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									                                                                                                    Dealing with a large class? Technology can help:
Technology and the Large Class                                                                      1. Tablet computer develops material as you go and
Bill Vining                                                                                            records entire lecture. Students who miss class
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry                                                               can watch the lecture online and then come in
                                                                                                       with questions.
Celebration of Teaching, November 2009
                                                                                                    2. Clicker use during class aids communication between
TABLET COMPUTERS use a pen to                                                                          you and your students, and between students.
write on the screen during a                                                                        3. Online homework can serve as to keep students up
lecture presentation. Record the entire                                                                to date with material and you up to date with
Lecture: video of screen + voice .                                                                     their progress.
                                                                                  ONLINE HOMEWORK (OWL) serves to:
                                                                                     Give automatically graded
                                                                                     Provide 1st-level tutorial help
                                                                                     Act as a mastery system
                                                                                     Provide students an indication
                                                                                          of their progress and
  PowerPoint saves the handwritten
                                                                                          randomized study examples
  notes made on slides. You can post
  both original and annotated versions.                                              Provide you data on:
Student response is highly favorable.
                                                                                          - student progress
Question: How does this method of                                                         - time spent working on HW
lecture delivery compare with normal                                                      - warning reports of all
PowerPoint use?
                                                                                                students below a
       Much Better

                                                                                                certain level
   Somewhat Better
                                                                                           - quick communication with
                                                                                                groups of students
                                                                                                based on progress
   Somewhat Worse

       Much Worse

                     0   10   20   30     40          50      60   70   80   90
                                                                                  CLICKERS use student-held response
                                        Percent Respondents

                                                                                  devices where they “vote” on
 Producing and posting a recorded                                                 questions you ask.
 lecture takes about 30 minutes of
 computer time, but only ~2 minutes                                               Uses:
 of work.                                                                                 Attendance
                                                                                          Quick check on understanding   Students were asked (via clickers)
                                                                                          Keeping class attention        which aspects of the course best
                                                                                          In-Class quizzing              helped them learn the material.
                                                                                          Getting student opinions       Homework was found most useful;
                                                                                          Drive class discussions        the physical textbook least useful.

                                                              Examples at:

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