Thin and Thick Clients by yurtgc548


									Thin and Thick Clients

                    Mark Hopf
                   Chris Nassar
      Thin vs. Thick Client
   Thick Client
    – business and presentation logic on client
    – data access on server
   Thin Client
    – only presentation logic on client
    – data access and business logic on server
      Typical Use of PC
 Email
 Word Processing
 Creating Presentations
 Web Access
 All can be achieved using thin clients
    Types Of Thin Clients:
 Thin Client Java Viewer
 Browser
 Embedded ActiveX Control
    Types of thin clients:
 Network Computers
 Window Terminal Servers - Windows
  Based Terminal
 Windows PC (HD, no floppy or CD) ???
 Apple Pippin - NC & TV
 Costs - $10,400 for first year of PC
  implementation vs. $500 for NC
 Upkeep - All clients upgraded with
  server upgrade
 Portability - All data on network, any
  workstation can access
 Versatility - More applications stored on
 Reusability -Old 386/486 recycled
 Lack of Privacy
 Tied to network (no local files)
 Need to have more resources with
        Multi Tier Clients
 Common to Use 3-Tier
 Reduces demands on Data Server
 Limits the Computers to be
     Managed and Updated
 Move Complexity from Client to
     Middle Tier
    – Client:       Presentation Logic
    – App. Server   Business Logic
    – Data Server   Data Access
Typical Client/Server
Oracle’s Commitment to
       Thin Clients
   Developer 2000 Web Cartridge is
      “certified 100% pure java”
    – use Dev 2000 thick client to generate
    – export to a java web cartridge
 Oracle8i: Internet version of data
  server which demonstrates a huge
  commitment to JDK
 Application Server 4.0: middle tier
       Making Choices
 Middleware
 Platform
 Migration

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