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									Family Tree project
     By: Katie Tucker
Before the lesson
 Send home a note to the parents explaining project and
  asking them to help collect data and names for family tree.
  Students will need to bring in pictures of family members to
  glue to family tree. Make sure to let students and parents
  know that pictures will not be returned.
 Create your own family tree to show as an example. Include
  full names, birth dates, death dates, anniversary dates and
  your ancestral flags. Laminate.
 Create a rubric
•   Standard MLI.INT1
    Students demonstrate understanding of simple spoken and written language
    presented through a variety of media in the target language and based on topics
    such as self, family, school, etc…
    a. Identify main ideas and some details when reading and listening.
    b. Comprehend simple, culturally authentic announcements, messages, and
    c. Understand simple instructions, such as classroom procedures.
    d. Demonstrate Novice-Mid proficiency in listening and reading comprehension.
•   Standard - MLI.P1
    The students present information orally and in writing that contains a variety of
    vocabulary, phrases, and patterns. The students
    a. Present information gathered from a variety of sources such as informal
    conversations, class presentations, interviews, readings, and media.
    b. Give basic information about self and others including school, family,
    activities, etc.
    c. Demonstrate Novice-Mid proficiency in oral and written presentations with
    respect to proper pronunciation, intonation, and writing mechanics
Students will:
Identify different types of connections that
  exist within his/ her family
Chart his/her family tree
Explain his/ her family tree
Create a personal key/ legend for family tree

Poster board             Glue           colored pencils/

           Scissors/            Book of world
        rulers/pencils              flags
• The purpose of this project is to get students
  interested in their family history.
• The students will also leave with a further
  knowledge of different resources to use while
• This is also a fun project to get students minds
  running and get them to be more creative.
      Resources and tools
This website will help students find their flags.
This website can help build your family tree

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