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									Version 2.0b Release Notes
New Release and Upgrade Prerequisites:

 Important Note:

This release requires that you upgrade the CCM in each of your Hirsch Controllers to CCM version 7.1.11. Failure to do this upgrade will result in unpredictable product behavior. This file can be found in the CCM directory in your Velocity directory.
The Velocity Update to 2.0b (build contained on this CD will only upgrade a Velocity 2.0a (build system. If you are currently running Velocity 2.0 (build you must first upgrade to Velocity 2.0a before attempting to run the Velocity 2.0b upgrade. If you are currently running Velocity 1.0 you will need to contact your Hirsch dealer for the 2.0a upgrade CD.


New Installation Notes:
    Prior to upgrading to this release you must back up your Velocity Database. You must run this update at every Velocity workstation, including the server if you have installed Server Edition. Before running this update you must stop all Velocity applications ( on client and server ) and Services ( on server ) The Tutorials are now stored in a self-extracting zip file. The Installation instructions are on the Velocity browser under the Tutorial section or can be found in the Tutorials Directory under Program Files/Hirsch Electronics/Velocity/Tutorials. Please review the Velocity Patches directory on the distribution CD for any patches that were generated after the Velocity 2.0b release date. Patches may be product/interface specific so carefully review each patch before installation. A description and the specific Installation instructions for each patch will be found in each patch sub-directory. If you are planning on installing Velocity 2.0b over an existing release (not upgrading) you will need to delete the SETUP.LST file from the c:\WINNT directory after running the uninstall process (Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs) and before attempting to install 2.0b.



Updating From Velocity 2.0a (build
 The Velocity Update to 2.0b (build contained on this CD will only upgrade a Velocity 2.0a (build system. If you are currently running Velocity 2.0 (build you must first upgrade to Velocity 2.0a before attempting to run the Velocity 2.0b upgrade. If you are currently running Velocity 1.0 you will need to contact your Hirsch dealer for the 2.0a upgrade CD.

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Velocity 2.0b Release Notes  The Velocity update program can be found by clicking the Browse the CD option on the installation screen. Open the Version 2.0b Update directory and double click VelocityUpdate.exe to start the update process. The Version 2.0b Update does NOT automatically copy the Help, HTML and CCM directories during the installation. After running the Version 2.0b Update you will need to copy the CCM and HELP folders from the CD under the \Version 2.0b Update directory to your d:\Program Files\Hirsch electronics\Velocity directory.


New Features Added in Version 2.0b
Alarm Viewer     CCTV  The ability to name CCTV presets has been added. Added the ability to replay a previously defined WAV file by a right-click of alarm entry. The Alarm Viewer now handles alarm priority the same as in the Graphics view. Added a right-click option to copy and paste selected rows to clipboard. Added an option to replay WAV until the alarm is acknowledged.

Command Sets    Now logs the Operator name when executing access & control functions. Now restricts Command Set execute rights by Operator Group. Ease creating access/control syntax through a new Command Set Builder.

Controllers  A menu option has been added to the right-click option to re-load controller setups.

Diagnostic Window   The ability to generate an ACB report has been added. The Operator name is now logged when executing access and control functions.

Enrollment Manager  An option has been added to the install process that selects options for PIN and CARD code re-use. This is integrated into the Enrollment Manager as a checking mechanism as well as an operator permission with override ability Enrollment of IDF 2-7 is simplified with a button on the Credential window to allow the printing of the badge without closing the Credential window. The Expiration/Activation date range combo box has been enhance to allow selection of common date ranges in addition to selecting dates via a calendar. NOTE: Use limits are part of the CCM and should not be overlooked. The new date range includes: o 1 day o 1 week o 1 month o 3 months o 6 months

 

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Velocity 2.0b Release Notes o o Event View     Added the option to create custom filters per Operator. A new Restore button was added that will restore colors and other settings back to the factory default settings. An Operator permission was added that will mask state changes in the Event View but not in the Status View The default width of the description column was increased on new Operator profiles

1 year 2 years

Function Groups  Added Zone and Controller descriptions to the General Tab.

Installer    A new option has been added that can place a Velocity icon on the desktop. A new option has been added that enables the Velocity client to auto-start at Windows logon. During the installation „sa‟ password checking for SQL Server is now preformed.

Status View  A status column has been added for Doors.

Report Manager  The select criteria for Reports now includes a named range combo box for, Last Hour, Last Day, etc. to simplify report date range selection.

Operator Groups   A new security tab for Command Sets has been added to enable them to be secured the same as reports and graphics. A check box next to the Select All / Deselect All button has been added to simplify the operation on all components, not just the currently selected one. This check box indicates that the Deselect All or Select All button applies to all listed components listed in the Component window. When this box is selected, clicking either of the following buttons results in all rights for all components being either deselected or selected.

Services  The trailing transaction zone information: From Zone 0 To Zone 0 has been removed from messages in the event viewer but are still recorded in the database for reporting.

Time Zones   Use of the Tab key now flows from one start time to end time. Time zones are now Color Coded to indicate they are “in use” or “not referenced by any controller”.

2002 Hirsch Electronics Corp.

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Velocity 2.0b Release Notes

Defects Fixed in Version 2.0b
System Wide  Duplicate Name Checking – Many components such as Function Groups, Command Sets, Door Groups, etc. were not properly checking for duplicate names when creating and/or saving to the database. Column Sorting – Alarm and Event Viewers failed to sort correctly based on the year Default Buttons, Tab Order, Highlighting – Many components did not have an appropriate default button that reacted when the Enter key was pressed on the keyboard. Tab orders were changed on some windows to flow from top to bottom. In some cases, use showed that auto highlighting default values for programming setups allows the user to not need a mouse now when setting up a system and rapidly adding Ports and Xboxes Renaming – Operators without permission to „save‟ could rename objects in the Administration view by using the right-click option | Rename

 


Main Console  Tool tip text for Browser was modified

Alarm Viewer  A defect has been corrected that caused notes to be detached from the original alarm. This fix will not correct previously entered notes. The time and date of the affected notes remains correct so that they can be associated with alarms manually.

CCTV  Baud Rate, data-bits, stop-bits, and parity information was not being saved or used by the CCTV port or CCTV server components

Command Sets   Now sorts by alpha-numeric and not the order they were created Was not properly sending the add/change message to the event view to display the name of the Command Set

Controllers  If you set the Map to Global ID to a number 1-255 and go back later you cannot reset it to 0 using the drop down list.

Diagnostic Window  Reports now display the correct version number.

Door Groups   Creating an empty door group will no longer cause an application error. Saving a name longer than 50 characters will no longer generate an application error.

Enrollment Manager  The "Enter Starting Card Data Number" in batch enrollment is supposed to act like Data in a person's credential. The batch enrollment will not accept dashes. Page 4

2002 Hirsch Electronics Corp.

Velocity 2.0b Release Notes     

Add New Credential button does not use selected default template Inconsistent use of Stamp# and Card Reference Number for Credentials The Batch Enrollment process displays a dialog box for auto-enrollment while manually editing Clicking in left pane will cause an application error Function category „Special‟ will generate an application error if no Door Group is specified

Event View   Filter name box was too short and was usually obscuring the filter name When a color is selected for the event viewer it changes instantly but it doesn't stay that color when the event viewer is closed and opened. The properties still has the color selected but the viewer is different. If you right click on the events viewer and select filter events by type and select a filter it doesn't refresh the event viewer and if you close the Event Viewer and open it back up it shows the filter as all. If you give a custom filter a name larger than 32 characters you get an application error. Was not properly displaying state changes Exclude option in Custom Filters did not persist what the user entered Was able to save a Custom Filter with no name Port/Server selections where ignored in Custom Filters


    

Function Groups  When you create a function group and a door group with doors in 1 controller then later add doors from a second controller the function group doesn't use the doors that were added later. In Define extension the Function Category Special has problems when the door group box is empty (get runtime error 381) or has <New> (nothing happens and it accepts it) entered. While renaming a Function Group it can be opened on another workstation. If you finish renaming the FG it updates the list but not the open Property page, then when you close the property page it will change the name back. Failed to adhere to Operator restrictions Duplicating Function Groups do not show up on peer client screens



 

Graphics  Xbox & Port alarms did not show

Holidays   Clicking outside the In-Use dialog caused the window to fall behind the Velocity console window and require an end-task to recover Holidays could be saved with no name

Installer  NTFS permissions were not correctly set on install path subfolders resulting in an application error when loading a map for the first time by an Operator on a Domain Controller.

2002 Hirsch Electronics Corp.

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Velocity 2.0b Release Notes  


Option to install Server Edition on a Windows 2000 Pro machine should not have been enabled. No option was given or warning that the „sa‟ password was blank. Installer now has a step to detect it and allow the end-user to select a password themselves to protect their data. SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3 files where updated. Microsoft released a patch to the install routine to resolve upgrading MSDE to SQL Server.

Import/Export  Was not handled by operator restrictions

Operators  Blank screen option was removed. This item was a left-over from 1.0  Will not save if operator name exceeds 20 characters  Reports that where de-selected did not stay that way when re-opened Ports  Simply opening and closing a port window caused the port to stop and restart.

Report Manager      You can rename a Report Group to blank. If Report Group has a name over 50 characters an application error is generated If you open a new report definition file and don't put any names in for the alias names then click OK you will get an application error. An operator without permissions to view reports can view any report. On a multi-client system if an operator only has permission to use the report manager, they are able to rename and delete reports and report groups.

SQL Manager  Tool tip text was modified

Status View     When editing a Status Group if you add items from the available column to the Selected columns that are already there you will receive an application error. New status Groups can be lost if not given a name. An application error is raised if duplicate items are added Ports where not showing status

Service Control Manager (SCM)  Single workstation edition did not display the Settings option in the pop-up menu

Services  Fixed the address scheme for Ports and Xboxes so Status View correctly displayed online status

2002 Hirsch Electronics Corp.

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Velocity 2.0b Release Notes      

Auto-refresh on alarm viewer was removed after multi-thread reentrancy was resolved during periods of high alarm activity. Results in greater responsiveness in Alarm View Time Zones created via keypad were not created in Velocity when an existing time zone was not defined for that specific index Added ACB upload when a new controller is added Credentials deleted while a controller is offline were not deleted from the controller when brought back online If a „User‟ has the letters „at‟ in their name, the service will incorrectly replace those letters when decorating certain transactions for readers SNET gave communication errors when encryption keys changed

Task Scheduler  Closing Velocity while the Task Scheduler is open may cause a GPF

Time Zones   

Master & Grand Master time zones created from a keypad with more than one child time zone only created the first child time zone inside Velocity Grand Master time zones deleted from Velocity that were no longer in-use were not deleted from the controller(s) In Master Time Zone grid when two new time zones were created with the same name, they combined on the screen to form a very large single time zone. Changing a Master or Grand Master Time Zone name generated an application error In-Use Grand Master Time Zones could be deleted from Velocity Time Zones ending in 24:00 generated an application error Time Zones were allowed to have a value greater than 24:00 Changing a Grand Master Time Zone resulted in corrupted child time zone indexes in the host database Time Zones were allowed to have duplicate names between the three time zone types Time Zones in-use by controller definitions could be deleted Master & Grand Master time zones created from keypad now display the index of the time zone in Velocity Clicking outside the time zone grid before saving a newly added time zone caused the time zone to be excluded from lists in other areas of the application Adding a standard time zone to a master time zone that is programmed in more than one controller skips adding the standard time zone to all but the first controller and generates a log entry for the service Deleting a time zone no longer in-use causes an application error Entering a blank time zone name raises a dialog that has %% or the label. Renaming Master Time Zone 1 replaced <Never> in lists A time zone with the same parameters as <Always> may crash application

        

   

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Velocity 2.0b Release Notes

Defects Fixed in Version 2.0a
Advisory: A defect in Time Zone handling caused time zone names to be changed for the wrong time zone when a user renames any of the three time zone types. This update will resolve that defect but we advise you run a time zone definition report and verify that time zone names match the intended definition. If you find that your names have become corrupted, it is not necessary to delete the time zone, but simply rename those that are out of synch. The update will correct <Always> and <Never>. Time Zones:  Renaming Time Zones corrupts names in lists when used after the rename. Although there is no effect on the time zone definition, the list selections are overwritten and will cause invalid downloaded definitions on subsequent use. Clearing or redefining a time zone from a keypad will not change the definition in the host. A review at the host level will appear as though the definition is still as it was when defined through Velocity while the controller will state differently.


Door Groups:  Copying a door group that has a name defined at the maximum length will cause an application error. This is caused by the new name having the „Copy of …‟ test appended to the original name and exceeding the length allowed in the database

Enrollment Manager:   If the user navigates to Tools | Find then clicks any region of the Enrollment Manager around the Find dialog box, an application error occurs. Removed required field check from non-required "Starting Number" field for manual batch enrolls

Function Groups:  Fixed application error while editing a Function Group extension that contained a control zone.

Services:  If the DigiTrac Service is started and stopped within the first 60 seconds while the scheduling module is being initialized a General Protection Fault is generated but not witnessed by the user. Archiving as scheduled was not correctly querying for the most recent archive set to determine how many days it should retain. Significant performance improvement when downloading firmware via XNET Added auto-recovery to firmware download in the event of a failure. This implements a retry vs. an immediate abort. Defect that prevents encryption keys from being set on SNET has been resolved.

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