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              The Men’s Club of St. Benedict
               is open to all male members
                       of the parish.

  Join us the second Tuesday of each month in the
                Parish Hall at 7:00PM.

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                KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS
                      Bishop Gross Council 1019

    To all Catholic men over the age of 18, we would like to have
       you in the Knights of Columbus, a world-wide Catholic,
               family-oriented organization promoting
              Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.
     Contact: Louis “Rusty” Hurst, Grand Knight 706-563-9925
         Jaime Herras, Membership Director 706-569-7878

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       Please, contact the office about baptisms, marriages, homebound or hospital visitation and funerals. Note that 6 months notice is needed
       before starting marriage arrangements.
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                    August 15, 2010

                          “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.” Luke 1:46
Parish Weekly Activities:

Sunday Masses: 8am &11am

Daily Masses: Tues.-Thurs. 7:30am             SAVE THE DATE:
                                                                                                   On behalf of the entire parish, Fr.
Friday: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
and Adoration: 6pm;                                    Annual Picnic                              Donatus extends prayers and deep
Mass: 7pm First Friday: Benediction                                                            concerns to our sick parishioners and
                                                     September 26, 2010                            their families: Ann Perry, Clarence
Saturday: 10am                                                                                 Johnson, Eddie Mae Lewis, Evelyn and
                                                        Cooper Creek                              Debra Pough, Shirley Madison, Susie
Youth activities: 10:30am
                                                                                                Cameron, Debra Pierce, Georgetta and
Holy Days of Obligation: 7:30am & 7pm                                                         Lillian Leonard, Jocelyn Chambers, Mable
                                                                                                Craig, Willie Ford, Alice Austin, Antoiya
Confession: 5-6pm on Saturday and anytime                                                          Williams, Lula Bellamy, Robert Pete
on request
                                                                                                  Sanders, Mauricio Mason, Larry Joe
Religious Ed. Classes (Sept.-May)                                                              Stafford, John Gilmer, Mittie Moss, Edith
Sundays, 9:30am-10:30am in the parish hall                                                              Johnson, and Gail Buffong.
                                                                                              (Please keep the Sick and Shut-in list current by calling the
Emergencies: Please call the Office or the                                                    office to add or remove names.)
Rectory anytime

Parish Council Executive Meeting:                CCW is collecting school
2nd Sunday of every month
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Parish Council Meeting: 3rd Sunday of every              of August.
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Johnnie Dexter – Tuesday, August              intensive study of the Christian’s call to
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Souls in Purgatory – Wednesday-               reading, retreats and immersion experiences.
Friday, August 18-20                          An information session will be held after all
*Requested by Brett Dawson                    the Masses on August 29 with additional
                                                                                               DAILY READINGS:
                                              information about this life-changing program.
                                                                                               Sunday: THE ASSUMPTION OF THE
                                                                                               BLESSED VIRGIN MARY Rv 11:19a; 12:1-6a,
                                                                                               10ab; 1 Cor 15:20-27; Lk 1:39-56
       ANNOUNCEMEnts                                                                           Monday: Ez 24:15-23; Dt 32:18-21; Mt 19:16-
MEETINGS:                                                                                      Tuesday: Ez 28:1-10; Dt 32:26-28, 30, 35cd-
                                                                                               36b; Mt 19:23-30
                                                                                               Wednesday: Ez 34:1-11; Ps 23:1-6; Mt 20:1-
Parish Council: Sunday, August 15                                                              16
                                                                                               Thursday: Ez 36:23-28; Ps 51:12-15, 18-19;
Eucharistic Ministers: Saturday,                                                               Mt 22:1-14
                                                                                               Friday: Ez 37:1-14; Ps 107:2-9; Mt 22:34-40
August 21, 10:45am                                                                             Saturday: Ez 43:1-7b; Ps 85:9ab, 10-14; Mt
Counters: Saturday, August 21,                                                                 Next Sunday: Is 66:18-21; Heb 12:5-7, 11-
                                                                                               13; Lk 13:22-30
12 noon.
                I Am In Love                    more attracts people: her humility. In the    continues - not as a disembodied spirit,
                                                Gospel she called herself a "lowly            but as someone who has flesh and blood
Bottom line: I hope today you will also         servant" who desires to proclaim God's        - as we likewise will have at the
confess your love for a beautiful woman.        greatness. Nothing attracts others more       Resurrection of the Dead.
                                                than humility. A humble person focuses
Sometimes people ask me why I don't get         on others, makes them recognize that          On that day we shall see and experience
more emotional or dramatic in my                they have something to offer. If you met      what we have most longed for. All of us
homilies. I realize it is a defect - perhaps    Mary, you would never forget her. She         long for beauty. The blessed ones will see
part of the Norwegian heritage from my          would show you something within you           God's most beautiful creature - the Virgin
dad. Believe me, I have tried to correct it.    that you had not seen in yourself.            Mary, the mother of Jesus, the woman
When first ordained, my pastor (Fr Joe                                                        clothed in the sun. How marvelous that
Petosa) tried to help me. Being Italian,        Mother Teresa illustrates that ability.       Jesus has given her to us as mother of the
expression of emotions came easier to           Many people tell about how meeting her        baptized! I hope today you will also
me. He said to me, "Phil, try opening with      changed their lives. One man (I know him      confess your love for a beautiful woman -
some dramatic statement to get people's         personally) told Mother Teresa he             and more important tell her directly,
attention."                                     wanted to do something great for God.         "Mother Mary, I am your child. I love
                                                Mother Teresa looked at him gently - it       you."
"Like what?" I asked.                           seemed like a full minute of silence. She
                                                said to him, "Why don't you mow that          There are many revealing parallels
"Well," said Fr. Petosa, "you could say, 'I     lawn!" At first he was taken aback, but he    between the old Adam and Eve on the
am in love with a beautiful woman.' Then        did it - and later said that it helped him    one hand and the new Adam and Eve,
pause and say, 'She mother."            appreciate simple, ordinary things he         Jesus and Mary, on the other. Here are
                                                could do to serve others.                     some of them.
I thought it was worth a try so in my next
homily I announced, "I am in love with a        Mother Teresa revealed the beauty of          *In the old order, the woman (Eve) came
beautiful woman." The congregation fell         God. Once she did an interview for an         from the body of the man (Adam), but in
silent. I had their attention. It felt pretty   American variety program. One of the          the new order the man (Jesus) comes
good. Then I blanked out. I couldn't think      guys on the camera crew saw her and           from the body of the woman (Mary).
of what came next so I repeated, "I am          whispered, "Wow, she is so ugly!" As she
love with a beautiful woman... She is...        talked with the host, the studio grew         *In the old order, the woman (Eve) first
She is... She is...Fr. Petosa's mother!"        quiet. When they finished, the same guy       disobeyed God and led the man (Adam)
                                                said, "Wow, she is so beautiful!"             to do the same, in the new order the
This Sunday I do want to say, "I am in love                                                   woman (Mary) first said “Yes” to God
with a beautiful woman." She is described       Mother Teresa gives us an idea of the         (Luke 1:38) and raised her son Jesus to do
in the first reading: "A woman clothed          kind of beauty Mary had: A wrinkled face,     likewise.
with the sun, with the moon under her           perhaps, but a glorious smile and steady
feet."                                          eyes. Above all, the humility to focus not    *Adam and Eve had a good time together
                                                on herself, but on the other person - and     disobeying God, Jesus and Mary suffered
                                                ultimately on God. Mother Teresa got          together doing God’s will. The sword of
Last month you joined me in honoring
                                                that beauty by imitating Our Lady.            sorrow pierced their hearts equally (John
this beautiful woman. With the help of
young men in the parish I placed a shrine                                                     19:34; Luke 2:35b).
to Our Lady in front of the rectory. At the     Bishop Sheen explained this in a book
dedication some asked about what                titled, The World's First Love. He observed   *In the old order Adam and Eve shared
looked like thin horns beneath her feet.        that "Every person carries within his heart   immediately in the resulting
Actually it is the crescent of a moon.          a blueprint of the one he loves." What        consequences and punishments of the
When Mary appeared to St. Juan Diego,           seems to be "love at first sight," he said,   Fall. In the new order, similarly, both
she stood on a small crescent. Behind her       "is actually the fulfillment of desire, the   Jesus and Mary share immediately in the
streamed rays of sunlight. Our Lady of          realization of a dream."                      resulting consequences and blessings of
Guadalupe fulfilled today's prophecy in                                                       the Redemption, the fullness of life with
the book of Revelation: A woman clothed         I confess today that I am in love with a      God; Jesus through the Ascension and
in the sun with moon at her feet.               beautiful woman: the Blessed Virgin Mary      Mary through the Assumption.
                                                - not as a projection of the qualities of
Over the years I have noticed that other        women I have admired. No, I love her as
Christians and even people with no faith        real person, someone who walked this
will comment on the beauty of Mary. She         earth and knows the kind of struggles real
obviously has a physical beauty that no         people face. And on the Feast of her
artist could really capture. But something      Assumption we confess that she

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