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Do you have a plan for the 2010 Soccer World Cup?
Do you know how you and your company can benefit from the "greatest show on earth" coming to South Africa in just a few years time? Do you know the "rules of the game", and what is and is not allowed? Do you know the role players, from FIFA to the LOC, from MATCH to SAFA and the stadium managers? Do you know their requirements, and the requirements of the South African government? Do you know what opportunities, and threats, lie ahead? Do you know how your company can benefit from the 2010 World Cup? We Do We’ve been researching the past four World Cups and Olympic Games, and are watching Germany 2006 and Being 2008 carefully, to learn the lessons and find out what works and what doesn't, to identify winners and losers, and help our clients make the most of the opportunities between now and 2010, and beyond. GamePlan: 2010 is a collaboration between Gary Bailey and, a futurist business strategy consultancy.

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Leadership Lessons from Sir Alex Ferguson
When inspiration, role models and success patterns are needed in order to provide your own leaders with a framework for improvement, then the Manchester United model is the route to go. Sir Alex Ferguson is recognised as one of the most successful sports managers of all time and his methods, especially in comparison to his predecessors, highlight what can be achieved by following the “correct” formula. Gary Bailey (former Man Utd goalkeeper for 10 years) provides an exhilarating, real and informative study of the last 3 Manchester United managers and their relevant leadership styles. He uses his MBA (Henley Oxford) knowledge to suggest concrete improvements and motivates the audience by showing footage from the FA cup finals he played in. Outline of the Leadership Lessons Presentation: Gary starts off the day with a fun and revealing look at the first manager he played under, Dave Sexton, and Dave’s leadership skills during the nail-biting 1979 FA cup final, which is shown to the audience. He also looks at the motivation needed to operate “above the line” and discusses in detail the manner in which world class footballers deal with defeat, stress and other debilitating problems, such as how to cope with being blamed for conceding the winning goal in a FA Cup
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final! During the focus on teamwork, Gary looks back on his appearances in the 1983 FA cup finals under the guidance of Ron Atkinson, the first a poor showing which nearly ended in defeat, and the replay 4 days later which was a convincing victory for Manchester United. Those intervening days were spent building teamwork and the nature and manner of those 4 days are discussed in detail, with the focus on how to deal with cultural differences and how to build a whole brain team, and all of this comes with hilarious behind the scenes stories. Then the focus moves to Sir Alex Ferguson and his incredible leadership skills which led to the treble, a feat that will probably never be achieved again. Sir Alex blends all the right ingredients to be a great leader and Gary opens the lid on what has made this man the greatest soccer manager of all time. As part of Gary’s closing, the 3 managers are compared side by side and conclusions are drawn from the presentation, and a fun but serious challenge is given to the audience. Your leaders will be left with a real and useful set of parameters on how to lead, and after witnessing the success of Manchester United, they’ll be inspired to take your company to a new level of achievement.

Team-Building Football Session
Gary sets up fun events such as heading (or throwing for women) into a dustbin, or passing a ball between posts, or chipping into a net all of which win points for your team. He also creates team events where the success of the team relys on each individual to perform. The events are specifically designed to bring out the desired business principles, most of which can be easily explained using soccer. Team work is a crucial point, as is communication, understanding each others strengths, having fun whilst being effective, thinking ahead and many more. Gary makes sure that everyone is able to join in, and creates a fun vibe that ensures that they all enjoy the session and return to work with enhanced business principles. The time taken and principles used can be decided by the client. Generally groups spend one hour playing these games, and up to 4 principles can be enhanced in that one hour. As the majority of workers respond well to the imagery of soccer, this is an effective method to motivate and inspire your business whilst increasing it’s effectiveness through the enhancement of basic business principles.

MAN U: Uniting Moments with Gary Bailey
Manchester United is one of the biggest sports clubs in the world and with that comes huge and constant pressure to succeed – similar to that experienced by most businesses. With that in mind, former United goalkeeper Gary Bailey (1977 – 87) presents an inspiring look into how the players and management at Old Trafford dealt with those pressures, with the hard times, and how
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they ultimately brought success to the club. Outline of the MAN U Motivation Presentation: Gary uses an easy and relevant memory tool – MAN U – to outline his main points. M is for Model of the world – how do you see – does your model bring you the motivation and energy needed to be successful in this tough world of ours. Gary relates stories around losing the 79 FA cup final and being blamed for the defeat – HOW do you cope with that? A is for Action – what steps do you take to ensure that your approach brings the desired results. Maradona inspired Argentina to world cup victory in 86 and Gary remembers how he little genius took certain steps to bring his team success. N is for being Nutty – humour is necessary to bring fun and energy into almost all business situations – and generally with huge positive effects U is for Uniting a team – The Man United team nearly lost the 83 FA cup final against Brighton by playing as individuals – only a vital save by Gary kept the team in the game…4 days later, the same players now playing as a team won by a record score. What those players and management did in those 4 days is vital for all teams to do if they want to maximize their chances of success. Gary ends his presentation with a look at how to Unite for the future, something his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson did superbly well in the 90’s – he brought a virtual youth team and blended them to European success in 1999. It’s a motivational, fun and invigorating presentation and ideal for conferences, monthly meetings or any other group gatherings where success is the topic under discussion.

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