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             January 2012                      ADVENTURE SPORTS OUTDOORS “THE VOICE OF THE AMERICAN SPORTSMAN”                                                    95

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                                               Congratulations to Krista Muselman
                                            for shooting this nice buck Friday Nov. 18
                                                    on opening shotgun season.
                                               She has been deer hunting for about
                                                 11 years and usually gets a deer or
                                                                                                                                     TO GO
                                              two every year hunting on her family's
                                                      farm just west of Dilllon.
                                                 This 8 point buck did not get on a
                                                scale but was heavy with a big body
                                                  and looked pretty old. Her 20 ga.
                                                 slug hit his heart and he didn’t go
                                               very far after the shot. Krista is from
                                                        Tremont and works at
                                                1st National Bank, an ASO sponsor.

                                            Thanks to proud husband Steve Muselman
                                               for sending in Krista’s buck photos
                                              and thanking ASO for the magazine
                                               and our support of the US military!

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                                                                                  Hamm’s Tavern
                                                                                     Home to Generations of Hunters & Fishermen
                                                                                                             Located on Rt. 100
                                                                                                   Near Anderson Lake Conservation Area
                                                                                                     Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!
                                                                                                    7 Days a Week • Open 12noon on Sun.
                                                                                                   New Owners: Donnie Hamm & Geno Saal

                                                                                                                 Call: 309-759-4100

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