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									Flex 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.5
Kevin Schmidt | Solution Engineer
Now Available….

                  Flash Builder 4.5          Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP

                  Flash Catalyst CS 5.5.

                                           Shipped May 3rd
                  Flex SDK 4.5

                           Product                                          Price
                           Flash Builder 4.5 Standard                       $249
                           Flash Builder 4.5 Premium *                      $699
                           Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP Std           NEW      $399
                           Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP Prem          NEW      $799

                           Product                                          Price
                           Flash Catalyst                                   $399

                       •    Upgrade pricing         * FB 4.5 Premium included in:
                            available                Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium & Master
                       •    60-day trial download    Adobe Enterprise Developer Program

Raising The Bar For What’s Possible On The Web

        Visualizations         Interactive Experiences   Rich Internet Applications

       Premium Video                 Music                       Games
                   smartphones will support   Innovate
                   Flash Player

 of all smartphones will support                                 SmartPhones and Tablets*
 Flash Player

         growth of Flash
         Player installs

smartphones will ship with          Inspire              Adopt
Flash Player in 1H 2011

tablets will ship or be able to
download Flash Player
                                                                 SmartPhones and Tablets by
                                                                       end of 2011*
Flex 4.5 & Flash Builder 4.5 deliver…

                 Apps for the leading mobile platforms -- Android, Blackberry
                 Tablet OS, and iOS.

                 Highly productive, mobile development tooling.
                 One tool. One framework. One codebase.

                 Performance – native application performance.
Flex 4.5 & Flash Builder 4.5 Supported Platforms


   Outside the browser

   Mobile platforms

                                             Delivered in a June 2011
    Develop mobile applications – Flex 4.5 SDK

   A single framework for building web, desktop
    and mobile applications

       Leverage core features of Flex to create
        standalone AIR applications that target Google
        Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry Tablet OS

       Develop user interfaces that are tailored for
        different form factors, yet share common code
        and project assets

       Highly optimized performance for mobile
    Develop mobile applications – Flex 4.5 SDK

   Existing Spark components optimized and skinned
    for mobile

   Mobile-specific components added for application
    navigation and state management

   Mobile-aware user interface components are…
     Performance optimized
     Touch-enabled
     Multi-platform and multi-density aware
     Expose common mobile UI affordances
     Customizable through skinning and styling
    Develop mobile applications – Flash Builder 4.5

   New tooling to support ActionScript and Flex mobile
     Targets Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and iOS

     Visual development and per-device preview in
      design mode
     Multi-density authoring support

     One-click launch in emulator or on-device

     Debug in emulator or on-device

     Create signed application packages ready for
      deployment to mobile app store/marketplace
Demo – Flex SDK 4.5 & Flash Builder 4.5 Mobile
    Improved development experience – Flex 4.5 SDK

   New skinnable components
     DataGrid, Form, Image, BusyCursor

     Module, Popup Container (for alerts and dialogs)

   Locale-aware formatters, validators and sorting

   Improved support for large, modular applications
     Further modularized Flex framework

     Streamlined linking between parent and child applications
    Improved development experience – Flash Builder 4.5

   Over 25 new coding productivity features added
     100+ built in code templates for ActionScript, MXML
      and CSS
     Quick Fix/Quick Assist for for fast and accurate coding

     Invalid reference highlighting

     Code generation for common AS and MXML coding
     Metadata code completion

     Block selection and edit mode

     Code formatting for MXML documents
     CSS navigation & refactoring
     Improvements to state renaming and code completion

     Open any MXML any AS file from file system

     …..
    Improved development experience – Flash Builder 4.5

   Expanded support for customization of IDE when writing
       Fully customizable templates for all Flash Builder generated code
       Configurable trigger keys for code completion
       Ability to select files to exclude from build folder
       Ability to select debug player
       Better support for changing FlexUnit libraries

   More robust design surface for application layout and
       Auto-collapse of data-binding expressions
       Rendering and performance improvements for large projects
       Visual feedback and improved ghosting when dragging & dropping
       More robust support for project incompatibilities
    Improved development experience – Flash Builder 4.5

   Better performance for large-scale projects
       65% faster profiling large applications
       65% faster refactoring, renaming and moving references within large

   Faster Compilation
       20% reduction in full and incremental compilation for large projects
       20% reduction in memory usage when compiling large projects
Demo – Flash Builder 4.5 Coding Productivity Features
Introducing Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP

         Through the ongoing partnership between Adobe and Zend Technologies,
         we are proud to introduce an integrated solution to speed development of
         Flex and PHP applications for the web and mobile

                                   Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP, a unified Eclipse-based IDE,
                                        • Flash Builder 4.5
                                        • Zend Studio 8
                                        • Plugins for Flex and PHP integration
    Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP – Joint Installer and Enhanced Workflows

   Combined installer
       Install Flash Builder 4.5, Zend Studio 8 and
        Flex/PHP integration features in one step
       One-key serialization

   New Flex and PHP project workflows
       Target Web or Mobile
       Create and link Flex and PHP projects
       Single UI framework
    Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP – Robust Introspection and Debugging

   Enhanced PHP service introspection
       Quick access to service wizards from the Package
       Uses Zend Studio code intelligence for type
        introspection requiring fewer manual service
        configuration steps

   Integrated Flex/PHP debugging
       Seamlessly debug client side Flex and ActionScript
        and server side PHP services
       Initiate Flex and PHP debug sessions simultaneously
       Set breakpoints in Flex/ActionScript and PHP
Demo – Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP Integrated Workflow
Robust bi-directional design/develop workflow - prototyping

                                   Convert artwork
                                   to components
        Generate                     Round-trip                Generate
        wire-frame                 graphics editing           high-fidelity
Robust bi-directional design/develop workflow – component skinning

                 Component skin

                                                      Deploy to
                                                    Flash Player
                                                    or Adobe AIR
                  User interface
    Robust bi-directional design/develop workflow

   Flash Catalyst CS 5.5
     Visual editing of common Spark component skins

     Skin creation for developer-defined components

     Support for re-sizability and constraints-based layout

     Protects designer from breaking developer code

   Bi-directional project and library workflow
     Flash Catalyst project template in Flash Builder

     Compatibility tools to aid developer productivity

     Launch and edit from Flash Builder

     Configurable code generation across tools
Demo – Flash Catalyst CS 5.5 Launch & Edit from Flash Builder 4.5
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