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									 Our First Nations

By; Ben and Devin
What do you know about the Blackfoot

     The territory ended at the North Saskatchewan river south to
     the river. They lived along the east slopes of the rocky
     mountains and the badlands.
What we want to learn about the
      Blackfoot People

    I want to no what they did wish the
    buffalo’s after they kill the buffalo’s.
The Blackfoot People of the
This group of First Nations people is well-
  known for the importance of the buffalo,
their religious ceremonies, and their use of
                   the tipi.

We will learn more about their way of life
           and share it with you.
      The Blackfoot People

    The Blackfoot people wed chase the
    buffalo’s and kill them for more food two eat
    when they run out.

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The Housing of the Blackfoot
That the tipi were decorated and
 they lived inside of the tipi to
 keep there body worm so they
 wed not get cold and they wed
 have to move all the time.

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How Tipis Were Made

The buffalo’s fur was used to make a tipi
 and coats to keep there body worm. The
          tipis were usually made of deerskin, buffalo, antelope, or moose
   hides. When buffalo were used, they used about 12-20 hides. Each tipi
            had four long pine poles joined together at the top with animal
     leather. More poles were then added and then covered with the huge
     animal skin. Each tipi had flaps that could be opened when cooking or
 during warm weather. Two large poles would be attached to the flaps so
                            that they could open and close the flaps easily.
          The Buffalo

The buffalo or bison meant a lot of different
  things to most of North America's Native
      People. They gave them food and
 clothing, tools and utensils, and most of all
   a Spirit Being blessing the peoples with
     everything they needed to survive.
    Uses of the Buffalo by the
        Blackfoot People

          The buffalo ‘s meat was used for food.
           There horns where used to kill the
           buffalo’s. The Blackfoot ate a lot of buffalo meat
           because it was found all over the plains. The Blackfoot
             The only thing that they would were not farmers. The only thing that
             they would religious
          ceremonies. They did not have flour or grains to survive.

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       The Buffalo Hunt
• The buffalo wed fallow a yellow
  hunter and red hunter wed chasse

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Pemmican and other Food of the
      Blackfoot People
   The meat from the buffalo was used to make into
pemmican. Pemmican was made using large pieces of
     dried buffalo meat which was pounded into a
 "flour." This "meat flour" was mixed with buffalo fat
      and dried or crushed berries. They needed
              The Sun Dance
Their most important ritual was the sun dance. This
  ritual had three or four days of dancing, feasting
  and religious ceremonies. Part of the ceremony
  was a test of a young warriors strength and his
  ability to take pain. His pectoral muscles would be
  cut and rope would be attached to the
  muscle. The other end of the rope was then tied
  to a centre post of Sun Dance lodge until either
  the muscle broke or the warrior fainted from pain
  or exhaustion!

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Most powwows include First Nations people from
  many nations. Together they celebrate their
 native heritage through dance, music, and song. The
dance styles seen at today's powwows come from many
          different regions of North America.
                      Story Robes

           Story robes were used to keep track of history for
       many First Nations people. Usually the most important
        event of the year would have been drawn on the back
        of a buffalo hide. These stories were about important
            battles. Over time, the story robe would be like a
                              journal for the Blackfoot people.

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      Clothing of the Blackfoot

        The Blackfoot were very artistic people. They often
        decorated their clothing with paint made from nature. They
        used iron to make a reddish color and they used minerals to
        get the colors green, orange, purple, and yellow. The Gall
        Bladder of the buffalo was also used for the colour yellow.

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