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									     Are you planning to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills –
                            the TEAS Exam?

                   Do you need a review of your math skills?

         Sign up now for the Math SkillBuilder for TEAS Course!

                What is the Math SkillBuilder for TEAS Course?

• The Math SkillBuilder for TEAS is an online course designed to help you learn the math
skills needed to score well on the math section of the TEAS exam.

• The Math SkillBuilder for TEAS is a self-paced course. You can work entirely on your
own pace, at a speed that your work and school schedule allow.

• Signing up for the Math SkillBuilder for TEAS does not guarantee a particular score on
the TEAS test, but it will build your confidence and performance in your math skills by
providing you the following:

                      → Suggestions for a proper study plan ←
          → A thorough review of arithmetic, basic algebra and geometry ←
            → Complete lessons/explanations for each content subject ←
            → Printable worksheets with answers for each content skill ←
         → 10 simulated TEAS exams with complete step-by-step solutions ←

                                How much does it cost?

• The Math SkillBuilder for TEAS costs $100 and is payable when you sign up for the

• The course is offered on a tri-semester basis: spring, summer and fall.

                                   How do I register?

• You can sign up at the registrar’s office on either the Haverhill or the Lawrence
campus. The following are the course codes for the summer and fall of 2010:

          ---Summer 2010: 859 XK1008-XD ; ---Fall 2010: 860 XK1008-XE

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