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Insights 2009


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									Insights 2009
Data, facts, performance at a glance

Corporate structure
GEA Group

Energy and Farm Technology Segment Air Treatment Farm Technologies Thermal Engineering Emission Control

Process Technology Segment Refrigeration Process Equipment Mechanical Separation Process Engineering Pharma Systems

Efficient structures The GEA Group is organized as a multilayered, segmentbased holding group that is headed by GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft in Bochum, Germany, a publicly traded corporation that functions as a strategic management holding company. The decentralized organization is controlled from this holding by using precisely defined objectives. The activities are strategically geared to increase enterprise value focusing on profitability growth, which is an essential indicator for the operative excellence of the group’s companies. The Divisions combined in the two segments Energy and Farm Technology and Process Technology are positioned according to their core technologies. The Divisions realize joint projects and thus make good use of synergies. The customer gets the best specialist from “his” GEA company. At the same time he can be sure that the overall process and its critical interfaces are understood in full, due to the know-how available within the GEA Group.


Energy and Farm Technology

Air Treatment The Air Treatment Division supplies central and decentral air-handling solutions under the motto “Air Eco2nomy”. Air can be filtered, heated, cooled, humidified and dehumidified in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way. The Division’s products are suited for various sectors: They help hotels provide a comfortable atmosphere for their guests, create pleasant and productive working conditions in offices, ensure wellbeing in churches and museums and simultaneously protect the buildings’ structures and exhibits. Precision air-handling units ensure a constant indoor climate in laboratories or datacenters, hygienic units in turn are geared to the needs of the health sector or the industry. Air filter systems and last but not least cleanroom systems produce clean production conditions und minimize health hazards. Economic motors, systems for heat recovery or the integration of environmental heat and cold enhance among others the solutions’ energy efficiency; in-house control systems moreover offer further savings potential.


Energy and Farm Technology

Farm Technologies The Farm Technologies Division focuses on technical innovations and integrated product solutions for a cost-efficient milk production and storage. The product portfolio of GEA Farm Technologies covers the whole milk production processes including animal and barn hygiene as well as cooling technology, state-of-the-art computer-controlled feeding systems and herd management solutions. The performance range may be individually adapted to virtually all herd or business sizes as well as special customer requirements. The service for the farmers includes the regular system support, selected trainings and individual consulting after installation. Manure technology and barn equipment round up the profile as a full-line system provider for animal production. In addition, a complete, environmental friendly manure management concept can be provided.


Energy and Farm Technology

Thermal Engineering The program of the Thermal Engineering Division includes products and systems for Direct Dry Cooling, Direct Condensing, Wet Cooling, Indirect Dry Cooling, Special Applications and Services. These tried and tested technologies are used by power station operators as well as by customers from the processing industry. Direct Cooling – Air Fin Coolers Direct Condensing – Air Cooled Condensers Wet Cooling – Cooling Towers Indirect Dry Cooling – Heller® Systems Special Applications – Desublimators, Surface, Condensers Service Here, the main emphasis is on chemicals, refineries, petrochemicals, GTL and LNG plants. Many of our developments, e.g. the “plume-free”Heller® GEA cooling towers are a benchmark throughout the world. In addition to the required efficiency and economy, our safety-oriented customers will appreciate our continual reliability. Almost 90 years of experience and recognized quality standards as well as our global manufacturing network form the best prerequisites to continue meeting these demands in the future.


Energy and Farm Technology

Emission Control The Emission Control Division offers tailored system solutions to producers as well as general contractors of complete plants mainly for the industries of non-ferrous metallurgy, chemistry / FCC, iron and steel, cement and glass. Part of the broad technology range are dust collection, dry and wet processes for removing gaseous pollutants from process gases, separating heavy metals, abating acid gas, dioxins and furans as well as other emissionrelevant offgas components.


Process Technology

Refrigeration The Refrigeration Division of GEA Group, is the worldwide market leader in industrial refrigeration. The Division offers its customers high-quality refrigeration systems and components to help facilitate their industrial operations. GEA Refrigeration has a robust organization with a worldwide network of component manufacturers, installation and service companies and sales offices. The services offered by GEA Refrigeration cover the entire spectrum of refrigeration engineering: systems design, component manufacturing, installation, service & maintenance and commissioning. Customers of the refrigeration division operate in markets such as the food industry, chemical industries, storage and distribution as well as the maritime, public utilities and leisure sectors. GEA Refrigeration has the proven expertise, technologies and personnel to develop solutions like mega cheese warehouses, freezing seefood, keeping gases in liquid form during ocean transport, controlling temperature in clean-rooms or building an indoor ski venue. All services are the result of a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs and are based on continuous innovation in refrigeration engineering solutions.


Process Technology

Process Equipment GEA‘s Process Equipment Division is a leading provider of high-quality process equipment for a variety of industries worldwide. Heat exchangers are available in three different types, such as gasketed, brazed or welded. They are used for industry applications and food processing. For core industries like power generation, petrochemicals or shipbuilding, shelland-tube heat exchangers are part of the manufacturing network of industrial heat exchangers. Components for processing liquids in the pharmaceutical and food industries are supplied with special valves for sterile applications, pumps, and cleaning tanks. Furthermore, high-pressure blenders, i. e. homogenizers, are manufactured for the dairy industry, as well as the paint and rubber industries. The current requirements and needs of our customers define our workflow. As specialists, we manufacture custom-made components that contribute to the optimization of customer‘s processes worldwide. Qualified employees, high quality products, experience and wide-ranging knowledge of the market ensure the best “geaquipment” and satisfaction of our customers.


Process Technology

Mechanical Separation Under the brand name “GEA Westfalia Separator” the Mechanical Separation Division supplies solutions for over 2,500 applications. Separators and decanters are centrifuges used for separating solids from liquids or liquid mixtures with simultaneous solids separation. Whether chemistry, pharmacy or biotechnology, renewable raw materials, environmental technology, the food, beverage or mineral oil industry: separators and decanters are used in various industrial sectors. Apart from sophisticated machines GEA Westfalia Separator also supplies individual all-in-one solutions, from design and installation of separation units to systems and complete process lines with a comprehensive range of peripheral equipment. In the process most diverse components are applied aligned to the flexibility of different customer requirements. The division has additionally enlarged its product range by filtration technology using ceramic membranes. Supplemented by this new business activity GEA Westfalia Separator is now in the position to expand its purification capability within a single process chain. As a result of intelligent and matched design using technologies such as centrifugation and membrane filtration, the economics of the process chain are improved to a significant extent.


Process Technology

Process Engineering The Process Engineering Division is a world leader in liquid and powder processing technologies. It supplies a wide range of equipment, systems and services to customers in the beverage, brewery, dairy & food and chemical industries. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers have chosen GEA process technology. Some of these products are manufactured in a single plant, others in a fully engineered process line designed and installed by the companies of the Process Engineering Division. The division is geared towards global partnership by providing products and services that meet the individual needs of its customers. Excellent engineering services and advanced control systems make the Process Engineering companies the process integrator within the GEA Group. Technologies include liquid processing with complete and specialized brewery and dairy applications, filling and packaging technologies. Particular process applications with high expertise include filtration, powder processing with granulation, drying and handling, evaporation and distillation.


Process Technology

Pharma Systems The Pharma Systems Division supplies advanced process technology for pharmaceutically active substances – from processing of API, to the production of solid and liquid-sterile dosage forms. GEA Pharma Systems provides its customers with highly cost effective, integrated systems based on the know-how developed over 20 years of supply to the pharmaceutical industry through its well established brands: Buck™, for contained materials handling; Courtoy™, for tablet compression; Lyophil™, for pharmaceutical freeze drying; and Aeromatic-Fielder™ and Collette™, for granulation and drying technologies. GEA Pharma Systems’ activities range from R&D cooperation with customers to develop new products and enhance clinical effectiveness (including the supply of R&D plants and stand-alone units) to the installation of completely integrated production systems.

The GEA Group

Focused and globally successful The GEA Group, headquartered in Bochum, Germany, is a globally successful technology group with more than 250 companies in 50 countries. The group is focused on the two basic engineering processes of heat and mass exchange. GEA Group technologies are applied in the food, chemical and petrochemical industries, the energy sector and air treatment as well as the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. About onethird of the worldwide produced instant coffee is manufactured in plants made by the GEA Group and around every fourth liter of milk is produced or processed with GEA Group equipment. Every second liter of beer might well have passed through one of our components. The GEA Group is one of the world’s market and technology leaders in 90 per cent of its businesses.

Company strategy

Close to the market and flexible Each operating company of the GEA Group acts as fast as any smaller competitor in the respective market, supported by the clear separation of operational and strategic tiers as well as fast decision-making. Direct market orientation and flexibility of all operating companies are based on the structure of the GEA Group product range but also on professional decentralization management resulting in arms-length management and responsibility close to the market. The GEA Group relies on a broad product program within its core competencies in addition to the largely modular construction of its products. Thus components, systems or processes in tailored combinations can be used in a multitude of non-cyclical and robust markets.

Good taste – made by GEA

The GEA Group comes to the dining tables of the world. Whether it be milk, yoghurt, soft cheese, juice, wine or beer the food industry makes use of the group’s systems and process lines for economic manufacturing of a variety of quality products.

Added value through innovation Decades of experience in the food industry Wide-ranging applications World leader in dairy, beer, wine and instant coffee production Innovative components and process lines for safe process management Careful handling of products and resources Optimum performance High efficiency

Food production is among the most stable growth markets worldwide. One reason for this is the growing wealth in developing countries and in emerging economies, but also the permanent demand for new and innovative products in western markets. The GEA Group participates in this demand on a grand scale. As a leader in technology, the GEA Group supplies machinery and components that guarantee safe process management, maximum hygiene and efficiency, as well as decades of experience in the food industry. Whether it be instant coffee and tea, wine, beer, juice, chocolate, olive oil, milk, yoghurt or cheese, the GEA Group facilities always form part of manufacturing or elaboration.

In the most varied areas of the dairy industry, the business group’s innovations ensure decisive added value. GEA milking robots, for instance, take care of obtaining milk with the aim of saving time and staff costs. GEA spray-driers are at the center of powdered milk elaboration. Also in beer, wine or instant coffee production, advancements do not go unnoticed in the GEA Group. Without separators, decanters, evaporators or filling installations, there would be no iced tea and other convenience beverages. Juice with or without pulp, concentrated fruit juice or even soft drinks are preserved for longer periods of time using the GEA Group’s plate heat exchangers or are bottled sterilized in plastic bottles using filling machines from the group. Furthermore, because of the current demand for smoothies, GEA decanters can be found all over the world at the center of the process technology.

Core technologies
Core technologies of the GEA Group
Heat exchange Freeze Heat Milk Beer Juices / Wines / Spirits Fats / Sugar / Coffee / Cocoa Starch Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics Chemicals / Petrochemicals Power Generation Air Treatment Other Separate Cool Mass exchange Agglomerate / package Dry / dewater / distill Pump / dose

Well-positioned The GEA Group continuously increases performance in markets with elementary growth drivers: Continuous growth in world population Rising incomes in emerging markets Growing demand for quality in food, drink and pharmaceuticals Increasing energy demand

GEA Group in figures
Selected key figures for 2008
in EUR million Incoming orders Sales Order Balance EBIT in % of sales Earnings before tax* Net income Equity ratio (in per cent) Net position Cash flow of ongoing business activity Investment (at December 31) Research and Development Employees GEA Group (at December 31)** thereof Segment Energy and Farm Technology thereof Segment Process Technology
* from continued operations ** Equivalent of employees without trainees and employees with inactive employment status.

4,983.9 5,179.0 2,450.7 504.2 9.7 458.8 101.0 28.4 - 60.2 388.9 2,884.5 76.3 21,327 7,091 14,015

Operating globally
Sales by region in 2008 (in EUR million)
179.2 Africa

1,042.7 America

2,149.5 Europe (excluding Germany)

1,125.6 Asia, Oceania

682.1 Germany

International orientation and markets As a global player, the GEA Group now generates around 80 per cent of its sales from outside Germany. The GEA Group has a presence in all growth regions worldwide and acts internationally as one of the leading partners and market drivers in the key technologies of process engineering. Thus, the GEA Group supplies above all efficiency-raising, high-end systems for the production of sophisticated products in the highly industrialized markets of Europe and the US. However, the growth markets in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have a basic supplies character. Their extraordinarily high growth potentials, above all in the fields of food and pharmaceuticals, require the development and creation of state-of-theart technologies on the spot – with products and services complying with the highest international standards.

GEA Group chronicle
History consolidated 1881 - 1992


Metallgesellschaft AG (MG) established as a metals trading company.

1882 – 1914

MG becomes a global player represented on all continents. Investments in mines and metallurgical plants. Metallurgische Gesellschaft (Lurgi) founded.


Large proportion of foreign investments lost in the First World War. Start of chemicals trading.


Gesellschaft für Entstaubungsanlagen (GEA), a company producing dedusting equipment, founded.

1939 – 1945

Extensive destruction of MG and GEA production facilities.

1945 – 1980

Following reconstruction, numerous product innovations ensure increasing commercial success.


GEA goes public.

1991 – 1995

More intense acquisition activity in GEA (including Grasso, Niro, Westfalia Separator and Tuchenhagen). GEA sales increase to EUR 2 billion with 17,000 employees.


MG enters the field of special chemistry with the acquisition of Dynamit Nobel AG. The MG Group has 63,000 employees generating sales of around EUR 13 billion.

GEA Group chronicle
History consolidated 1993 - today


Heavy losses on oil transactions in the US plunge MG into a crisis.


Start of a fundamental realignment of the MG Group turning it into an innovative technology group. Up to 1996 disposal of around 300 companies in the group. Focus on engineering and chemicals.


Metallgesellschaft acquires GEA AG.


Metallgesellschaft AG becomes mg technologies ag.


Strategic realignment of the group focusing on specialty mechanical engineering, especially process engineering and equipment, and on plant engineering.


Disposal of the Chemicals division: sale of four of the five business units in Dynamit Nobel AG.


Change in company name from mg technologies ag to GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft. Disposal of the Dynamit Nobel Plastics business unit.


Sale of Plant Engineering Segment.


More than EUR 5 billion in sales and EBIT > EUR 500 million.

GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft
Dorstener Strasse 484, 44809 Bochum, Germany Phone + 49 (0) 2 34 - 980 - 0, Fax + 49 (0) 2 34 - 980 -1087

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