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                                                                                                           DECEMBER 2012
                                                           PRINCIPAL’S LETTER
                                                           In the great Audrey                                     early teens – the part of the brain dedicated to

INTERNATIONAL                                              Hepburn film,
                                                           My Fair Lady, Professor
                                                                                                                   the task is more developed.
                                                                                                                   Our brains do eventually mature, for young
EVENING                                                    Henry Higgins asks the
                                                           question, “Why can’t a
                                                           woman be more like a
                                                                                                                   women by their early twenties and young
                                                                                                                   men by around the age of 30. Men and
On Monday 12th November Kilgraston hosted                  man?” I have recently                                   women are much more similar to each
its second International Evening which was a               discovered the answer – she can; or rather,             other once in their 30s than girls and boys
great success. The Theatre was transformed                 he can be more like her, when he is 30.                 are in their teens. It is perhaps why in the
               into a vibrant market pla filled
                                          a                                                                        workplace, gender isn’t really a factor in
                  with stalls from vario  o
                                     various               In early November I travelled to Kazakhstan             performance but in schools it really does
                      countries around the world.          to an education conference, meeting parents             make a difference.
                          Our Overseas s   students        who had never encountered a girls’ school
                                                           before and who were rather surprised that               In coming to Kilgraston, I have noticed just
                          had spent hou   u
                                                           it had a place in modern education. I was               how much the girls get involved in putting on
                          preparing deli  i
                                                           asked to speak on the benefits of single sex             events, taking a lead not just in organising but
                                                           education to the conference and so did a little         also in speaking in public to thank everyone
                                       dish for
                                                           research before I went.                                 who has helped them. Good manners, kindness
                                       everybody to
                                                                                                                   and enthusiasm are the norm here and in the
                                     sam m
                                     sample and
                                                           I thought it would be interesting to share with         classroom there is a great deal of hard work.
                                  had dedecorated
                                                           you some of the facts and ideas I discovered.           Staff really do understand how to work with and
                              their stalls with
                                                           You are probably all very familiar with the             how to get the best from your daughters.
                              books posters, toys
                        flags, books, pos
                                                           statistic that girls’ schools outperform all other
                       and clothes from their                                                                      In completing my first term at Kilgraston I
                                                           schools academically. This has been shown
                               he second
                    country. The secon half of                                                                     understand what a unique and precious place
                                                           in multiple studies and what it means for an
                         evening consisted of
                    the evenin consis                                                                              the school is. Being a single sex school is very
                                                           individual girl is that she is likely to achieve
                            ic performances from
                     fantastic performa                                                                            much part of its success. Being inspired by
                                                           higher grades by being in an all-girls school
                     various countries: songs,                                                                     the goals of the Sacred Heart gives us a vision
                                                           than a mixed school.
                     plays dances and videos.
                         ys                                                                                        beyond the academic. In the end though, it is
                     The audience even had                 It is less well known that girls’ and boys’ brains      what each individual girl brings to the school
                     the opportunity to learn              develop at different rates and in a different           and the support you as parents give which
                   som Russian dancing! It
                    ome             danc                   sequence. This is observable in physical brain          ensure we are stronger and more successful
                was a wonderful even evening and           structure as well as the more obvious differences       together as a community.
                  overseas students s
              the ovverseas              should be         in girls’ and boys’ behaviour. As we grow up,
             commended for their ha work in
                     ended              hard               boys will be the first to develop the gross motor        I wish you all a very happy Christmas and look
            putting the event togethe                      skills and girls, their fine motor skills. It’s why we   forward to a successful new year.
                            More photos on page 2...       generally find girls’ handwriting is tidier in their     Frank Thompson, Principal

Our annual hockey tour this year was to Belfast, Ireland. Off we set at
5.00 a.m. to fly from Edinburgh with 32 excited players …and coaches!!
We had a busy schedule lined up having planned 4 games for both the 1st
XI team and the Development team. During our tour we played against the
Royal High School, Armagh, Banbridge Academy and Lurgan College along
with Ulster Development squad at Under 17 and Under 15 level.
The hockey was very tough with our Kilgraston girls drawing one game and
coming second in the rest. All the girls played well in spells and we are
confident we have learned a lot from the experience, picked up new skills
and understood how to be tougher in our tackling!
Off the pitch we had a great time visiting the Titanic museum – an amazing
place - and of course shopping in Belfast centre. During the tour, fun “tasks”
were arranged to keep the girls busy, they produced amazing examples of an
Irish jig, Irish limericks and tour songs along the way, it really was great fun.
Thanks to all the girls for their effort and being so fantastic on tour and
my personal thanks go to Mrs Baxter and Miss Seatter for their work and
support throughout. Where to next year…?

A Mass of Thanksgiving was offered at
Kilgraston for the life of Sister Eileen Hannan
on Saturday 29th September at which several
former pupils, former members of Staff ,
sisters of the Society of the Sacred Heart &
past pupils were present. Sister Hannan was
Headmistress of the school from 1974 until
1982. Previously, she had taught French &
Latin for several years besides helping coach
hockey & tennis. Sister Hannan retained her
strong link with Kilgraston by returning most
years for the Tennis Tournament which she had
founded. Sometimes she was also personally
able to present the Kilgraston InterHouse
Hannan tennis trophy. Various tributes were
paid to her contribution to Kilgraston including
that from Sister Aideen Kinlen, Provincial of
the Irish/Scottish province of the Society of the
Sacred Heart.
Intelligent, enthusiastic, big hearted and fun,
Sister Eileen Hannan always used her gifts           ARRAN, INCHCOLM, KINNOULL, MONCREIFFE
in the service of humanity. Her life made a          This has been a busy and varied term for the four senior school houses, from inter-house
real difference to many. With the heart of an        speechmaking to charity coffee mornings highlighting but a few events.
educator, Eileen committed herself completely
to the development of staff and pupils alike         The four house hockey teams (spurred on by their supporters) braved the astro pitch for an
and she was very much loved.                         exciting display of hockey won by Moncreiffe House on Saturday 15th September. We also had
                                                     a tremendously enjoyable Whole School Cross Country (with 93% whole school participation)
Mrs. Lindsay Dow, former Assistant Headmistress      which was won overall by Inchcolm House.
also paid tribute:
                                                     Our inter-house speechmaking competition on this year’s Goal of ‘Community’ was won by
We remember Eileen Hannan with deep                  Inchcolm House; Annabel Simpson delivered her speech with enthusiasm and genuine love and
affection. She had such enthusiasm, such             humour for her beloved Kilgraston family and friends.
warmth, humour and zest for life. She lived
simply, following strict principles for she had      During our hot chocolate morning on the 2nd November we raised £100.00 for ‘Save The Children’.
a real vocation and a deep faith: Eileen was
                                                     The house point system is well and truly established again this term with Kinnoull House currently
admired by us all and was indeed very special.
                                                     in the lead with 624 house points.
She will be sadly missed but will be well
remembered for she made a difference to all          The Housemistresses wish to thank the House Officers for their continued support in all our events; we
who knew her.                                        wish all our pupils a peaceful and Merry Christmas and look forward to the spring term in the New Year.

The children in the Nursery have had a very
special delivery in the post. They created a story
about ‘Tractor Ted,’ our Nursery bear, and then
staged photographs to help with illustration.
The Nursery Team then used the photographs
to make a real book. Mrs Eaton said “It is
fantastic and we are all very pleased with it,
parents are welcome to order copies, please
stop by and visit.”
The L5 and Advanced Higher Geography classes
went on a fieldtrip to Perth city centre on Friday
12th October. We were conducting a land-use
survey, asking pedestrians various questions from
our questionnaire, doing a building quality survey,
and completing a pedestrian and traffic count.
We finished off by visiting the Fair Maids House
(the oldest building in Perth) where we saw maps
showing how Perth had changed throughout the
years. Although it was a hideously wet day, we
all had great fun and managed to complete our
tasks successfully, even managing a warming cup
of hot Chocolate. Thank you to Mrs Prentice, Miss
Beveridge and Bernadette for organizing the trip.
By Rachel Menzies

     (an extract from Mrs Saunders’ Assembly)

     From Parks to Palaces and Piazzas we roamed                         From Piazza Navona to Paddington Station
     In search of restaurants, ruined cities and railways stations.      From Hadrian’s Villa to Windsor Castle
     From Airports to Abbeys and Art Galleries                           From Trevi Fountain to the Trinita dei Monti
     We drove under Arches, over Bridges and around Monuments.           From Sorrento sul mar to Sloane Square
     From Castles to Cathedrals and Churches                             From Capitoline Hill to Eton College
     We gazed at stained glass windows, carved choirs, baptismal fonts   From Vatican Museum to Westminster Abbey
     and royal sarcophagi.                                               From Hadrian’s Villa to the via Condotti
     From café retreats, to corner shops, and sparkling coastlines       From Gucci and Dior to Prada and Armani
     We sipped cappuccinos amidst blue and yellow Amalfi china.           From Our Lady of the Well to the Albert Memorial
     We downed ice-creams, doffed our clothes and dipped in the sea.     From St Peter’s Basilica to Kensington Palace
     From our Convent with Sacred Heart Frescoes and gentle nuns         From Top Shop to Monsoon and the elusive Jack Wills
     We gazed over the steps, the stones, the streets of Rome
     Across rooftops and towers and domes and bells.                     From Marcus Aurelius to Michelangelo
     From Trajan’s Column to the Colosseum                               From Gianlorenzo Bernini to Francis Bacon
                                                                         From Raffaello Sanzio to Romulus and Remus
     From Pompeii to Paestum                                             From Allen Ramsay to Albert and Victoria
     From the Pantheon to the Piazza di Spagna                           From Prêt a Manger to Peter Pan
     From Vesuvius to Victoria
     From Herculaneum to Harrods                                         We trod the eternal strides of been there, done that, what next?
     From Borghese Gardens to Buckingham Palace                          Can we get an ice-cream now, Mrs Bluett?
Last year was the first time the Sports Leader 2
Award was introduced in the 6th form PE option.
To date eight girls have passed this course and
are able to use this qualification on their UCAS
application forms (J Menzies, S Elles, S Forbes,
O Fluck, S Farrer, L Gibson and C Innes).
The girls working on this years sports Leaders
2 award are pictured with Alex Potter from the
Sports Leaders Association. All the girls pictured
have now passed their Level 1 award.

     Eight girls were selected to play in the
     West of Scotland Prep Schools Netball
     U-13 matches against the Dandylions.
     Those who played in the A team were:
     Susie Dougall, Rosie Gow and Rachel
     The following girls were in the B’s: Jade
     Courtney, Grace Reilly, Nicola Bryan,
     Olivia Lindsay and Bethany Smith.
     Unfortunately both teams lost. Next term
     Kilgraston is hosting the hockey matches
     on Thursday 21st March.

In October, Mary Reynolds (L6 Kinnoull) competed in the joint JKA
                                                                             SAILING AWAY
                                                                             An intensive sailing training course seems a bit tough, but I would be lying
and UKTKF Scottish Karate Championships.
                                                                             if I said that I did not come home having had a great time plus a few cuts
She competed very well and came second in the 15-17 year old                 and bruises. I spent a week out on the water in Force 5-7 winds, helming
kumite (fighting) competition and third in the team kata (set routines).      (steering) and crewing mainly in high performance dinghies, 29ers and
There was double the reason to celebrate as not only was Mary the            RS200s. Sail training in the morning, off the water for lunch and an M&M
youngest competitor, she was also up against black belt level competitors!   ice cream, racing in the afternoon, then late afternoon having a 1-1 lesson
Her sights are now firmly set on the British championships in March,          in windsurfing or going out in one of the scarier faster boats with an
we wish her all the best.                                                    instructor, slightly more reliable.
Also competing in the championships was Michaela McCarthy (L3 Osprey)        Morning training tends to be a couple of hours starting practise, mark
who finished 4th in the individual open Under 11 competition. Michaela        rounding or rules and race plans, with some incredibly varying ideas about
has also been awarded the Best Junior Student award at her club.             the rules. These are all then put to the test in the afternoon races, and
                                                                             with the sun overhead and tempers rising these races can be quite intense.
Well done to Mary and Michaela and our thanks go to Mike Clifford,           I tried to helm once and promptly capsized on to another boat.
our Karate coach.
                                                                             I chose to do windsurfing most evenings which ended in a few catapults
If any of the girls are keen to take up Karate they can contact Mrs Stott    and no major injuries, although I do have a mystery bruise on the side of
for further information.                                                     my face! These are a regular occurrence after a week at Minorca. I did go
                                                                             out with my dad in an RS 800, this has a twin trapeze so both the helm
                                                                             and the crew are leaning out on the wire to balance. It is incredibly fast and
                                                                             within 3 minutes of being out, my mouth had gone dry and I was shaking
                                                                             with adrenaline. If you come home with no blisters, no bruises and you’re
                                                                             not rocking in your bed at night then you haven’t tried hard enough!
                                                                             Susie Morton
• Millie Wilson and Heather Halley are both in
Strathearn’s Junior Mounted Games team and this
year qualified for the Pony Club Championships
in Cheshire, where they were 7th overall, a great
result. The team also qualified for the Scottish
Horse of the Year Show in September, at which
they were third.
• Phoebe Reilly and Rachael Menzies competed
for the Strathearn Pony Club Eventing team at
the inter-branch earlier this year, with Phoebe
also participating in the both the Dressage and
Show Jumping teams. Strathearn won all three
competitions, with Phoebe coming first individually
in both Dressage and Eventing. This qualified the
teams for the National Novice Championships
in Chester, at which the team was 3rd in Show
Jumping and 7th in Eventing. Phoebe was placed
4th individual in the Eventing.
• Maria McElhinney came second at this year’s
Royal Highland Show in the First Ridden Pony
of Show Hunter Type, just one highlight in what
was an exceptionally consistent season. As a
result she was also awarded a prize from BSPS
Scotland for finishing the season 2nd in her
category. Maria and Sir Taffy also completed their
first ever cross country event at Kinnaird last
month and finished 3rd.
• Olivia Morison with her new horse Billy also
had some great results over the past season
despite the numerous cancellations over the
summer months. She went on to represent
Kilgraston at the recent National Schools
Equestrian Association (NSEA) competition in
Glasgow. She posted fantastic percentages in both
the Novice and Elementary Dressage dressage
(71% and 69%) to win both tests.
• Kilgraston was also well represented at the team
NSEA Show Jumping competition. The senior team
of Olivia Morison, Sophie Stanistreet, Louisa
Thomson and Emma Burnet taking third place in
the 90cm class. Louisa also won the 80cm class as
an individual.

BRITISH CHAMPION SUCCESS                             Georgina Chalmers-Gray and Harry (her 7 year old Highland Pony) have certainly had
                                                     a busy year. Since November 2011 they have competed throughout the UK and collected
Rebecca Norval (U5 Kinnoull) had a very              some very impressive awards along the way.
successful and busy weekend competing at the
                                                     As well as involvement in a Dressage to
British Equestrian Vaulting Championships held at
                                                     Music Demonstration in April and a showing
Bishop Burton College, England this year.
                                                     demonstration last month, they were also awarded d
She competed in the Junior Individual 14-18 class    the junior Performance Trophy by the Highland
and picked up 3rd place overall.                     Pony Society. In July they were crowned Champion
                                                     Junior at the Highland Pony Breed Show, and
The best was left for last when Rebecca with her     whilst there also picked up the Junior Dressage
partner Andrew also competed in the Pas de Deux      and the Junior Working Hunter Trophies. The pair
competition winning 1st place and being crowned      were also 4th and 5th in the Novice and Prelim
British Champions!                                   Junior sections at the prestigious NPS Dressage
A wonderful achievement and both Rebecca and         Championships at Addington Manor (Bucks)
Andrew have been invited to London to celebrate      in April, as well as finishing 3rd in a more
their success.                                       advanced Elementary class.
                                                                                                          During their first
                                                                                                          One Day Event they finished 2nd
                                                                                                          overall, with the plan to compete in
                                                                                                          December at both Gleneagles and the
                                                                                                           Performance Scheme for the Highland
                                                                                                           Pony Society.
                                                                                                           To top it all off, the pair have recently
                                                                                                           joined British Dressage and selected
                                                                                                            to represent Scotland, what a way to
                                                                                                            round off a fantastic year - well done
                                                                                                            to Georgina and Harry!
In September, a group of Babcock’s graduate engineers treated all of the
U5 pupils to a marvellous workshop. These young professionals delivered
a session that educated Kilgraston girls on the different career paths within
engineering. As well as this, the pupils had an opportunity to plan, design,
create and test their very own version of the Goliath crane at Inverkeithing.
To do this the girls had to consider many variables such as cost, stability,
and efficiency. This workshop is organised annually by the Kilgraston
Mathematics Department and gives all of our pupils the opportunity to
experience a little of what a career in engineering could mean for them.
Miss Taylor

MUSIC                                                       ART &
The annual Glenalmond Choral Day took
place in October and Kilgraston sent its largest
representation to the event with over 35 girls
participating. It was a wonderful day of music
                                                            Higher and A-Level Art & Design pupils
making with pupils from a number of other Prep              started the term by taking part in a
Schools and Glenalmond Chapel Choir. The                    drawing day at the Museum of Scotland
music was very challenging but the girls rose to            in Edinburgh. This proved to be extremely
the challenge and performed wonderfully well.               valuable and gave pupils the opportunity
                                                            to gather vital research. Subjects studied
The Music Department has welcomed two new
                                                            varied from South African beadwork to
Instrumental Teachers to the school this term,
                                                            animals in motion in the Animal World
Mr Andrew Paterson on Guitar and Miss Emma
                                                            Gallery. Pupils returned to school with
Peebles on Violin and Viola. The number of
                                                            a wealth of information in the form of
pupils taking Instrumental lessons has seen
                                                            drawings and photographs. This research
a significant rise and there are now over 200
                                                            is now inspiring some very exciting
lessons taking place every week with our team
                                                            Design and Expressive folio work.
of highly skilled instructors.

                                                            STANDARD GRADE
                                                            DRAMA REVISES
                                                            After all the creating and presenting it is time
                                                            to get down to the nitty gritty and learn the
                                                            Drama vocabulary in time for the preliminary
                                                            examinations. U5 girls quiz each other to see
                                                            who comes out tops; a few even go in for
                                                            a QI style of knowledge and understanding
                                                            as they seek to cram all the terminology
                                                            required for the best results.

‘A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM’                                                                                    THE
U4 get mystical and magical with Lyceum theatre practitioner Jennie McGregor as they prepare to
see a performance of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.
After exploring the main themes and issues in the drama class, U4 enjoyed a whole morning
of playing with the language and identifying the different worlds within the play. The fabulous
workshop put everyone in the right mood for a truly hilarious and memorable night at the theatre.
                                                                                                               St George’s School for Girls and Kilgraston
                                                                                                               Higher Drama students joined forces in
                                                                                                               Edinburgh for ‘The Stanislavski Experience’ led
                                                                                                               by actor Nick O’Brien and author of Stanislavski
                                                                                                               in Practice and Theatre in Practice: a Student’s
                                                                                                               The girls relished the opportunity to learn
                                                                                                               the important elements of acting using the
                                                                                                               system laid down by Stanislavski. His detailed
                                                                                                               toolkit was later developed in the USA by Lee
                                                                                                               Strasberg and forms the basis of Method acting
                                                                                                               as employed by our great screen idols of today.
                                                                                                               The girls from both schools worked well
                                                                                                               together during a challenging and informative
                                                                                                               workshop. The shared experience will enhance
                                                                                                               their understanding of producing a play both
                                                                                                               from a director’s and an actor’s perspective –
                                                                                                               essential ingredients for a successful outcome
                                                                                                               at Higher Drama level.
The Prep School has had a busy first term of activities and trips. Lower
4th pupils went to Dalguise for a day of jumping, flying, problem
solving and team building. Upper First took the train and the Subway
to the Transport Museum in Glasgow, finding out about many different
modes of transport through the years. Upper 2nd had a morning
at Friarton Recycling Centre where they were learning about how to
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to do our part and improve the environment.
Reception/Lower 1st visited Camperdown Park, reading maps and
finding out about different animals.
L2nd made their way to Discovery Point in Dundee followed by an
adventure at St Andrew’s Aquarium, finding out about Maritime activities
and life underwater.
Science has been to the fore with Lower and Upper 3rd. Dr Boyd from the
University of the Highlands and Islands asked the girls of Upper 3rd: “Why
are leaves green?” The girls carried out a number of experiments in the Lab
to answer this important question.
It seems as though the Changing Rooms team has visited the Prep school this
term. The Lower 4th girls have completed a makeover of their new common
room area, complete with turquoise sofas and Trish has a newly renovated
Reception that would not look out of place on the Starship Enterprise. In the
Atrium every member of the Prep School has designed their own Community
Hearts that are now on one display and the Nursery pupils have designed a
new Sensory Garden.

                                                                  The Prep
                                                                  took place
                                                                  in October
                                                                  and pupils
                                                                   from Nursery y
                                                                   through to
                                                                   Lower 3rd
                                                                               ed                               audience of
                                                                   all performed poems, songs and plays to an audi dience f
                                                                    family and friends. Donations of food and vegetables were gratefully received and after
                                                                    the service all the items were packed by the girls in Reception and Lower 1st and taken
                                                                    to the Churches Action for the Homeless in Perth.
                                                                    The annual shoebox campaign was a great success as always with Prep families donating
                                                                    136 shoeboxes for the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal. It is such a worthwhile cause and
                                                                    it is lovely to think of the positive difference we can make for so many people.

Thirty L3 and U3 girls have been introduced to the hi-tech
                                                         h                                                                         “The final task was
world of robots.                                                                                                                   a real challenge. The
                                                                                                                                   teams had to write a
Employees from computer giant IBM delivered a robotics                                                                            computer programme
masterclass to the girls, giving them an idea of what a future                                                                   to make the robot work
career in the world of computers might be like.                                                                                  within a circle and the
Head of Prep Kathryn Ebrahim explained: “The girls were
                                                      e                                                                          robot’s task was to push
shown how to design and build robots which led to them                                                                           plastic cups and balls out
using a computer programme to instruct the robots to                                                                             of
                                                                                                                                 o the circle.
perform various tasks.                                                                                                           “Amidst all this, each
“The girls worked in small teams with a dedicated leader                                                                         team had to prepare and
from IBM for the duration of the day. This allowed them to
                                                         o                                                                       present a Powerpoint
work with people with whom they would not normally be                                                                            presentation explaining
partnered and develop new working relationships.                                                                                their
                                                                                                                                th experiences during
                                                                                                                                th day. Prizes were
“There were three main tasks to complete during the                                                                             awarded for the robot
day. The first was to programme the robot to travel a                                                                           scoring the most points
short distance in a straight line. Once each team had                                                                          throughout the day and
successfully programmed and tested their robot, the                                                                            also
                                                                                                                               als for the team which had
teams came together to race them. The whole Prep                                                                               worked together the best.”
School watched with great excitement as the robots
battled their way to first place!                                                                                               Kilgraston Principal Frank
                                                                                                                               Thompson said: “The girls
“The second task involved re-programming the robot to travel forwards to                                   which
                                                                                                             hi h     really inspirational. Not only did
                                                                                thoroughly enjoyed the day which was really inspi
a certain point before reversing to the start and coming into contact with      they learn about computing but they also developed excellent teamwork
a balloon. The robots had been furnished with “javelins” in the form of         skills and gained confidence in an area that was new to them.”
cocktail sticks with which to burst the balloon.
A small group of U4 and L5 pupils
volunteered to attend Moncreiffe Care
Home’s Halloween Party this term. Much
to the delight of the elderly residents, the
girls got into the spirit by dressing up in
scary costumes. The party included a variety                                                              SCHOOL TRIP TO
of activities from magic tricks to creating
personalised balloon hats. During the                                                                     RECYCLE CENTRE
entertainment, Kilgraston pupils chatted
                                                                                                          We went to Friarton Recycle Centre on
to the Care Home residents and both
                                                                                                          October 30th as part of our project on
generations enjoyed the others’ company.
                                                                                                          Recycling. Friarton is in Perth so we
                                                                                                          travelled there on the school mini bus.
                                                                                                          First of all we were met by a lady called

     KILGRASTON                                       DAVID HUNTER:
                                                                                                          Kim. We were so scared that we would
                                                                                                          have to go back to school because it was
                                                                                                          raining. Luckily the rain stopped so we

     ACTION                                           BRAEMAR HALF
                                                      MARATHON WINNER!
                                                                                                          were able to finish all the activities.
                                                                                                          Our first activity was about Landfill where
     SIX Kilgraston School pupils have won a                                                              we learned that Landfill is taking over our
     second prestigious award from the British                                                            planet. To get to the next activity we had
                                                      Here is David Hunter (Kilgraston Maintenance)
     Red Cross.                                                                                           to walk over a walkway. The walkway was
                                                      on his way to winning 1st place in the Braemar
     In addition to winning the Community             Half Marathon on Sunday 9th September 2012.         made of recycled milk cartons. At the top
     Action category in the annual                    He completed the race in 1 hour 18 mins,            of the walkway there was a totem pole
     Humanitarian Citizen Awards last month,          14secs and lead from start to finish.                which had rubbish attached to it. There was
     the girls were runners-up in the Red                                                                 a cartwheel, a computer, a horse shoe, a
                                                      Congratulations from all at Kilgraston.             mobile phone. This showed us how types
     Cross’s national Justice and Fairness
     competition this week in London.                                                                     rubbish has changed over the centuries.

     The girls - Sophie Aird, Phoebe Choi,                                                                Next she showed us the recycling timeline.
     Ruth Faherty, Phoebe Reilly, Ola Tkacz                                                               We found out that even in the Stone Age
     and Anna Wylie – formed The Kilgraston                                                               people used landfill and we only started
     Action Group for their International                                                                 recycling in the 1990s.
     Humanitarian Law and Child Soldiers                                                                  After that we went to a line chart and
     Action Project. They presented their                                                                 found out the percent of rubbish we are
     project to the judges and participated in                                                            recycling. The answer was 70%.
     a rigorous question and answer session
     which led to their being awarded the                                                                 Finally we went on a path made of recycled
     runner-up spot. They have won another                                                                glass. It was very impressive. Then we had
     trip to London where they will deliver                                                               a ‘rubbish’ race. The other team won but
     their presentation at the Foreign and                                                                that’s OK.
     Commonwealth Office and spend the day
                                                                                                          I loved the trip, it was so cool. We need to
     learning about international issues. They
                                                                                                          recycle. I hope we will.
     have also won a trip to the theatre to see
     a show of their choice.                             London 2013, David?                              By Romy Boyd, Upper 2

     AWARDS JUDGING                                   FLORA FLOURISHES
                                                      Flora Wilson in Primary 7 has become the sixty-second
     Perth and Kinross Council asked for              winner of a top Perthshire horse-riding trophy. She came
     the help of Kilgraston pupils in judging         first in the Cross Country event hosted by Strathearn Pony
     their annual Spirit of Youth Awards. Our         Club at Bachilton Farm, Methven.
     girls had to study nominations from
     local community groups and individuals           All competitors had to jump a 2ft 6 course and for her
     and they then graded them on several             efforts Flora (11), from Perth, won the Andrew Drummond
     categories. This judging will enable             Moray Cup which has been awarded to winners of the
     the Council to make fair, informed               event since 1950.
     decisions on the winners, which are to be
                                                      Head of the Prep School Kathryn Ebrahim said: “Flora is
     announced at the upcoming ceremony at
                                                      a talented girl who excels in so many areas and we are
     Perth Concert Hall.
                                                      delighted that she has achieved this remarkable feat.”
     Miss Taylor – Citizenship Co-ordinator

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