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									    Vol. 42             Wednesday, January 13, 2010              No. 02
                           Dr. John Page, Jr.

                 Student Ministry New Year Kick-off!
 God blew us away on Sunday night when over 70 people walked into
the Student Center for our 2010 Youth Kick-off. Thank you to everyone
who made our youth and parents dinner possible! The Pruetts, The
Trickels, The Whitakers, and The Castleberrys did a lot of work to
make it all happen! Calendars for the next 5 months were handed out
and families signed up to host our youth for a variety of activities.
Some of the really exciting upcoming events include:
           5th Sunday Blowout @ Magnolia Lanes in Griffin on
January 31st. Cost is $10.00 (includes 2 hours of bowling AND
          food). We are meeting @ the church @ 4:30pm and we will
return by 8:00pm. Jr and Sr Highs are invited.
          Lenten Breakfasts- EVERY Thursday morning @ 6:30am-
 We have found host homes for most of the Lenten
         Breakfasts- here is the schedule so far:
 February.18.2010- The Irvins' Feb.25.2010-John & Juliet Hightowers'
 March.4.2010-@Tasty Shoppe- The Pruetts
 March.11.2010- open             March.18.2010- open
 March.25.2010- Neil and Mary Hightowers'
 April.1.2010- Charles and Wendy Daniels'
          REConstruction Jr. High lock-in @ The Student Center.
We have a chance to start off the Lenten Season with an incredible
program for our Jr Highs. Lent is a chance to reflect on and re-
prioritize our lives when the world and its business keeps us from
stopping and making the important things important.
          CONFIRMATION! is coming up soon! It begins the first
week in February. Parents of our confirmands are invited and
encouraged to participate in the first session on February 7th. The
Confirmation Class is open to all Jr Highs. There will be 6 weeks of
classes and it will conclude with a Confirmation retreat to Lake
          R.U.S.H. Weekend @ The Rock Ranch. May 7-8. Cost is
$40. We already have one couple interested in volunteering to host
and chaperone this trip and we need more of you! Steve Fee is the
Worship Leader and his band is incredible! It's an event that can be
enjoyed by anyone at any age.

We were SO excited to see over 25 adults at the kick-off and we are
praying that, with the support of those willing adults, we will be able to
grow and expand our student ministry in the way that God intends. He
has a purpose for us, but he needs each of you and your gifts to make
this ministry complete. Check out the website for more information
and make sure to stay on top of "what's happening" with our youth by
checking out our weekly e-mail updates and newsletter pages.

CONTACT our Director of Student Ministries
e-mail:,cell: 706.975.5817,
office: 706.647.3335,twitter:

Thank you to the Fillingim’s (Claude and Anita) for the great Christmas
Party last week. It is always a pleasure to share an event at their home.

The Chancel Choir is looking toward the Lenten Cantata in March and the
Community Choir Festival later this year. If you would like to join us,
choir practice is at 6:00pm on Sunday evenings in the music suite.

                     The flowers on the altar this Sunday
                     are given to the glory of God and in
                     loving memory of Margie and Allen
                     Stiles by their son, Dan.

TUESDAY EVENING. Each committee is
off their chair and running with
a terrific start. You will
see many new activities and
tweaked changes in others!
                                  ATTENDANCE         Jan. 10 ‘10
Come! Volunteer! Be an           8:30am Worship              12
active part of your church’s     Contemporary Worship        51
                                 10:00 Sunday School        116
ministry!                        10:55am Worship            128
                                           Wed. Church Supper        42
                                           Total Morning Worship    191
          January 17, 2010                 STEWARDSHIP Dec.27&31’09
                                           General Budget $13,874.42
                                           Specified           741.00
        10:55 Service Greeters
                                           Faith Mission          .00
        The Fellowship Class
                                           Endowment B&G     1,000.00
                                           Total          $15,615.42
       10:55 Service Ushers
      Walter Brown, Jim Hoskins,
       Dan Stiles, Bob Gallman             STEWARDSHIP         Jan. 3 ‘10
                                           General Budget       $6,385.00
                                           Specified               475.00
                                           Faith Missions          125.00
         Caroline Irvin & Mary
                                           Total                $6985.00
           Catherine Head

        Contemporary Greeters              STEWARDSHIP        Jan. 10 ‘10
                                           General Budget       $6,964.40
         Fred & Pam Whitaker
                                           Specified             1,671.81
                                           Faith Missions           45.00
         Youth Supper Chefs
                                           Endowment B&G           375.00
      Jonathan & Debbie Busbee
                                           Total                $9056.21
                                   MINISTRIES 2010

                                    ALL BOYS and GIRLS are
                                       INVITED TO SING
                                   at both the 9:00am and the
                                    11:00am worship services
                                   THIS SUNDAY, JAN. 17th.

Wear your khakis and a shirt which can be changed easily.
 We’ll sing “Good News” from Camel Lot. Please be in the Children’s
MusicRoom at 9:20am to sing at the close of Contemporary Worship
and/or at 10:30am to sing at the beginning of the 11:00am Traditional
Worship service.

JAN.   17 – Caroline Irvin & Mary Catherine Head
JAN.   24 – Henry & Sophie Daniel
JAN.   31 - Lisa Davis & Meagan McMahon
FEB.    7 - Olivia Pruett & Gracie Ward
FEB.   21 - Ella Hix & Emily Siscel

JAN.   20 - Caroline Irvin & Anna Jordan
JAN.   27 - Olivia Pruett & Jamie Kay Grubb
FEB.    3 - Catie Evans, Natalie & Knox Miller
FEB.   10 - Alyssa, Ansley, & Andy Rawls
FEB    17 - Sophie Trickel & Olivia Kate Castleberry
FEB.   24 - Meagan McMahon & Mary Grace Johnson
MAR.    3 - Jake & Lisa Davis
MAR.   10 - Parker Perry & Hunter Mickle
MAR.   17 - Murray & Jenna Bette Deen
MAR.   24 - Stephen & John Marriage
MAR.   31 or APR. 1 - Conor Brown and Caleb Crawford
APR.    7 - Gracen & Camryn Boatright
APR.   14 - Ella Salter & Brooke Marshall
APR.   28 - Kaila, Jet & Ryan Hoffman
MAY     5 - Trey & Kate Kelly

                 GREATLY APPRECIATED. EACH of you IS

                                        Love, Miss Pat
                                   YOUTH NEWS
                     The student ministry here at Thomaston
                     First United Methodist Church has some
                     big goals and expectations for the
                     upcoming year. As of the new year, our
                     schedule on Sunday nights is as follows:
                           5:30pm- Jr Highs: Recreation
                                    Sr Highs: Bible Study
               6:00pm- Dinner (both groups together)
               6:30pm- Jr Highs: Bible Study
                      Sr Highs: Recreation

  The most efficient way to get information and updates out to all the
    youth and parents seems to be through this newsletter page and
 through the new youth e-mailing list. You can sign up for the mailing
   list by visiting our website and
   entering your e-mail address. We've been sending out a couple a
   week for the past couple weeks and it looks like all the kinks have
           been worked out. So make sure you've signed up!

                                OUR NEW UNITED METHODIST
                                  INFORMATIONAL CLASS
                                      to be known as
                                   “United Methodist 101”
                                   Due to the weather and a few other
                               conflicts, we did not get to start the
United Methodist 101 class this past Sunday. So, we’ll be starting with
the first session this coming Sunday, January 17, at 10:00 a.m. in the
Parlor, which is the room directly across from the Church Office. If you
plan on attending, it would be helpful if you would call the Church
Office (706-647-3335) and let us know that you will be attending. If
you have questions, you may call John Page at church or on his cell
phone (404-234-4603).

                    Martin Luther King Holiday
   The Church Office will be closed on Monday, January 18, in
observance of the Martin Luther King Birthday holiday.

Christian Believers Class, led by Dr.
John Page, Jr., began Jan. 13th,
after Wednesday Church Supper.
Plan to join us in the Step Room each Wednesday
evening as we continue to learn and marvel at
God’s plan for us.
                             SERMON AND SCRIPTURES FOR
                               SUNDAY, January 17, 2010
                                     Scripture: John 2:1-11
                                        “About Miracles”

                          8:30am –Traditional Service-Chapel
                   9:000am- Contemporary Service- Fellowship Hall
                        10:55am Traditional Service-Sanctuary

                      BIRTHDAY GREETINGS
             January 11-January 20, 2010
   Please let us know if we do not publish your birthday.
Jan.11: Elaine Penny, Christin King, Chad
Watson; 13: Beth Elsey, Barry Welch; 14:
Parrish Swift, Luke Ellington; 15: Pam
Whitaker, Bryan Shaver, Wendy Daniel; 17: Mike Anderson,
Stephen Mallory; 18: Shannon Trotter, Leslie Murphy

                  IMPORTANT DATES
                COMING Up NEXT SUNDAY

Jan.17th-Noon- Crosstrainers Luncheon
         1:00PM Contemporary Design Team Mtg.
         2:00PM Missions Committee Mtg.
         5:30PM Youth
         7:00PM Evangelism Mtg.

                           Prayer Concerns
       Please call to make us aware of those in need of prayer. Thank you.
SOUTHLAND HEALTH & REHAB: Opaline Woodson (151 Wisdom Rd.,
Peachtree City,30269).
WARM SPRINGS REHAB. INSTITUTE: Ann Jenkins ( broken hip)
Address: RWSIR – EW2; POB 1000 Warm Springs, GA 31830-1000
Room 2030A (706-655-5354); John Chatfield-Room 2014
CURRENT REQUESTS: Margaret Moseley
(brother-in-law of Kathy Berryhill), Elaine Holloway (recurring cancer),
Elaine Graves, Wanda Hewitt, Dylan Brown, Hope Blackstock, Bo
Storey, Kim Passeneau, Joan Nell Marks, Charles Daniel, Lisa Taylor
Lanxston, Bill Dallas, Sam Haygood
OUT-OF-TOWN: Marion Berry, Luella Boyers Jean Raines, Elizabeth
Storey, Opalene Woodson, Rev. Timothy Green
AT HOME: Chessie Rogers, Frankie Oxner, Rozelle Orrick, Ernest Gore
PROVIDENCE: Carolyn Bowen, Elsie McKinley
RIVERSIDE: Dot Humphries, LaFayette Short, Hilda Koch
WEST VILLAGE: Willie Bentley, Betsy White, Gertrude Taylor, Katie Nell
Pinkard, Carolyn Knight, Robert Cravey
                                                             CHURCH SUPPER
                                                            January 20th, 2010
    14: THURSDAY
        9:00am-MMO & Preschool
    15: FRIDAY
        9:00am-Aerobics /Step Room
    17: SUNDAY
        8:30am Traditional Service/Chapel
        9:00am Contemporary Service/FH
        9:45am Sunday School
      10:00am New Member Class/Parlor
      10:55am Traditional Serv./Sanc.                              Menu: Baked Tilapia Fish
        5:00pm Handbells                        Home Fries, Slaw
        5:30-7:00pm Youth                  Hush Puppies, Fruit Squares
        6:00pm Chancel Choir Practice       Adults $6, Children 12 & under $3
    18: MONDAY                                    Family Maximum $20
        Martin Luther King Day Holiday       Remember to make your
       Office Closed                         reservation by Tuesday noon.
    19: TUESDAY
        9:00am MMO & Preschool
        7:00pm SPR Training/Barnesville UMC     AEROBICS CLASS
    20: WEDNESDAY                                MEETS MONDAY
        9:00am MMO & Preschool
        3:00pm Wonderful Wednesday                  AND FRIDAY
        5:30pm Church Family Supper/FH             MORNINGS AT
        6:00pm Crown Ministries Study                   9:00AM
        6:30pm Bible Study/ (Revelations)
                Social Hall
        6:30pm Christian Believers Class
                Step Room
           Thought for the

           week:                                                                                                   Fax:
706-648-2658 Some      minds are like
                      concrete ,                                                             CHURCH STAFF
                 thoroughly mixed up                                                        Dr.       John          Page
                 and permanently set.                                                       Pat                   Dodson
Director of Ministries
                                                                                            Bonnie               Douglas
Youth Director
                                                                                            Joan                  Thomas
Music Director
                                                                                            Sherry                  Rawls
Admin. Assistant
                                                                                            Henrietta            Johnson
Financial Secretary
                                                                                            Rick                McManus
                                                                                            Anita & Claude Fillingim
Church Hosts
                                                                                            Rosa                   Smith
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