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									Opening Keynote Speaker: Tim Schultz. . .It’s Easier to Stay Off Drugs Than to Get Off Drugs
Tim Schultz has been a Special Agent with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Narcotics Bureau for over 30 years. He has done extensive drug investigation in Wisconsin and travels throughout the country teaching law enforcement officers about controlled substances including methamphetamine and clandestine laboratories. Mr. Schultz has had many years of experience with people addicted to methamphetamine — and he doesn’t like what he sees. “People ask me if there’s a way to tell who is going to use methamphetamine,” Schultz said. “Meth is not an entry-level drug. The gateway drug is marijuana. With your first high, you can kiss your future goodbye,”

Teen Conference Sectionals (choose 3; you will be able to attend 2)
1. RU Safe on the Internet?
Build up your cyber skills and learn how to make wise decisions when online with hands-on, interactive activities. Learn about cyber bullying, write your own online safety rules and compare online profiles. Smart surfing starts here!! Presenter--Jessie Potterton 4-H Youth Development Agent from UW-Extension Lafayette County

2. Am I in a Healthy Relationship?
Does your boyfriend or girlfriend treat you as well as you treat him or her? Does your BF or GF support you in good times as well as bad? Sometimes it feels impossible to find someone who’s right for you—and who thinks you’re right for him or her. It is totally normal to look at the world through rose-colored glasses in the early stages of a relationship. But for some people, those glasses turn into blinders that keep them from seeing that a relationship isn’t as healthy as it should be. Presenter--Tabethe Schemmel, Riverview Center Inc.

3. Improve Your Money Smarts!
Through fun, interactive activities and exercises on topics like using a checking account, managing debt, saving for college and the basics of investing, you will learn practical ways to spend, save and invest the money you earn. Presenter--Bev Doll, Family Living Agent from UW-Extension Grant County

4. Why Create a Peer Drama Troupe?
Young people are looking for meaningful ways to express themselves. Theater and improvisational storytelling are fundamental forms of human expression that build character, instill confidence and create a sense of community. Cuba City, Platteville, and Riverdale Peer Drama Teams will discuss how their particular team is used in the world of prevention. Attend to hear the wide variety of topics they have in their performance listing.

5. Is Gambling a Problem at My School?
Teen gambling is on the rise. Sports betting, card games (like Texas Hold’em) and Internet gambling are an increasing part of teens’ lives. Have you seen the impact of problem gambling in your school? It is significant to note that teens are about three times more likely to become pathological gamblers than adults. Rose Gruber from The Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling will be here to help examine shifting attitudes and values concerning gambling and challenge you to consider how you will approach gambling in your life.

6. FACT—Fighting Against Corporate Tobacco
Relax. FACT isn't going to tell you what to do. We're not here to preach or beg or bash smokers. We're here to fight Big Tobacco. FACT is a youth-led movement that takes action and creates change. We do it by exposing Big Tobacco's dirty secrets and deceptive practices, by empowering Wisconsin teens to stand up to an industry that's lying to us, and by understanding that FACT's fight is with the tobacco industry, not smokers. We all have to make our own decision. FACT just wants it to be an informed one. Luke Witkowski, FACT Field Guru will speak to you on the “facts” of FACT and how it is making a difference.

7. Do I Need a Wii to be Fit?
What happens when all the craziness of school schedules, including extra curriculars slows down? Are you prepared for a lifetime of wellness? Do you know the importance of lifetime physical fitness? You can do it without a Wii. Carol Thole will guide you through this highly interactive sectional (tennis shoes advised) and provide additional fitness information for you.

8. Don’t Be Clueless About Drugs
Tim Schultz, our morning keynote speaker, will provide more information on his investigations. This session is designed to inform students in the identification of drugs abused in Wisconsin. Also discussed will be where the drugs come from, how they are packaged, sold, possessed and used. Signs and symptoms of drug use will also be described. This is where you can get your questions answered!!

9. Portion Distortion
How do you measure up? Do you know the difference between serving and portion? Ann Chrudimsky, Director of WIC (Women, Infant, Children) at Grant County Health Department will walk you through an activity to help you learn what a recommended serving looks like.

Closing Keynote Speaker: Jim Jelinske . . . No Student Should Be Afraid To Go To School
Bullying happens everywhere, every day in most schools. When bullying and harassment are addressed consistently, it decreases. Witnesses of bullying possess the power to stop bullying. This session will increase the awareness of what harassment is and teach positive responses to bullying. It is a fact that bullying can be significantly reduced in schools if teachers, support staff, parents, and most importantly students join together to take action against this form of harassment.

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