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					What is Arbonne?
Arbonne International is a Health and Wellness company. Our products are formulated in Switzerland and made in the United States. Arbonne’s mission is to provide pure, safe and beneficial products. We focus on educating women and men on health awareness and how to be a conscious consumer. In addition, we train and support independent consultants to work from home. This offers many women and men the opportunity to have a flexible schedule that works around time with family and friends. Arbonne International raised over $1 million dollars in 2007 for the Sojourner Center: A shelter for women and children affected by domestic violence in Phoenix, AZ. Arbonne personally gave over $100,000 to the American Red Cross to support families after Hurricane Katrina. Arbonne is endorsed by Friends of the Environment, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and is Vegan Certified. Our products are not tested on animals, do not use animals by products, mineral oil or chemical dyes and fragrances. We are botanically based. You will see results!

Ingredient Awareness
Petroleum jelly (petrolatum), a petroleum derivative, forms a heavy film on the surface of your skin. When your skin perspires and releases water containing salt and chemicals, it aids the liver and kidneys in detoxifying your body. Like mineral oil, petrolatum blocks the skin’s natural breathing and excretion functions. Paraffin wax is a hard, white material refined from petroleum by using various solvents. Ceresin is another petroleum products; it is considered a higher-grade of paraffin. Toluene is commercially derived from petrochemicals. It can be found as a solvent in cosmetics, nail polish remover and dyes. You will also find it as a binding agent in gasoline. Beeswax is a sticky sealant. It attracts pollutants, dirt and bacteria and glues them onto the skin as it seals the pores. Benzene is a petrochemical used as a solvent in many cosmetics. Acetone is used to make plastics, fibers, drugs and other chemicals and is used to dissolve other substances. Solvent Alcohol: Forms of solvent alcohol such as propyl, isopropyl (petroleum derivative) or SD alcohol (specially denatured ethyl alcohol) are included in many skin commercial skin care products. ARBONNE skin care and cosmetics contain cetyl alcohol (derived from coconuts) and witch hazel (plant derivative), which are nourishing, natural alcohols based on botanicals. Lanolin: An oily secretion of sheep, lanolin is a common lubricating ingredient in skin formulas. Extracted from the wool, lanolin has been indicated as a cause of allergic skin reactions in sensitive people. Sheep are bathed twice a year, their wool boiled and the lanolin skimmed off of the top (rendered). People are developing lanolin allergies such as bumps on the back of your arms or rear end (from the lanolin in the toilet paper). Collagen: Contrary to popular belief, collagen cannot be absorbed into the skin. It is an animal product (derived from chickens’ feet and cooking grease) that is added to some cosmetics as a moisturizing agent. Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin and therefore, can clog pores or cause allergic reactions. If you want collagen, you have to inject it…but if you want to strengthen your existing collagen, use our NutriMinC line of anti-aging products. Artificial Colors and Fragrances: Formulated chemically from a wide variety of sources, these are known to cause allergic reactions in some people. Artificial fragrances can also create photo-sensitivity. Dyes and fragrances go directly into your bloodstream; it only takes 26 seconds. Phthalates: These are a group of oily compounds mainly used to make stiff plastics flexible without compromising their strength and durability. Because of the ongoing research regarding this chemical, ARBONNE does not use it in any of their products. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate): There is much misleading information in biased research done on SLS. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Board has concluded that this ingredient is safe for use in cosmetic formulations at no more than 2%. If used higher than 2%, it can become an irritant. ARBONNE complies with the CIR’s recommendation of less than 2%. SLS has also found it to be safe in rinse-off products such as cleansing gels and shampoos. SLS cannot be absorbed unless it is left on the skin for an extended period of time. Preservatives: As for natural preservatives, there really is no effective one that will fully protect against yeasts, molds and bacterial growth in your skin care. Therefore, ARBONNE effectively uses less than 0.5% of broad spectrum preservatives to protect not only our products but also the consumer. The strains of bacteria that could breed in your skin care lotions and cleansers are much more harmful than a minute amount of a safe preservative (methyl and propyl parabens).

HORMONE IMBALANCE Women’s Symptoms Endometriosis Fibroid Tumor Ovarian Cysts High Blood Pressure Breast Cancer Joint Pain Bone Mineral Loss PMS Cramping Irregular Menstrual Flow Unexplained Weight Gain Anxiety Bloating Insomnia Fibrocystic Breasts Cyclical Headaches Infertility or Miscarriage Mid-Cycle Pain Debilitating Fatigue Thin / Dry Skin Brown Spots on Face Low Blood Pressure Intolerance to Exercise Vaginal Dryness / Atrophy Loss of Sex Drive Painful Intercourse Bladder Infections Hot Flashes Night Sweats Memory Problems Lethargic Depression Puffiness and Bloating Rapid Weight Gain Mood Swings Anxious Depression Red Flush on Face Weepiness Cervical Dysplasia Breast Tenderness Heavy Bleeding Gallbladder Problems Acne Excessive Hair on Face and Arms Thinning Hair on Head Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Hypoglycemia or Unstabe Bloodsugar Men’s Symptoms: Weight Loss Loss of Muscle Lower Sex Drive Fatigue Enlarged Breasts Lower Stamina Softer Erections Gallbladder Problems Hair Loss Prostate Enlargement Irritability Puffiness and Headaches Weight Gain

Valuable Websites: www.johnleemd.com www.arbonne.com

For more information, read one of Dr. John Lee’s books: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause

Beauty, Pride and Pigrease
By Sandi Mitchell, Ph.D.
Are we still the naïve nation we once were? I think not! Until recent years, we meekly developed the custom of being followers and did not question the integrity of our leaders and especially those who have set themselves up as protectors of our health. Has the pendulum now swung the other way? Have we now become a nation of suspicion? I think so, and with good reason. Not necessarily because we enjoy being watchdogs, but because of self-preservation. One case in point in which millions are directly involved on a daily basis is “rendering plants”. Not many have ever heard of a rendering plant, let alone know what products gain their origin from these places. Have you ever noticed a dead dog, cat, skunk, or opossum on the highway? A rendering plant is a collection center for all kinds of dead animals. Carcasses of every variety are hauled to the processing plant daily, including farms where disease has decimated herds of swine, cattle and other domestic animals. At the plant, these bodies are all dumped together into a huge cooking pot, which generates heat. The carcasses are subjected to a process of extreme pressures in order to extract the fat from the skin, bones, organs, etc. Used cooking grease is added to this pot, and the rendered fat (skimmed off the top of the liquid) is the final product of this plant. The plant stench is horrid. Disease and bacteria breed and thrive here among the conglomeration of decaying carcasses. Most shocking is the way that this rendered fat is utilized. The great majority of the product is sold for women’s skincare and make up (particularly lipstick and eye makeup). Some of the most prestigious cosmetic companies in the world are the chief customers of these rendering plants. One would never guess that the model in the ad is wearing carcass of a dog, pig or skunk! How much of this has been absorbed into our bodies via the pores of our lips and skin? Should we not be just as cautious about what we put onto our skin as we are in our mouth? Health Freedom News Jan/Feb 1991

There are 4 basic tests used on animals for cosmetic and skin care. The first is for eye irritations, the Draize test, in which shampoos & cosmetics are placed into rabbits’ eyes (which are fastened open). The chemicals cause blistering, swelling and blindness. The pain often becomes so intense that the rabbit often breaks its spine trying to get away from it. The second test studies skin irritation in which the animal has a patch of skin on its back stripped of fur in order to apply and reapply the test product. This causes rash, pain and swelling. LD/50 is the third test (LD/50 stands for Leathal Dose –50% dies). Cosmetics are force fed to test animals to determine the amount necessary 50% of them to die in severe agony from such things as organ blockage, toxic reaction and convulsions. The Inhalation test, the fourth test, is where the animals are sprayed repeatedly in the face for a 2 1/2 hour period and then killed to have their tissues examined. ARBONNE DOES NOT, HAS NOT, AND WILL NOT TEST ON ANIMALS AND ARBONNE USES NO ANIMAL OR HUMAN BY-PRODUCTS!

How can you help? 1 2 3 Purchase and use products that are not tested on animals (such as ARBONNE) Support the health of your skin and body through products made under botanically based principles (such as ARBONNE) Support local women’s small businesses by using their products (ARBONNE)!

How can ARBONNE help you or someone you know? By becoming an ARBONNE consultant, you gain the following: 4 5 6 7 8 The freedom to choose your own work schedule and work load Providing your family with health products that are pure, safe and beneficial Providing you and/or your family with an earned extra paycheck every month Unlimited possibilities to financial freedom Support within the ARBONNE community every step of the way

Three ways to thrive with ARBONNE: 1) Have your own personal consultant. Your consultant is probably someone close to you who cares about making sure that you are achieving the results with your skincare and health that you desire. Extraordinary skin care, color and nutrition products Excellent customer service and convenient delivery Product gifts for referrals and hosting Presentation


Purchase products at a wholesale discount. By signing up ($29), you receive our products at a 35% discount, and if your first purchase meets $150 or more SRP, you can choose any additional product for free. Tax advantages, low start-up cost Be your own boss — create the income you desire; cash bonuses, overrides and sales incentives 35% product discount with toll-free ordering Upline support, training and achievement recognition


Build a successful business of your own. Join the fastest growing company in the Direct Selling Association. With over 100% gain in profits each year over the last 5 years, there is nowhere to go but upward. Also, our products have an 85% return; in other words, the people who use these products keep using these products! Unlimited income potential Mercedes-Benz car program Personal and financial freedom Help others achieve their goals and dream