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					              To complete a levelled task
              about what happens in a
              Muslim, Christian & Jewish
              wedding ceremony.

Think about what we’ve learnt about
wedding ceremonies in RE…

What can you remember about the
different ceremonies that we’ve learnt

Remember the ceremonies in
Christianity, Islam & Judaism…

Also, think about the marriage vows that
we looked at…

Don’t forget, the discussions that we
had about arranged
                          You are
marriages…                communicating &
                           problem solving…
                                        You are problem
  Complete this task in your books. You can use your
 books to help you. Give lots of detail in your answers.

             Part 1 – Marriage ceremonies
Choose 1 of the religions we have studied – write the
name of it.
Describe this religion’s marriage ceremony…
Include: The clothes that people wear
         Where people get married
         The words they say during the ceremony
         The meaning of what happens in the ceremony
         Anything else you think is important
Write at least 2 paragraphs.

              Part 2 – Arranged marriages
Which religion we’ve studied often has arranged
Why do the parents arrange the marriage?
What do you think about the idea of arranged
marriages? Write 1-2 paragraphs giving positives &
negatives, before you give your own point of view.

 Part 3 – ‘Marriage is old fashioned, it’s better not to
                      get married’.
Think of the 3 religions that we have studied – Would
they agree or disagree with the above statement?
Why would they agree or disagree? (2 reasons)
What do you think – is marriage old fashioned or not?
Explain your opinions. Write at least a paragraph.

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