TCU offers business degree focusing on Internet commerce

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					Sunday, December 26, 1999                                                                             Laredo Morning Times                                                                                             PAGE 5A


TCU offers business degree focusing on Internet commerce
  DALLAS (AP) — Change is in the wind for busi-            more who is planning on adding an extra year to             how much people would use e-mail, or the tele-           that hasn’t happened since the Industrial
ness majors at Texas Christian University.                 his studies so he can add the e-degree to the               phone. ... Technology is never going away.”              Revolution,” she said.
  About 80 business students will begin work in the        finance degree he already is working toward.                  Fort Worth-area businesses are getting behind            The new program will begin this spring with an
spring in what is at least one of the first accredited       That is what many of the 80 students accepted             the program. Electronic commerce is expected to          introductory course. An additional course will be
undergraduate degree programs focusing on e-               for the spring are doing. Many will be staying in           generate about $400 billion in revenue by 2002,          added each year to flesh out the degree plan by
commerce.                                                  school an extra year at the university to complete          officials said. Such a prospect means businesses         the spring of 2001. Those courses will be required
  The Internet business program will offer students        the new degree, some adding it as a second or               and corporations will need employees with sophis-        in addition to the core business courses required of
at the private Fort Worth university a mixture of tra-     third degree paired with a more traditional finance,        ticated Internet skills.                                 most other business degrees, Ms. Mackay said.
ditional and virtual business studies toward a             accounting, marketing or management degree.                   Ed Adcock, 50, who returned to school last year
degree in electronic business, The Dallas Morning            “It will give me more opportunities. A lot of people      to complete his degree after working years in the
News reported on Saturday.                                 have let this pass them by,” Goodfriend said.               business world, hopes the new degree will give
  Other colleges and universities, including                 So far, more than 100 students have inquired              him an edge.
Harvard University and the Massachusetts                   about the program. TCU officials are hoping the               “I jumped at it,” he said. “Here’s an opportunity at
Institute of Technology, have offered specialty            program will put the university in the vanguard of a        my age. ... It’s new and it’s dynamic and it’s fun.
courses or advanced studies in e-commerce, but             new approach toward business studies.                       This is where the business world is going.”
not an undergraduate degree.                                 “This is the future,” said Jane M. Mackay, an               “It truly is a revolution,” said Sandi Walker, vice
  TCU sophomore business major Brian                       associate professor and director of the new elec-           president of information technology for Bell
Goodfriend sees it as a wave of the future.                tronic business program at TCU’s Neeley School              Helicopter Textron in Fort Worth, who served on an
  “Electronic commerce and the Internet are going          of Business.                                                advisory board for the new degree program.
to be the future, and you might as well learn what           “A lot of people have said this is just a trend,” she       “We really are changing our whole business
you can now,” said Goodfriend, 20, a TCU sopho-            said. “It’s almost like (when) we were wondering            model because of technology. That’s something

Experts say Christmas could have
released destructive computer virus
  MIDLAND, Texas (AP) — You           that     they     had      detected      manufacturer, when available.
might call it the “Bah! Humbug”       Win32.Kriz.3862.                           “Don’t open e-mail attach-
computer bug.                           “It can be obtained by down-           ments from people you aren’t
  Several software makers and         loading a game or screen saver           expecting to send them, and
other experts have announced          off the Internet or as an e-mail         don’t open attachments that you
the discovery of a computer           attachment,” Steve Sundermeier,          don’t know where they came
virus scheduled to activate on        a support technician with                from,” Stinson advised.
Christmas Day when users try          Command Central, told the                  Ealrier this month, the virus
to install software applications      newspaper. He said the only way          W95.Babylonia, came dis-
such as games and screen              to protect personal computers            guised as a Y2K fix. The soft-
savers.                               from the virus is to disinfect it with   ware took computer security
  “This is a serious one. It’s the    anti-viral software.                     experts by surprise with its abil-
real deal,” said Terry Phillips of      Sundermeier’s company offers           ity to update itself with potential-
Internet Global, an Internet          a free 30-day anti-virus program         ly malicious instructions from
Service Provider, or ISP.             off     its     Web       site      at   Japan.
  The virus, Win32.Kriz.3862,, and Sunder-                   Aaron Anderson, information
could attack PC hard drives and       meier said anti-virus programs           technology director with USA
wipe out everything from word files   cost range from $20 to $100.             Online, recommended common
to e-mail documents, according to       Andrew Stinson, technical              sense and caution: “Because of
The Midland Reporter-Telegram.        support with Apex 2000, a                technology called steganogra-
The bug effects Windows 95,           Midland-based Internet Service           phy, I can hide a file within a file.
Windows 98, Windows NT and            Provider, agreed that the best           ... So you need to be careful
other applications.                   protection is anti-viral software        about opening up attachments
  Central Command Inc., mak-          installed on your own PC. He             you don’t know where they
ers of the Anti Viral Toolkit Pro,    also recommended updating                came from.”
and Kaspersky Lab announced           current programs through the

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