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									This Supervisor Evaluation Report allows a company to obtain feedback from its
employees regarding the performance of the employees’ supervisors. This can be
valuable information to a company in determining whether the supervisors within its
organization are performing as expected. The information can be used to assess the
performance of the company's supervisors, examine the working relationship between
employees and their supervisors, and to identify areas for improvement within the
company. This document should be used by employers to evaluate the performance of
their supervisors.
                        ___________________________ [Company Name]

                                 Supervisor Evaluation Form

Instructions: Fill in the information below regarding your supervisor.

Supervisor’s Name: _____________________________________________________

Department: ___________________________________________________________

Supervisor’s Job Title: ___________________________________________________

Grade your supervisor using the following rating scale:

Ratings Scale

F = Unacceptable D = Below              C = Average         B = Above      A = Superior
                 Average                                    Average

If the question does not apply to your supervisor, enter N/A.

Rating Question
          1. Your supervisor provides clear guidance to you regarding your goals.
          2. Your supervisor provides clear guidance to you regarding your priorities.
          3. Your supervisor gives constructive feedback.
          4. Your supervisor communicates his/her instructions clearly.
          5. Your supervisor effectively manages your workload.
          6. Your supervisor is open to receiving your concerns.
          7. Your supervisor follows through on his/her promises.
          8. Your supervisor provides adequate training for me to perform my job duties.
          9. Your supervisor is knowledgeable about his/her department.
          10. Your supervisor is knowledgeable about the company.
          11. Your supervisor is knowledgeable about your job duties.
          12. Your supervisor resolves conflicts in an appropriate manner.
          13. Your supervisor facilitates my development professionally.
          14. Your supervisor acts in an ethical manner.
          15. Your supervisor promotes an environment of success.
          16. Your supervisor values your opinions and suggestions.
          17. Your supervisor is approachable.
          18. Your supervisor listens to requests and takes action when appropriate.
          19. Your supervisor is a good leader.

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             20. Your supervisor encourages employees under his/her direction to voice
             21. Your supervisor has a positive attitude.
             22. Your supervisor is respectful of his/her staff.
             23. Morale is high in my work area.
             24. Your supervisor takes the time to coach and mentor employees.
             25. Your supervisor is an effective team leader.

Please provide a brief summary of your opinion of how your supervisor performs their duties:






Date: __________________

____________________________________ [Employee Signature]

_______________________ [Employee Name]

[Note: remove the signature block for anonymous reports]

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