI Comprehensive Exam impacts course grade significantly in last semester. • If you have deficits, work on those NOW; the Comprehensive covers all areas of nursing!

• First Day Requirements

Why oh why so many forms??
• Our priority is patient safety!! • Basic, minimum requirements are inherent in agency contracts

Why oh why are you being so strict???
• 1. We have to process >1500 forms in the 1st 2 weeks of the semester!!! • 2. Following directions is foundational to your nursing education • 3. Responsibility/accountability undergirds ALL nursing!!

OK, so what do I need the first day of class?
• 1. Current health appraisal • 2. Current TB skin test (2 step no longer required) • 3. Evidence of 2nd or 3rd Hep B (if your 2nd or 3rd hep B was since last semester) • 4. Signed Health Insurance form (print that from CNHS webpage) • 5. Copy of Medical Insurance Card (we keep) • 6. Current CPR certification. If verifying re-certification we must have a copy of the card

EVERY student will need:
• Signed health insurance form. Get that form from the CNHS webpage (
• Click on “Student Handbook & Health Forms”

• Copy of health insurance card

Check with you instructor to determine if you need
• Annual health appraisal (form is also on CNHS webpage) • Annual TB skin test • Recertification of CPR • Documentation of Hep B (2nd or 3rd)

How will I know what I need?
• Current course faculty & secretaries have the list of students needing annual health appraisals, TB skin tests, CPR cards, 2nd or 3rd hep B • Every student must bring signed Health Insurance form • Every student must bring copy of medical insurance card

If CPR, health appraisal (including TB skin test) expires next semester, then renew it BEFORE the first day of class!

• If your TB skin test expires in Feb, renew it before the 1st day of class in Jan • If your CPR expires in October, renew it before the 1st day of class in August

On the

st 1

day of class…

• You are required to have documentation of requirements that will be valid throughout the semester. • Documentation is due PRIOR to class time

Tell me again what is due 1st day of class..
• 1. Current CPR certification • 2. Current Health appraisal • 3. Current TB skin test

• 4. Evidence of Hep B immunization • 5. Signed Health Insurance Form ALL students submit every semester • 6. Copy of current Medical Insurance Card-ALL students need every semester

• 2-step TB skin tests are no longer required

• If your health appraisal (including TB skin test) expires during the semester, you must update before the 1st day of class. • Example: if your TB skin test expires 9/25 and you are starting the fall semester, you MUST have another TB skin test prior to the 1st day of class!

• If your CPR card expires March 30 & you are starting the spring semester, you MUST renew PRIOR to the 1st day of spring term!!

• Documentation must occur immediately prior to course orientation on the 1st day of class • If you complete documentation after course orientation starts, you will be required to complete 100 NCLEX questions for each working day that documentation is late.

• All documentation must be valid through the semester….for example, in spring semester, the CPR should be valid through April

If you’re pregnant….
• 1. See policy in Student Handbook • 2. Provide MD statement to each clinical course coordinator with EDC & ok to do clinical

How will this info be collected?
• 1. Staple documentation together EXCEPT for Health Appraisal. • 2. Health Appraisal should be separate • 2. Documentation should be in the order listed • 3. Documentation will be collected 45 minutes PRIOR to the 1st class of the semester. • 4. Students without complete documentation will be referred to the Dean. 100 NCLEX questions are required for each working day info is late

• What if I am on scholarship & my $ isn’t released in time to buy insurance?
• Get on list with Carla Willingham BEFORE the 1st day of class!!

Consequences for lack of compliance
• For every working day that documentation is late, 100 NCLEX questions will be due. • If you are 4 days late, 400 NCLEX questions are due.

Can I just bring my documentation to the secretaries before the semester starts?

The only feasible way to organize this volume of information for almost 400 students is to collect it by course.

So Please…..
Bring documentation to the first day of class…don’t try to turn it in to the secretaries

• Responsibility, accountability, the ability to follow directions are essential in professional nursing!

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