Budget Checklist (DOC download) by vivi07


									RPP Budget Checklist
Use this list to help you remember all the funding that should be requested for next year’s Respiratory Protection Program. √ Activity Description RPP ADMINISTRATIVE OVERHEAD RPPA salary (if dedicated position) Office equipment and supplies (e.g. filing cabinets, paper, printers, laminating machines) Computer equipment (e.g. as needed for AQMS access) TRAINING AND EDUCATION On-going career knowledge training for the RPPA (e.g. CSA seminars) On-going education of P-Med Techs or other personnel through training, seminars and conferences Training facilities, classrooms, and training aids for training within the unit (e.g. overhead projector rental) Instructor costs (fees, travel expenses) Educational materials (e.g. printing FAQs, buying CGA pamphlets) RESPIRATORS AND FIT-TESTS Maintenance parts for respirators Fit-test equipment (test masks and adapters) Fit-tester visits (if unavailable locally) Capital expenditure for PortaCount test equipment used for fit-tests Annual calibration of PortaCount test equipment used for fit-tests Health assessments (medical evaluations may have associated costs) BREATHING AIR SYSTEMS Cylinder maintenance (hydrostatic testing costs, repair and replacement costs) Air quality tests (e.g. test kits, courier fees) Annual calibration of PosiCheck SCBA unit testing system used to check air bottle seals and fittings Compressor maintenance Capital expenditure for compressor system components replacement Estimated Cost

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