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Helping ISG build a business in Asia - RBS


Global Transactions Services

Helping ISG build a business in Asia
                           n	 	SG	was	looking	to	expand	into	Asia	as	part	
                              of	its	global	expansion	strategy
We recently awarded           R
                           n	 	 BS	provided	global	cash	management	services	
our Asia Cash and             and	trade	lines	to	finance	bonds	and	guarantees
Trade Management              T
                           n	 	 his	provided	better	control	of	ISG’s	global	cash	
mandate to RBS. ISG           position	from	one	central	location		
were delighted to work
with RBS in Asia and       ISG plc, based in the UK, is one of the world’s largest groups offering
build on the qualities     property construction, fitting out and management services. The company
and strengths already      operates in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, serving a wide range of
                           public and private sector clients. In Asia, ISG has operations in China,
demonstrated as our        Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.
UK trusted banker.
                           Part of ISG’s strategy for global expansion is to build its business in
Jonathan Houlton
                           Asia, where there is a shortage of high quality office space in major
Finance Director
ISG                        centres. This strategy places a premium on cash management and
                           related services – which is where RBS came in.
                           RBS have been an advisor to ISG in the UK. When ISG was looking for
                           a banking partner which could provide global cash management services,
                           especially in Asia, it turned to RBS. The relationship in Asia started with
                           current account facilities for ISG in Singapore and trade lines to finance
                           bonds and guarantees on ISG projects in the region. The mandate has
                           now grown to include global cash management for ISG, coupled with the
                           RBS electronic banking facility Access Online. RBS is able to offer these
                           services because its global network means it can support clients in any
                           time zone at any time.
                           ISG’s treasury team wanted to control its overall cash position worldwide
                           from its London headquarters and minimise the risks associated with
                           holding multiple accounts in a range of currencies. The RBS global
                           network, along with its cash management experience and technology,
                           has enabled ISG to do just that.

                           To find out more...
                           Call our international trade hotline on 0845 603 9387
                           or visit

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                           Registered in Scotland No. 90312.                                                            DS778com Nov 10

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