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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION TIPS Our expert team of search engine optimisers have years of experience with generic, geographical and off-site search engine optimisation and are happy to use our web optimization techniques and methods to help our clients grow their businesses online and increase their traffic levels. Search engine optimization is not as complex as it seems, many people feel there is a complicated science to search engine optimization. We believe there are fundamental basics to implement and it is the quality of content , links and web development structure that determines who the top players are. We are open in our approach and offer consultancy and web optimisation training for potential clients willing to train staff in-house to manage your website high in the organic search results on Google. There are many aspects to search engine optimisation and more tips to give relating to website promotion targeting specific search terms. The search engine optimization tips provided below are the fundamental basics required for a website to have a chance appearing on page one in the search results on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are techniques in developing website folder structures and implementing coding on web pages that are search engine friendly. Having experienced web developers helps in getting long term ease of access to your site to make updates that are automatically search engine friendly. Weblinx offer web development search engine optimization skills included in all our search engine optimisation packages. Whether you have a shopping cart, selling property, financial calculators or flat html websites we can help you with our website design services. Equip your website with the right tools to compete in the organic search results on all major search engines. For a successful search engine optimization promotion the basics below are essential for you to have a chance being found in the natural search listings. Keyword Analysis - Target the search terms getting typed into search engines looking for your products and services. Doing the research on your industry key search terms is vital for your search engine optimization promotion to attract quality traffic for your website. Web Page Layout - Place your targeted key search terms in the right places on your web pages. There are areas within your web page coding and on your web page itself you can place targeted key phrases that will give you the edge as opposed to the competition.

Backward Linking - Link your web pages together so the search engine spiders can navigate easily through your website. Key word anchor text linking helps search engine spiders understand what you are offering from your website and will give you the advantage in getting to page one in the natural search results. Onsite development using keyword anchor text linking is one of the most important factors to implement for search engine optimisation. Search Engine Ranking Reports - Monitor where your website ranks in search engines for your selected search terms. Search engine ranking reports must be done monthly so together we can monitor the success of the search engine optimization campaign and where the search phrases you have chosen are positioned in the organic search results. We will do a benchmark search engine ranking report so we can compare improvements from the search engine optimisation techniques used. Web Analytics - Study your website behavior using web analytic tools. Get to know where your website is being found, how long is the searcher staying on your site and what search terms are bringing in the traffic that convert into business. Over time web analytics give you true data as to what is best for your business. You will need to test and trial to source the best search phrases for your industry and the best way to monitor this is website analytic tools. A search engine optimisation tip that is free and gets you on page one above the natural search resultsA free search engine optimisation tool to use for your website promotion is the Google maps. You are able to get your website found when a search is done looking for your products or services. This is the most cost effective search engine optimisation tip as all it takes is a short time to place your company details and insert into the Google maps the local areas to you. This service is a free service offered by Google and it is an easy process to get implemented. Your website is not guaranteed to appear at the top consistently as it is becoming a trend now within the search engine optimisation industry and the competition is getting stronger. Depending on how popular your geographical areas are you can appear within an hour period. We will help you upload your map for a small admin fee to cover our costs but do recommend you try it yourself as this search engine optimisation tip will not cost you a penny and all traffic will be a bonus. Weblinx search engine optimisation consultants are ready to help you identify the weak areas in your website design and guide you through the various areas we can improve on to get your website found on page one in the organic search results. We will do a benchmark search engine ranking report on your selected search phrases so together we can monitor how the key search terms improve positions on a monthly basis.