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									Friday, Jan. 22 -- Presentation Schedules for All Theaters 12:30pm

Eastmans' Journals Adventure Theater Turkey Hunting the West: Alan Stie, champion caller Colorado Division of Wildlife Presents: Elk Hunting Colorado Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota: Ben Bigalke, Pheasants Forever Waterfowl Hunting with Jeff Foiles, champion caller Game Cooking Tips: Duck and Pheasant, hosted by John Head (Begins at 5pm)

1:30pm 2:30pm 3:30pm



Game-Cooking Clinic continues Muzzleloading Made Easy – Seasons, Strategies, and much more: Chad Schearer, editor, Black Powder Guns & Hunting Magazine Rifle Hunting the West: Guy Eastman, editor, Eastmans' Hunting Journal



Sporting-Dog Arena

First presentation Friday at 1:30pm WHOA, A Pointing Dog's Most Important Command: CJ Kausel, Colorado Gun Dog Pressured Fish--Getting Bites When the Fish Association Have Seen It All: Chad LaChance Gun Dog Training 1,2, 3: Scott Young, Lasada Hunting Tips To Improve Your Fly Fishing: Jack Dennis Gun-Dog Safety: Dale Merritt, Bearpoint How to Fish Deep-Water Plastics: Jarrett Kennels Edwards Retriever Training In 10 Minutes a Day: Ben Bigalke, Pheasants Forever Special Presentation: Search-and-Rescue Demonstration, Larimer County S&R Tom Herman and Grits: Grits is the first Colorado dog to be an AKC Master Hunter while also holding the title of Grand Champion through the United Kennel Club Training an AKC Master Hunter and UKC Grand Champion dog: Chris Jobman, Flatlander Kennels When To Use What Fishing Line: Terry Wickstrom SPECIAL EVENT: Friday Night Bytes-FishExplorer.com pro-staffer panel and giveaway

Aquarium Demonstration Tank Walleye Techniques: Nate and Stephanie Zelinsky

Bytes event continues... Kokanee and Trout Techniques: Jared Johnson

Fly-Fishing Theater Fly Fishing Western Tailwaters: Pat Dorsey

Fly-Tying Video Theater Jack's Favorite Western Patterns: Jack Dennis

Baja and Beyond: Mike Rieser Stillwater Fly Fishing: Kirk Deeter, FlyTalk.com Tips for Fighting Trout: Landon Mayer Fly Fish Telluride--Same State, Different World: John Duncan

North Platte Patterns: Eric Pettine Guide Flies : Ethan Emery Caddis Candy: David Phares

Pike and Carp Flies: Barry Reynolds

Trout Bumming America: Frank Smethurst

Charlie's Favorites: Charlie Craven

Introduction to Fly Fishing: Ethan Emery, Angling University Fly-Fishing the World with Barry Reynolds, presented by AFFTA

Baja Flies: Mike Rieser

Clouser Minnow: Bob Clouser

Presentation Fly-Casting Pond Casting with Lefty Kreh Best of the West Distance-Casting Contest Qualifications Tips to Improve Your Casting: Jack Dennis A Guide's Tips for Better Casts: Chris Wells

Casting with Lefty Kreh Best of the West Distance-Casting Contest Qualifications

Warm-up for 1st Annual Fly Skins Accuracy Casting Contest, which begins at 7pm. Click for contest overview

Fly Skins Accuracy Contest continues...

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