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					2008 Beerwah State School Fortnightly Newsletter
Principal: Eric Greentree: President: Mary Lou Oliver Canteen: Sandra Graham Deputy Principal: Col Berning Vice President: Shari Brewer Uniforms: Lynne Brewer and Sandra Graham

Issue 1
Head of Special Education Services: Pam McPherson Secretary: Sue Noonan QCPCA: Bernice Cammell

30th January 2008

Business Services Manager: Carole Jensen Treasurer: Coralie Lillecrapp

P&C Meetings
3rd Wednesday of each Month

Tuckshop Days
Monday & Thursday

Uniform Day
Every 2nd Wednesday 8:30 – 9:30 am (below the Centenary Hall) PLUS Ordering System

Contact Us
School: Ph 5436 5555 Fax 5436 5500


Principal’s Hotline
WELCOME BACK On behalf of the Staff and P&C of the school I would like to welcome all students and especially the new students and their families to the 2008 school year. I trust that everyone enjoyed the Summer vacation and that the rain didn‟t dampen too many family activities and events. We hope that the 2008 school year will be filled with great learning, enthusiastic participation and fantastic achievements. We Can Do It! STAFF ARRANGEMENTS Welcome also to our new staff members. I know that they have been getting to know us and are well organised and also looking forward to a great year. Special news from Mrs Liz Traynor: We congratulate Mrs Traynor and her husband Jeff on the recent news that they will be adopting a little baby. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you as you embark upon parenthood. Mrs Traynor will be on leave for the 2008 school year. This has resulted in a shuffle of teachers and Mr Ken Matthews has taken over the Year 5ET class with Simone McNab taking over the Year 3KM class. Class list and locations YEAR NAME Year 7SH Stephanie Harvey Year 6RA Robyn Atwell Year 7KR Kevel Reeves Year 7/6ES Eve Studt Year 2/1AF Anne Finter Year 2LS Lyn Stevens Year 1GW Gillian Wallace Year 3SM Simone McNab Year 3MP Di Moss & Jennie Pickering Year 4SS Tanya & Michael Searle Year 4DT Dominic Taylor Year 5KM Ken Matthews Year 5MR Maree Reimann Year 6/5DM Deb Mitchell Year 4/3MG Margaret Grambauer PREP SR Sandy Reigos PREP FW Fiona Wild If not using the Drop and Go Zone, parents should park their vehicle and walk to the gate to collect their children. A child crossing through the carpark unattended is extremely dangerous. No access to the school grounds is permitted for the purpose of dropping off or picking up students, without the prior permission of the Principal. AFTER SCHOOL CARE We have been working hard with the successful tenderer, Camp Australia, during the vacation to finalise the arrangements for the commencement of the After School Care. I am pleased to announce that the program will commence th next Monday afternoon 4 February 2008. Parents wishing to have their children attend can collect an enrolment agreement form from the office. These must be completed prior to the child commencing in the program. Please direct all other enquiries to Libby Kerr, Regional Manager – QLD, on mobile 0420 947 246. INFORMATION EVENING 2008 New Format As part of the Assessment and Reporting plan for Beerwah State School, this year we are scheduling Parent Teacher th Interviews on Tuesday 26 February. Each interview will be approximately 15 minutes long, during which time the teachers will provide the parents with some feedback as to how the year has started and provide details about plans, goals and expectations for their work with their child for the 2008 school year. Parents will also be given the opportunity to be involved in the development of the program for the child by providing additional information that may assist in achieving the best outcomes possible for the students. Parents will receive an invitation early in February and will be asked to provide an indication of several suitable times so that teachers can schedule an interview for either the afternoon or evening sessions. I am anticipating that all parents will take the opportunity to be a part of this planning assessment and reporting cycle. The next interview period will be at the end of Semester 1 in late June along with the end of Semester 1 Report Card. SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION TO THE GAMBLING COMMUNITY BENEFIT FUND I am pleased to report that our 2007 submission to the Gambling Community Benefit Grant for “Fixed and Portable Lighting and P.A. Equipment” was successful. I will be making arrangements for the supply and installation of the equipment into our centenary hall in the weeks ahead. This will upgrade the facility and will, I am sure, be of great benefit to the school community as we stage various productions and events in the years ahead.

ROOM A1 A2 A3 A4 B1 B2 B3 G1 G2 M1 M3 M4 T3A T3B T2B J1 J2

CARPARK I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that the carpark area is an area where they MUST drive slowly and with caution. Please do not double park in the “Drop and Go Zone”. Delaying your arrival to approximately five minutes past three o’clock each afternoon usually results in a quick turn around.

SWIMMING CARNIVAL: Just a reminder to parents that our annual Year 4-7 Swimming th Carnival will be held next Friday 8 February. More detailed information and permission slips will be distributed to children shortly. WHOLE SCHOOL PARADE th Our First Parade will be held next Tuesday 5 February at 8:55 a.m. in the Centenary Hall. This will be a whole school parade. Parents are invited to attend. NEWSLETTER ARRANGEMENTS 2008 This year, the school newsletter will be published each fortnight and sent home on Wednesday afternoon with the oldest child in the family at the school. STUDENT/FAMILY CONTRIBUTIONS: Student Contributions $20 & Photocopy Levies $5 While these levies may be VOLUNTARY, for equity to be achieved (the whole class to enjoy fantastic opportunities for that little bit extra) and this scheme to be most effective, it is imperative that we have a high level of support from each and every child‟s parent/guardian. Family Contributions The $25 P&C Voluntary Contributions are accepted all throughout the year. Whilst we all realize that families face constant demands for monies, the convenience of paying this amount at any time is an easier option. These voluntary contributions to the P&C are used in many ways to support various school projects. The P&C and the school accept these monies at the money collection window on Mon/Wed/Fri from 8:30am – 10:30am and other days in the secure cash box attached to the same window. We genuinely thank all the parents who have paid these contributions for their commitment to helping Beerwah State School to be the GREAT school that it is. STUDENT BANKING: Please note that the first banking day for student banking will th be Tuesday 4 March. SPECIAL EVENTS ON THE HORIZON: 8 February Yrs 4-7 Inter House Swimming Carnival 26 February Teacher/Parent Interviews

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Questioning Precise language Thinking

We have identified HOMs to focus on here at school and each week we will examine ONE. Starting in our next newsletter, look for the HOM called ‘Giving Effort / I Can Do it’.

Special Education News
A warm welcome to all our families and students and especially those who are new to our school. We are looking forward to working together for a successful 2008. Welcome also to our new teachers – Sue Maloney, Pam Dawkins and Hazel Jeary – who join our Special Education Team in supporting students at Beerwah State School. Pam McPherson H.O.S.E.S.

Library News
NEW BOOKS SEEK KEEN COVERERS Parents, we desperately need your help in the library to cover new books. No experience is necessary. Please see Mrs Reid or Miss Winchester if you are interested. HOW OUR LIBRARY WORKS When? All classes have a borrowing session each week. Parents, please ask your child what day they have library so you can help them to be organised. What do they need? Students are required to bring a library bag to school for borrowing. No bag no borrowing. How long? The loan period is limited to one week. Students may renew the items they wish to keep for longer periods. Overdue! If a child does not return a book after one week, they will be issued with an overdue notice. If your child brings an overdue note home, please fill it in and return the note or book to school. If your child does not return the note or the book by the following week, they will be issued with a blue slip referral. Lost or damaged books! If your child loses or damages a school library book, you are required to replace or pay for the replacement of the book. Before and After School! The library is open before and after school for students to return or borrow books. Parents may accompany their children and help them to select books to take home. Lunchtime! The library is also open at lunchtime for borrowing and games. Student helpers are also encouraged to volunteer to assist in the organisation of the library. Parent Helpers! Parent helpers are very much appreciated. Please drop in and see us if you can lend a hand. Happy Reading, Amanda Winchester Teacher Librarian

Think, Do, Learn, Know …

Beerwah State School

“Getting to the Heart of It”
Eric Greentree Principal

News from the Deputy
HABITS OF THE MIND (HOMs) Linked to our School Values One of our teaching goals for our students is for them to learn behaviours which are indicative of the efficient, effective learner and problem solver. Research into effective thinking and intelligent behaviour indicates that there are some identifiable characteristics of effective thinkers. These characteristics have been identified in successful mechanics, salespersons, truckies, builders, parents and business men and women. We call these characteristics „Habits of the Mind‟ and they show when a person is behaving intelligently. These HOMs are seldom performed in isolation. Rather, clusters of such habits are drawn upon and used in various situations. When listening, for example, you would use the following „Habits‟:


P&C News
We‟d like to take this opportunity to welcome all our families both old and new back to school for 2008. We hope that you all enjoy a wonderful 2008. P&C MONTHLY MEETING AND AGM th Wednesday 20 February 2007 th Please come to our P&C meeting on Wednesday 20 February to be held in the staffroom beginning at 6:30pm. Our monthly meeting will be held first and our Annual General Meeting will directly follow. We are looking for new faces with fresh ideas to join our P&C. All positions will be declared vacant and nomination forms are available from the school office. These will need to be filled out and received by the Secretary Mrs Sue Noonan by 3:00pm th Tuesday 19 February 2008. Verbal nominations can be taken on the night if no written nominations have been received. However written nominations take precedence. The Roles of the Executive & Subcommittees: The Role of the Executive The success of any P&C depends largely on what each individual member brings to their role. The following ideas have been taken from the Queensland Council of Parents & Citizens Association Manual. Executives need to be enthusiastic about their positions. Develop an atmosphere of co-operation and team spirit. Be tolerant of all opinions. The Role of President The role of the President is to provide leadership for the P&C Association and its Executive. In addition, the President‟s role involves a number of other responsibilities: conducting meetings representing the Association ensuring the smooth running of the Association between members and the whole school community between meetings. Ensuring that there is a fast communication between members of the school community and the P&C and the school. At all times encouraging participation. The Role of the Vice President The principal role of the Vice President is to provide vital support to the President at all times. This person will chair those meetings from which the President is absent and carry out duties which have been delegated to or by the President. A Vice President can look on this role as a means of gaining an understanding of various executive roles by becoming familiar with the operation of the association, including meeting procedures. The Role of the Secretary The Secretary of the P&C is responsible for the organization of the P&C‟s activities and the flow of communication within the Association. This role also involves: handling of all correspondence both incoming and outgoing preparing an agenda for each meeting acting upon the direction of the meeting looking after documents of the association maintaining a register of all members. MINUTES SECRETARY: recording full and accurate minutes of each meeting held, including any meetings the Executive has held between meetings when an urgent issue arises. In this case the minutes and actions taken need to be ratified at the next meeting.

The Role of the Treasurer The Treasurer has overall responsibility for the financial management of the P&C Association, including all subcommittee accounts. This involves: complying with the direction given in the P&C Association Financial Management Manual. Accounting for all money coming in and going out. Issuing receipts and keeping a cash book. Preparing monthly and bank reconciliation statements, including subcommittees for presentation at monthly meetings. Presenting an audited statement to Annual General Meeting. Preparing annual budget and being involved in school‟s Annual Operation Plan Keeping an inventory of equipment and stock owned by the Association. The Role of the QCPCA Representative Although this is not an executive position we believe this role is extremely vital. This person maybe involved in QCPCA at a local level, branch level or even state or national level. Whether you are experienced or a novice, the essential ingredient that your QCPCA rep requires is enthusiasm and commitment to the role parents play in the education of their students. You may be able to attend meetings at different levels and learn valuable information for our Association. QCPCA constitution and policy is being constantly updated to keep abreast of all changes. It is vital P&C‟s are aware their role is solely not limited to fundraising and QCPCA continues to work together on behalf of ALL State Schools. At this meeting we also fill our subcommittees which include: a) Tuckshop: This subcommittee passes on any recommendations they may have in relation to the day to day running of our fantastic tuckshop eg: menu changes, special days and new ideas. New ideas are always welcome to assist Sandra to provide the high quality of service we are all accustomed to. b) Grounds: This subcommittee is always on the lookout for people to help the beautification process of our very enviable site here at Beerwah. Last year we had a very successful working bee and many more are envisaged. As this task is often large we are looking for committed people to make it a wonderful 2008. Hall Management: Our fantastic Centenary Hall is certainly a great facility for our school. Many other schools are very enviable. This subcommittee monitors any issues that arise to do with our Hall. Fundraising: This committee runs separately from our major event organizing committee and is always seeking new faces and new ideas. There are many new ideas in our community, please feel free to bring them along and make them happen. Remember all monies raised goes directly toward projects in your child‟s school. Big Night Out Organising: Our major fundraiser is set to be huge again this year. Many people are needed urgently to help make this event happen in 2008. Single tasks taken on by single people are great ways to see this become a reality.




As you can see we need many, many people to help our Association run effectively. We often simply find that a lack of man/woman power is the only thing that stops us reaching our goals. So if you can give a small amount of your time on one rd of our subcommittees or at the Big Night Out on 23 May, it would not only be greatly appreciated but also benefit ALL Beerwah State School children.

We strongly urge all persons interested in the decision making processes of their child‟s school to attend our Annual General Meeting. The P&C is the hub from which the school generates support and activities such as the Tuckshop, “Big Night Out” and other fundraising and school events. Finally to our stalwart supporters we say a very BIG THANK YOU, your time and dedication are deeply appreciated by all here at Beerwah State School. STATE SCHOOLS ARE GREAT SCHOOLS P&C‟S HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN! SEE YOU THERE! UNIFORMS: Our uniform shop is open FORTNIGHTLY on a WEDNESDAY from 8:30am – 9:30am underneath the Hall. A pre-order system is also available and order forms are available from the office. Fill in an order form and return it to the office with payment and uniforms will be delivered to your child‟s classroom. The days that the uniform shop will be open in Term 1 are: 13 February 27 February 12 March 26 March TUCKSHOP PRICE RISES: A new tuckshop menu will be sent home in the next few weeks. Please note that there are some price rises. We thank you for your assistance in ensuring that you include the right money for your child‟s tuckshop order. TUCKSHOP NEWS BULLETIN: If you need to get in touch with the tuckshop, our phone number is 5436 5527 or you can contact the school office on 5436 5555. We appreciate all the time that our volunteers generously give, but we need lots of volunteers to ensure that our tuckshop is able to operate. If you are able to assist in the tuckshop please don‟t hesitate to contact Sandra or leave the attached tear off slip at the office. If you are able to help at least one day a term it would be greatly appreciated. For those of you who feel that committing to a full day may not be possible, then any help is appreciated eg: a morning or afternoon. We thank you in anticipation of your support -------------------------------------------------------------------------------TUCKSHOP VOLUNTEER RETURN SLIP Name: ____________________________________________ Phone No: _________________________________________ I can help with tuckshop on a: Monday: Full Day  Thursday: Full Day  9:00-12:00  9:00-12:00  12:00-3:00  12:00-3:00 

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