COOKING UNIT (DOC) by vivi07


									COOKING UNIT Lesson Four: The dining area in a home is very important part of your family as well as relatives and friends. Coffee shops and restaurants also play a large part of family life in modern society Identify a dining room and all table settings

Objectives:  L1 – 4: Recognize and name common fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.  L2 – 2: Recognize, name, and write the ordinal numbers  L2 – 21: Express likes and dislikes and explain why  L2 – 21: Express likes and dislikes and explain why  L4 – 4: Write a set of directions for cooking  L6 – 2: Demonstrate good listening skills, etc.

Vocabulary:  Practice vocabulary, What and where  Noun/Verb worksheet  Word lists - Food Verbs (OPD black line master)  Use OPD pages 41, 60-63 Checklist for the computer Activities/Grammar: What and Where (OPD black line master – pg 58) Practice the vocabulary by ordering from a menu Talk about how to set a table at home and in a restaurant Have one student order fast food and one order breakfast, etc. Home Cooked Meals or Fast Food (OPD black line master – pg 61) Food Board Game (OPD black line master – pgs 62 & 63)

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