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									This Employee Suggestion Form is a form to be filled out by an employee who has a
suggestion for the company. It sets forth the suggestion in an organized manner for the
company to evaluate and determine whether it wants to implement the suggestion.
Additionally, it asks the employee to describe how the suggestion will improve the
company or remedy an existing problem. The form provides that the company will
review the suggestion within 30 business days and will respond in writing. As drafted,
the form elicits standard information, however it may be customized to fit the specific
needs of the employer. This document should be used by employers and made
available to employees when they have suggestions.
                              EMPLOYEE SUGGESTION FORM

        We at ___________ [Instruction: Insert Company Name] (“Company”) take employee
suggestions seriously. In order for Company to properly evaluate your suggestion, please answer
the below questions as thoroughly as possible. Company will review your suggestion and in no
less than thirty (30) business days, Company will notify you, in writing of its intended action.

   1. Employee Name:

   2. Title:

   3. Department:

   4. Please describe, in as much detail as possible, your suggestion:

    5. If implemented, how would your suggestion improve your ability to perform your job,
others ability to perform their jobs, Company’s value to its customers, or otherwise remedy an
existing issue within Company:

    6. How do you suggest Company implement your suggestion (include, to the best of your
ability, estimates of resources required):

  7. Please provide any other information related to your suggestion that you would like
Company to be aware of:

Employee Signature: _________________________

Employee Name: _________________________

Date:                                                                              ___________

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