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									S P R I N G   2 0 1 1
                                       The News
                                         T H E N E W S L E T T E R O F T H E H I S T O R I C W I L M I N G T O N F O U N D AT I O N

                                                                                                                   V O L U M E     2 0   I S S U E    1

 New Office
 In       February, Historic Wilmington Foundation relocated its
          headquarters to the Superintendent’s Lodge in the
  Wilmington National Cemetery. The Cemetery dates back to 1867
  and was recognized on the National Register of Historic Places in
  1997. The two-story lodge was constructed in 1934 to house the
  superintendent. The new location is also surrounded by four National
  Register Districts-Carolina Heights, Carolina Place, Westbrook-
  Ardmore and the Mansion District. The Foundation looks forward to
  the New Year in a new, but historic location. Our contact information
  remains the same, but our mailing address has changed:

        2011 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28403
         Please come and visit us in our new location!

                                                                                    azalea festival
                                                                                    Home Tour
                                                                                          April 9th & 10th
                                                                          During the Azalea Festival Historic Wilmington Foundation will showcase
                                                                          150 Years of architecture in 9 extraordinary homes and one church.
                                                                          From 1-6 pm Saturday and 1-5 pm Sunday you can explore some of our
                                                                          city’s beautiful, historic homes and buildings.You can view this year’s tour
                                                                          homes at www.historicwilmington.org and, for a limited time, we have an
                                                                          online special price of $23.Tickets are also available at the HWF office,
   Fanning House
   Ribbon Cutting                                                         2011 Market St., all local Harris Teeter stores ($2 off with VIC card!),
                                                                          The Fisherman s Wife,The Ivy
                                                                          Cottage,The Sterling House,The                    INSIDE
                                                                          Transplanted Garden, & the Azalea
                                                                                                                 PRESERVATION MONTH . . . . . .5
                                                                      Festival Office, 5725 Oleander
                                                                                                                 HOME TOUR . . . . . . . . . . . . .6-7
  Drive. Current HWF members can get a $15 ticket until April 7th - only at our office.Tickets will
                                                                                                                 AWARDS NOMINATIONS . . . .8-9
  be available for $30 the day of the tour.
                                                                                                  HISTORIC WILMINGTON
      New Leaders for the Foundation                                                                  FOUNDATION
                                                                                                               2011 Market Street
                                                                                                    Wilmington, NC 28403 • 910.762.2511

                                                                                                        BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                                                                           Don Britt, President
                                                                                                   Michael Murchison, Vice-President
                                                                                                         Veda Wilson, Secretary
                                                                                                          Diana Page, Treasurer
                                                                                                  Kent Stephens, Executive Committee
         Left to right: Sworn in for first term Worth Merritt, realtor; newly installed members    Laura Trivett, Executive Committee
    Nicholas Balding, construction; Colleen Rozier, land development and planner; Deborah          Lawrence S. Craige, Past President
                                                                                                            Stephanie Adams
    Butler, attorney and realtor; Charles W. Riesz Jr., former editorial page editor. Two other
                                                                                                             Nicholas Balding
    members will begin their first full term, Cynthia Brown, education administration and
                                                                                                            Charles H. Boney
    Kent Stephens, attorney.                                                                                  Cynthia Brown
                                                                                                             Deborah Butler
                                                                                                          Marietta Gwathmey
                                                                                                              Susi Hamilton
                                                                                                                David Lisle
                                                                                                                 Tor Ljung
                                                                                                              Worth Merritt
                                                                                                              William Moore
                                                                                                              Kevin O’Grady
                                                                                                           Charles W. Riesz Jr.
                                                                                                              Colleen Rozier
                                                                                                                 Jim Snow

         HWF board members take a break from the annual retreat: David Lisle, Charles                              STAFF
    Boney, Don Britt, College Rozier, Nick Balding, Charles W. Riesz Jr., Marietta                         George W. Edwards
    Gwathmey, Jim Snow, Laura Trivett, Veda Wilson, Deborah Butler, Michael Murchison,                       Executive Director
    Diana Page, Tor Ljung, Kent Stephens. Not pictured: Lawrence S. Craige, Stephanie                         Amy Fulbright
    Adams, Cynthia Brown, Susi Hamilton, Worth Merritt, Will Moore, Kevin O’Grady.                        Membership & Preservation
                                                                                                            Services Coordinator
                                                                                                            Michelle Hackman
    Interns provide invaluable assistance to the Foundation.We are grateful                                Special Events Director
    to these students who are working with us this year.                                                         Julie Holtz
         Charlotte Egerton is from Wilmington, NC and a 2010 graduate from
    UNC-Chapel Hill. She is currently in the Masters in Public History program
    at UNC-Wilmington. She is interning with the Foundation for the spring.                           MISSION STATEMENT
         Shelby Richmond is a junior History major at UNC Wilmington. She is                        The mission of the Historic Wilmington
    originally from Chester County, PA and will intern throughout the spring 2011                    Foundation is to protect and preserve
                                                                                                      the irreplaceable historic resources of
    season for HWF.
                                                                                                  Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear Region.
         Katie Nowack is in the Masters in Public History program at UNC-
    Wilmington. Originally from Ohio, Katie has interned with the foundation since                      The opinions expressed in The News

                                                                                                      do not necessarily reflect the views of the
    summer 2010 and is continuing through the spring.
                                                                                                          Foundation and Board of Trustees

                                                                           The list of all the honorees follows
                                                                           1. First Presbyterian Church for restoration of the bell tower
                                                                              and spire at 125 S. 3rd St.

                                                                           2. Tom and Lucia Hughes for restoration of the Williams House
                                                                              at 10 S. 5th Ave.

                                                                           3. Curt and Sharon Stiles for the restoration and rehabilitation
                                                                              of the Wright-Murphy House at 212 S. 2nd St.

         2010 Preservation Award Winners                                   4. James and Maxine Adams for the restoration of 517 S. Front St.

Old is the New Green                                                       5. David and Laura Lisle for the adaptive reuse and
                                                                              rehabilitation of the Henry Clay Bear House at 614 Market St.

T      he Historic Wilmington Foundation Preservation                      6. The Town of Burgaw for the rehabilitation and adaptive
                                                                              reuse of the Historic Burgaw Depot in Burgaw, NC.
       Awards recognize restoration, rehabilitation, compatible
                                                                           7. James and Christine Beck for the preservation of a
new development, as well as preservation leadership
                                                                              small cottage on McRae St.
and individual contributions to the field. In 2010, the
                                                                           8. Gregory Chandler and Bill Robertson for the rehabilitation
Foundation also presented three of its highest awards at
                                                                              of the Woodward-Butler House at 1808 Market St.
the ceremony; The Thomas H. Wright, Jr. Lifetime
                                                                           9. St. Mary Church and School for the rehabilitation
Achievement Award, given to Matt Scharf for a career of                       and restoration of the Upper Room 1871 and wooden
service and leadership to the Foundation; The Katherine                       windows at 412 Ann St.
Howell Award given to Bruce Bowman for invaluable                          10. David Spetrino for the compatible new infill construction at
service and leadership to Historic Wilmington Foundation                       6th and Brunswick Streets.

and the community; and The David Brinkley                                  11. Merit - Oakdale Cemetery for new compatible fencing on
Preservationist of the Year Award, given to the Board of                       N. 15th St.

Trustees of the Thalian Hall Performing Arts Inc. for                      12. Merit- Wilmington Railroad Museum for adaptive
extraordinary rehabilitation work that benefits the Lower                      reuse of an 1883 railroad warehouse.

Cape Fear region. Also given this year was a Special                       13. Merit- Kevin Pfirman and Todd Piper for rehabilitation
Recognition Award in Architecture, to Charles H. Boney                         of 622 N. 4th St.

for a career of achievement in architecture in the Lower                   14. Merit- Michelle Kaehny for the rehabilitation of 620 N. 4th St.
Cape Fear region.

Downtown Post Office Receives Carr Memorial Plaque
The 75-year-old US Post Office & Federal Building at 152 N. Front Street was
awarded the James D. & Rosalie W. Carr Memorial Plaque in May. Each year,
Historic Wilmington Foundation selects one historically significant building to
receive the Carr Memorial Plaque. The historic Post Office building was
constructed in 1936-1937, and provided employment during the Great
Depression. This very special site is the first Federal Building in New Hanover
County to receive a Historic Wilmington Foundation plaque. The Post Office’s
colorful history is augmented by the beautiful works of art commissioned
by the US Government. The downtown US Post Office and Federal Building
continues to serve our community for its 75th year and holds historic elements
invaluable to understanding Wilmington as it is today.

                                                                                                                 Spring 2011 - The News        3
       Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear Region s
                2010 Most Threatened Historic Places

Rosenwald Schools, Pender Co.                  Historic Wooden Windows,                       Historic Working Farms,
                                                Lower Cape Fear Region                    throughout the Cape Fear Region

    Affordable Historic            Wooden Markers,               Brick and Stone Walls and              Rural AME Zion
    Vernacular Houses,           Cemeteries, Brunswick                 Granite Curbs,                      Churches,
     Wilmington, NC.                                              Downtown Wilmington.               throughout the Region

                                                    Watch List

       Lucile Shuffler         Tide Water Power & Light           St. Peter and Paul Russian           Former Topsail High
    Building/Sunset Park         Building, 320 Chestnut             Orthodox Church, St.                 School, Rte. 17,
    School,Wilmington           Street,Wilmington, NC.                Helena, Pender Co.                 Hampstead, NC

                 For the full list and to nominate a place for the 2011 Most Threatened Historic Places List,
                 please visit our website www.historicwilmington.org, or stop by our office for an application.
“Celebrating America’s Treasures”                                                           is 2011’s theme for National

Preservation Month presented each year by Historic Wilmington Foundation and the National Trust for Historic

Preservation. The annual celebration in May is an opportunity to showcase historic preservation in our region. The

events honor the past and help build for the future. We invite you to get involved!

     May 19th 6:30 pm               Preservation Awards Ceremony at the Historic NHC Courthouse Downtown

     May 23rd 10 am. 2011 Release of the Most Threatened Historic Places List announced by
     Dr. Jeffrey Crow, State Historic Preservation Officer

     May 10th, 14th, 17th                   Lecture and tour program by Dr. Chris Fonvielle

     Various restoration workshops for historic homeowners
     Annual Shrimparoo TBA

     Additional dates and details will be posted on our website

Tar Heels Educates
the Next Generation
of Preservationists!
Since fall 2009, Historic Wilmington Foundation
has collaborated with the New Hanover County
Schools to bring more history, historic preservation,
architecture and cultural awareness into the lives of
third graders. The Tar Heels Go Walking program
earned the Gertrudes Carraway Award of Merit from
Preservation North Carolina for our outstanding
commitment to promoting historic preservation. Over the past two years, HWF has led more than 100 public school
tours and 7 tours for private schools; more than 2300 enthusiastic third graders took the Tar Heels tour last fall, and more
than 4700 students total have participated.

                  If you would like to become a volunteer guide for Tar Heels Go Walking,
                           call us at 910-762-2511 or email edwards@historicwilmington.org.

                                                                                                      Spring 2011 - The News   5
       2 0 1 1                          A Z A L E A                                            F E S T I V A L
                   HIS TO R IC WILMI NGTO N                                                   F O U N DAT I O N

    HomeTour Special                                                                Visit nine magnificent homes and the historically significant
                                                                                                         St. Mark s Episcopal Church this spring.
                                                                                          Tickets Specials $15 per member only available at the
                                                                                                          Historic Wilmington Foundation office
                                                                                              Tickets will be limited to one ticket per member.
                                                                                                   Business members may purchase two tickets.
                                                                                    $23 online tickets, available at www.historicwilmington.org
                                                                                                    These special offers will expire on April 7th

                                                                                                                     tickets available
                                                                                                             Tickets also available for $25 at
                                                                                             All local Harris Teeter Stores,The Ivy Cottage,

ribbon cutting
    Fanning House 206 Orange Street
                                                                                      The Transplanted Garden, Azalea Festival Ticket Office
                                                                                                        5725 Oleander Drive 910.794.4650
    Saturday, April 9th, 12:30pm                                                                    Tickets available for $30 day of the tour
    Ice Cream Served By Dairy Queen
    Tour ticket also includes admission to the Preservation Resource                                                             LEAD SPONSOR
    Network Trades Fair St. Mark’s Episcopal Church                                                                            Star-News Media
    Saturday April 9th, 1-6 pm                                                                                        ADDITIONAL SUPPORT PROVIDED BY

                                                                        Dairy Queen of Wilmington, Ed Zirkle Photography,WHQR,
april                                                                   WWAY, D.P.Thomas Construction, Debby Gomulka Designs,
    Saturday & Sunday                                                             Farmer s Supply, Harris Teeter,The Farlow Group
    9th - 1-6pm                                                 Andrews Mortuary, Luxe Home Interiors, Morgan Keenan, Occasions, Old School Construction,
    10th - 1-5pm                                                 Print Works by Elle, Rogers Building Corporation, Sandra Miles Dentistry,The Fisherman s Wife,
                                                                The Ivy Cottage,The Transplanted Garden,Tomaso s Painting & Restoration,Wells Fargo Advisors
                                                                                                    Friends: Carpet Smart,The Sterling House,Woodbury & Co.
     Support Historic Wilmington Foundation s programs by taking advantage of this membership special and order your tickets today.

                                    MEMBER PRICE GOOD UNTIL            APRIL 7TH -   LIMIT ONE TICKET PER MEMBER

    Name                                                                             Phone                                   Number of tickets

    Address                                                              City                                        State                Zip

    Method of Payment         Check Enclosed            Visa       MC Card Number                                                             Expires
                                                                                                                                       C W MIN

              Return this form with your check or credit card information to secure your home tour tickets.

     Checks made payable to: Historic Wilmington Foundation, 2011 Market Street, Wilmington NC 28401

                                        910.762.2511 www.historicwilmington.org                                                 U

                                                                                                                                     ND              I
                                                                                                                                          AT I O N

1 Jarman House                                                                            6 St. Mark s Episcopal
1910 Princess Street                                                                      Church 600 Grace Street
John F. and Sallie Ennett Jarman built                                                    This Gothic Revival style Church was built in
this Craftsman style house in 1911. A                                                     1871-1875 for congregation organized in 1869.
druggist, he owned and operated
                                                                                          Designed by Emerson and Fehmer, Boston
Jarmans Pharmacy.The current
owners are Norm and Betsy Riviere.                                                        architects, and constructed by Alfred Howe,
                                                                                          congregant and builder, it was the first Episcopal
                                                                                          Church in North Carolina consecrated by
                                                                                          Bishop Atkinson for African Americans.

                                                                                          7 Curtis-Foster House 110 N. 6th Street
2 Platt-Sutherland House 1710 Chestnut Street                                                                                            Engineer George Curtis and his wife
                                                  This Craftsman style bungalow, built                                                   Melvina had this Italianate style house
                                                  in 1923, was designed by architect                                                     constructed just after the end of the
                                                  W.J. Wilkins for Robert C. and Robbie                                                  Civil War (c. 1866). It was purchased in
                                                  Sutton Platt. He was a clothing                                                        1880 by Flavel Wright Foster, a Union
                                                  merchant and clerk in the city
                                                  auditor s office. In 1961, the house                                                   Army veteran, county commissioner
                                                  was purchased by William O. and                                                        and city alderman who owned a plan-
                                                  Mary G. Sutherland. He was the chief                                                   ning mill where he made window sash
                                                  clerk for the Atlantic Coast Line                                                      and blinds.The current owner is Tim
                                                  Railroad.The current owners are
                                                                                                                                         O Callaghan.
                                                  Connie and Haskell Rhett, a
                                                  descendant of the Sutherlands.

                                                                                          8 Louis T. Moore House
                                                                                          121 S. 5th Avenue
 3 Simon House                                                                            Built in 1910, this Shingle style house was the
203 S. 8th Street                                                                         home of Louis T. and Florence Kidder Moore.
Featured in this c. 1909 Neoclassical                                                     While secretary of the Wilmington Chamber
Revival style cottage are pretty ionic                                                    of Commerce in the 1920s and 1930s he
columns. By 1910 this house was the resi-                                                 was the city s biggest promoter. A local
dence of George and Emma Simon. A tai-
lor and merchant, he was born in Alsace-                                                  historian, he was Chairman of the New
Lorraine and she was a native of Germany.                                                 Hanover County Historical Commission and
The current owner is Greg Wessel.                                                         author of Stories Old & New of the of the
                                                                                          Cape Fear Region.The current owner is
                                                                                          Roxann Lansdowne.
4 Burns-Huggins House 224 N. 7th Street
                                         This Greek Revival style dwelling was built       9 Fanning House 206 Orange Street
                                         for Owen Burns in 1853. At the time, the         Builders, J.C. and R.B. Wood constructed this Italianate style house for Phineas W.
                                         house was located in the country two                                                           Fanning in 1852. Both owner and
                                         blocks beyond the city limits. It was pur-
                                         chased in 1860 by grocer Luke B. Huggins                                                       builders were natives of Nantucket,
                                         and wife Phoebe Newbold Huggins.The                                                            MA. Fanning was a ship and sign
                                         house remained in their family over 130                                                        painter as well as a Grand Master of
                                         years. The current owner is Suzanne                                                            Masons in North Carolina.The Wood
                                                                                                                                        brothers came to Wilmington to build
                                                                                                                                        St. James Church.The current owners
                                                                                                                                        are Dan and Lori Camacho. Enjoy free
                                                                                                                                        ice cream from Dairy Queen during
                                                                                                                                        the ribbon-cutting.
5 Thomas C. Miller House 309 N. 6th Street
This Queen Ann style cottage was built in 1896 for African American                        10 Weedon House
Thomas C. Miller. He was a successful businessman as well as New Hanover
County deputy sheriff during                                                               119 Church Street
Reconstruction.The house was                                                               Architect, Charles McMillen, designed this
inherited by his son Thomas                                                                Queen Anne style house in 1899 for Lindsay
Miller, Jr., a railroad porter, and                                                        and Nellie Weedon. He owned a nearby
it remained in the family until                                                            factory that manufactured shuttle blocks for
1947.The current owner is                                                                  the textile industry.The house was purchased
Linda Heath.                                                                               in 1903 by Edith and James Hopkins, a
                                                                                           butcher at the City Market House.The
                                                                                           current owners are Peter Kamarainen and
                                                                                           Carol Chappell.

                                                                                                                                               Spring 2011 - The News         7
    Historic Wilmington Foundation’s 2011 Preservation Awards
    Each year as part of National Preservation Month, the                The Foundation is also accepting nominations for David
    Historic Wilmington Foundation recognizes outstanding                Brinkley Preservationist of the Year and for the Thomas H.
    preservation projects by presenting Preservation Awards to           Wright Lifetime Achievement in Preservation Award.
    individuals whose contributions demonstrate outstanding              This year’s Preservation Awards Ceremony will be held on
    excellence in historic preservation, rehabilitation, restoration     Thursday, May 19, 2011 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the
    and compatible new infill construction. By identifying               New Hanover County Court House in historic downtown
    these projects, the Foundation strives to educate the                Wilmington. The event is co-hosted by New Hanover
    community on the importance of preservation and the role             County, Wilmington Downtown and the Residents of
    historic structures play in building community identity.             Old Wilmington.

    What type of project will qualify for an award?
        • Categories for awards are restoration, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, and appropriate new construction in a historic district.
           Eligible projects must be complete by April 2011.
              • Restoration is process of accurately depicting the form, features, and character of a property as it appeared at a particular
                 period of time.
              • Rehabilitation is making a compatible use for a property through repair, alterations, and additions while preserving
                 those portions or features which convey its historical, cultural, or architectural values.
              • Adaptive reuse is a process that adapts buildings for new uses while retaining their historic features.
              • Appropriate new construction is any new addition or structure in an historic area that complement the area and
                support its overall character; must be a contemporary design with sensitivity to adjacent structures.
        • Historic structures must be at least 50 years of age and in the lower Cape Fear region.
        • Awards of Merit are given to projects, groups and individuals that promote and advance an understanding of historic preservation.
          Professional Merit Awards are also presented for workers in the preservation field.
        • The David Brinkley Preservationist of the Year is awarded for extraordinary preservation work of large scale, scope and effect.
        • The Thomas H. Wright Lifetime Achievement award is presented to a dedicated preservationist who has spent a career saving
           the region’s rich architectural heritage and making a difference in the area’s quality of life.

    What are the nomination procedures and requirements?
        • Self-nominations are accepted.
        • All materials submitted will become the property of the Historic Wilmington Foundation unless the nominator specifically
          requests that they be returned and provides a self-addressed package with adequate postage for this purpose.
        • The Historic Wilmington Foundation is not responsible for any of the material submitted and reserves the right to use all
          materials for future publicity.
        • Each nomination must include a completed nomination form, brief history of the site, description of the project, and
          (preferably digital) before and after photographs. Incomplete forms may not be considered for nomination.

    Who decides which Preservation Projects will receive the Foundation’s Awards?
    The Preservation Awards Committee, made up of HWF members, local architects and preservation professionals reviews all nominations
    received. The following criteria are used by the committee in selecting the Preservation Awards recipients:
         • Historical Interest or Architectural Significance
         • Quality of Workmanship
         • Sensitivity to Architectural Integrity
         • Appropriateness of Adaptation to Contemporary Use
         • Helps advance the cause of historic preservation

                           2 0 1 1 P R E S E RVAT I O N AWA R D S

                               Nomination Form
Suggested Award Category: _________________________________________________________________________

Building or Project Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Building Style:____________________________________________________________________________________

Date of Construction: ___________________________ Project Completion Date: ______________________________

Nominee’s Name:_________________________________________________________________________________

Project Address:___________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: _______________________________________ E-mail:_________________________________________

Owner’s Name & Contact info (if different from nominee): _________________________________________________


Telephone: _______________________________________ E-mail:_________________________________________

Nominated By (optional):____________________________Phone:__________________________________________

Brief history of the Structure/Site: _____________________________________________________________________



Brief history of the Structure/Site: _____________________________________________________________________

List of Known Architects, Contractors, etc that worked on project:____________________________________________


Description of Project (use additional sheets if necessary): ___________________________________________________



Please include before and after images of the project digitally formatted on CD.

           Return this completed form to:

          Historic Wilmington Foundation, Inc.
          2011 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28403
          Phone: (910) 762-2511 Fax: (910) 762-1551

                                                                                         Spring 2011 - The News   9
                                N EW & R ENEWING M EMBERS
                                                JANUARY 2010 - JANUUARY 2011
 RENEWING MEMBERS                                  Mr. Robert W. Oast                            Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. James
 LEADERSHIP                                        Dr. & Mrs. John W. Ormand, Jr.                Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Jarrett
 Dr. Ogden Allsbrook                               Dr. & Mrs. Greg L. Richardson                 Mr. & Mrs. George W. Jayne
 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hughes                          Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Riesz, Jr.              Mr. & Mrs. John T. Johnsen
 Mr. Michael Murchison & Ms. Barbara Sullivan      Mr. & Mrs. Herman J. Rozycki                  Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kamarainen
 Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Gray Sprunt                   Mr. & Mrs. Rolf Sass                          Mr. & Mrs. Rick Keenan
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Milton Schaeffer                   Mrs. Mary Ann Keiser
 BENEFACTOR                                        Ms. Ann Sherman-Skiba                         Mr. G. Chandler Keys, III
 Mr. Charles T. Andrews                            Mrs. Emily R. Sloan                           Mr. & Mrs. William King
 Mrs. Agnes Beane                                  Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Sorhagen                    Professor & Mrs. David La Vere
 Mr. & Mrs. Oliver C. Hutaff, Jr.                  Ms. Katherine G. Stern                        Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lawler
 Mr. & Mrs. Brian McMerty                          Mr. & Mrs. George W.B. Taylor                 Mr. & Mrs. Sam Leake
 Mr. & Mrs. William E. Oakley                      Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Tetterton-Opheim             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Longino
 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Wallach                      Mr. & Mrs. Christian H. Trask, Jr.            Col. & Mrs. Arthur A. Lovgren
 Mrs. Elizabeth L. Wright                          Mr. Ed Turberg & Ms. Janet Seapker            Mrs. Elizabeth L. Lowe
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Rodney L. Turner                   Mr. Kirk Lohrli & Ms. Cathey Luna
 PATRON                                            Mr. & Mrs. Erik van Rens                      Mr. & Mrs. George C. Mahler
 Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Boney, Jr.                  Mr. Norm Robinson & Ms. Hannah Vaughan        Mr. & Mrs. Jerry A. Mannen
 Mr. Raymond Dennis & Mr. Richard Joblonicky       Mr. & Mrs. Ted Wilgis                         Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mason
 The Honorable & Mrs. James C. Fox                                                               Mr. & Mrs. William G. Massey
 Mr. & Mrs. G. Deanes Gornto                       FAMILY/HOUSEHOLD                              Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McGuire
 Mr. & Mrs. Ray Hackley                            Dr. & Mrs. Landon B. Anderson                 Dr. & Mrs. William O. McMillan
 Ms. Mary E. Hatcher                               Dr. & Mrs. James Beeler                       Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. McNamee
 Ms. Margaret D. Hutaff                            Mr. Brian Beers & Ms. Louise Bliss            Dr. & Mrs. David Merten
 Mr. & Mrs. James S. Long                          Mr. & Mrs. Tom Behm                           Mr. & Mrs. Jack Mills
 Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. May                           Dr. & Mrs. Heyward Bellamy                    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Mitchell
 Mr. & Mrs. John Reid Murchison                    Dr. & Mrs. Thad Beyle                         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Monroe
 Mr. Kevin O'Grady & Ms. Diane Guida               Mr. & Mrs. James Bierman                      Drs. William & Charlotte Emans Moore
 Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Ruffner                      Mr. Kent Blossom & Ms. Teresa Hill            Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Myers
 Mr. & Mrs. P Smith                                Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Boney               Mr. & Mrs. Mort S. Neblett
 Mr. Jim Snow & Ms. Susan Sprenger                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Boney, Sr.              Mr. & Mrs. C. Harper Newbold
 Mr. Greg Wessel                                   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Boushee                      Mr. & Mrs. Dale Nixon
                                                   Mr. Bruce Bowman & Dr. Colleen Reilly         Mr. & Mrs. Lewis T. Nunnelee
 SPONSOR                                           Mr. & Mrs. Ray Brandi                         Mr. & Mrs. David Ohashi
 Ms. Stephanie Adams                               Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Breece                   Mr. & Mrs. John Parker
 Mr. & Mrs. James W. Adams                         Mr. Jeff Brown & Ms. Nancy Geimer             Mr. & Mrs. Alton Parker
 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Andrews                        Mr. & Mrs. Peter Brown                        Mr. & Mrs. Rip Parks
 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Bell                             Captain & Mrs. Walter M. Bullard, Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Porter
 Dr. Katherine L. Bick                             Mr. & Mrs. Julian H. Burnett                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Reaves
 Mr. & Mrs. Charles P Bolles                       Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Burney                    Mr. & Mrs. Haskell Rhett
 Mr. & Mrs. George Boylan                          Mr. & Mrs. Algernon L. Butler                 The Richard Family
 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Britt                           Mr. William Buzzi & Ms. Vicki Lynne Goodman   Mr. & Mrs. James Robinson, Jr.
 Mr. & Mrs. Phillip & Cynthia Brown                Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Cain                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Christine Robinson
 Mrs. Carl B. Brown, Jr.                           Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Callis                    Mr. & Mrs. James E. Rolquin
 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Bullock                        Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Camacho                     Mr. & Mrs. William M. Rowe
 Miss Eugenie Carr                                 Dr. & Mrs. Steve Chiavetta                    Mr. & Mrs. Regan Rozier
 Ms. Marie Watson Cherry                           Mr. & Mrs. John A. Compos                     Mr. & Mrs. Herman J. Rozycki
 Mr. & Mrs. Dwight D. Davis                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles Connor                     Dr. & Mrs. Carl K. Rust II
 Dr. & Mrs. Thomas DeBello                         Rev. & Mrs. Robert D. Cook                    Mrs. Mary Sertell
 Mr. & Mrs. George Edwards                         Mr. & Mrs. Phillip D. Cook                    Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Sherman
 Ms. Patricia G. Elsaesser                         Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Criner                     Mr. David Silverthorn & Ms. Kaye Graybeal
 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Erb                             Mr. & Mrs. Auley M. Crouch                                        .
                                                                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Henry P Singletary
 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Evans                             Mr. & Mrs. Peter Davis                        Dr. Bill Sisson & Ms. Joy Miller
 The Honorable & Mrs. James H. Faison, III         Mr. & Mrs. John R. de Holl                    Ms. Jeannie Skane
 Dr. & Mrs. Conway Ficklen                         Mr. Gerald DeVito                             Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Smith
 Dr. & Mrs. Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr.                Mr. & Mrs. Murdoch MacRae Dunn, Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. William N. Smith
 Dr. & Mrs. Frank Funk                             Capt. & Mrs. Thomas W. Durant                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith
 Mr. Bob German & Ms. Kate Severinsen              Mr. & Mrs. Harold Durham, Jr.                 Mr. & Mrs. Gary Solomon
 Mr. William M. Gilfillin                          Mr. & Mrs. David Eggleston                    Dr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Squires
 Dr. & Mrs. William B. Grine                       Mr. & Mrs. James Embrey                       Mr. & Mrs. Curt H. Stiles
 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hale                              Mr. & Mrs. Doug Erickson                      Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Strassle
 Mr. & Mrs. Steve H. Hamilton                      Mr. & Mrs. Gareth Evans                       Dr. & Mrs. Byron A. Stratas
 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Harley                          Mr. & Mrs. Ron Fascher                        Mr. Durwood E. Sykes
 Mr. William E. Hildreth, Jr.                      Dr. & Mrs. Darwin J. Ferry                    Mr. James W. Tarrer
 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ingle                             Mrs. Ligon B. Flynn                           Mr. Farrell Teague & Ms. Julia Weathers
 Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. James                         Mr. & Mrs. W. Rex Fountain, Jr.               Mr. & Mrs. Doug Thatcher
 Mr. & Mrs. Clauston Jenkins                       Dr. & Mrs. Robert Vernon Fulk                 Dr. & Mrs. David Thompson
 Mr. & Mrs. S. Alexander B. Koonce                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Godley                   Mr. Steven Skavronek & Ms. Paula Tirrito
 Mr. & Mrs. Ian K. Lamberton                       Mr. Chris Gore & Mr. Matt TenHuisen           Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Trivett
 Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Lane                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Grady                    Mr. & Mrs. Terry Turner
 Dr. Tor and Dr. Martha Ljung                      Mr. & Mrs. Adair McKoy Graham                 Mr. & Mrs. Greg Uhl
 Dr. & Mrs. Donald M. MacQueen                     Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Grainger                    Mr. & Mrs. William Usher
 Dr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Maloy                        Ms. Peggy A. Grant                            Mr. & Mrs. Greg Vassar
 Mr. Coleman Maready & Ms. Donna Ruse              Mr. & Mrs. Barry Grasley                      Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Warshauer
 Mr. Timothy R. Martin                             Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Graves                  Mrs. Dorothy H. Weathersbee
 Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. McArtor                      Dr. & Mrs. Frank Gwathmey                     Mr. & Mrs. R. Beverly Webb
 Mr. Michael McCarley                              Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Higgins                  Mr. & Mrs. Calvin F. Wells
 Mr. Kyle H. McIntyre                              Ms. Janice J. Hoffman                         Dr. & Mrs. Emile E. Werk
 Ms. Elizabeth McMillen                            Dr. & Mrs. Eddie Horger                       Dr. & Mrs. John F. White
 Mrs. Darleen M. Merritt                           Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hovis                        Ms. Elizabeth White
 Mr. Wallace Murchison                             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Howard                   Mr. & Mrs. Ted Wilgis
 Mr. & Mrs. Alex Murchison                         Mr. & Mrs. Hector Ingram                      Mr. & Mrs. Emerson Willard
 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Murray                          Mr. Thomas Inksetter & Ms. Julie Wheeler      Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Williams
 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Neuwirth                         Mrs. Sue Boney Ives                           Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Wilson
 Mr. & Mrs. Clint North                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jalbert                     Dr. Philip Stine & Ms. Veda Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wolfe          Ms. Hope Sylvain                                 Mr. & Mrs. George Boylan
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Zimmer     Mrs. Jane B. Tatum                               Mrs. Carl B. Brown, Jr.
                                 Ms. Rebecca Taylor                               Mr. & Mrs. Auley M. Crouch
INDIVIDUAL                       Mrs. Catheryn W. Thomas                          Mr. & Mrs. George Edwards
Ms. Joy Allen                    Ms. Linda Thomas                                 Mr. & Mrs. H. Spencer Everett
Ms. Mary Kay Ballard             Ms. Ann T. Tinder                                Dr. & Mrs. Darwin J. Ferry
Ms. Molly Baxter                 Mr. Paul Townend                                 Mr. & Mrs. W. Rex Fountain, Jr.
Mrs. Martha B. Beery             Mr. E. T. Townsend                               Mr. & Mrs. Ted Froneberger
Mrs. Leslie N. Boney             Ms. Frances Trask                                Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Grady
Mr. Roger W. Brace               Mr. Steve Tuggle                                 Mr. & Mrs. Steve H. Hamilton
Ms. Kathryn T. Bradley           Ms. Mary Frances Vallejos                        Mrs. Raymond H. Holland, Jr.
Ms. Judy Bradley                 Mrs. Barbara G. Van Duyne                        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Howard
Mr. J. Street Brewer             Ms. Gold Walker                                  Ms. Margaret D. Hutaff
Mr. Scott Brooks                 Mr. Robert C. Wallen                             Mr. & Mrs. George W. Jayne
Ms. Nancy Buckingham             Ms. Pamela Walton                                Mr. & Mrs. William H. Joyner, Jr.
Ms. Jackie Burch                 Miss Jessica Ward                                Mr. Michael Murchison & Ms. Barbara Sullivan
Mr. Oliver Carter, III           Ms. Lauraine Warden                              Mr. Kevin O'Grady & Mrs. Diane Guida
Mr. William Caster               Mrs. Louise W. Wells                             Mr. David Silverthorn & Ms. Kaye Graybeal
Mr. Larry Clark                  Dr. R. Bertram Williams, Jr.                     Mr. Jim Snow & Ms. Susan Sprenger
Mr. Erich L. Cluxton             Mr. Braxton Williams                             Mr. & Mrs. David Harriss Sprunt
Mrs. Rosemary Rodriguez Cook     Mrs. Ronald G. Wilson                            Mr. & Mrs. Curt H. Stiles
Ms. Wanda B. Coston              Mr. Jerry Wine                                   Ms. Robin Triplett
Mrs. JoAnn N. Daley              Ms. Patricia H. Wingfield                        Mr. Ed Turberg & Ms. Janet Seapker
Ms. Nettie Deasy                 Mr. Scott A. Winslow                             Mr. & Mrs. R. Beverly Webb
Ms. Linda A. Deasy               Mr. John Wojciechowski                           Dr. & Mrs. Emile E. Werk
Mr. John H. Debnam               Ms. Sandra Wooten                                Mr. Greg Wessel
Ms. Mary A. Delmar               Ms. Margaret R. Worthington
Ms. Erin Diener                                                                   NEW MEMBER: PATRON
Ms. Maurine A. Elebash           STUDENT                                          Ms. Diana L. Page
Ms. Millie S. Elledge            Ms. Katie Nowack                                 Mr. H. Kenneth Stephens II
Miss Carol Ellis                 Miss Julia Anne Yannetti
Ms. Joan H. Farrenkopf                                                            NEW MEMBER: SPONSOR
Mr. Francis Peter Fensel         MEMORIALS                                        Ms. Janis Wiggins
Mr. Benedict Fortunati           The Oleander Garden Club
Mrs. DeLean L. Gardner           Dr. & Mrs. Landon B. Anderson                    NEW MEMBER: FAMILY/HOUSEHOLD
Mr. Jay Gartrell                 Mr. & Mrs. George Edwards                        Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Arledge
Mr. Walter F. Gibford                                                             Mrs. Virginia L. Cook
Ms. Frances H. Goodman           CORPORATE BENEFACTOR                             Mr. & Mrs. Brian Donnelly
Dr. William P Graham             Balding Brothers                                 Mr. Joseph T. George
Mr. Forest Hall                  Plantation Building of Wilmington, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. David Hendrickson
Mr. Ben B. Halterman                                                              Mr. & Mrs. William Heu
Mrs. Virginia A. Hill            CORPORATE PATRON                                 Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Hudson, Jr.
Mr. Ronald C. Hobbs              Addis Construction & Property Maintenance, LLC   Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Hunter
Ms. Eva B. Holland               Beechwood Associates LP                          Mr. & Mrs. Catesby Jones
Mr. John F. Howard, Sr.          CGC Historic Restorations                        Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Litzinger
Mr. Clark Howerton               Coastline Inn                                    Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Radcliffe
Mr. Roy Ingram                   Earney & Company, LLP                            Dr. Gregory Chandler & Mr. Bill Robertson
Mr. Bentley Jefferies            East Coast Development & Brokerage               Ms. Anne Sinclair
Mr. Michael Townsend Jones       Goodrich Architecture Corporation                Mr. & Mrs. Chris Wilson
Mr. Connor Keller                Hipp Design & Development
Dr. Heather Koopman              Rogers Building Corporation                      NEW MEMBER: INDIVIDUAL
Mr. Russ J. LaBelle              SDI Construction Inc.                            Ms. Deborah Butler
Ms. Mary C. Lee                  Sparks Engineering, PLLC                         Mr. Howard Capps
Mr. Warren Leibowitz                                                              Ms. Lauren Howell
Ms. Holly H. Long                SMALL BUSINESS                                   Mrs. Claudia Stack
Mr. Richard F. Luebke            BMH Architects PC                                Ms. Suzanne Stanley
Ms. Cheryl Luse                  Bullock LLC The Cotton Exchange
Mr. Darrell W. McCall            Construction Interface Services Inc.             NEW MEMBER: STUDENT
Ms. Frances McCann               Craig & Fox, PLLC                                Ms. Colleen Griffiths
Ms. Lynn McIntyre                First Bank                                       Mr. Jed M. Jeffrey
Mr. Worth Merritt                Harp Builders, Inc.
Dr. Edmond Miller                J. Robert Warren Antiques                        NEW MEMBER: SMALL BUSINESS
Ms. Victoria Mink                James Horton Renovations, Inc.                   Mr. David Eggleston, Jr.
Ms. Julie Morris                 Karen Johnson Interiors, LLC                     Romer Associates, Inc.
Mr. Donald R. Morton             Lisle Architecture & Design, Inc.
Ms. Janis O. Mozingo             Market Street Pharmacy                           MATCHING GIFTS
Rev. Dr. Jerry M. Newbold, Jr.   McKenzie Baker Interiors                         IBM / Mr. & Mrs. John A. Compos
Ms. Penny Newhouse               Murchison, Taylor & Gibson, PLLC                 Microsoft / Mr. Bob German
Ms. Ruth M. O'Donnell            Old School Rebuilders, Inc.                       & Ms. Kate Severinsen
Ms. Laura Padgett                Osprey Holdings LLC
Mrs. Helen Compos Paliouras      Real Properties, LLC                             GIFT IN HONOR OF
Ms. Constance N. Parker          Sinclair Station, Inc.                           MR. MICHAEL MURCHISON &
Ms. JoAnne Parker                Slice of Life                                    MS. BARBARA SULLIVAN
Mrs. Frances Peck                Thomas Construction Group                        Sag Harbor Sailing, Inc.
Rev. Catherine R. Powell         Tomaso's Painting and Restoration
Mr. Kevin Rhodes                 Wilmington Downtown, Inc.                        GIFT IN HONOR OF VICTORIA K. BROWN
Mr. Thomas K. Richardson         Witt Renovations                                 Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Brown
Mr. Tony Rivenbark
Mrs. Betsy Riviere               IG40                                             GIFT IN HONOR OF SARAH PARSLEY
Mrs. Angeline B. Saffo           Mr. Charles T. Andrews                           Miss Eugenie Carr
Ms. Dorothy Sandlin              Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Grady
Mr. Frieder O. Schulz            Dr. Tor and Dr. Martha Ljung                     SPECIAL DONATIONS
Mr. Allen Serkin                 Mr. & Mrs. William Usher                         Mr. Michael Murchison & Ms. Barbara Sullivan
Mr. Abdul Rahman Shareef                                                          Ms. Maggie O’Connor
Ms. Linda Shelhart               YEAR END APPEAL                                  Ms. Ann Tinder
Mrs. Meredith Sheridan           Old School Rebuilders, Inc.
Mrs. Richard S. Shreve           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Andrews
Ms. Dawn M. Snotherly            Ms. Eliza Baldwin
Captain David A. Spetrino        Dr. & Mrs. James Beeler
Ms. Sharon Stone                 Mr. Bruce Bowman & Dr. Colleen Reilly
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                    2011 MARKET STREET                                                                   U.S. Postage
                    WILMINGTON                                                                               PAID
                    NORTH CAROLINA 28403                                                               Wilmington, NC
                                                                                                        Permit No. 656
                                                                                                             WILM R.R. MUSEUM

                                                                                                ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Protect and preserve the irreplaceable historic resources
                 of Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear Region.
             Call 910.762.2511 for underwriting rates and information. Circulation 2400 readers


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                 The businesses that are featured in The News have generously made contributions to the
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               We thank them for their support and encourage our members to patronize their businesses.


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