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					           IRS-SPEC Partner Coalition FY-11
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TERRITORY NAME:          Washington DC/Maryland
FORMAL NAME OF COALITION: Creating Asset, Savings, and Hope (CASH) Campaign
Coalition Website:
Key Coalition City/State: Baltimore, MD
Coalition Chair's Name and Organization: Sara Johnson, Director Baltimore CASH
Coalition Chair's e-mail address/Phone #: - 410--234-2801

Date Coalition Started and Geographical Area Covered: January 2002 - Baltimore County
Strategies - briefly define each strategy, if applicable
h       Outreach Strategy: The Baltimore CASH Campaign—Creating Assets, Savings and Hope—focuses on “making work
        pay” by leveraging the tax code as a gateway to financial services for working families. They also focused this year on
        reaching out to folks with disabilities. The Campaign conducts marketing and outreach on EITC and other relevant tax
        credits for low-income workers and advocates for issues impacting working families.

        Tax Preparation Strategy: As in prior campaign seasons, the Campaign hired qualified temporary staff support for the
        community-based VITA sites, particularly for client management, volunteer scheduling and electronic filing of tax
        returns. The campaign centrally coordinated hiring and placement of the seasonal staff based on needs the sites
        identified during debrief meetings. Of the seven site managers hired, the Campaign was fortunate to have four
        returning managers from the previous year. These managers were able to take on additional leadership and training
h       roles.

        Asset-Building Strategy: This year saw exciting improvements in the amount and quality of asset development
        activities for the campaign. The campaign re-engaged old partnerships and solidified new partnerships in order to
        provide quality wealth-creating opportunities for our clients. The campaign continued to deepen partnerships with
        Maryland Saves, the Baltimore Homeownership Preservation Coalition, the University of Maryland Cooperative
        Extension, the Job Opportunities Task Force, and the Municipal Employees Credit Union of Baltimore to strengthen
h       asset development opportunities for clients.

Partners: (List Core Planning Group, then Sub-Committee Members, then others if applicable)
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                                                       Core Planning Group
        Baltimore Housing Community Action Centers (6 sites)
        Bon Secours Foundation
        Comptroller of Maryland
        East Harbor CDC
        Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service
        Mayor’s Office of Employment Development
        Office of the Mayor, Baltimore City
        The Abell Foundation
        The Annie E. Casey Foundation

                                                   Other Coalition Members
        Association of Communities
        Bon Secour of Maryland
        East Harbor Community Development Corp
        First Call for Help 211
        Johns Hopkins Health System
        SEIU 1199
        The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
        The Johns Hopkins Hospital
        Towson University
        United Way of Central Maryland
        University of Maryland
        University of Maryland School of Law
Significant Coalition Activities: (List major items only, using bulleted style)
        For the 2011 filing season, CASH Campaign prepared over 7,000 income tax returns; which resulted in over
        $12,900,000 in total federal refunds, $5,500,000 in total federal EITC, average federal EITC of $1,634, EITC was
        claimed on 3,358 returns and the average AGI was $17,974.
        They have launched their CASH Coach program which will pair financial experts (CPAs, CFPs, etc) with low and
        moderate income folks to help them achieve their financial goals. Assist students with their financial aid applications.

       CASH promoted Money Power Day through all of the 20 CASH Campaign tax preparation sites, their network of 100-
       plus local nonprofits and service providers, interviews on Fox 45 morning news and the Mayor’s Cable Channel, and
       PSAs and advertisements on area radio stations and television stations. Additionally, the Campaign developed strategic
       new partnerships with the Maryland & DC Credit Union Association, the Maryland Treasurer Peter Franchot, and
       Secretary Skinner of the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. Bond sales were us from
       previous years. Two of their sites did: 90 Customer, 74 Bonds Provided and $10,875 amount invested.
Planned Future Activities: ( Summarize major plans, using bulleted style)
       Increasing internal capacity of partner organizations to improve quality and customer service.
       Conducting targeted marketing to EITC-eligible taxpayers, particularly independent contract workers such as childcare
       providers and home healthcare workers.
       Strengthening CASH asset development activities by increasing partnerships and connections to other efforts
       throughout the Baltimore region.

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