Timken Business Stationery Letter Template - DOC by keara


									Phase I Packet-New/Potential Suppliers If your company is interested in becoming a supplier to The Timken Company Precision Steel Components Business, please review the following commercial documents located at http://www.tsn.timken.com/pscPacket.asp. It is very important that you read all the documents carefully.     PSC Supplier Requirments Manual (CTN-PS-1-1) Terms & Conditions of Purchase Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) General Business Agreement

Once the above is reviewed, please complete the following forms and forward to one of the below contacts:  Supplier Profile Sheet  Document Transmittal  One(1) Signed copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) The following are other items of information that we request from your company:  Copy of Quality Certificates (as noted on the Supplier Profile Sheet)  Insurance Certificates (Refer to the PSC Supplier Requirements Manual for Required Dollar Coverage)  Company Brochure including equipment listing (types and quantity of equipment) After we review your company's information, we may contact you to complete further information required to set up an account for your company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to receiving information about your firm.

Calainia Amato Phone : (330) 471-3240 Fax : (330) 471-5719 E-mail : calainia.amato@timken.com

Larry Bouscher Phone : (330) 471-4058 Fax : (330) 471-5719 E-mail: larry.bouscher@timken.com

Melissa Kerney Phone : (330) 471-5224 Fax : (330) 458-6823 E-mail : melissa.kerney@timken.com

The Timken Company
Mail Code: GNW-11 1835 Dueber Avenue, S.W. P.O. Box 6932 Canton, OH 44706-0932 U.S.A.

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