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Buying Smarter through Common Use Arrangements

Office Stationery, Copy Paper and Envelopes
Common Use Arrangement No. 2205
This brochure has been developed to assist government agencies with information and hints on how to maximise the benefits and price saving features offered on the Common Use Arrangement (CUA) for the supply of office stationery, copy paper and envelopes. This is a mandatory CUA commencing 1 December 2005 and will be available to all public authorities for an initial period of three years with a possible extension to a maximum of five years. By using this whole of government CUA buyers can enable Government to leverage its annual $10 million expenditure in office stationery, copy paper and envelopes to achieve savings. Savings can only be achieved with your support of the CUA and some change in buying behaviour. government. Agencies may use the ‘best value’ range to manage what products are ordered from the contract and ensure best value for money buying.

YOU can $AVE
your agency money on Office Stationery, Copy Paper and Envelopes

Savings at a Glance
The re-tender of this CUA has achieved significant savings for government and has demonstrated that the procurement strategy chosen for office stationery, copy paper and envelopes is working well. When first tendered, the CUA achieved savings across all product groups of about $2 million per year compared to average prices paid by agencies prior to implementation of the CUA. The recall of this CUA has realised additional savings by delivering prices below what was established on the first CUA for all product groups. For example, a ream of A4 paper can now be purchased for as low as $3.85 (GST inclusive) where government paid $4.50 on the previous CUA and more than $6 per ream prior to each CUA.

Purchase exclusively from the standard range of copy paper, envelopes and office stationery offered on the CUA. Set office printers to default to double sided rather than single sided printing to minimise paper use. Use coloured and A3 paper in moderation as it is more expensive than white A4 paper. Consolidate orders of envelopes to gain better prices on overprinting rates. Overprint envelopes on the front as it costs 50% more to overprint on both sides. Overprint envelopes in one colour as it costs 20% more to overprint in two colours.

What does the contract offer?
The CUA was re-designed as a strategic sourcing arrangement to leverage government’s buying power. The CUA continues to unbundle the purchase of office stationery, copy paper and envelopes due to the different input costs that impact on the final sale price of each product.

The results achieved on the first and re-bid CUA’s are summarised below. It should be noted that the re-bid CUA percentages measure the price reduction achieved from benchmark prices achieved The CUA provides a standard range of on the first CUA. copy paper with prices effective for box or pallet orders. Similarly, a standard range First CUA Current CUA of envelopes and overprinting of these Copy Paper 22% 11% is available. Compared to the previous Envelopes 7% 3.5% CUA for office stationery, this CUA offers Stationery 27% 26% a wider range of products, some 3000 lines. To support agencies who wish to Additional savings to those outlined above rationalise the range of stationery ordered can be achieved where agencies modify by staff, DTF has nominated a ‘best value’ their buying behaviour. Suggestions for group of products based on the most achieving additional savings are outlined commonly purchased stationery lines across in this brochure.

Refer to Buyers Guide for other practical hints

published Feb 2006 version 4

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is the contract for the Best Value stationery only?
A: No. The stationery contractor has offered about 3,000 stationery items to support this CUA. However, the Best Value stationery listed (about 600 items) represents the lowest priced items that this CUA offers. Buyers should be aware that other stationery items might be more expensive but serve the same function.

Q: Can we use copy paper in all photocopiers, fax and other printing machines?
A: No. Not all copy paper is suitable for the range of office machines available in an agency, particularly coloured paper. A fact sheet of recommended use is provided for your reference in the Buyers Guide.

Q: How can I purchase stationery not listed within the Best Value range?
A: Agencies can purchase ALL STATIONERY offered by the stationery contractor by referring to the listed product range under contract in the Gem catalogue.

Q: Can I use recycled rather than standard A4 paper?
A: Yes. Recycled paper is available in A4 and A3 sizes. However, the State Records Office recommends that recycled paper NOT be used for government archival records.

Q: If I purchase a rare stationery item (eg fountain pen) do I have to buy this from the stationery contractor?
A: No. If you require a rare item of stationery or an item not listed in the Gem catalogue, you are free to obtain sufficient quotes in accordance with purchasing policies. Where you repeatedly purchase stationery that is unique to your agency, please notify the Contract Manager of the item.

Q: When do the contracts expire?
A: The contracts for copy paper and envelopes both expire on 30 November 2007. At the end of this 12-month interval, pre-qualified suppliers will be invited to re-bid their prices for copy paper and envelopes. The contract for stationery expires on 30 November 2008 and will be reviewed for a further 2 year extension.

CUA Supplier Details
Office Stationery, Envelopes and Copy Paper

(1 Dec 2006 - 30 Nov 2007) Copy Paper ONLY

Envelopes ONLY

Kim Greenham Orders accepted via: Phone: 136 629 Fax: 9238 6999

Tudor Group
Milton James Orders accepted via: Phone: 9279 6860 Fax: 9379 3392

Fuji Xerox
Steve Spencer Orders accepted via: Phone: 131 411 Fax: 9365 9613

For Further Information
Enquiries relating to this Contract can be made to: Jodi Truslove, Contract Manager Tel: 9222 5420 Fax: 9481 0785 Email: Alternatively, an email query can be directed to Further information is available from the Buyers Guide which is located at

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