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									Press Release

Red Arrow International: Jean Reno, Betty                                   Page 1
White, Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain,
Hayley Atwell – talent driven slate for
Munich, October 2nd, 2012. Jean Reno, Betty White, Hayley Atwell,
Steven Van Zandt, Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain: with over 50 new
programs, including 5 new scripted series and an extensive TV movie         Contact:
                                                                            ProSiebenSat.1 Group
slate, Red Arrow International presents an exciting and diverse line-up
                                                                            Stefanie Prinz
at MIPCOM featuring amazing talents and high quality content.               Medienallee 7
                                                                            D-85774 Unterföhring
Fiction highlights include the crime series Jo, starring Jean Reno and      Phone +49 [89] 95 07-1199
                                                                            Fax +49 [89] 95 07-91199
Jill Hennessy (created by Emmy winner René Balcer), spy thriller
                                                                            Email: Stefanie.Prinz
Restless (co-produced by the BBC and Sundance Channel) with                 @ProSiebenSat1.com
Hayley Atwell, Rufus Sewell and Michelle Dockery and the second
seasons of both Lilyhammer and Betty White’ Off Their Rockers on
                                                s                           Red Arrow International
                                                                            Isabelle Fedyk
NBC.                                                                        Medienallee 6
                                                                            D-85774 Unterföhring
                         s                          s
Red Arrow International’ format highlights are ABC’ hot new cooking         Phone +49 [89] 95 07-2320
competition show The Taste with Nigella Lawson and Anthony                  Fax +49 [89] 95 07-2321
Bourdain, A League of Their Own – Sky1’ highest entertainment               Isabelle.Fedyk
commission of all times – and Heroes of the Internet, the new comedy        @redarrowinternational.tv
format from the creator of International Emmy Award winning Benidorm
                                                                            Press release online:

Jens Richter, Managing Director of Red Arrow International: “   Top tier
talent! All genres: Crime, Thriller, Action, Comedy, Talent competition –
you name it, we’ got it. We very are very excited to bring you our
amazing new line-up this MIPCOM.”

Content Portfolio

Events Unlimited: In his role as elite cop Jo (produced by Atlantique
Productions) Jean Reno stops at nothing to solve mysterious murder
cases. Fighting crime alongside Reno are Jill Hennessy (“      Crossing
Jordan” and Tom Austen (“                  )
                             The Borgias” while Hollywood newcomer
Heida Reed (“          )           s
              One Day” plays Jo’ estranged daughter Adèle. Filmed in
English and on location in Paris, the crime series was created by Emmy
Award winner René Balcer (“    Law & Order” “ , Law & Order: Criminal
Intent” Restless (produced by Endor Productions for the BBC and
Sundance Channel) is a compelling espionage thriller set in World War             Page 2 of 4
II starring Hayley Atwell, Rufus Sewell and Michelle Dockery. Based on
William Boyd’ international bestseller, the miniseries shows the
duplicitous life of a female spy during World War II. The thriller The Spy
(produced by Aspekt Telefilm-Produktion Berlin GmbH) tells the true
story of Vera Schalburg: one of Germany’ top secret agents in 1940,
Vera and two other agents are sent out for their most important mission
which ends in a fiasco. Drama at its best: The Legacy of the Taveling
Whore (produced by TV 60 Filmproduktion GmbH) is the third
installment of SAT.1’ most successful event movie brand of all time.
Set in the Middle Ages the opulent production tells the story of former
whore Marie, who is kidnapped by the king’ mistress. In the mystery
movie Bible of Blood (produced by TNF Tele Norm Film GmbH)
medical student Milla randomly stumbles upon, a medieval manuscript
and begins to explore and decipher the ancient text – with terrible

Formats: Commissioned by ABC, The Taste (produced by Kinetic
Content) shows four culinary superstars – Nigella Lawson, Anthony
Bourdain, Brian Malarkey and Ludo Lefebvre – relying only on their
taste buds to find the new cooking superstar. A League of Their Own
(produced by CPL Productions) is the perfect mix of sports, comedy and
entertainment. Now in its sixth and most successful season, A League
of Their Own is Sky1’ highest rated entertainment commission of all
times. From the creator of International Emmy Award winning
Benidorm Bastards (produced by SHELTER) comes the clip show 2.0
Heroes of the Internet (produced by SHELTER), bringing us hilarious
pranks, awkward moments and curious accidents. And in the game
show Body & Brain (created by Red Seven Entertainment produced by
R.T.I. S.P.A) two contestants go after a huge cash prize. The catch:
neither has a chance without the other one’ help – and they have
never seen each other before!

Drama Series: Aspiring plastic surgeon Dr. David Heller plans to land a
position at an elite private clinic. Instead he ends up temporarily taking over
an old doctor’ practice – together with Nina Hansen, David’ exact      s
opposite: Heller & Hansen – Docs Apart (produced by Sony Pictures
Film und Fernseh Produktions GmbH). Jessica has it all – the perfect
figure, great charisma and success in her dream job. The dramedy shows
what happens to Jessica after The Big Switch (produced by Producers
at Work GmbH) when she wakes up one morning with several extra
pounds on her hips. While Detective Gerry is the ultimate urban cowboy
his new partner is a “   do-gooder”and stickler for rules. Now both Cop &
Snob (produced by Constantin Television GmbH) have to combine their
unique talents to solve the unusual cases coming their way. In Family
Undercover (produced by H & V Entertainment) top-notch cop Hans has
to go into Witness Protection after infiltrating the Ukrainian Mafia – dragging    Page 3 of 4
along his teenage kids. In season four the highly trained professionals of the
MPU – Missing Persons Unit (produced by Eyeworks) dedicate their
lives to tracking down and rescuing missing people. In their fourth season
the detectives in Zone City (produced by Studio-A) are determined not
only to catch culprits but to find out which personal tragedy is at the heart of
the crimes they investigate.

Comedy Series: Scoring record ratings on NBC, Betty White and her
fearless gang of seniors are back for a second season of Betty White's
Off Their Rockers (produced by Kinetic Content), a hidden-camera
series where senior citizens prank unsuspecting youngsters. For her
outstanding work, Betty White was nominated for an Emmy Award as
Best Host. Betty White’ Off Their Rockers is based on International
Emmy Award and Rose d’ winning Benidorm Bastards (produced

With over 15 new movies – including high quality, star loaded TV
movies from US top-notch TV producer Larry Levinson and from
Chesler/Perlmutter Productions – Red Arrow International’ movie line
up offers everything from crime over drama to romantic comedy.

Ex-colleagues Jenna and Kyle cannot stand each other, but have to
start getting along in order to secure a Baby Bonus (produced by
Chesler/Perlmutter Productions) for their siblings. On her search for true
love, Melanie is assisted by a Matchmaker Santa (produces by Larry
Levinson Productions). And Jack tries to impress the girl of his dreams
in the romantic comedy Keep on Dancing (produced by
Chesler/Perlmutter Productions).

Upcoming Events: With millions of fans around the world, LAPD
homicide detective Harry Bosch (produced by Fuse Entertainment)
finally comes to TV in 2013. In his first case, Bosch follows the trail to a
murderer after a dog brings home a human bone. Scoring historical
ratings in Norway, the second season of Mafia dramedy Lilyhammer
(produced by Rubicon TV, co-produced by Netflix) starring Steven Van
Zandt comes next year. Lilyhammer has been picked up by Netflix, the
BBC and SBS in Australia.

TV Magazines/Documentaries: Shock. Heart racing. Adrenaline
pumping. Final prayers. The Indestructibles (produced by Story House
Productions GmbH for National Geographic’ U.S) investigates ten real-
life incidents, explaining how someone could survive the seemingly not
survivable. The Traveling Whore: The True Story II (produced by
Bilderfest Factual Entertainment) shows fascinating cases of forbidden     Page 4 of 4
love in the Middle Ages.

About Red Arrow International
Red Arrow International (formerly: SevenOne International) is the
worldwide programming sales company of Red Arrow Entertainment
Group. By marketing the group’ projects and third-party producers,
Red Arrow International offers an extensive portfolio of fictional and
factual programming plus a strong format line-up.
Led by Jens Richter, Red Arrow International is a gap financer and
secures international co-production and co-financing partners.
Launched in January 2010, Red Arrow Entertainment Group combines
a dynamic and growing group of 18 TV production companies spanning
9 countries, with powerful creative partnerships, including Dick de Rijk
(“                ; Deal or No Deal” and Omri Marcus (“
  You Deserve It” “                 )                     Eye Contact”).
Red Arrow Entertainment Group is a ProSiebenSat.1 Group company
which belongs to Europe‘ leading media groups, reaching more than
62 million TV households.

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