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					              Lincoln School News
            March Issue                                                       April 22, 2013
Dear Parents/Guardians, Staff, and Students,                       Upcoming Events!!
I hope you all are well. I have heard numerous
students, teachers and parents tell me, “I cannot
believe it’s March already!” Yes, this year is flying
by. February was a very exciting month as we
celebrated events such as the Lunar New Year,
Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday and Black History
Month. Our students and staff also had a fun time
                                                        March 9th – ELAC and SSC Meetings
on Pajama Day. Thanks to the student council for
                                                        ELAC- 5:15pm / SSC – 6:30pm – Room 203
organizing this event. At school, our students were
involved in many events such as celebrating             March 11th – End of 2nd Trimester
“National Engineer’s Week” and the school offers        & OASES Mid-Year Parent Meeting –
a huge appreciation to the Bechtel Corporation for      5:30-7:00 – (3rd and 4th grade)
sending volunteers for this event. We were proud        March 12th – Oakland Schools- Region 1
to send three of our classes to the finals of the       Youth and Family Conference
Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Festival              Location: McClymonds High School – 9am-2pm
(congratulations to Ms. McGuirk’s, Ms. Leung’s,         (see below for more information)
and Ms. Fong’s class.)                                  March 13th – Daylight Savings
Looking ahead in March, we have lots of exciting        Set clocks forward one hour
things in store. Our 4th and 5th grade students will    March 14th – Jump Rope Assembly –
be continuing the school wide Connect -4                9am and 9:45am
tournament. On March 14, we will have a school-         March 14th – OASES Mid-Year Parent
wide jump-rope assembly with demonstration of           Meeting – 5:30-7:00 – (4th and 5th grade)
professional techniques. Lincoln students love to       March 15th – East Bay Children’s Theatre –
jump rope! On March 15, we will host the East           “Beauty and the Beast”
Bay Children’s Theatre for their performance of         9am and 10:10am – Multi-Purpose Room
“Beauty and the Beast”.
                                                        March 18th – 2nd Trimester
Finally, some of you may have watched the news          Report Cards Sent Home
coverage of March 2nd, which was a “Day of              March 25th – School Spirit Day
Action” for Oakland Schools to advocate for more        ”Stuffed Animal Day”
school funding for next year. Channel 26 did come
to Lincoln to film a fire drill we held as symbol of    March 27th – Golden State Warriors -
                                                        Asian Community Night –
the difficult conditions facing California schools. I
                                                        See Coach Hong for $22 tickets (includes food
will keep you posted on how you can assist us in        voucher) vs. Washington Wizards
supporting more funding for schools.
Sincerely,                                              March 31st – Cesar Chavez Day
John Melvin, Principal                                  No School
                                            and families will have a chance to
                                            give input towards the future direction
                                            of the Oakland Unified School District.
                                            It is important that Lincoln Elementary
                                            School have a strong presence at this
       Oakland School District              event so we can share our ideas and
        Anti- Bullying Policy               learn about the new programs the
Bullying at Lincoln and at all schools in   school district is developing.
Oakland is not-tolerated. For your          The conference will feature exciting
information, attached to this newsletter    guest speakers and smaller group
is the Oakland Unified School District      discussion sessions on such topics
“Anti-Bullying” Policy. Our teachers        as:
frequently discuss the problem of
bullying with our students and we work           Quality Classrooms
hard to ensure that all of our students          Quality School Leadership
are safe and have a fulfilling experience        Community Schools – (i.e.-
at school. Please contact your child’s            linking schools to the
teacher or the school administration if           community)
you feel your child is a victim or has
witnessed bullying at school.                    School Budgeting
                                                 Support for High Needs
                                                 Family Engagement with schools
                                                  and District
                                            Cantonese translation will be
                                            available and childcare will be
                                            provided. Also, breakfast and lunch
                                            will be served. We would like to get
  March 12th – Region 1 Youth and           an idea of how many Lincoln families
        Family Conference-                  can attend. If you are able to come,
    McClymonds High School,                 please RSVP with the school office
   2607 Myrtle Street, 9am-2pm              (510)-874-3372 or to Mr. Melvin’s
         **IMPORTANT!!**                    email:
This Saturday, from 9am-2pm, the            Please try to respond by Wednesday,
Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)      March 9th.
will host the Region 1 (North and West
Oakland), Youth and Family Conference
at McClymonds High School. This will
be an important event where students
                                           to Lincoln teachers and students from
                                           McGuirk’s, Ms. Mori’s, Ms. Fong’s
                                           and Mr. MacLeod’s classes for their
                                           performances of their poems and

  Lincoln Successfully Celebrates
National Engineer’s Week- Feb. 22-25
Many thanks to Bechtel Engineering for
sending their engineers to speak to over
200 of our students during National
Engineer’s Week. Our students were
inspired by their presentations and the
teachers and students are eager for
them to return. We appreciate their time      March 25th School Spirit Day-
and also their donations of books and            “Stuffed Animal Day”
other items related to the engineering     Friday, March 25th will be Stuffed
profession.                                Animal Day at Lincoln. On this day,
                                           students are allowed to bring one
                                           stuffed animal with them to school.
                                           Note: students must follow teacher
                                           instructions about where to keep their
                                           stuffed animal during class time.
                                           Thanks to the Lincoln Student Council
                                           for organizing this event.

  Lincoln Successfully Celebrates
        Black History Month
Much thanks to Susan Tom, Family
Liaison, Prescott Elementary School,
and Lincoln students and teachers for
their involvement with our Black History
Month Celebration. Ms. Tom did a great
job organizing the event which ended
with a delicious dinner. Enomwoyi
Booker, Principal of Prescott Elementary
School, brought over 15 of her students
to perform speeches and poems in
honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. Thanks
                                               March SSC and ELAC meetings-
                                                     March 9 in Room 203
                                              The agendas and times are:

                                                    School Site Council (SSC)- Meeting
                                                         March 9, 2011, 6:30pm,
                                                                 Room 203

                                              1. Welcome
                                              2. Review and Approval of Minutes
  Reminder- School Safety- Cars               3. Approve 2011-12 SPSA
                                              4. 2011-12 Funding Outlook
Dropping Off or Picking Up Students           5. Discussion of Fundraising Activities
Reminder, please be careful when you          6. DAC Report
                                              7. Public Comment
are dropping off or picking up your           8. Adjourn and Close
students. We have noticed such
problems as:
     Parents double park their car on            English Learner Advisory Committee
      11th street to drop off or pick up                    (ELAC) Meeting
      their children. Double parking is                  March 9, 2011, 5:15pm
                                                               Room 203
      very dangerous and you can get a                               Agenda:
      citation for this. Please drop your
      students off in the school drop-off     1. Welcome
                                              2. Review and Approval of Minutes
      zone on 10th Street.                    3. Review and Advise SSC on use of
     Parents are driving fast around the     EL funds in 2011-12 SPSA
                                              4. Discussion of Current Progress of Cantonese
      school and especially approaching       Bilingual Program
      the drop-off zone. Please drive         5. DELAC Report
      slowly around the school.               6. Public Comment
                                              7. Adjourn
     Parents/families do not cross the
      street using the crosswalks (they
      instead “jaywalk” across the street).
      Please use the crosswalks around
      the school when crossing the

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