Initiation of Free Prostate Cancer Screening by hcj


									Karlene Morrison, Lillian Oduwole,
            Lioubov Smirnova and
               Vanessa S. Vazquez
In the Beginning…
 In 2005, the Bloomfield Health Department
 conducted a health assessment and concluded that
 only 36% of the male population recommended for
 screening received prostate examinations.
Strategic Action Plan
 As a result of the
 health assessment, the
 township of
 Department of Health
 and Human Services
 created a Strategic
 Action Plan for 2010.
 One of the goals of the Strategic Action Plan was to
 increase self-report of prostate examination from 36%
 to 40% by 2010

                              2005        2010
Here’s where we come into the picture…
 Our Capstone project entailed working in conjunction
 with the Bloomfield Health Department to promote
 prostate cancer screening among at-risk men in
The start of a long journey…
An extensive amount of preparation:

 A literature search and review

 Weekly meetings with:

   Phyllis More, PhD, RN, BC
   Donna Williams, BSN, RN, BC, a Public Health Nurse
    Supervisor with the Bloomfield Health Department
   Michael Hodges, MSHS, CHES, Health Educator also with the
    Bloomfield Health Department.
Our Target Population
 Uninsured males over
  50, regardless of race

 Uninsured males over
  40 if African-American
  or with a family history
  of prostate cancer
Advertising Campaign
 Flyers were targeted to men and women
 Over 1000 flyers were distributed throughout
 The flyers were printed in both English and Spanish
 Colored paper was used to gain people’s attention
The Men’s and Women’s Flyers
And the Advertising Campaign Continues…
 An article was written about
 prostate cancer and placed in
 the Bloomfield Buzz and the
 Bloomfield Life.

 The Bloomfield Health
 Department’s web site also
 showcased the article with
 links to more information
 about prostate cancer
Offering Incentives
 Incentives were offered to
  men for coming in for the
  screening and to women
  for referring a man to the
 The Prostate Net, The
  Prostate Cancer
  Foundation, D’ Clase Hair
  Salon & Spa and BS Amina
  Hair Braiding all offered
Out and About in the Community
 Recruitment tables
  were set up in front of
  the Bloomfield Post
  Office and at the
  Department of Labor
  Unemployment Office
 From these two
  locations, six men
  signed up for the
Post Office Recruitment Table
Recruitment Table
   A Public Service Announcement (PSA)
            brought to you by us
 To get the message out, we created a Public Service
  Announcement with the help of Dr. Jean Nutter,
  Associate Professor of English at Bloomfield College.
 Dr. Nutter has several years of experience in radio and
  television; she has worked at WNBC, NBC Radio and
  on several documentaries
Radio PSA
 The PSAs were 30 and 60 seconds in length and were
 sent out to seven local radio stations such as, WBAI
 99.5 FM and WBGO 88.3 FM.
Television PSA
                  A PSA designed for
                   television aired on
                   Channel 35, a local cable
                   channel in Bloomfield
                   approximately two weeks
                   before the screening

                  This PSA consisted of
                   words scrolling along the
                   screen and detailed risk
                   factors for prostate cancer
                   and the date and time of
                   the screening.
            Television PSA with
        Councilman Bernard Hamilton
 Councilman Hamilton has served on the township
  council for twelve years and is currently the liaison
  to the Bloomfield Health Department. He was a
  prime candidate for the PSA because he is an
 African-American public figure. The PSA included
 information about prostate cancer and the
 upcoming screening. It aired on Channel 35, a
 local cable channel, one week prior to the
 screening and will continue to air to raise
 awareness about prostate cancer.
Education Session
 An education session was held at New Life Baptist
  Church in Bloomfield on Saturday, March 31st.
 Two poster boards and a Power Point presentation
  were used.
The BIG Day!!!
                  The screening was held
                   Monday, April 9 from
                   5-7:30 pm.
                  14 men showed up for
                   the screening:
                   - 3 African American
                   - 8 Caucasian
                   - 1 Native American
                   - 2 Hispanic
                  It was a SUCCESS!
Outcomes of Nursing Program
 Practice and care with respect for human diversity
 Use critical thinking to arrive at reasoned judgments about
  health care
 Implement the role of the professional nurse including
  health promotion, restoration, and rehabilitation in a
  variety of settings based on theory, empirical knowledge,
  and research
 Collaborate with various members of the multidisciplinary
  health care team to design, deliver, and evaluate the quality
  and cost effectiveness of health care across settings
 Demonstrate personal and professional development as
  evidenced by the adoption of values based behaviors
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