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									                                              HUNTSVILLE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM, INC.
                                                Directors Report for November 2012

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time of giving. We received food from so many of our churches, Boy Scout Troops, Sunday School
Classes and individuals. Fords Chapel was very generous in providing turkey dinners with all the trimmings to 25 families. We were
very blessed to see the joy on the faces of these clients. Fran Flueler from Manna House was a life saver providing freezer space to
store the dinners until we could get them distributed. It is wonderful when all work together.

Among the clients we served this month were several single fathers struggling to keep their families together. We are seeing many
more men needing assistance with rent, utilities, etc. than before. Several have lost their jobs, been laid off or had hours cut. Times
are definitely tough for many.

We have been interviewing many applicants for Karen’s position. As you know, Karen will be leaving as a paid employee but will
continue as a volunteer when time and events allow. She will be greatly missed, especially by me, but we have some very good
candidates and will make a decision soon.

Christmas is right around the corner! We are seeing an increase in clients needing assistance and also an increase in individual
donations. We are very thankful for the support from the community as we continue to grow and provide the best services we can.

Please continue to pray for HAP and our many clients.

Respectfully submitted,
Gayla M. Kidd
Gayla M. Kidd

                                    DIRECTORS SUMMARY OF DIRECT ASSISTANCE

                       Direct Assistance Summary                                Direct Assistance Financial Summary

  Category of Assistance       Clients Assisted for     Clients Assisted for   Funds Expended         Funds Expended
                                    the Period           the Fiscal Year (*)    for the Period       for the Fiscal Year

Utilities                         86                      867                    14,554.04          144,686.77

Rent/Mortgage                     15                      156                     2,490.00            30,186.20

Food                             381                    4,319                                          4,476.28

Angel Food Program

Other Medication,                  3                       29                       194.39             2,203.44
Gasoline, Miscellaneous

Total                            485                    5,371                    17,238.43          181,552.69

(*) Does not include the number of members in the Clients family

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