CANARA BANK (A Government of India Undertaking) Printing Section, GA Wing: HO.: Badami House: BANGALORE – 02 Tel: 22221257 / 22215003 E-Mail: NOTICE INVITING APPLICATIONS FOR EMPANELMENT OF CONTINUOUS STATIONERY SUPPLIERS CANARA BANK, proposes to empanel Manufactures / Suppliers of computer continuous stationery to supply the items to Head Office, Bangalore and Circle Offices located at the following centers: 1. Bangalore 2. Chandigarh 3. Chennai 4. Delhi 5. Hyderabad 6. Kolkata 7. Lucknow 8. Madurai 9. Mangalore 10. Mumbai 11. Patna 12. Trivandrum Average requirement at each centre may be of the value of Rs.25 to 30 lakhs per year. In a year the total annual requirement of the various types of Cont. Stationery for the Bank as a whole would be of Rs.6 Crores. Applications are invited from reputed manufacturers of computer continuous stationery, who meet the eligibility criteria, for empanelment. Applicants intending to be empanelled for computer stationery should be manufacturers of Blank and Preprinted computer stationery of different sizes and should satisfy the following Pre Qualification criteria: PRE QUALIFICATION CRITERIA CRITERIA:1. The Supplier should be a Manufacturer – having adequate Rotary Offset Printing machine/s, (Single or Multi colour) with facility for sprocket punching, perforation, numbering and collating and supply of single or multipart stationery. 2. List of machineries in possession of the supplier, duly certified by a qualified Engineer or Suppliers Auditor or Supplier’s Bankers should be submitted. 3. They should be well established in the business of Manufacturing & supplying Computer Continuous Stationery for a minimum period of 3 years. 4. They should have achieved an Average Annual Turnover of not less than Rs.3 Crores over the last 3 years. 5. They should have executed jobs of Public Sector Under takings/Banks etc. *** 2 ***

*** 2 *** 6. The Suppliers should furnish the GIST of their Turnover and Profit/Loss for the last 3 years in the following format - which is also incorporated in the application. 2005 Turn Over Rs. Profit/Loss Rs. The supplier may provide copies of Balance sheet in support of the above. 7. Upon empanelment & while responding to our enquiries they should be in a position to furnish EMD by way of Demand Draft from a Nationalised Bank and Security Deposit by way of Bank Guarantee from a Nationalised Bank or Fixed deposit of Canara Bank. Financial Statements for the years, i.e.2004-05 and 2005-06 and audited/ provisional statement for the year 2006-07 are to be submitted. The suppliers may enclose copies of work orders executed for Banks, PSU's if any. Bank may also call for opinion from the Applicants bankers/Clients and consider only those with satisfactory record. Interested parties can obtain Application forms from this office on any working day or can download the format from this website. Suppliers presently on the panel of the Bank are also required to apply afresh along with the above details. Applications should be submitted along with a Demand Draft of Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) drawn on Bangalore & payable to Canara Bank towards Application fee which is non-refundable. For the existing Suppliers - who are in our panel, the Application fee of Rs.1,000/- is waived. However, fresh application with upto date details of machineries is to be submitted without fail. The duly filled in applications complete in all aspects, along with DD for Rs.1,000/- drawn on Bangalore and in favour of Canara Bank, should be mailed to the following address. Mailing Address : THE DIVISIONAL MANAGER CANARA BANK PRINTING SECTION BADAMI HOUSE, NR SQUARE BANGALORE -560002. 2006 2007

*** 3 ***

*** 3 ***

Last date for receipt of completed application at this office is on or before 10-01-2008 within 5 pm. Incomplete Applications and those without Application Fee/those which do not satisfy the eligibility criteria will not be considered. CANARA BANK reserves its right to accept/reject any/or all the applications received n response to this advertisement without assigning any reason whatsoever. Empanelment will not by itself confer any right to receive orders, as placing orders is subject to the requirement and as per laid down procedure of the Bank.

compstat empanel

APPLICATION FOR EMPANELMENT - Continuous Stationery Suppliers ________________________________________________________________ From: To: The Divisional Manager Canara Bank Printing Section Badami House, N R Square Bangalore 560 002 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Date: Dear Sirs, We furnish here below the particulars regarding our Firm / Unit and request you to enroll us in your approved list of suppliers / printers. 1. (a) Name of the Firm / Press Full Address (if location of the firm is different from that of Office, both addresses should be given) :

PAN No. (in 10 characters) TIN No.


2 a. Name/s of Owner/s / Partners / Directors and : their Personal Address/es & contact telephone Nos. (Details may be Annexed Separately) b. Names and Designations of the Power of Attorney/ : Letter of Authority-holders, if any, authorized to represent the Firm / Press & their Phone Nos. c. Telephone Numbers - (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) 3. 4. Line of Business (a) Constitution Office Residence Mobile E Mail : : : : : : Proprietorship/Partnership/ Private Limited

Company / Public Limited Company (b) Type of Unit : Tiny Sector/SSI/Medium Enterprise

(c) Year of Establishment : (d) Capital Invested : (e) Total Value of Machinery and Accessories:
*** 2 ***

*** 2 ***

5. Details of Printing job handled by the firm during 2006-07 : 1. Computer Continuous Stationery : 2. Pin Mailer 3. Other items (1) Pass Books (2) Cheques etc. booklets, Screen Printing, UV Coating, Printing of Posters, Stickers manufacturing etc. 6. Details of pre press & post press facilities available : with you in house (ex.Designing, DTP, Binding, Sprocket, Punching, Collating, Stitching, Pinning Lamination, Spiral binding etc.) 7. Details of Machinery held in working condition Particulars of Machinery Type and Age Condition of Machinery Machine Capacity Per hour

A certificate from the qualified engineer/Auditor/Banker duly indicating the details of machineries and production capacity of the unit to be submitted along with this application. 8. Furnish the list of your Major Clients : Sl. No. Name and Address Nature of jobs handled

NOTE: Incase, the above space is in adequate, use

separate sheet ..3..

..3.. 9. 10.

Details of Continuous Stationery supplies made by you for Banks/PSUS : During last one year (photocopies of work orders to be enclosed) Whether the premises is own /leasehold /rented? If so, furnish particulars : : : : :

12. (a) Reference to Sales Tax/TAN/CST/VAT Registration Number, if any (b) Reference to BMP/BBMP License Number 13. (a) Please furnish Name and Address of your Bankers (b) Do you enjoy any credit facility with them? If so, to what extent? 14. Whether Assets / Stocks / Machinery are : Mortgaged / Hypothecated? If so, details thereof Number of Employees (a) Office Staff (b) Skilled (c) Unskilled Total Whether Stocks / Machinery are insured? If so, details. Are you entrusting any portion of the works undertaken to any others? If so, details to be provided as under : (a) What is / are type / nature of work which is being so passed on to others?


: : : : :





(b) Name and address of the Unit/Press to whom : such work is entrusted (c) Reasons for such entrustment of in part / full to others 18. Have you got separate godown/space for storing paper? If so, is it covered by insurance? Please furnish details. :



The Gist of the financial Position of the press, for the last 3 years to be furnished. Please enclose copies of Audited Balance sheet, Profit & Loss a/c. of your firm in support of the same. GIST of the details to be furnished in the following format. 31st March 2005 31st May 2006 31st March 2007 Turnover for the year Profit / Loss ..4..

*** 4 *** (A) ASSETS :Book Value of : (i) Machinery (ii) Other Assets (iii) Cash on hand & Bank Balance (iv) Others _______________________ TOTAL _______________________ (B) Liabilities: Borrowing from Banks Borrowing from others TOTAL (C) Capital Assets - Liabilities : : ______________________

20. We shall note to provide the required EMD/Security Deposit in case our rates happen to be L1. We shall also note to execute the required documents if any that may be stipulated by the Bank We hereby confirm that the information/s given hereinabove is/are true to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. You may rely on this statement and include our firm in your approved list of suppliers/printers. You are free to call for confidential opinion from any one or all of our clients as also from our Bankers and any other parties as you may deem fit. We shall abide by the rules and regulations of your Bank in this regard. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,
CS empanelment&appln

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