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Letters to Santa Claus
Dear Santa; I have been a Good boy. I would Like A Race Track, Gun, and a Helmet for Christmas. Dear Santa Claus I love you. I want a pear of boots and a new dress and a snowmobile suit and a pad of paper and a radio and a teenager doll with curlers and clothes and a nice red sled and a ring and I might have something for your snack. I have been really good. Name Amy Shanlian grade third age 8 Dear Santa Dear Santa I like a vertebird and a big Jim Love Jim Patnaude Dear Santa Claus I would like a new dress and a new kneelsock and a doll and a new game and a new pencils and a new erasers and a new puzzle and a new record. Your friend Michelle Ann Schwartz Dear Santa I Love you very much and I want a G I Joe, B-B gun and a farm tractor. Your friend Ricky Lloyd Dear Santa I want a 8 mile hour Skidoo and a little car and a dump truck and a Robut and a Big toy car. Your friend Rodney Montreuil Dear Santa Dear Santa Claus I want a fashion girl doll and a adan boy doll and a smile umbrella and a mickey mouse watch and a candy-cane and you. Your friend, Cindee Nichols Dear Santa, I want some toys for Christmas here are some names of them a cox dune buggy, sizzler cars, track candle maker, presto model and a snowcone maker. I give you some cookies and a couple sandwiches. I like your reindeer names. I can tell you your reindeer names. 1. Dasher, 2.Dancer, S.Prancer, 4.Vixen, 5.Comet, G.Cupid, T.Donner, a.Blit/.en and the best one of all is Rudolph this is all I got to say for now. From Your Friend Darryl Lesoski. Dear Santa I want a jewelry box for Christmas a srapbook and a snowmobile suit. I will leave you a cookie and milk. Love Pam Thorp Dear Santa I would like a play machine gun and a play tractor and a paths and shirt and leather gloves and model car and a truck and a new coat and a robot and a racing car and a sled and I will leave you a cookie. Love Felix Murawaski Dear Santa Claus I would like a pellet gun and a chemistry set. and a new pop wheelies sled, and a ship and the rest of my football suit Santa Claus wen you get done you would be probobly be hungry so I will leve some cookys and some wine. Santa your friend Jerry Dear Santa I would like a bridle for my horse and a par of snowmobile boots and a motal car and i would like a sled, and a riffle dar gun and a indan and cowboy set and ther will be some cookies and milk on the tabl. Love Brian Pryor Dear Santa Claus I love you. I want a pear of boots and a teenager doll with curlers and a pear of ice skates and a horse and a Derman Shepherd. I will leev you a bowll of milk and a bowl of cookies. Your frend Bonnie Lamirance Love, Andrea & Angela Nieboer Dear Santa, I am five years old and I have tried to be good this year. I would like a dolly and some doll clothes also I would like a face mask so my face can keep warm when I go snowmobiling. Dear Santa, We are 5 years old and have been good girls. Would you please bring us alot of Barbie Dolls in a suitcase with clothes, a lite-brite and a sink and refrigerator. We would like an inchworm for our baby sister Pam.

sprts be light with the many blessings of this Holy Season.



•Ey ! M ••!• ii/JUV
Timmy Marshall
My Little sister wants a doll. I'll Leave you some Milk and Cookies. Timmy & Sandy Marshall Dear Santa, Please bring me a set of drums, guitar and a bicycle. Nicky, my dog, would like a new bone. I have been a pretty good boy. I'll leave you some cookies and Pepsi. Thank you. Your Friend, Doug Kuntz Age 4

I hope you will have a nice year. I will put a glass of milk and 20 cookies for you. Will you give me a taperecorder. Love Phillip Harmer Dear Santa Claus I hope you come to my house Santa because we will have some cookies and milk for you. And if you bring me a tent and a Rock'm Sock'm Robot set would you please Santa Claus please. And if you do I will set out a lot of cookies out for you well about 10 cookies. Your friend, Willard Burdon

f \Jb^T%AVA to all this Christmas Season and Joy in every moment.

Cass City

Sincere Christmas Wishes
We're fixing to have the best holiday ever and hope you have the same. Our thanks to all of you for

Julie Smith

Doug & Tammy Kuntz
Dear Santa, I have been a good girl. Please bring me a toaster, dishes, stove, refrigerator and sink. Doug and I will have some cookies and Pepsi on the table for your snack. Love, Tammy Kuntz Age 2

Bonnie Smith
My baby brother Donnie has tried to be good but he is cutting teeth and cries alot at night. Even so he would like a Teddy Bear and a pull toy that makes noise. We will leave you some cookies and a glass of milk and of course some sugar for the reindeer. Julie & Donnie Smith Dear Santa, My name is Debbie and I would like a white Annette walking doll, and a popcorn maker, and a toy chest with ckalkboard and Book shelves. My brother Bobby would like a walkie talkie set and a gun set and a Snoopy Power Tooth brush. Love, Debbie and Bobby Walters P.S. Will leave you cookies and milk.


{Johnson's Plumbing & Heating:

vt/e're wrapping it up! Our holiday greeting that is, with A-l hopes of a season filled with happiness and warmth to all our friends, and our gratitude to patrons we've served.

Dear Santa Claus Will you come to our house this year. We will have some milk and cookie this year. I want a new pop Wheelies sled. by Lee Wilson Dear Santa Claus

Dear Santa I hope you come to my house. I would like a ssp electric foot ball game a work bench combine and a truck. P.S. And you'll find a sandwich and a beer. Love Scott Hobart I want a purple dress with a purple belt. I want n snow suit teenager doll. I wat a pair of white ice skates. I might leave you some cookes. I love you. Mary Strouth

I Phone 872-2750 or 872-3830

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I hope you come to my house Santa because we will have some cookies and milk four you. and if you bring me a tent and a Rock'm Sock'm Robot and a toy train and a robot and gijo. Love Larry Kendall Dear Santa Claus, My mother might leave cookies and milk for you. I would like a pool table, dart set, Rockem Sockem robot and roller skates. Your friend, Chris Huizar Dear Santa I would like a pellet gun and a train and a tool set and a set of clothes and a model and a model car and fish and the tank. Love Eddie Rievert Dear Santa Claus My Mother might leave some cookies and milk and some n sugar for the reindeers. I hope d that you will Please bring me a r dolly, and Lucy's tea party c game. Love Karen Sue Wright

the^pirit of Qfiristmas
(Happiness. Joy. Peace. That's the spirit of Christmas. It warms the heart. It brings young and old together. And it brings to mind just how much we value your support.

May the light of friendship shine over your home and bring its blessings this holiday season


The Littks
Little's Funeral Home

Pastor J. E. Kidney & family
wish you a Merry Christmas

Jim & Kate Wayne-Bruce-Ada-John-Jack-Sharon
Cass City

and a
Happy New Year

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