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Classical music by babbian


									Unit   Five

 Warming up

What kind of music do you know?
             Choral(合   Country music(乡村音乐)
Orchestra                      Classical music


Folk music
                                Jazz (爵士乐)
    Rock ’n’ roll
                         Rap (说唱音乐)
Rap     Rock ‘n’ roll   Jazz     Orchestra

Folk     Country
                        Choral   Classical
music    music
I like Chinese because I think
Chinese music is easy to
understand. It is our culture.

I like classical music because it is

serious and make people inspired.

It can last long.
Are you familiar
with some
Chinese or
foreign bands?
The Beatles   (甲壳虫乐队)
Do you know anything about
“The Monkees”?
  It is a band with 4-person that was very
popular in the 1960s in America and as well as
a TV show of the same name and it based on
“The Beatles”. The band used instruments
rarely seen on TV at that time. Now it is still
popular in the world today.
1.dream of   in cash be honest jokes on
3.attach… to          9..rely on
4.form a band         10.get/be familiar with
5.start as/begin as   11.produce their own
6.earn some extra     records
money                 12.break up
   Main idea of the text

How do people form a______?
and how did the __________
form and become a real band?
Match main ideas with paragraphs
            How the Monkees formed
Para 1:
            the band?
Para 2:     Dreaming of being famous.

Para 3:     How the Monkees became
            popular and developed as
Para 4:     a real band?

            The common way that
            bands form.
               True or false questions
(1) The band began as a TV show. T
(2) The TV organizers had looked for five
musicians who were lovely and who could
make good music. F
(3) Each week the group that was called
“The Monkees” would play a song or two
written by themselves.
            other musicians     F
(4) The band broke up in 1970, but reunited
in the mid-1980s. T
(5) In 1996, they produced a new record to
celebrate their time as band. T
Choose the best answer.
1. What does the title of the passage mean?
A.The band wasn’t a famous one.      B
B.The band was formed in a different way.
C.The band didn’t play their own music.
D.The band wasn’t supported buy his fans.
2. How many musicians were there
   when the band was formed at
   the beginning? D
  A. Four B. Three C. Two D. One
3. When did the Monkees break up
   and when did it reunite? C
  A. 1970; 1996 B. 1970; 1990
  C. 1970; the mid-1980s
  D. 1968; 1986
4. Which of the following is not correct
about “The Monkees”? B
A. At first, The Monkees copied the style
of The Beatles.
B.They were not so popular as The Beatles.
C.Their performances were really popular
and attractive because of their jokes.
D.They were copied by other groups and
supported by their fans.
How do people form a band ? (Para.2)

 Step 1   to practise music at home
 Step 2           ____________________
          to play in the street or subway

 Step 3   to give performances
           in pubs or clubs
 Step 4                   in a studio
          to make records _________
How the Monkees formed the band? (Para. 3)
Beginning    TV organizers

            an advertisement

  ______musician       three
              a TV show

      play jokes on as well as play _____
       (based loosely on the “ ______ ”)
How the Monkees became popular and

developed as a real band? (Para. 4)

                Which group can put ♫
         ♫      the steps in the right
                order in the
                shortest time?
1.Broke up, then reunited

2.Produced their own records

3.Produced a new record
                               Put the
4.Relied on other musicians
                               steps in
5.Sang their own songs
                               the right
6.Sang songs by others         order
7.Pretended to sing
         4. Relied on other musicians
band     7. Pretended to sing
wasn’t   5. Sang songs by others

         6. Sang their own songs
band     2. Produced their own records
is       1. Broke up, then reunited
         3. Produced a new record

• The article is 1________(main) about the
  band---2______ Monkees. It 3 ___________
              the                 is believed
  (believe) that many people want to be famous
  singers or musicians, 4______ they form a
  band through different 5______ (way).
  However, there is a band6 ______ is different
  from others. At first, they sang the songs
  7__________ (write) by other musicians.
  Later, they played and sang8 ________ (they)
  own songs. After 9__________ (reunite) in
  the 1980s, they made 10_____ new record in
                              a           a
  the 1990s.
Now ,it’s time for you to form your own
band …(four students a group)
1.The band’s name?
2.What kind of music you will choose?
3.Who is the lead singer?
4.Who will play which instrument?
(guitar, drum, piano, violin, saxophone…)
5.Where to play?
• Write a passage to
  introduce your own band

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