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									                     Cambridge Contract Bridge Club (Inc)
                        Newsletter ─ November 2012

                                                     It was an outstanding day for Cambridge
                                                     players. The winners were Sandy Davis and
                                                     G Cuttriss from Tokoroa. Runners-up were
                                                     Kim Grounds and Karen Payne who got an
                                                     outstanding 70.03% in one session. Third
Our club has been buzzing!                           were Ray Milner and Clare Coles. Session
                                                     winners were Dayelle Cole and Iris
SBS Intermediate Tournament                          Thomas; Melanie
                                                     Trevethick and
This was a very successful tournament,               Margaret MacKay;
particularly in terms of the very friendly           and Alyson Clay and
atmosphere created, and the obvious                  Joan McHarg who came
enjoyment of all the participants. It was a          fourth overall.
little disappointing that the entries were well
down on the record number we had last year.          As the Cambridge Intermediate Tournament
                                                     is the last in the Waikato-Bays Champions
                   My thanks to all who              League, a presentation was made to the
                   helped in some way. The           winners Clare Coles and Kevin Whyte. This
                   raffle table was a great          has been won by Cambridge members for the
                   drawcard, and thanks to all       the third year in a row. Congratulations to
                   those members who                 Clare and Kevin.
                   donated items for the
                   various raffles. Thanks
                   too to those who provided
                                                     Karen Martelletti
food for morning tea, lunch cakes and slices,        Karen’s ability to convey her messages so
and snacks for the end of play.                      vividly captured her audience. It was very
                                                     helpful to have practice boards to reinforce
Many members added to the success of the             the night’s lesson, and then the discussion
day. Thank you to Joan McHarg,                       afterwards helped to clarified any issues.
Tournament Secretary; Helen Lloyd for
organising the kitchen, and the kitchen and          With such enthusiastic support from the club,
bar helpers; Michael Neels for dealing the           the series was a real winner. Karen says she
cards and acting as scorer for the day; Anne         would be available for a second series next
Blewden for the flowers and being in charge          year, and we can all eagerly look forward to
of the raffles; our two stand-by players Eve         that.
Montgomery and Marlene Pollock; and the
committee for their planning and support.            Karen has made a correction to the notes on
                                                     the Michaels cue bid (the last presentation).
                                                     This bid can only be used as with either a
                                                     strong hand or a weak hand. Each pair needs
                                                     to choose their system option.

                                        Proudly sponsored by
Use of table money vouchers                          Bill Mitchell
It would make the weekly banking of table            We will miss Bill Mitchell who was a very
money easier to handle if more members were          respected and valued member of our club.
to make use of the vouchers.                         Bill decided to learn to play bridge in his mid-
                                                     eighties! He was proof of the saying that you
The forms for ordering the vouchers are on           are never too old to learn.
the front table. Fill out a form and payment
option, and place this in the mailbox on the         Bill loved his bridge. He had a nimble mind,
wall to the right of the nametags. The               and thoroughly enjoyed the stimulation and
vouchers will be given to you by the director        the competitive aspects of bridge. It became a
at your next playing session.                        very important part of his life. He revelled in
                                                     the times he and his partner were placed in a
AGM and Prizegiving                                  session. Bill continued to play right up to the
                                                     last few weeks of his life.
                   This is to be held on
                   Monday 26 November at             Get well soon!
                   6pm. Members are asked
                   to bring a plate for a pot        Freda Love has had a hip replacement. She
                   luck dinner. Partners and         will be in Te Awamutu for six weeks
                   children are invited to           convalescing and would welcome any
                   come for all or part of the       visitors.
                                                     Dorrie Carnegie is not well enough to come
The format is:                                       to bridge, but is keen to have a game at her
6pm: Annual General Meeting                          home.
7pm: Pot luck dinner
8pm: Prizegiving.                                    Malcolm Hill has unfortunately developed
                                                     shingles and is finding this a very painful
Nominations for the 2013 Committee must be           condition. We wish him a speedy recovery.
given to Karen Payne (Secretary) fourteen
days prior to the meeting. Remits/motions            A few reminders
must also be given to Karen fourteen days
beforehand. Any remit/motion should be               Please, if you are part of a group using the
proposed and signed a proposer and seconder.         bridge rooms and the last to leave, you need
                                                     to check that all lights are off, the windows
Directors, Scorers and Card                          are closed, the Zip is turned off and the
Dealers                                              outside door is closed.

The organisation needed for the smooth
running of our club is more complicated and
time-consuming than in former years. The
technology we use, the more sessions we run,
and the larger membership all add to this.

We need more help with directing, scoring
and card dealing. Training will be given for
these tasks.
                                                                                        Alyson Clay
Please let a Committee member know if you                                                 President
are willing to help in any way.

                                        Proudly sponsored by

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