; Launch of New Singapore Company Formation and Work Pass Website
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Launch of New Singapore Company Formation and Work Pass Website


New website for a Singapore Business Registration Company Asiabizservices.com

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									Launch of new Singapore Company Formation and Work Pass Website AsiaBiz is pleased to announce the launch of its revamped website. Developed in consultation with various stakeholders, the new website aims to provide information that meets the needs of different groups. An extensive review was done to improve the web contents and the information architecture has been re-structured from a client’s perspective. Besides enhancing the 'look and feel' of the website with a new design grid, a consistent user experience is also achieved with an improved layout and navigational structure. The site has : Work Passes * Singapore Employment Pass * Singapore Entrepass Business Structures * Private Limited * Sole Prop * Branch Office * Foreign Subsidiary Company * Representative Office * Limited Liability Partnership Corporate Services * Registered Company Address * Local Nominee Director * Business Licenses * Basic Accounting Services * Annual Accounts and Tax Filing Services AsiaBiz will continue to improve its website as an important communication tool for clients who wish to setup their company and apply for work Pass. Clients are welcomed to use our new feature of 'Rate this Site' to provide us with their feedback.

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