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p|PiC>iJyieb CHURCH • Re^v;^jin'St.. gharpe^, pastor. 9:4$ a. S . Worship service. 11 a. fti. Sunday school.

mission p a .Membership and Evanger li'sm'; a're'engaged now in completing and carrying but the plans of-tfte commission in preparation for these services;

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*The newly elected officers -of Clarksville'^Grange will be installed METHODIST CHJJRCH by • Albany County Deputy Spencer ReVi Fred R. Brown, pastor. 6:30 p. m . . ^ t l M l s K ^ ' 0 " Duncan at the next regular meeting ..; Sunday,; Oct. .18; .Monday.:;' ;"•:.. ^ l £ f Jfc.-ion on Oct 17. A covered dish supper COMMUNITY NOTES .'.: 9:^5 a. ni; Sunday school. 7:45: p. m . :Me^6dl(s#ii§ Tuesday: " ^ ; ; '"»»^-"• •i 11 a, m. Morning: worship service. Will be served at 7 p. m. Rolls and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Flansburg £ 4 5 - p / W, ^ f e t W ^ l l s s i o n . Ignited Evangelistic Mission; Ser- coffee will be- furnished by the have moved into their home at 931 _. i n s ."by the -Rev. Charles W. Non- Grange, Delaware Turnpike. Augustus InThursday:.';;. <-ICf ^ ¥ b . The Grange will hold a card party graham is making his home, there riert'h%rg.' • Ch0 r 7:30 RM'®M&$&&aF ' on Friday . evening, Oct. 23, at 8 with them. I t:30 | , ; m . Sunday evening evanp. m., in the Grange hall. Other selistiO'tSerVice. Mrs. Irvin Houck spent the week- ' The P ^ M i p v i a # | ( * i s | t o attend SiysnglflsHc set^vices will be held games as well as cards will be fea- end at Diamond Point with Mrs. each ,of. the jnissioH-mSti^ <?n • " Table prizes and door prizes Madeline Woods. Other guests were e^ch.leyenihg, Monday through Fri- tured .day,, Monday ajiW^jpiy- evenings. daf;"•• at' "7:30 p. in., with' preaching will be awarded, and refreshments Mrs Olivett Johnson of Rensselaer Great p r e a c H i n ^ M * ! ^ c r u s a d , 1 sered. Everybody welcome! by Pastor Nonnenberg, assisted by and Miss Helen Kane of Averill for Christ ih:mr-&n^^A free-will the pastor and choir of the ClarksPark. „ T Offering'will .fje-.'ieieiveiM ^ch serSUNSET CORRAL NEWS ville church. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Latta vice. ' • ~;*M3 f \ p . ' : • Winners in the events at the of "Horseplay" at the Marsh farm on and daughter Patricia,guests Johnson ., •• Rev. Fred R. Brown, pastor of the LUTHg^f^p^t/RCH City, were week-end of his Clarksville Methodist church, has Oct. 11 were: Rev. ftussell B; %e0. •pa stor Horsemanship - 1st, Ann Disco; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles LatAnnounced that Rev. Charles W. ta of Clarksville. Sunday: '- . • -: r • [-••'••_ Wohnenberg , Of the Newburgh, dis- 2nd, Mrs. Daniel Dryden; 3rd, EllsMr. and Mrs. Leon Barton and 10, a. tii. Sunday. scjiSol. . worth Stedman. Pleasure Horse trict, . Hew York Conference of the Mr. and Mrs. Charles Latta spent 7:30 p. m . 0 u r i j n service. Methodist Church, will be in Clarks- Class -- 1st, Ellsworth Stedman; Wednesday in Albany. ville for the United Evangelistic Mis- 2nd, Joan Brate; 3rd, Ann Disco. M E T H O D I S T ^ j j r H RALLY sion. Pastor Nonnenberg will be Fiag Race - 1st, William Van Natthe preacher for the services, and he ten; 2nd, Don Pendergast; 3rd, Jas. A large ybuth^railyfto all Methodist younr^pl^i^(jie-.-3ttbOTy-^«$11 b e assisted by Pastor Brown and Brate. Pony Class (small ponies) •• 65 years. Why not one for you? the choirs of the church. . The sing- 1st, Betty K a y e S w a n n ; 2nd, MariMRS. TIDBALL DIES AT 62 trict of Methtidisiii wiK l a u l l c h t n e lyn Marsh; 3rd, George Brate. ing of hymns and Gospel songs will Mrs. Ethel Gregg Tidball, 62, wife week-long Uhiteds'fevaiigelistic Methohe a' feature of the services. Dur- (Large ponies) - 1st, Bob Johnson; dist Mission: '.in- *{fe territory. The Walter Scanlan was) home from ing t h e days of the week, there will 2nd, Fred Lamb; 3rd, Teddy Sted- of Irvin Tidball of Duanesburgh, died 'kick-off rally. will' » conducted at be Visitation of homes of the com- man. Stake Race ~ 1st, Ray Reed; at Ellis hospital Oct. 9 after a long the Eastern- -parkway- Methodist Cornell University for the week end. 2nd, Don Pendergast; 3rd, Bob John- illness. munity by teams from the church. 11 Mrs. Adella Weaver and Mr. and Mrs. Tidball was born in the Town church in Sehenlicjtadv'fP Saturday Mrs. Frank Weaver of Midland, Onson. Working Horse Class - 1st, Anson Rowe. and Robert Patter- .,__.. of Rotterdam and had lived in Du- evening, Oct. i7---I't:'7-30.o'clock, and tario, Canada-, a r e visiting Mr. and son, co-chairman of the Church Com--Ray Reed; 2nd, Ellsworth Stedman; anesburgh for the past 37 years. For will 'be followed', foy Jhree evening Mrs. George Mac Intyre. : many years she served as organist for services in tlie (Saliupville church on Emewon Van Patten, Sr., Mr. and the Princetown Presbyterian church. Oct. 18, 19 and 20 Speaker a t the Voutli rally will be Mrs. Emerson Van Patten, Jr., Linda, Funeral services, conducted toy Rev. Harry J. Swan of the Princetown the Rev. Clark;:'Huht, pastor of Trin- Emerson, HI, and Jeffry, Miss Olive Presbyterian church, were held at the ity Methodist, church,'- Albany. Rev. Van Patten, Mrs:/Walter jvers and That LICENSE No. 9-RL-1734 has been-issuied to the un- Bond Funeral Home. Tuesday after- Hunt has <beeh<--largely instrumental Leslie. Ann were ""guests on Suriday"of dersigned to sell LIQUOR, WINE and BEER at retail in noon and interment was in Esper- •in promoting a vitkl youtli program !-U *ii in the Albany phyrch. The rally will a RESTAU&ANT!, under the Alcoholic Beverage Control ance. Surviving are her husband, a son, be precededUBya-'boxlunch and fel-Law>-a£ i iJouth Main Street, Voorheesviile, County of Maurice G. Tidball- of; Schenectady; lowship program, a t 6 p. m. A numAlbany, New York, for on-premises consumption. one daughter, Miss.*Alta Tidball of ber of the .yduif. people of the GalMontclair, N- J- a granddaughter, lupville chureh a r e planning to atMiss .Marilyn Jean Tidball; one tend the- rally; •. The Rev. Raiton M. Speers, pastor brother, Andrew Gregg of Rotterdam, " I n the Heart of the Banking and Business District" of the Gallupyille church and speaker and several nieces and nephews. For Fall Planting 1 SO. MAIN STREET VOORHEESVILLE, N. Y. at the mission services to b e conducted there on- Sunday, Monday and H E L P I N G H A N D SOCIETY t«n»»y8n»»»»»ti»n>»»»»>)nn»»»»»»»»»»ttttn»»»»t»»»»»»»»»»>»m« The Helping Hand Society of the Tuesday evenings has announced the He will Reformed Presbyterian church held topics for these'.meetings. its September meeting at the home speak on,Sunday- evening, Oct. 18, of Mrs. Bernard Mericle in Duanes- on "Which y£ay Are You Looking?" burg. Waldo Chesnut was leader of This service Will 'commence at 6:30 the devotional service. Participating o'clock and has-.its emphasis as a and Tuesday were That LICENSE No. 9-RL-1442 has been issued to the un- in the session Charles Mrs. Wyman youth night. 'Monday scheduled for - D A F F 0 D | L S Goodell, Mrs. Gaige, Mrs. evenings' service!? are dersigned to sell LIQUOR, WINE and BEER at retail, in Mericle, Mrs. Charles Mericle, Mrs. 7:45 o'clock. .The subject for Mona RESTAURANT, under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Roscoe C. Wilber, Mrs. Norman Col- day's meeting, nien's night, will be lins, Mrs. E. H. Collins, Mrs. Francis "Tomorrow, He; Said," On Tuesday Narcissus Snowdrops Law, at FIRESIDE TAVERN, Delaware Ave., Route 43, Whil., Early Crowe, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo E. Ches- evening Mr., Speers will speak on For Naturaliiing '• Hbw«r« Delmar, County of Albany, New York, for on-premises nut, and Rev. and Mrs. . Harry H. "Time Enough "KM" which is to be known as womgn's night. A family Meiners. consumption. • HYACINTHS * You will be glad to learn that amazing new pulsators have Next meeting will be Nov. 1 at the d a y is being glafin'ed for the 11 a. m. worship hour on ^Sunday, Oct. 25. At Duane Lake home of Mr. and Mrs. been developed that will help poor blood circulation. A • CROCUS • Norman Collins. Nathan Fidler will thjs service Rey; s p e e r s will speak on "The «oif||;i|)f ;You." lead the devotional. service. few minutes; daily use will help relieve painful limb Crape H y a c i n t h s , (Blue; All of the,3J!jSe<§tangs are open t o BIBLE READERS MEET the general pS8S$j&, and an invitation cramps, numbness, cold feet and other circulatory ail- i Gianf Parrot Tulips . The Bible [Readers of the Reform- is extended 'tq>' f0j;XQ~ attend, a t least iaents. Vsers report also that the devices are wonderful I ed Presbyterian church of Duanes- one of t h e sesa<j§s, ; Ah offering will Paptr Whit*' Hardiiut for Indobn burgh have voted to continue the toe received a t ; ^ & meeting to cover * nervous ^ s i o n ^ a ^ f^tig%. Mo electricity enters series of paper; collection drives until the. e ^ e n s ^ t j l ^ l ^ Each Meeting That LICENSE No. 9-RL-1760 has been issued to the untije entire area h a s 'been canvassed.,! wUkbeubbetiieiiiim&hi/mtesins;dii& Price's Lawn-Grass Seed ;0peratiph is similar to equipment built by some dersigned to sell LIQUOR, WINE and BEER at retail, in ; IThe actipnjiyjis, taken as,.a';resuji|§!; !S&Mfdajfe" : - : dfx^ Horticultural fSranujated a RESTAURANT, under the Alcoholic BeveraL Control !fb1r|ected;^21,50, and covered only a and thech6|^>Jy|B3^fc r dir¥dti6h of ppg|fe^isstx|^tJ^nsrje*.e PEAT MOSS Law, at/unctipn of Routes 146 and 158 and Weaver Road, minor portion of the region. The Mrs, •HermaIil•J^I»|^if;•. I have fipuy^ieKef—wby don't you let us help you? There ! Altamont, County of Albany, A/few York, for on-premises project will be continued each Satur* 'The week's•• S|i§si&r&will conclude BONE MEAL FOR ROSES on Sunday, Gfct|2§->it 4:30 p. m. day at 9 a. m. ' is no obligation, consumption. ) f A t the October meeting of the with a "victory;. ;|§lly} fbr all MethoCOW MANURE AND DAVE -COHEN — Doing Business as Bible Readers Sunday night, the dists of the ilBaii^Jahd Troy DisItMHIIUIIIIIIIISIiMII.HIIIIIIIIirilllllllllllllltMMIllMMtlMllllttllllllflltllllllllllllllMIMIIIIItllllllHUIIIIIIUtllMIIIMIIIIItllll group voted to contribute $321.25 to tricts at Cohv|pti^Jft?Kall-, Saratoga 1 7 SHEEP MANURE the "building fund of the new church, Springs, with-Bishb'p. W. Earl LedAII-PurpoM Fertilizer Write for FREE Booklet being constructed in Duanesburgh to den as the prjlcipaf ^peaker. ^ ( r e p l a c e the historic edffiee destroyed Visit Our Store tor All NIAGARA OF ALBANY COMMUiyiCY^- N O T E S byl-.fire in Decem'ber, 1951. The en Your Garden Needs R O O M 4 3 , 36 STATE S T R E E T The Gallufmlle # i r e department tire amount was received from, paper A L B A N Y , H. Y . drive collections conducted during the will serve itsSannual chicken supper in the fire hail Wednesday, Oct. 21. past few months. Gentlemen: In charge of the Nov. 14 meeting First table air.5 o'clock, and continuThat LICENSE No. 9-RL-1687 has been u p e d to the unwill be Jane Denty, devotions; Ed- ing until all are-se'^fed. There will I'm interested in what Niagara-DEEP Massage,Home Set can do ward Putman, Joan Schoonmaker and be a bazaar &d gfabMbag. dersigned to sell LIQUOR, WINE, CIDER and BEER at The local firemen will collect Fern Gaige; refreshments; and Paul for me. 8end me full details and beautiful-free booklet. retail in a RESTAURANT, under the Alcoholic Beverage papers.Oct. 30. Please have them 90 HUDSON AVE. Control Law, at LEE WALLARD'S RESTAURANT and Miller, games, Bonnie. McDougall was voted into ready and oiii by -the highway. | Name „ ..,'......, Free Delivery The Grange will. conduct a dance BAR,-Route 20, Guilderland, County of Albany, New membership, Hallowe'en night in 'ihe Grange hall York, for on-premises consumption. Phone 4-0815 G I V E TO B U I L D I N G F U N D Public invited Address The Young People's society of the The Gallupville Grange will serve LELAND WALLARD, D. B. A. A L B A N Y , N. V <UH»»>ii»)iiolijiiii»iii»i»iiiiiii»ii»ii»n»»»»i»»»i»»»»»»»»»»»»:»»»»»? Reformed Presbyterian church, in the annual turkey supper Election session Saturday night at the old night in the Grange hall F i r s t table schoolhouse here, voted to contribute at 6 o'clock and continuing until all $15 to the building fund of the are served Rt. 20, Guilderland P. O., R. D. 2, Altamont, N. Y. church. Mr. and Mrs Dan Clykeman of T a e - n e x t -session is scheduled" for West Township spent Sunday with Nov. 8. Allen Chesnut will lead the Mr. and Mrs Ira Chandler devotional service, and Charlotte Mrs. Flora Majoarma and M r and Knowles will be in, charge of re- Mrs. Alfred Chrysler and Lance freshments. Manchester spent Sunday i n New k T h e society is mapping plans for York. a. night c pft .recreation with the Bible Mr. and Mrs Grover Becker were That LICENSE No. L-3563 has been issued to the under, be signed to sell LIQUOR, WINE and CIDER at retail, un- Readers; t o&« held at a date to be supper guests Saturday night at t h e set" - •"..'• ,,., 1, , XJONTENTS FEOM THE ESTATE OF MISS HELEN WING: home of Mr and Mrs Carter Plue i n der the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, at 3 South Main Sunday School Contributes schoharie. STATE STREET, ALBANY, N. Y. St., Village of Voorheesville, <jfounty*of Albany, New T h e Reformed Presbyterian church The Home Bureau will meet at t h e Sunday school has voted a contribu- home of Mrs William Shedma TuesYork, for off-premises consumption. tion; of $50 to the building fund of day evening, Oct 27, a t 7 30 o'clock. 2. CONTENTS, ESTATE OF MISS FLORENCE DEANEHAN — FRANCIS E. and BARBARA K. SULLIVAN, D. B. A. the new. church here. Mr. and Mrs Harold Brayman a n d At the annual fall communion ser- son, Walter, of Wilmington, D e l , and OF ALBANY, N.Y. vice of .the church Sunday, two new Mrs. Carolyn Coss of Fultonham call'members were received. They are ed on Lorenzo Van Tassel Saturday This you must see to appreciate a Very fine collection of China, Glass3 SOUTH MAIN ST. < • VOORHEESVILLE, N. Y. Maudi'e Bailey and Albert Fidler afternoon, ware, Bric-a-brac and Furniture. -Until the new church building is Delbert Keyser had i b e misfortune completed^ services of the church are to break a bone m bis foot. being held in the Duane Grange hall. John Ferbert has been seriously — WILL BE SOLD AT AUCTION — ill. Mrs. George Turnbull-, Mrs. Bernard; Mericle, .Mrs, Mervin Mott, Mrs. Keniieth' Miller, and Mrs. Alva C That LICENSE No. 9-RL-1416 has been issued to the un- .Shafier. visited in Saratoga this Week . Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Burnett dersigned to sell LIQUOR, WINE and "BEER at iretail in AT 1025 (REAR) CENTRAL AVENUE - ALBANY, N. Y.. REFORMED C H U R C H Susan, Steven and Russell Burnett an Eating Place, under the Alcoholic Beverage Control in o'n R o g € r Jol>nson, pastor. of .New Hartford, were week end PREVIEW — Sunday, Oct, 18th, from 10 A. M., to45 F. M. Law, in FOXENKILL LODGE, on Route 43, in the Town guests, of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer lO:30 a. m Sunday fdiool A Fine 3-piece Jerondle Set; Extra Large Staffordshire Hen; Copper Lustre Tea Set; .Christman. Sunday guests were Mr of Knox, Albany County, New York, for on-premises con11:15 a m Worship service. fSpa-.-^Iffi'.- Robert N. Wood; Barbara Miniature Lamps; Collection of Antique Bottles; Milk Glass; Mary Gregory Pitcher The Ladies' Aid yojU serve a tursumption. 'am&cRpbih Wood of Delhi. and Glasses to match; Pattern Gla**; Dinner Set of Dishes in Pink Willow W a r e ; key supper at ihe; church hall on •^'^Kjppi'ahd Mrs. Alva C. Shafer visit- Saturday, Oct* 17 For'reservations Jennie Lmd Design Stiver Tea Set; Figurines; Vases;, Paintings; Pictures; Mirrors;' e d Mr.-and Mrs. James McKinty at call East Berne 29-J-2 o r 29-J-H Marbfe-top Table;' Rosewood Victorian Arln Chairs; Beautiful Victorian Love Seat; '-Schpharie. The Albert Barber entertained the Route 43, West Berne, N. Y. , Rockers; Fine Sheraton, Dining, Ro«iri Suite; ^ t l q u e Cljests; Beds; Sets of Cnalrs; ;^,r^fi?!'i.-Rachael Decker of Schenec- Ladies' Aid last Thursday night, Mahogany Dropleaf Table; Stands; Mahogany porner Cabinet; also a large number it4gy faas been a guest of Mrs. WilcpMMu7JiTy*>ii> TE8 < p m Crosier. Mr. and Mrs. Alva of fine Persian Oriental Rugs, 8malJ and Large Throw Slaea and Large Room. Site ;St|filear of Central- Bridge were ' M r . -arid Mi*, johjf Lenihan of Rugs that "you must see to appreciate. gjjeste of the Crosiers Wednesday. Greenfield, Mais, viirtH Mrs. Hilda Mc Manama last Sund»y. Charles Bradt & * ^ t u r n e d home SALE — Monday, Oct. 1^, from 2 to 5 P, M., and 7 P, M. to 11 P. M. "America the hope the That LICENSE No. 9-RL-591 has been issued to the un- .world. I t is/ still, be riiade of yet after spending severs! H**** i n , t h e could ; a 4 PREVIEW — Sunday, Oct. 18, from 10 A', M. to 5 P, M» dersigned to sell LIQUOR, WINE, CIDER and BEER at [greater blessirtg t o the sons of man hospital at StatenfcSrf. ot S c H e Mr..and Mrs* J o h n S f e " " Look around you iand you wili retail in a Restaurant, under the Alcoholic Beverage? ConM A N V I T E M « W I L L BC SOLD DAY O F P R E V I E W . See possibilities trol Lave, at the Southeast Corner of Western Turapi£cr $py?v farther your home, for this—in town, your'child_. last'suSaay. and Altamont Road, County, of Albany, New York; for ren's school, your wbrkrplace, your Mrs. , of ~A*»any parks, your streets" and highways an1 overDorothy L e wSaturday • * was on-premises consumption. night gu<J t your stores, your hospitals. Take *omp oi'Mr. a n d ' f c ^ S i i r l e * » ™the dt , Phone Albany 8-5496 or 3^6454 pride, in' every; main and woman in f HAROLD FONDA, Doing Business as this"land wbb'is doing a good job .'" hAM- aSdi Afrs A&uiw» » « * « °. 1025 (REAR) 0ENTRAL AV1HU1 ALBANY, N, Y, big or^. small. -=- ahcTtake a better Altamont spent SuMivwith Mr. and mfc a t the U. S. A," — Henry J. Mrs. Charles BraStartl fsnrily. WM M l — ! • ! • ! • [ • I M i B i M | a n n W i M | i | « W n ( | | p | i n l | l i | W „ W M < lor*Enterprise aif^T^Ctey them.

3rd, Don Pendergast. Soda Race 1st Wm. Van Natten; 2nd, Marilyn Marsh; 3rd, Bob Johnson. Cake Eating Contest - 1st, Wm. Van Natten; 2nd, Bennie Vanderbilt; 3rd, Slim Haley. Pony Express « 1st, Fred Lamb riding, Ellsworth Stedman holding; 2nd, Billy VanNatten riding, Bennie Vanderbilt holding; 3rd, Marilyn Marsh riding, Ann Disco holding.

Rev. R a ; l ^ l^ l ^ f i m s t e r . Sunday: - y ? ' i ^ 3 P y S ^ ; 9:45 a.' m.'0ii^^MU 11 a, m l . ^ ^ o W P i e S e r m o n :

"He. stiii :m&pMim-.


r^ps lfem ^Lc^ner,'. w j i ^ . i s stationed at ' M r . f n d i M r s . John JLawlor, Jr. Scfl50^uS6^df., _ ' Abeird#en ; Proving'•'. ,@rb^ndSi' M:d.,' ip .-• , .Mrs. Walter jvers, Sr., and .Lesliei spf^t, Jhe week, end hbme. • Iri iOctober, ipost .; a n g e r s have i'A^ih 'Jtftf. ^?.i. 6rop'kly|i-;" .iwe^-.' gues ts' The Thacher View Home Bureau packed' Weir'fishing t&*kre"'away, to of Mr. a n d Mrs. Efrierspn van Pat-i met Tuesday evening at the home of wait for next season antj- warjner] tejn pyep t ^ e weekend. ^ . i Mrs, tooyw Ackn,er, weather, i t ' s t r u e t h a t a- ;ro\vst)oa:t is M/r|r'SarplS Lurfc of palifornia is: not the warmest or jhost coinforteible Ah east c o a s t . man will pay his place in the world on a brisk Oc- sjiendirig' seyera) iiireekjs \vith JVIr;s. divorced wife's college tuition as well li'r.e^ericfc jdrapsi^r. -,!tyirs., Crajpsef. -aq-. as aiimony. H e r chance to live and tober morning. • • y e t October is one of the best; fish* companieii. by iW^. Liirt,.' is sp.end.ing learn, • • '• ' ing months x>f the year, With cdpjiir seyera) day^ in. Ne\y Y6rk ciity. "It's very difficult to marry for water the big fish, that hirk in deep • IVfrs. Geopge Dygr of; Cleveland, holes during t h e surnnier, are^ bri.tbe. plijo, spent the week end. with Mr. money without having the price tag — prowl. Weed beds have started W and Mrs> Doijiw Acfenei'. Pvt. Wil- show". • Shannon Fife. recede and1 i^e: fish have t o tr^vieif farther and look longer for their food., WSRFWSB^HHW" '.lU.'-U1.' •wThat means you bave a 'better chance to hook them. * . ' According to the record^ of the Louis A. Wehle Fishing Contest, some of the largest fish are taken' in- Qc,tober. A great, proportion were caught on artificial lures. So, if you can take the cold, chances a r e you'll take some nice fish, too. Buy or build a home of your own. Mr. Wehle, ! well-known Roohestey sportsman and chairman of the iboSrd of The Genesse Brewing Company, Pou't w^it until winter is here. We Inc., is the sponsor of t h e contest. It has one m o r e month to run in have helped finance many in the past 1953 and is open to all residents of New York state..







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