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									Saving Money on Wedding Invites
One of the key ingredients to a perfectly pulled off wedding day is the preparation that goes into it. And
of the most needful preparations that a couple preparing to wed must take is to send out the

Reasons for Wedding Invitations
Wedding invitations are seemingly indispensable to a quality wedding because of the purpose they
serve in announcing the upcoming wedding. By so doing, the wedding announcements serve to invite
friends and loved ones to come celebrate the nuptials with the happy couple.

                                    And perhaps most importantly, besides the above meaningful
                                    reasons, realistically how is a couple going to gifts from people
                                    without sending wedding invitations to everyone they can
                                    collectively think of? Still however, wedding invitations can be fun
                                    to pick out, design, and create but they can also be a costly
                                    expenditure if the couple is not careful or wise in how they choose
                                    to handle them.

                                      Deciding to spend less on wedding invitations does not directly
translate into having less than stellar invites. Good looking and beautiful invitations can be purchased
and sent out by the couple at a lower cost if they will strive follow sound advice on how to save money
on wedding invitations.

Saving on Mailing Invites
One of the first ways that couple can save on wedding invites is by understand a few practical points
concerning shipping costs. For example, square shaped envelopes cost more to mail per item due to the
fact that square envelopes do not fit into the standard shipping machinery used by the post office, and
must therefore be stamped and process individually,
boosting the overall costs significantly.

Instead, a couple can choose to use the standard shaped
rectangle envelopes when mailing their invitations so
that the added cost of square envelopes does not tip the
budget. Additionally, the fad of including pre-stamped
envelopes in the wedding invites for the invited guest to
RSVP is long over.

The added cost of stamping an equal number of
envelopes as wedding invitations literally doubles mailing costs. Instead, consider making a simple
wedding website or Facebook page that people can log onto to RSVP electronically.
This brings up the money saving practice of making use of technology when creating and sending
wedding invites. While sending a mass text or Facebook e-vite to all is still considered a little tacky for
such a formal event as a wedding, there are other ways that a couple looking to save on wedding
invitations can utilize technology to lessen the costs of the invites themselves.

Including printed maps into every invitation can quickly add to the cost of each printed invitation, so
instead use again a wedding website, blog, or Facebook page to provide the information on locations to
the invited guests. The URL for these online helpers can easily and inexpensively be added to the
bottom of the invitation.

Choosing the right place to have the invitations created and printed can also translate into big savings,
or big expenses, for the happy couple. A bride and groom should shop around for different printing
prices and competitive rates.

Additionally, there may be places that offer entire wedding packages that would include invitations in
the discounted price. By knowing how to mitigated costs on wedding invitations, a couple can save
more money overall on their special day.

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