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									            Finding my Calcutta…

     There is a story told of a woman going through a rough time who felt very much alone in the world. She wrote Mother
      Teresa asking if it would be possible for her to join the Sisters of Charity who ministered to the poorest of the poor in
    Calcutta, India. Many months went by without a response, when eventually a hand-addressed envelope arrived. Inside the
    envelope was a simple note that read, “Find your own Calcutta”. It would be safe to assume that Mother Teresa wasn’t
     turning down a helping hand as they never had all the workers they could use. Perhaps what she was trying to say was
                   that each of us needs to find that one place in the world where we’re uniquely gifted to serve.
                                               It is my hope to find my own Calcutta.

                                                  I’m writing today to update you on some recent happenings in life. Perhaps you know of
                                        my involvement in aviation, and more specifically, my desire to serve overseas as a missionary
                                        pilot. Following my trip in 2009 to Nairobi, Kenya, with Africa Inland Mission (AIM), I have
          ●     ●    ●                  continued to pursue missionary aviation as a career.

  What’s on the horizon?

                                                                                                            Flying the DC-3 over the
                                                                                                                equator in Africa!

Continue full-time work at LU
flight instructing and gaining                   I graduated in 2010 from Rocky Mountain College with dual degrees, a Bachelor of
   maintenance experience.              Science in Aeronautical Science, and a Bachelor of Arts in Religious and Philosophical Studies.
                                        After graduation I moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, to work for Liberty University (LU) as a flight
 Attend AIM Candidate Week              instructor, and soon thereafter attended LU’s aviation maintenance school. I recently graduated
        this summer.                    from the program with my airframe and powerplant maintenance certificates, so I’m officially a
                                        licensed pilot-mechanic!
  Preparing for the Aviation
Technical Evaluation later this
                                                            Working on the Lycoming
                                                                 engine during
                                                             maintenance school.
          ●     ●    ●
                                                        Presently, I am continuing to work full-time for LU splitting my time between flight
                                              instructing two days, and working in maintenance three days per week. Life is nothing short of
            ●     ●       ●                   exciting, as I’m busier than ever while continuing to mentor other women in the program, assist
                                              with LU’s mission aviation group, and participate in my local church. Most recently I have
                                              been accepted by Proclaim Aviation Ministries as a candidate for their Next Generation Fund. I
    Acceptance with Proclaim                  feel blessed to be working under their guidance and direction as they provide a financial
       Aviation Ministries!                   platform and encouraging partnership.

   Continued employment with                            I have a strong desire to serve with AIM Air ( and I continue to work
    Liberty providing hands on                toward gaining the needed experience to meet their requirements. AIM, like most mission
            experience.                       organizations, requires that I have minimal student and flight training debt before joining their
                                              overseas staff. My goal is to work full-time over the next year to pay off my maintenance
       Prayer Requests                        training and begin establishing a relocation fund. Proclaim Aviation recognizes that the most
                                              common barrier to students joining mission agencies is the high cost of acquiring the needed
   Guidance in continuing the                 training. Proclaim not only provides financial guidance and accountability, but provides a
  application process with AIM.               platform to begin support raising while completing my training and greatly accelerates the
                                              process. I have been working diligently toward overseas ministry and formal acceptance with
            ●     ●       ●                   AIM Air, but I cannot make this transition alone. Would you consider financially, and
            ●     ●       ●                   prayerfully partnering with me as I finalize my preparations? We are not all called to "Go into
                                              all the world", but would you consider being a sender?
       Recent Happenings
                                              I am excited as I begin this journey and am anticipating great things from God! It is an honor
    Although my intent is to serve
                                              having your prayer, financial, and emotional encouragement. I have included my contact
  overseas in Africa, I'm striving to
  hone my missions mindset during                                                                                   information to answer any
  the interim period. Working for a                                                                                 questions that you may have,
    Christian university provides a                                                                                 and I am looking forward to
   unique opportunity to share my                                                                                   communicating with you more
 testimony and encourage incoming                                                                                   in the future.
  students. I'm also privileged to be
   mentored by active and former                                                                                    Sincerely,
 mission pilots and mechanics. This
                                                                                                                    Lindsey Gray
interaction continues to confirm the
   need for skilled pilot/mechanics
 and almost daily affirms my career

At a recent Perspective’s course on
  missions, a speaker from India
     mentioned something that
 impacted me. He said “If all your                                        Getting Connected – How can you help?
   prayers from last week were
  answered, would it change the
                                                                           More information can be found at
world? Or would it just change your
                                                             or by completing the
world?” As I continue to pursue the
                                                                                 enclosed donor form.
 path in which the Lord has called
  me to, I pray that my life will be
                                                                     For questions or comments please contact me at:
used by Him locally, and globally to                                                   Lindsey Gray
  communicate the gospel to the                                                    601 Northwynd Circle
unreached. I pray to demonstrate a                                                 Lynchburg, VA 24502
 radical life, not only claiming my                                    
         faith, but to live it.

            ●     ●       ●
                  Proclaim is recognized by the IRS as a United States 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax-deductible receipts will be issued for
                  contributions received. Proclaim has been accepted into the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). The Christian
                  nonprofit organizations that qualify for ECFA demonstrate compliance with established standards in financial accountability.
                  Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Proclaim Aviation Ministries has complete discretion and control over the use of
                  all donated funds.

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