FIRCREST FUN DAYS - City of Fircrest by yaofenjin


									july 2011

                                                                                           MAyOR'S MESSAGE
                                                                                           ity staff has begun preparing the
                                                                                           2012 preliminary budget that will

                                     FUN DAYS
                                                                                           be presented to the City Council in
                                                                                  the fall. We invite citizens to let us know
                                                                                  if they would like improvements or other
                                                                                  changes in current services and programs
 NatioNal Night out            Friday, Aug. 12           5 - 10 p.m.
               Pg. 2                                                              or if they are satisfied with the current level
                              Saturday, Aug. 13      10 a.m. - 10 p.m.            of services.
                                                                               Several study sessions and public hear-
 CouNCil BegiNs Work                         Fircrest Park                  ings are held in the fall (see article inside
           oN Budget
                Pg. 3                                                       for dates and times) where citizens can
                                     ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDulE                 voice their opinions. If there are any areas
                                                                            you feel we need to address, please contact
       aNNual Fall      Friday      The BeanBarry Delights 6-8 p.m.
                                                                            the City Manager or any member of your
          CleaNup                                                           City Council. Your input is important and
             Pg. 3      Saturday    Parade                 10 a.m.
                                    The Reptile Man        3:15 - 4:15 p.m. can have an impact at this early stage of
                                    The New Blues Brothers 8-9:30 p.m.      the budget process.
         Names oF                                                                    Once again, the citizens and businesses
 CommuNity doNors          Don’t Miss the Fireworks Show at Dusk
         Pg. 4 & 5                                                                of Fircrest have stepped up to ensure that
                                                                                  the beautiful hanging baskets along Re-
                                                                                  gents Blvd. will be there again this year
        NeW plaN For                                                              for everyone to enjoy. On behalf of the
      street sWeepiNg                                      National Night         City Council, a big thank you to those who
                Pg. 6                                                             generously donated to the City’s beautifi-
                                                            Out Against           cation program. Your contributions also
        City CouNCil
                                                               Crime              help pay for the annual fireworks display
          highlights                                                              at the conclusion of Fircrest Fun Days. (A
               Pg. 7                                       Tuesday, Aug. 2        complete list of the donors is printed in this
                                                              6 – 9 p.m.          edition of Town Topics.)

  parks & reCreatioN                                                                I hope many of you will enjoy the many
                                                            Fircrest Park and
           CaleNdar                                        Community Center
                                                                                  outdoor events in Fircrest this summer, in-
               Pg. 8                                                              cluding the new Derby Days old-fashioned
                                                                                  soapbox derby on July 9. This should be
                                                              Details on page 2   fun for the young participants and specta-
                                                                                  tors alike.
                                                                                    Also coming this summer are the Out-
 A PublicAtion of the       DERBY DAY                                             door Movie Night and Picnic, the Classic
                                                                                  Car Show & Picnic, National Night Out
    city of fircrest        Saturday, July 9
     115 rAmsdell St.                                                             and Fircrest Fun Days. Look for dates and
                            First heats at 10 a.m.                                details of the events in this newsletter.
        fircrest, WA.
                            Electron Way next to
                             Recreation Center                                     As always, it is a pleasure to serve you.
                                                                                                           – David M. Viafore
                                                                 POlICE DEPARTMENT
                                                 National Night Out Against Crime
                                                        Tuesday, Aug. 2    6 – 9 p.m.
                                                     Fircrest Park and Community Center
                               On August 2, 2011 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm,          proud that last year our event was judged, and
                           the Fircrest Police Department will be joining        recognized as the best event in the nation for cities
                           over 15,000 other communities from all 50 states,     with a population of 15,000 or fewer.
                           U.S. territories, Canadian cities, and military          There will be lots of activities for both young
                           bases worldwide in promoting “National Night          and old at this event. Those in attendance will be
                           Out Against Crime”. Our city’s citizens and           able to purchase a hot dog, can of pop, and potato
                           those from surrounding communities will all be        chips for only $1.00. We hope this will feed the
                           invited.                                              crowd's hunger and temper their thirst.
     CITy PHONE               National Night Out is an opportunity to build         There will be many food vendors, Starbucks,
                           neighborhood unity and strengthen the police-         Subway, Pizza Hut, the Sunshine Tiki Hut, Forza
         NuMbERS           community-partnership that is so important to the     Coffee and many more who will be handing out
                           success of our community policing efforts. There      samples of their food and drinks. We also plan
 Administration/Finance    were approximately 1,800 people that attended         on having a DJ and a live band, a giant slide, and
               564-8901    last year’s event and we’re expecting a much          clowns galore who will paint faces, hand out
                           bigger turnout this year.                             balloon animals and balloons at no cost to the
 Public Works                 We are delighted that over the past 11 years       children. We will be hosting a sidewalk chalk
                564-8900   we have been recognized nationally as one of the      drawing contest, and finally we will wrap up the
                           best events in the nation, and we are extremely       evening with a fireworks show.
                             •   Live music                                       •   Fireworks Show
 Police (business)           •   Face painting                                    •   K-9 demonstration
              565-1198       •   Fast-pitch machine                               •   Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Contest
                             •   Fingerprint kits for children                    •   911 simulator
 Fire (non-emergency)
              564-2581       •   Giant slide & party bouncer                      •   Dunk-a-cop

 Police/Fire Emergency
                   911                                SAFE RIDERS – Children and adults alike are required by City ordinance to
                                                   wear a helmet when bicycling in the City. Children who are seen by a Fircrest
 Community Center                                  police officer wearing a helmet and riding their bike safely can be awarded a
            564-8177                               certificate good at McDonald’s for a free ice cream cone.

 Swimming Pool                                       GOING ON VACATION? Stop by or call the Police Department (565-1198)
            564-8188       and request a check of your residence while you are out of town.

 Municipal Court              SCHOOL’S OUT – Now that school is out for summer break, more and more children are riding
              564-8922     bicycles on Fircrest streets and at the parks. Drivers, please use caution and watch for children on

 Recorded Information
        460-INFO (4636)                                                          Movie & Picnic in
                                                                                     the Park
                                                                                        July 8, 6 p.m.
                                                                                         (Movie starts at 9:45 p.m.)

                                 FIREWORKS PROHIBITED                            Join us for this year’s feature presentation of
                                         IN FIRCREST                           E.T. The fun starts at 6 p.m., so find your spot and
                           Fireworks may be confiscated and individuals        have some fun with Frisbee, volleyball, and food
                               may be cited for possession and use.            prepared by the Fircrest Kiwanis.
                                                                  PlANNING AND buIlDING DEPT.

                                    Development Regulations Amendments
                                        The City has adopted amendments to the development code that allow
                                    electric vehicle battery charging stations throughout the city. The standards
                                    are based upon the State of Washington standards and regulations that require
                                    cities to provide for these facilities in appropriate zoning districts. The new
                                    standards allow individual residences to have their own charging stations if
                                    they meet the general criteria of the code. Commercial charging stations (fast
                                    charge) are allowed as accessory (“related”) uses only to permitted principal
         CITy STAFF                 uses. For more information, please contact the Planning/Building Department
                                    at 564-8901.
Rick Rosenbladt
         Interim City Manager
                                                         Careful Where You Place Those Flammables!
                                                            During the course of performing inspections in Fircrest, our building inspec-
john Cheesman                                            tor has noticed that a lot of residents seem to be storing flammable items in
                    Police Chief                         close proximity to gas fired furnaces and water heaters. Be aware that it can be
                                                         hazardous to store items such as clothes or discarded paper too close to a gas
                                                         fired furnace or water heater.
bev Olsen
              Court Administrator    Council Developing 2012 Budget,
                                        Hearings Set for Next Fall                                  FALL CLEAN-UP
Colleen Cocoran                       The City Council has begun developing a City                        Friday, Oct. 7 &
              Finance Director      budget for 2012. The Council’s goal is to maintain                    Saturday, Oct. 8
                                    the level of services and programs that the City                        8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                    currently provides and that Fircrest residents and
Ray Gilmore                                                                                            Westside Disposal
                                    businesses expect from their City government.
     Planning/Building Director                                                                2815 Rochester St. W. in University Place
                                    Council study sessions are held in the fall to work
                                    on the following year’s budget. This year’s study      • No loads larger than a standard pickup or small
jeff Grover                         sessions are planned for Oct. 3, 10, 17, and 24,         trailer
                                    each at 6 p.m.                                         • No regular household garbage
              Recreation Director
                                                                                           • No liquids, paints or hazardous materials
                                                                                           • Residential only – no commercial material or
                                    Citizens can offer their suggestions at the follow-      yard waste, concrete, tires or batteries
                                    ing public hearings:                                   • Fircrest residents only – ID is required
                                    Revenue Sources – Oct. 25, 7:15 pm
                                    Preliminary Budget - Nov. 8, 7:15 pm                   Please direct any questions about the Fall Clean-
                                    2012 Budget - Nov 23. 7:15 p.m.                         up or garbage, recyclables and yard waste col-
                                    The above public hearings are at 7:15 p.m. at                   lection to Westside Disposal at
                                                                                                         564-3212 or 564-3215.
                                    Fircrest City Hall.

                                        Summer Water Conservation                         shrubs and flower beds. Only use sprinklers on
    • City Hall and other City                                                            lawns.
   facilities will be closed on     • Water lawns only once a week. One weekly            • Mulch planting beds to cover and cool soil,
        Moday, July 4, for          watering of 1 inch should be sufficient.              reduce evaporation and weed control.
Independence Day, Friday, Sept.     • Water late in the evening or early in the morning   • Repair dripping outdoor faucets, and leaky
   2, for a Furlough Day and        to minimize evaporation.
 Monday, Sept. 5, for Labor Day.
                                                                                          sprinklers and hoses.
                                    • Check the soil 2-4 inches deep to see if your       • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean sidewalks
                                    lawn needs watering.                                  and driveways.
                                    • Use a timer on your outdoor faucet to automati-     Your lawn needs only 1 inch of water, including
                                    cally turn off your sprinkler after a set number      from rainfall, to stay green. You can determine
                                    of minutes.                                           how long to run your sprinkler by placing a rain
                                    • Adjust your lawn mower to a higher setting.         gauge in your lawn. Pick up your free rain gauge
                                    Taller grass shades roots and holds soil moisture.    at Fircrest Public Works.
                                    • Use drip irrigation or soaker hoses for trees,

Thank You,                                         A big thanks to Fircrest residents and businesses for their donations to the 2011
                                                   Community Sponsorship Fund. The fund pays for the hanging flower baskets along
Community Supporters                               Regents Boulevard and for the Fun Days fireworks show.
Rick & Cindi Absten                                   Janine Doney                                      Becky & Chuck Hoffman
 In memory of Dad; In celebration of Abby             Beverly Drake                                     Kerry & JoAnn Holmgren
Frank Albers                                             In memory of John Drake & Geneva Smith         LaVone Marie Holzborn
Duane & Ida Annoni                                    Earl & Lucretia Drangstveit                         In celebration of our community of
Mark Aown                                                In memory of Alice Querton & Walter Bobko        Fircrest
John & Joanne Armour                                  Tony & Tami Driscoll                              Tacoma Cat Hospital
Judy & Steve Bader                                    Erudite Holdings, Inc                             Patrick & Angela Jacobs
Chuck Bahr                                               In celebration of Fircrest!                    Dick & Sue Johns
Tom & Marilyn Baker                                    Felt Family                                      Bertil & Nancy Johnson
   In celebration of a hard working mayor and            In celebration of our wonderful neighbors!       In memory of Bertil & Pearl Johnson;
   honest police force                                Mike & Patty Field                                  Daniel James Bridges
John & Ann Bechtholt                                     In memory of Elmer Field & Don Masko           Betty J. Johnson
   In memory of "Winston"                             Michael & Patty Field                             Linda Johnson
Arlyss & Wayne Bell                                      In celebration of the Fircrest PW Crew - the     In memory of Katie Hutchison
   In celebration of Brent's graduation                 best!                                           Mr. Mrs. Clarence (CJ) Johnson
Francis Bentley                                       Wally Fleissner                                     In celebration of living in Fircrest!
   In celebration of Fircrest                            In memory of Lucille R. Fleissner              Johnson, Stone & Pagano PS
Anne Booth                                            Michael & Marilyn Foley                           Gisela Josephson
Bill & Cathy Braaksma                                    In memory of Estelle Pegg & Michael Foley        In memory of Jim & Bill
David & Doris Brannon                                 Doug & Diane Forsberg                             Pamela & Robert Judson
   In celebration of Living in Fircrest for              In memory of Marian & Roy Murphy               Jayne E. Jueling
   43 years                                           Lorraine France                                     In memory of Helmut L. Jueling,
Dave & Carole Brown                                   Rashawd & Twina Franklin                            former mayor
   In memory of Mrs. Joan Brooks                            In celebration of family & friends          Bernice (Bee) Kade
Roger & Lee Buranen                                   Twina Franklin                                      In memory of Bert Kade
Robert & Marianne Burns                                   In celebration of my husband, our soldier,    Althea Kaheiki-Combs
   In memory of Joan E Johnson                           Rashawd Franklin                               Tracy Rioux & Randal Kamradt
Harold Carlson                                        James P Gagliardi, DDS                            Greg & Vicki Kasper
   In memory of Marian Carlson                        Florence Garrick                                    In memory of Clara Kimball Carlington
Virginia & Paul Carter                                   In celebration of another year!                Leo Kawasaki
Cascade Chiropractic and Massage                      Elton & Vicki Gatewood                              In memory of Teddy Kawasaki
Elva Ann Caughey                                      Hunter & Kathleen George                          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Keely Sr
Linda Chambers                                        Lorri Gilmur-Dillman                                In celebration of 60 years of marriage;
   In memory of Phyllis Preston                          In memory of Charles E. Gilmur                   36 years in Fircrest
Virginia Christensen                                  Diane Gilsdorf                                    Dave & Jean Kerrone
David & Lynn Chung                                       In memory of Les Gilsdorf                        In celebration of Fircrest's outstanding
   In memory of Mrs. Erling Tollefson                 Patsy Glaser                                        utility crew
Billye Clark                                             In celebration of spring                       Delores Kinzner
   In memory of Marvin Clark                          Julie Golob                                       Gregory, Jaquelyn & Kylie Kleiner
Susan Clough                                             In memory of Albert Golob & Leslee             Dr. Vincent & Marilyn Kokich
   In memory of Rex and Neva Holmes                   Wildred & Evelyn Gosnell                            In memory of Pearl Nellist & Frankie
Ken & Eleanor Coffel                                  Richard J. Gratzer                                  Gagnon
Greg & Mary Cook                                      Jackie Hagen                                      Ardythe & Arnold Kovach
Helen Corbett                                            In memory of Dr Norman R Hagen                 Jim Kropelnicki
Raymond & Irene Correa                                Christina Hall                                      In memory of Erik Kropelnicki
Costless Prescriptions                                Diana Hamilton                                    John Laakso
   In celebration of beautification of our town!         In memory of Jack & Ethel Holly                  In memory of Charles Laakso
Kimberly Cox & Ted Miller                             Bill Hamilton                                     Jo LaFreniere
Dalphine J. Craig                                     Craig & Theresa Hamilton                            In memory of Jerry LaFreniere
   In memory of Lawrence D. Craig                     Myung Hamilton                                    Jim & Pat Langseth
Kathy Crippen                                         Nelda Hanson                                      Liz Lassoie
   In memory of Jim Crippen                              In memory of Ted                                 In memory of Joe Lassoie
Stan & Margaret Cruse                                 Arline Hart                                       Ellida Lathrop
Frank & Donna DalSanto                                Charles Hawkins                                     In celebration of Dance Theater Northwest
Bill & Virginia Davies                                   In memory of My father, Dr. Darrel Hawkins     Brian & Melissa Laubach
Tony & Jaedene DeRosa                                 Dorothy S. Hedlund                                Sue & Rick Little
   In memory of Olive Olson                             In memory of Walt Hedlund                       Dan & Janet Loth
Jaedene Derosa                                        Mark & Kim Hendrickson                              In memory of Fred Smith, Randy Tipps,
   In memory of Billy Olsen and his life                 In memory of Jennifer Hogue                      Mike Perrotti
Richard DeVine                                        Marcia Hersey & Family                            Josephine Luppino
   In celebration of Living in Fircrest                  In memory of Myrna Cutler, Rose                  In celebration of Keaton Luppino,
Carroll Dickson Family                                   Marie Raudebaugh, Gordon L Hersey                USMC
   In memory of Nancy Dickson; Dr. &                  Dick & Lois Hodges                                Arnold & Jennifer Lytle
   Mrs. TW Novak                                         In celebration of our city                           (Continued on next page)
                                                 Jim & Margo Nunn                                   Lloyd & Caroll Silver
Community Supporters                               In memory of James & Suzanne Nunn                  In memory of Lena Silver & Geweva Smith
Pat Macaluso                                     John & Peg O'Brien                                 Bob & Trudy Slingland
  In memory of Mary Defazio; John &              Barbara O'Connell                                    In memory of Becky & Todd Slingland
  Lois Hardy                                     Ted D. Olberg                                      Marcus & Nadine Smaby
Shirley & Tony Mahar                               In celebration of 64 years on Summit Ave         Daryn & Laura Smith
  In memory of our Bakk and Mahar parents        Lee & Diane Oliver                                   In memory of Harlene Smith
Tom & Elvira Manley                              Bob & Judy Orlando                                 Ely Smith
  In celebration of Living in Fircrest           Jim & Kim Ortiz                                      In memory of Ray Smith
Jim & Judy Marchetti                               In memory of Gary Flanigan & Kathy B.            John & Donna Stenger
Donald & Cecilia Maskell                           Ortiz                                            Mr. & Mrs. Gary Stevens
  In memory of Howard & Gloria                   Mary Ruth Pape                                     Jim & Dot Stevenson
  Maskell; Grace Lang                              In memory of John J. Pape                          In memory of Jean Van De Mark
Glenna Masko                                     Daniel & Karen Patjens                             Willie & Faye Stewart
  In memory of Don Masko                           In celebration of the birth of Adam Michael      Beckie Stewart
Margie Masonic                                   Patjens                                              In memory of Roger J. Stewart
  In memory of all my dogs now gone              Sandra Pauley                                      Bob & Wilma Stratton
 and those of others                               In celebration of living a great town!             In celebration of the beauty of Fircrest - Save
Susan Mattingly                                  Vivianne Pellessier                                  our school
Jerry & Elaine Matz                              Mike & Val Peterson                                Lee LaZelle & June Summerville
In celebration of our 50th wedding anniver-        In celebration of life in fabulous Fircrest      Sully & Verlee Sutherlin
sary; 48yrs in Fircrest                          Gordy & Dona Pfeifer                                 In memory of Charles M. Landis
Ted Mazetier                                       In memory of Naff & Dorothy Hagen                Inge J. Swenson
  In memory of DeLaura Mazetier                  Linda C. Polley                                      In memory of Kenneth L Swenson
Marline G. McClane                                 In memory of Roy J. Polley - Fircrest resident   Lisa Taylor
  In memory of Mark D. Weaver & Don P.           for 43 years                                       Bob & Pat Thaden
  Weaver                                         Ken Porter                                         Wayne Thronson
Eryn McCourt                                       In celebration of summer                         John & Alice Tollefson
  In celebration of Happy 5th Birthday,          Puget Sound Collections                              In memory of loved ones
  James                                          Michael & Sharon Rebar                              Tronson Family
John & Anne McDivitt                             Clarence Rego                                        In memory of Gay & Beulah Tronson
Madelyn & Dave McDougall                           In memory of Clarence & Jean                     Karen Tuell
Adrienne McMeekin-Lisle                          Robin A. Rego                                        In celebration of Rick Tuell
Keith & Imelda Mead                                In memory of Clarence & Jean Rego                Kirk & Deidre Turnbull
Rick & Karen Mehlenbacher                        Robert A. & Dorris H. Reiber                       Lee & Janet Turnbull
Lee & Jan Mickelson                                In celebration of our lives in Fircrest            In memory of loved ones
  In celebration of the end of winter            David & Betty Roberts                              Michael & Lynne Turner
Dolores Middlekauff                                In memory of Laura & Sarah; In                     In memory of Mary Abbott
Robert & Romina Mika                               celebration of Susan & John's Marriage           Lynne & Mike Turner
Barbara Miller                                   Bart & Penny Rohrs                                   In memory of Mary Abbott
   In memory of my loving husband, Pete Miller     In memory of Mildred Rohrs & Myrtle              University Place Radiator Muffler, Brake
Pamela Miller                                      Harding                                          Floyd & Judith Urschel
  In memory of Esther Miller                     Frank & Trudy Rossiter                             Mary Valentine
Warren & Laura Mitchell                          Peg Rucker                                           In memory of Del
Pat Monahan                                        In memory of Burrell Rucker                      Art & Joy Viafore
  In memory of June Shinkaruk & Tom              Chris & Carole Rucker                              Vance Visser
 Monahan                                           In memory of Burrell Rucker                      Darren & Myshile Waltier
John & Elizabeth Murphy                          Mary Frances Rudy                                  Denny & Jill Waltier
  In memory of Andy & Barbara MacKay             Sharon Bourne Rushing                              Diane & Robert Warren
Patricia A. Murrie                                 In memory of Antoinette Lanza Bourne             Terry & Dorothy Webster
  In memory of Jan Chamberland                   Ralph & Doris Russo                                  In celebration of a beautiful city
Wanda Nadal                                      Alan & Gail Ryan                                   Sonia Weis
  In memory of Rainbow and Reggie                  In memory of Jeff Little who enjoyed all           In memory of Rudy - our tree hugger
Curtis & Phyllis Naef                              things Fircrest                                  Bill & Becky Wiggins
  In memory of Becky & Todd Slingland            Laure Bayer & Richard Sanbron                        In celebration of life!
Names Family LP                                    In memory of our mothers                         Gary & Catherine Wilson
  In memory of Scott & Clint Names               Brook & Andreas Schonger & Family                    In memory of Wilma Marie
Thi Nguyen                                       Michael & Joyce Scornaienchi                       Shirley Winsley
Bud & Joan Niebergall                              In memory of Joy, Olive & John                     In memory of Gordon Winsley & John 'Bob'
Nist Family                                        Scornaienchi                                       Whitsell
P.D. Nomellini                                   George Scornaienchi                                Neil & Donna Wissing
  In celebration of Brian, Michael, &              In memory of Joy R. Scornaienchi                   In memory of Kim Wissing
 Becca - Congrats                                Leland Searles                                     Chris Wynne & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Nordlund                       Reesman's Shaklee                                    In memory of Bill Wynne
  In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Garfield                 In memory of Ralph & Helen Reesman               Sean Yean
  Andersen                                       Doug & Alice Sharp                                   In celebration of 14th Anniversary
Marjorie Nugent                                  The Sheppard Family
                                                                      PublIC WORkS DEPT.
 Thank You, Sponsors
                                   19th Street Capital Project
   Thanks to the following           The plans for the 19th Street pavement restoration project were finally approved by the Wash-
 businesses, organizations         ington State Department of Transportation. Although the City does not anticipate the pavement
 and individuals for their         restoration work to begin until August or September, the installation of the new water line along
 sponsorship of Fircrest           19th Street is expected to be completed by July.
 activities over the past year.

 H.E. Anderson Family Foundation   New Street Sweeping Plan and Schedule
 TAPCO Credit Union                   The Public Works Department initiated a new street sweeping plan which divides the City into
 Columbia Bank                     four zones (see map below). Each zone represents a week of the month. For example, Zone One
 Harborstone Credit Union          represents the first week of the month. Two days of the week are allotted each zone for sweeping.
 Innovative Fitness                Also each sweeping day for the zone was chosen to limit conflicts with garbage collections. It
 Cost Less Prescriptions
                                   is important for residents to know their zones and the days of sweeping. This information will
 Sterling Savings                  allow them the opportunity to move their vehicles and remove obstacles off the street so that
 Right at Home                     the sweeper can sweep the entire gutter line without interference. This plan is designed to allow
 Fircrest Golf Course              every street in the City to be swept at least once a month. The zones are as follows:
 West End Pub and Grill               • Zone One: Street sweeping the first week of
 Carnival Time                                                                                         Columbia St.
 Dick Trask Photography
                                   every month on Wednesday and Thursday. The area
 Dept. of Fish and Wildlife        swept is within the north end section of the City
 Westside Disposal                 from Orchard to 19th to 67th to Regents.
 Forza Coffee
 REI                                   • Zone Two: Street sweeping the second week                                    Re
 Sterling Savings                  of the every month on Monday and Tuesday. The                                                Blv
 Espresso Yourself                 area swept is within the north central section of the
 Liberty Towing                    City from Orchard to Regents to Fairway to Daniels
 Exercise Science Center           Dr. to Altadena and Holly Dr. Note: (there is an
 Fircrest Community Club

                                                                                                                                        Orchard St..
 Fircrest Kiwanis
                                   area within this zone where garbage is collected
 Tacoma Narrows Rotary             on Tuesdays. That part of the zone will be swept
 Starbucks                         on Monday).
 Michelle McLean
 Dick & Sandy Trask                   • Zone Three: Street sweeping the third week
 Derek & Mandy Stansbury           of every month on Monday and Tuesday. The area
 John & Dana Cheesman              swept is within the southwest quarter section of the
 Traci Frazier                     City from Alameda to 44th/Fordham to Rosewood
 Cheryl Evans                      to Sunrise to Claremont to 67th.
 Chris Gruver
 Jeff Norbom                         • Zone Four: Street sweeping the fourth week
 Mark Coy                          of every month on Monday and Tuesday. The area
                                   swept is within the southeast quarter section of the The City is divided into four zones, each zone
                                   City from Orchard thru the Commons thru Estate representing a week of the month when the
                                   Place up to Emerson to Alameda to Annapolis to streets will be swept.

                                             GIVE blOOD, SAVE lIVES
                                                 PlEASE DONATE blOOD AT THE
                                          1ST ANNuAl FIRCREST buSINESS ASSOCIATION
                                                         blOOD DRIVE
                                                          THuRSDAy, july 21    10 A.M.- 2 P.M
                                                          FIRCREST COMMuNITy CENTER, ROOM b

                                                      SIGN UP BY CALLING SHANNON AT (253) 301-3783

                                                   CITy COuNCIl HIGHlIGHTS

  David M. Viafore       Chris Gruver       Matthew Jolibois     Kathy L. McVay     Robert Thaden        Denny Waltier   Michael Weinman
       Mayor            Councilmember       Councilmember        Councilmember     Mayor Pro Tempore     Councilmember    Councilmember

In meetings April – May 2011,        vember 8, 2011, at 7:15 p.m.,      City of Fircrest.                 (Columbia Street) Watermain
the Council:                         to receive comments on the                                           Improvements Project.
                                     Preliminary 2012 Budget.           • Adopted a resolution autho-
• Appointed Greg Nellist to the                                         rizing the City Manager to        • Authorized a Professional
Planning Commission.                 • Set a public hearing on No-      execute an agreement with         Service Agreement with Je-
                                     vember 22, 2011, at 7:15 p.m.,     Sound Publishing dba The Ta-      rome W. Morrissette & As-
• Held a special meeting study       to receive comments on the         coma Daily Index for official     sociates for providing pipe
session to discuss the Fircrest      2012 Budget.                       legal publishing.                 bursting analysis and design
sewer system including pipe                                                                               services for the Relocation of
bursting and the Fircrest Fi-        • Held a public hearing to         • Adopted a resolution au-        the Backyard Sewer Mains
nancial Report.                      receive comments on a pro-         thorizing an agreement with       Project.
                                     posed ordinance addressing         Epic Events & Promotions for
• Held a public hearing to re-       the siting requirements for        Movie in the Park.                • Adopted a resolution autho-
ceive comments on a proposed         electric vehicle infrastructure                                      rizing the City Manager to
ordinance to amend FMC               in accordance with Washing-        • Held a special meeting study    execute agreements for Fun
13.04 eliminating the prohibi-       ton State Law.                     session to discuss the Sewer      Days.
tion on outdoor burning and                                             Treatment Services Agree-
allowing contained fires, sub-       • Adopted an ordinance             ment with the City of Tacoma,     • Adopted an ordinance
ject to burn ban limitations.        amending FMC 13.04 to al-          the Relocation of Backyard        amending Fircrest Municipal
                                     low contained outdoor rec-         Sewer Mains Project includ-       Code Section 22.58 by add-
• Discussed the Liquor Li-           reational fires which use dry      ing pipe bursting, the South      ing a new Section 22.58.025
cense Renewal of the Royal           wood, charcoal or artificial       19th Street (Columbia Street)     Electric Vehicle Charging
Thai Bistro.                         manufactured logs.                 Capital Improvement Project       Stations, adding new defini-
                                                                        and the Finance Software          tions in Chapter 22.98 and
• Set Budget Study Sessions          • Adopted an ordinance             System.                           amendments which apply to
for October 3, 10 and 24, 2011       amending FMC 1.12.010 and                                            all zoning districts.
at 6 p.m.                            designating Sound Publishing,      • Awarded contract to Pape
                                     Inc., dba Tacoma Daily Index       & Sons Construction, Inc. for
• Set a public hearing on No-        as the official newspaper of the   the 2011 South 19th Street

                                                                    TACOMA FIRE DEPARTMENT
   The City of Fircrest's leash         Drowning Prevention                             ers are a particular
law prohibits pets from run-            Drowning was the fifth leading cause of un-     danger.
ning loose in parks or along        intentional fatal injuries in Pierce County from       • To pevent chok-
streets and must be under an        2000-2009 (all ages) and is the second leading      ing, never chew gum
owner's control at all times. Pet   cause of injuries and death to children ages 1-14   or eat while swim-
owners should pick up               nationally. You can greatly reduce the chances      ming, diving or play-
waste from                          of you or your children becoming drowning           ing in water.
their pets in                       or near-drowning victims by following a few            • Never swim alone.
public plac-                        simple safety tips.                                    • Never drink alcohol when you swim or are
es.                                     • Constantly watch children when they are       supervising children.
                                    swimming, playing or bathing in water.                 • Check the water depth before jumping or
                                        • Keep small children away from buckets         diving in.
                                    containing liquid: 5 gallon industrial contain-        • Learn CPR.

         Wearing a Seat Belt                      TOWN TOPICS
            Saves Lives                            City of Fircrest                                             PRSRT STD
               By John Cheesman                   115 Ramsdell St.                                             US Postage Paid
              Fircrest Police Chief              Fircrest, WA 98466                                             Tacoma, WA
    For you and your family, seat belts                                                                         Permit #236
provide the best defense against impaired,
distracted and aggressive drivers. In fact,
wearing your seat belt is the single most
effective crash protection available.
    In Washington State between 2005 and
2009, 2,866 people died in vehicle colli-
sions and another 13,749 were seriously
hurt. More than a quarter (28%) of these
vehicle occupant deaths involved people
between the ages of 16 and 25. Children
are 40% less likely to die in a crash if they
ride in the back seat.
    According to the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration, in 2008
the use of seat belts in passenger vehicles
saved an estimated 13,250 lives. It is
estimated that an additional 4,152 lives
would have been saved if all unrestrained
passenger vehicle occupants five and older
involved in fatal crashes had worn their
seat belts.
   However, a seat belt can’t save even one
life if it’s not used. When Washington’s                                  PARkS AND RECREATION
secondary seat belt law passed in 1986,
only 36% of motorists buckled up. Prior          Strawberry Feed and band Concert             National Night Out Against Crime
to 2002, daytime seat belt use had hov-          Sunday, June 26, 6 p.m.                      Tuesday, Aug. 2      6 – 9 p.m.
                                                 Fircrest Park and Community Center           Fircrest Park and Community Center
ered between 79% and 83% for six years
                                                 Listen to enjoyable band music.
in a row. The most recent observational          Strawberry shortcake is $2.                  Fircrest Fun Days/Parade
survey shows Washington’s daytime seat                                                        Aug. 12 & 13
belt use to be 97.6%, among the highest          2011 Movie & Picnic in the Park              Fircrest Park
in the USA.                                      Friday, July 8
    Traffic deaths among motor vehicle           Fircrest Park                                Haunted Trails
                                                 Enjoy the feature presentation of E.T.       Thursday, Oct. 20      7 – 8:30 p.m.
occupants have fallen 32% and serious
                                                 The fun starts at 6 p.m.. The movie is       Thelma Gilmur Park
injuries are down 27% on Washington              scheduled to start at 9:45 p.m.
roadways since 2002.                                                                          youth Pumpkin Patch
    In spite of these dramatic strides, we       Derby Day                                    Monday, Oct. 31 6 – 8 p.m.
can’t afford to waiver on seat belt enforce-     Saturday, July 9                             Fircrest Community Center
ment now. Statistical analysis shows the         Races start at 10 a.m.
                                                 Electron Way next to Recreation Center
combination of a seat belt and an air bag
                                                                                              Fircrest kiwanis Spaghetti Dinner
will reduce by 61% your risk of dying in         Classic Car Show                             Aug. 12            5:30 p.m.
a collision, compared with an unbuckled          Sunday, July 10
motorist.                                        10 a.m. – 3 p.m.                             Fircrest kiwanis Pancake breakfast
    There’s no question about it: A seat         Fircrest Park                                Aug. 13  
belt is your best defense in helping save        .
your life and the lives of passengers in the
event of a crash. Be sure to take the time        • VOLUNTEER – If you are interested in volunteering for any or all of these upcoming
                                                special events, contact the staff at thE Community Center, 253-564-8177.
and remind your family, friends and other
loved ones to buckle up. You could save
them a $124 ticket. More importantly, you
could save their life.                                                    City of Fircrest Website:

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