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Welcome to
TimeForce is a complete time & attendance system, powered by Qqest—a leader in employer services. Qqest
provides time and attendance, scheduling, payroll and HR solutions for business. With TimeForce, you have all of the
hardware + software + support + Radical Service™ you need to collect, manage and process time with exceptional
ease, efficiency and accuracy. From time-punch to paycheck, TimeForce is the solution you’ve been looking for.

simplify your time & attendance process and eliminate errors
Traditional timekeeping methods set the stage for calculation and data entry errors, as well as incorrect
application of company policies. Honest mistakes are frequent and usually not discovered until after payroll has
been disbursed, if ever at all. Additional time and money are commonly spent on error correction, tax penalties,
and even legal disputes. The entire process is unnecessarily labor-intensive, error prone and costly.

Until now.

Qqest’s powerful time & attendance solution—TimeForce—replaces cumbersome tracking procedures and
completely eliminates collecting payroll information manually.

TimeForce is the result of 20 years of experience, customer feedback, and research and development in
the time & attendance market.

We’ve listened, and with 36,000+ businesses (and growing), and millions of employees using TimeForce—you
can have confidence that this system really is a best-in-class time & attendance software solution you and your
business can rely on.

Plus, it’s a prudent choice in that you won’t outgrow your solution. TimeForce is scalable, and Qqest offers full
service Payroll Processing and HR & Benefits Administration tools and services. We’re here when you need us
and provide a turnkey, fully integrated workforce management solution.

Time & Attendance + HR + Payroll

collect time, manage time and                                           collect time
process time with the TimeForce                                         Choose from a wide variety of time collection hardware and/or
                                                                        software options. Select the methods of gathering time that work
time & attendance software solution                                     best for your organization. All integrate seamlessly with TimeForce.
                                                                        Learn more about collecting time on page 7
                                                                        Time clocks + comparison chart, pages 8-9
TimeForce is effective for both hourly and salaried personnel.
It replaces punch clocks, time cards, and time sheets with a simple,
yet powerful software system. One of the greatest attributes of
TimeForce is that each component integrates seamlessly with
the next. No matter what tools you need, no matter what services        manage time
you require, every time clock, each optional software module, payroll   TimeForce proficiently manages all of the time data for your
services, HR services, training, and support combine with TimeForce     employees and business. It is very intuitive, incredibly flexible
to create the overall customized system that completely addresses       and scalable. Permissions and access are under your control.
                                                                        Time collection, management, and extensive reporting are at
your time & attendance and workforce management needs.                  your fingertips.
                                                                        Learn more about managing time on page 11
                                                                        TimeForce II features + screens, pages 12-13
                                                                        Optional add-on features, pages 14-15

                                                                        process time
                                                                        TimeForce handles all steps of the process, from time-punch to
                                                                        paycheck. Your time is ready for payroll processing. TimeForce
                                                                        exports to your payroll software, payroll service provider, or Qqest
                                                                        Employer Services. No extra steps or hoops.
                                                                        Learn more about processing time + payroll on page 17

Because our customers demanded it, Qqest offers many ways to collect
time—gather and track employee time using a system that best suits
your workplace environment, business size (small to enterprise), and
employee working style (on-site, remote, traveling, salaried, and hourly).
collect time
Gather employee time via hardware, software, telephone, and/or smartphone. Choose just one or as many
different collection methods as you need to accommodate your organization’s requirements. Whether you need
keypad entry, swipe card readers, security features, proximity readers, biometric scanners, hand-recognition, or
job costing features—there is a clock to get the job done.

Our time clocks range from basic to sophisticated, depending on your business demands. Several of our clocks
offer OnDemand (or real time) technology, so you have access to up-to-the-minute information instantly. With
OnDemand, you can check who is in, and make labor adjustments as needed, quickly and efficiently. In addition
to collecting time using one of our great time clocks, you also have the flexibility of entering time directly through
your pc or laptop using TimeForce Self Service. You control the permissions and access. If you have staff working
remotely, there are many options including time collection via smartphone or telephone log-in subscription plans.
In addition, our Rugged Edition time clocks can be used at remote job sites, and are built to handle rough and
tumble environments, making it the perfect choice for construction companies and maintenance crews.

Whichever time collection device(s) you choose, TimeForce gathers your data; tracks all accruals; and exceptions
such as tardiness, absenteeism, or abuse of break or meal periods. Everything integrates seamlessly. We have
the solution for you.

      remote collection
                     N EW       Mobile App                                                                      IQ1000 TimeClock
                                                                                                                Optional Biometric Reader

                                The TimeForce II Mobile App is perfect for                                      The IQ1000 is our most advanced time clock,
                                companies with telecommuters, field workers,                                    with many sophisticated options and features
                                service technicians, and anybody else on-the-go.                                including: proximity card reader, magnetic
                                The Mobile App captures a GPS location, so you                                  stripe card reader, and/or optional biometric
                                can also verify where your employees clock in/out.                              (finger scan verification) reader. The IQ1000 also
                                                                                                                allows for employee messaging at the clock.
                                For those needing the convenience of
                                clocking in/out from any telephone, our
                                Telephone Login Plan is a great solution.
                                                                                                                IQ300, IQ400 & IQ500 TimeClock

                                                                                                                The IQ series is an intelligent set of time
                                                                                                                clocks built to serve businesses not seeking a
      hardware time collection                                                                                  biometric solution. The IQ300 time clock allows
                                                                                                                for departmental transfers, shift differentials,
                                                                                                                and tip/gratuity tracking right at the clock. The
                                V800 & V850 Biometric TimeClock                      *IQ400 & IQ500 require     IQ400, along with the TimeForce Job Costing
                                                                                     TimeForce Job Costing      module, allows you to quickly see time and
                                No cards to carry or lose. Our fast, award-          module.
                                                                                                                costs associated with any job, employee, or
                                winning clocks in our Velocity Series, are
                                                                                                                quantity produced. And, the IQ500 combines
                                biometric and use a one-to-one scan
                                                                                                                the unique features of the 300 and 400,
                                of an employee’s finger to clock in and
                                                                                                                providing both job costing and departmental
                                out – eliminating buddy punching. The
    *V850 requires TimeForce                                                                                    transfers functionality all in one clock.
    Job Costing module.         V850 has the additional functionality of job
                                costing and departmental transfers.
                                                                                                                ETC100 TimeClock

                                                                                                                With a model ETC100 time clock,
                                V800 & V850 Rugged Edition                                                      employees use magnetic stripe ID badges
                                                                                                                in place of traditional time cards.
                                We’ve taken the nuts and bolts of the Velocity
                                800’s and turned them into the hardest working
                                clocks on terra firma. The Rugged Edition clocks
                                are super tough and built to withstand drops            Other Biometric Solutions & Accessories
    *V850R requires TimeForce   up to 3 ft. The clocks are completely mobile,
    Job Costing module.         the batteries hold a charge for 12 hours and            In addition to our great biometric timeclocks, we offer solutions
                                can be recharged using your vehicle power               and accessories using hand-shape, fingerprint, and/or vascular
                                supply or a standard outlet—making the Rugged           technologies. There are no cards to create, administer, carry, or lose.
                                Edition clocks perfect for construction sites,
                                industrial settings, and outdoor environments.          Options include: M2-S™ fingerprint, M2-FV™ finger vein, M2-PalmVein™,
                                                                                        and Handpunch™.

software time collection                                                                     OnDemand
                                                                                                                 ETC100     IQ300      IQ400        IQ500       IQ1000         V800         V850       V800R        V850R

TimeForce II: Self Service
                                                                                        Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Employees can input time directly from their desktop using TimeForce            Power Over Ethernet
with Self Service—which is offered on a per-seat basis. With this
flexible time collection method you can control what information                     Wireless (802 11b/g)

employees have access to.                                                                          Modem

                                                                                        Cellular Modem
                                                       With Self
                                                       Service,                                    Display
                                                                                                                            TEXT        TEXT         TEXT
                                                                                                                                                                 TEXT &
                                                                                                                                                                               TEXT         TEXT         TEXT         TEXT

                                                       can handle                    Pin Entry/Keypad
                                                       their own                        Barcode Cards
                                                       tasks from             Magnetic Stripe Cards
                                                       work, home,                     Proximity Cards
                                                       or on the
                                                       road.                                    Biometric

                                                                                Fingerprint Templates                                                             4,000        1,900        1,900        1,900        1,900

                                                                                Employee # Capacity                N/A       N/A         N/A          N/A         1,610        1,610        1,610        1,610        1,610

                                                                                      Punch Capacity               4,096    4,096       4,096        4,096      unlimited*   unlimited*   unlimited*   un imited*   unlimited*
                                                                        (includes Job/Task, *w th OnDemand)

Net TimeClock                                                                      On Board       Backup 1

Net TimeClock provides a simple and easy interface for employees                 Battery Backup Acc.2

to clock in and out though a PC interface. With Net TimeClock, you            Vehicle Power Adapter
can easily set up a terminal or kiosk for employees to clock in.
                                                                              Weigand Input/Output

                                                                                Barcode Wand/Gun3

                                                                                      Accruals Lookup

                                                                          View Schedules/Punches

                                                                                    Schedule Lockout

                                                                                         Receipt Printer

                                                                                                Bell Relay
                                                                                                                             OR          OR           OR        AND/OR          OR           OR
                                                                                   Door/Buzzer Relay
                                                                                            Job Costing
                                                                        (requires job costing software module)

                                                                               Department Transfers


                                                                                                                 STANDARD           1 Timekeeping remains accurate for 20 days

                                                                                                                                    2 Clock remains fu ly functional without power in excess of 2 hours
                                                                                                                                    3 Selection of bar code reader option on the IQ400 and IQ500 precludes use of bar code gun

To truly enhance the way you do business, we’ve researched, designed,
and developed every single element of our time & attendance system to
make certain it advances the way you work.
manage time
TimeForce empowers you, your staff, and your organization to proficiently and successfully manage time.
All collection methods integrate with TimeForce and employee information is there for you to immediately access,
review, edit, respond to, report on, and use. It is a very powerful tool for managing the most important resource
of any organization—people.

TimeForce runs on a PC within your local network, or as a hosted online application. It uses a browser-based
interface that incorporates years of customer input. As a result, TimeForce is easy to use, access and control.
Getting started is fast and efficient. Seeing and using employee data is intuitive and informative. Permission levels
are at your discretion for administration, supervisors, managers and staff. Pay rules, exceptions, and differentials
are up to you. Reporting is extensive and with OnDemand, you have instant access to the valuable information
you need, whenever and however you need it.

TimeForce is scalable and can effectively serve a 5 person shop and a 30,000+ enterprise-level business.
Really. It is engineered to address your time & attendance needs whether they be relatively simple or complex.
It will grow with you, maintain and protect your investment, and work the way you work—now and for
the long term. And to further ensure your purchase decision is risk-free, our products are backed with
outstanding customer support, training, warranties, and Radical Service™.

TimeForce II features include:
 OnDemand (real time) access to information,
 available on some models clocks.
 easy to use and quick to learn
 multiple web browser support
 unlimited employees, pay policies, and shifts                 TimeForce II is a very robust and capable program for managing time
 simplified tracking of all accruals, such as                  and attendance. Yet, ease-of-use has not been compromised by its
 sick and vacation time                                        power. We’ve made certain the program is easy to get started, use,
 error-checking system to evaluate time                        and maintain.
 punches against shift and pay policies
 automatic time entries for approved absences                  Because TimeForce II is browser-based design, the program is very
                                                               intuitive. The web-style interface and clearly tabbed sections, make
 multiple overtime categories
                                                               TimeForce II easy to understand and get around.
 time rounding based on settings you create
 shift differentials                                           Plus, if you ever need help, your Qqest Service Agreement ensures
 meal and break time reporting                                 you’ll always have access to the answers you need—quickly.
                                                               Radical Service™ is just a phone call away.
 handles flex time and split shifts
 holiday management
 unlimited user-defined schedules
 consistent business rules-based processing
 administrator security defines and restricts access
 optional employee Self Service
 optional Job Costing module
 optional Advanced Scheduling
 exports to all popular payroll programs
 multi-lingual / multi-currency / multi-date format
 automatic email notifications to supervisors including                                     Web-style interface and tabbed sections, make
 timecard errors, time-off requests, and verification                                                  information easy to retrieve and edit.

 flexible and unlimited pay codes – assign any type of hours
 (overtime, holiday, etc.) to any time throughout the week
program sections                                                                time & payroll
In TimeForce II, you’ll quickly become familiar with clearly tabbed             Since TimeForce II is browser-based, supervisors or payroll staff
sections such as Time Card, Close Pay Period, Reports, Employee,                can review, edit and approve employee time online, anytime.
and Schedules. Within these sections, or tabs, are many tools and               In just a few steps, your payroll manager can fix exceptions,
features to make managing time simple and intuitive. If you opt for             verify that the supervisors or payroll staff have approved time cards
the Job Costing module or Advanced Scheduling, those will be right              (if approval is desired), and lock the pay cycle and prepare file for
at your fingertips as well.                                                     payroll processing. Time collection, review, and payroll processing
                                                                                are simplified.

                                                                                Included with TimeForce II are dozens of standard time, employee,
                                                                                and payroll reports. Whether viewed on screen, printed, or saved to a
                                                                                file, these reports give you the specific information you need to make
                                                                                important business and workforce decisions.

                          Tabbed-style browsing moves you quickly through
                           reviewing, editing, reporting and processing time.

Add, delete, and edit time within the “Time Card” tab. Also within the                                               With TimeForce II Reports you will
“Time Card” tab, management personnel have access to a number                                                        have all the information you need.

of different tools. Edit and lock in pay periods and export to payroll          hosting options
in the “Close Pay Period” tab. Gain access to valuable reports in the           TimeForce II is available as either self-install or SaaS (Software as
“Reports” tab. View an employee’s information in the “Employee” tab.            a Service). The program can be installed and hosted on your own
Create and track your schedules in the “Schedule” tab.                          network, or hosted by Qqest—with nothing to install.

collecting, managing & processing time is easy with TimeForce

      expand the power of TimeForce with                              self service
      these add-on features
                                                                      With the TimeForce Self Service option, employees can handle
      TimeForce is powerful as a stand-alone program, however some    many of their own administrative tasks from work, home, or on the
      businesses may need our optional modules of Self Service, Job   road. This allows the HR, payroll, and benefits staff to focus on more
      Costing and/or Advanced Scheduling.                             strategic duties.

                                                                      Employees can have limited and controlled access to a significant
     “ TimeForce has been a huge time saver                           amount of information, such as accruals, time entries, shift/schedule,
       for me, because I can easily adjust                            and demographic information—all in one place.

       missed punches and add PTO time.                               In addition, you can grant your employees the ability to clock in and

       Also, my employees are actively aware                          out via the Self Service feature, submit leave requests to supervisors
                                                                      and receive supervisor’s response, and/or submit updates to their
       of how many hours they have each                               personal information.
       day, which has reduced my overtime!
                                                                      You can also use the Verification Option so that supervisors are
       The training was great and daily use is                        required to log into TimeForce and verify that the hours and earnings
       a breeze!”                                                     totals for their subordinates are correct prior to your payroll department
                                                                      processing payroll. This can dramatically cut down on your payroll
                                          —Melanie Aschenbrenner,     administrator’s time to produce payroll. No more last minute error
                                          Colorado Gastroenterology   correction or tracking down individual employees.

                                                                      self service is incredibly easy to use
                                                                      for all of your employees

job costing module                                                           advanced scheduling

By adding the Job Costing module to TimeForce, you will immediately          Our powerful Advanced Scheduling option is integrated with
be able to identify labor costs attributed to projects by employee,          TimeForce II, providing an easy to use tool for supervisors to
department, and task-type. You will no longer have to get your               quickly build shifts and schedules for their employees. Advanced
employees to recall how many hours they worked on a project or               Scheduling makes it possible to schedule your employees from
have your accounting staff try to track down receipts and invoices.          any computer with an Internet browser, giving you unparalleled
                                                                             scheduling flexibility and power. You can set up an unlimited number
From simple job tracking situations to extremely complex requirements        of custom schedules, create a schedule for each of your locations
(multiple jobs, tasks, schedules, departments, and accounts), the            or departments, as well as create schedules by position or shift.
TimeForce Job Costing module provides an affordable way to                   To switch schedules, just select the name of the schedule you wish
maximize your labor resources. See a clear picture of actual vs.             to view. Managers and employees can view and print schedules
projected time, actual vs. projected cost, and more. Gain the                online, which makes communicating work schedules easier and
information and ability to truly understand productivity and profitability   saves you time.
on a project-by-project basis, and use that knowledge to directly
affect your bottom line.                                                     Advanced Scheduling makes it easy to maintain specific staffing
                                                                             requirements. Do you need to know how many people or hours you
With the Job Costing module, employees simply record job                     have scheduled by position, shift or department? Enter your staffing
in/out entries via the clock keypad or optional bar code wand/gun.           requirements and instantly see whether you have too few or too many
A task database is created and multiple tasks assign to a job quickly,       employees scheduled. When employees call in sick or go on vacation,
eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. Requires IQ400, IQ500,       see how it affects your coverage. Finally, Advanced Scheduling has
V850, V850R, IQ1000, Net TimeClock, or Mobile App.                           a wide assortment of scheduling reports. Print reports by employee,
                                                                             schedules or departments.

efficiently track costs associated with                                      quickly build schedules and shifts for
projects                                                                     your employees

payroll                                                                      HR

TimeForce makes payroll easy and accurate. It seamlessly exports             In addition to solving your time & attendance challenges, Qqest can
into the most common payroll software or your third-party payroll            serve as your full service HR and payroll department.
processing bureau.
                                                                             Qqest Employer Services is a comprehensive resource for managing
You can also turn to Qqest for all of your payroll processing, payroll tax   HR, Benefits Administration, Performance Management, and the ever-
filings, and regulatory compliance needs. Qqest Employer Services            changing requirements that arise by employing people. Regulations,
offers proven and comprehensive payroll processing that is worry             performance issues, and insurance questions cannot be avoided.
and error free. From the simplest payroll to the most complex union          But they can be expertly handled.
reporting, job costing and labor distribution, Qqest Employer Services
                                                                             We are dedicated to providing your business with a real operational
makes payroll easier than you ever thought possible. Our service is
                                                                             competitive advantage that can be immediately felt by your company
convenient, flexible, and accurate. We guarantee your tax filings and
                                                                             and employees, and be seen right on your bottom line.
deposits, so you’ll never have to worry about paying penalties or
interest due to a payroll error. We handle every transaction with the        We support your business, help it thrive, and keep your team focused
utmost care and integrity. On top of that—we’re friendly.                    on its core business.
Call us to talk about a complete time-punch to paycheck solution for
                                                                             Leverage valuable human resources with a devoted partner in Qqest
your business : 1.800.733.8839
                                                                             Employer Services.

                                                                             Call to learn more : 1.800.733.8839

Qqest service + support                                              Contact us to discuss the best
Our commitment to our customers does not end with the sale.          TimeForce package for you and
In fact, we pledge to provide you with Radically better customer
service.                                                             your business.
Just some of the ways we’ll provide Radical Service™:
We’re available to you via phone, email, and live online chat
to answer questions and provide ongoing support.

We are accessible and available to get you the help you need.
                                                                     9350 South 150 East
Our online Support Center contains answers to frequently asked       Suite 300
questions, an ever-expanding knowledge-base full of great tools,     Sandy, Utah 84070
tips and information, as well as software patches and upgrades
when needed.                                                         phone   1.800.733.8839
                                                                     fax     801.281.9545
We also offer Professional Services including:                       web     www.mytimeforce.com
                                                                     email   info@qqest.com
  TimeForce University

  on-site installation

  full implementation

  online training courses

  on-site training

  custom system design

  extended service

Our quest is for you to experience the very best level of customer
service you’ve ever experienced in a time and attendance partner.
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