Finding a Cheap Wedding Venue

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					Finding a Cheap Wedding Venue
If you are currently engaged or are thinking about getting married, you should probably start thinking
about planning your wedding. You may have heard horror stories from friends and family who have
talked about how much money they had to spend on their wedding to make it what they wanted it to

There is good news for you, however. You can have the wedding you always dreamed of and still stay
within your budget.

It may take self-discipline and some cutting back in order to make it work, but it is definitely possible.
This article will focus on how to find an affordable and lovely venue for your wedding.

Keep Track of Wedding Venue Information
One of the first things to know about booking a cheap wedding venue is that you will need to keep track
of each venue that you’re looking into. Keep track of all the information that you’ve been given on each

There will most likely be information about catering, tables, decorations, linens, and the cake. Some
venues will include some or more of these venues, and some will not.

                                          It is important that you record which venue includes what, so
                                          when you’re comparing venues you are completely informed of
                                          what each venue offers. One idea for a cheap venue could be a
                                          public park or green.

                                          Oftentimes, these spaces are very cheap to rent out because
                                          they belong to the city. If you want an outdoor wedding or
                                          reception, renting on of these spaces could be a great choice
                                          for you.

Keep in mind, however, that some of these places may not be equipped to handle large events. This
means that you may have to rent out tables, tablecloths, etc.

This could end up costing more than you had originally saved by holding your wedding in a park. These
are things to consider.

Location Location Location
Another great way to save money on a venue is to hold your wedding or reception in an unusual venue,
like an aquarium, a historical site, zoo, museum, or candy shop. These places are obviously not used to
having weddings held in their space, so they will probably offer you a fairly cheap price.

Keep in mind that you will probably also not have to decorate as
much, because the setting will provide enough ambience that you
will not need decorations. If you do need decorations, they will most likely only need to be minimal.

Another great way to save money on a wedding venue is to hold your wedding and your reception in the
same place. Many people do not like the idea of doing this, because they feel like it will create the idea
that they are poor or cheap.

However, keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter what other people think. If you’re saving money,
then you win.

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Description: There are some tricks to finding the venue you want at a cheap price and this article will teach you some of those valuable tricks.