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Suspension_ Colloid_ and Solution Mini Lab


									     Suspension, Colloid, and Solution Mini Lab
Prelab: What tests do you think will be most important in determining whether
something is a suspension, a colloid, or a solution? Make sure to explain your
answer in complete sentences.

Lab: Using the knowledge you have picked up in class, determine whether the
five unknowns are suspensions, colloids, or solutions. Make sure to give
reasons for each of your answers (no reason = no credit).
Unknown 1:

Unknown 2:

Unknown 3:

Unknown 4:

Unknown 5:

Postlab question:
Before a can of paint can be used, you need to stir it before it can be used (which
implies that the coloring has sunk to the bottom). However, unstirred paint still
appears colored (though the color is nowhere near as dark as it is when you stir
it) – this is true no matter how long a can of paint has been undisturbed. The
question: Is paint a colloid, a suspension, or a solution? Explain.

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