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Here at the Exploratorium, we've found the bubble formula below to work
fairly well in our exhibits.

     2/3 cup Joy dishwashing soap
     1 gallon water
     2 to 3 tablespoons of glycerine (available at the pharmacy or chemical
     supply house.)

New formula!
From "Marcia" in Canada I got the following formula which works for her:

     1 cup Ultra Ivory Blue
     12 cups water
     3/4 Tablespoon glycerine

Gently stir the ingredients together and leave the solution in an open
container overnight. We believe that this gives the alcohol on the
dishwashing soap a chance to evaporate some. In any case, the solution
seems to get better with age. If you substitute some other soap for Dawn,
you will have to experiment with the rest of the formula... but that's the fun
of science!

For long-life bubble solution I've tried the following with some success:
     1/3 cup commercial bubble solution (I like Wonder Bubbles by
     1/3 cup water
     1/3 cup glycerine

As you can see this is a much heaver solution with all that glycerine. I glue
a watchglass to the bottom of a wide-mouth jar with hot-melt-glue (no
solvents in hot-melt...) I then "paint" the watchglass with bubble solution to
wet it. Using a bubble pipe (you can use a straw too), I blow a large bubble
on top of the watchglass. I seal the jar with a stretchy wax sealer found in
bio and chem labs. This comes in rolls and I stretch a piece over the top of
the jar before screwing the lid on tightly. You must have a good seal or the
liquid will escape slowly and the bubble will pop from evaporation. I
sometimes carefully flip the bottle over and let the bubble hang
upside-down. This allows it to drain. My longest lasting bubble survived for
3 months! This bubble never popped. It just got smaller and smaller as the
higher pressure air inside the bubble slowly diffused through the film and
escaped. The late Eiffel Plasterer (sorghum farmer, physics teacher, and
master of the bubble) called this "dying the natural death" for a bubble.
Eiffel's longest lasting bubble went for an incredible 342 days! I have a long
way to go...

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