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The Santa Claus Parade, a True Fairytale…
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December 2007/January 2008 vol.17 – no 6


City news

City news

From the Mayor’s Office
Good Day Dear Fellow Citizens: Two years have passed, already, since you chose to entrust us with the management of your municipal affairs. Although our financial situation still requires special attention, the year 2007 was filled with realizations and events that we were happy to share with you, namely by way of this bulletin. Let me convey you to consult Page 3 of this issue, which summarizes the list of projects realized or initiated during this second year of our mandate. The year 2007 in Deux-Montagnes was mainly focused on the environment, as new services were added to the Collections Calendar in order to deter as much waste as possible away from landfill dumpsites. Thanks to everyone’s participation, our recuperation rate rose very impressively! These results clearly demonstrate that most of you decided to abide by our Greening Campaign, and I strongly encourage you to pursue your efforts in 2008. The return of activities and events held at the Olympia is also one the highlights of the year that is drawing to an end. Extremely satisfied by audience participation numbers for the 2007 season, it gives us great pleasure to introduce, today, on Page 10, our entertainment schedule for 2008, which will present some of our best-known singers and humorists. Without further ado, I would like to invite all of you to buy tickets and take advantage of the preferential prices offered to residents of Deux-Montagnes, between now and December 8. What an excellent suggestion for Xmas gift ideas! In this Holiday spirit, let me also invite you to attend, either with your family or among friends, our 38th Santa Claus Parade, which will take place next December 2 in the streets of Deux-Montagnes. A very special event that will make the little ones dream and the older ones smile! For additional information, consult Page 5 of this current issue of L’Express. On that note, I wish one and all a wonderful Holiday Season.
Next Express: February/March 2008 Distribution: February 13, 2008 Deadline: December 7, 2007


Mayor Marc Lauzon

Our Councillors

Sylvain Sauvageau du Grand-Moulin district

Mario Saint-Charles du lac district

Denis Joannette de l'olyMpia district

Nathalie Chayer de la Gare district

Martin Bigras du coteau district

Gilles Saint-Marseille du Golf district

It has been two years now since you elected us. Considering the municipality’s precarious financial situation, it would have been easy to counter the rise in mandatory costs by simply reducing services. We preferred to opt for a less reductive scenario, namely to undertake a revision of budget procedures and management practices, in view of improving and upgrading the services offered. Thanks to the overall determination of our municipal employees and City Council, numerous projects came to life over the course of the last year, all the while respecting, in every case, the taxpayers’ capacity to pay. The choice and realisation of these projects are in accordance with our vision, which is to combine the quality and diversity of the services offered to the population with a comprehensive and rigorous management of the budget. These projects include: the Greening Campaign and the • The continuation of our recuperation rate, which has, byintegration of new collection services, to increase the way, risen from 15 to 37%;

website, to access • The revamping of ourand information 24 ahours a day; multitude of services of a Welcome Package, to • The distribution facilitate their integration; welcome newcomers and

• Improvements to our sports fields and playgrounds, to offer our population safer, quality installations; • The realization and improvement of Family Days where 3,000 people participated in the various activities organized for family fun;
Horticulture Days, rendezvous • The revivalbyofclose to 6,000 fellow citizens; for gardening and horticulture enthusiasts, attended buildings’ and • The improvement of ourthe conversion ofequipment’s energy efficiency and our traffic lights to LED, to reduce our energy consumption;


• The purchase of fuel-efficient municipal vehicles, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; • The shoreline cleanup operation at Féré Brook, to protect this natural environment and make it altogether safer; of new trees the Deux-Montagnes • The plantingarea,1,140the health ofinour planet; woodlands for • And many others !
To Come in 2008…
Many other projects have been initiated and will continue into the next year, namely the construction of a second phase at Manoir Grand-Moulin, the installation of multi-sports facilities at the PDM Park and the upgrading and standardization of our water filtration plant. To this day, amounts totalling close to 6 million dollars have been granted by the Quebec Government and will contribute to the realization of these various projects. We should also soon receive confirmation of a subsidy grant of at least 1 million dollars from the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF).

City news

City news

2007 Performance Record

City news

Flowering Deux-Montagnes
An official ceremony was held last October 16 to honour the finalists of the 20th Edition of Flowering Deux-Montagnes, a contest aimed at rewarding those participants whose landscaping designs were particularly outstanding. The winners were selected among close to 130 candidates, as this year’s participation more than doubled that of last year ! Madeleine Sarrazin, winner of the Jury’s Favourite prize. Congratulations to all.

City news

Supporting the Émile-Z.- Laviolette Foundation
The 27th Edition of the City of DeuxMontagnes Golf Tournament, held last July 13, was instrumental in raising $25,000 for the benefit of various organizations. Of this amount, $5,000 went to the Émile-Z.-Laviolette Foundation, whose mission is to assist students by way of various support programs within the schools.

Féré Brook
As announced to some twenty citizens from the Du Coteau and De la Gare Districts at an information session to that effect, the shoreline cleanup operation at Féré Brook was completed during the first weeks of November. Considering the difficult access to this site and for safety measures, a private firm was mandated to perform this task, which consisted in the removal of all debris in the area surrounding the brook. This operation will improve drainage of the area and ensure better safety on the outskirts of this brook, which flows through the city.


Appointment and New Organization Chart
Our organization chart has recently undergone some restructuring in order to simplify communications and coordination between the City’s operational and administrative services. As a result of these changes, Nicolas Bouchard has been appointed Director of Citizen Services, a title that will be “tacked on” to his current responsibilities as Director of Public Works. Congratulations!

Mayor’s office & citizen relations coordinator

City Council


in joy liv we en


General Manager & registrar
director citizen services

nicolas Bouchard
finance department Human resources department Municipal clerk Municipal court communications department

public Works department

leisure & community services

deux-Montagnes regional police department

inter-Municipal fire safety department

urban planning department

THINGS TO KNOW for the Holidays…
• The municipal offices will be closed from December 24th to the 2nd of January 2008 inclusively. Offices will re-open on January 3rd. • Exceptionally, garbage collection in sector 2 will be carried out on Wednesday December 26th and January 2nd, 2008 instead of the regular Tuesday pick-up.


tree collection

Do your part for the environment by recycling your natural Christmas tree after the Holidays. All you have to do is leave your tree, unbagged and visible, on the side of the road (without obstructing the sidewalk) for pick-up. The Christmas trees will be picked up by the Town’s services on January 10th, 17th and 24th. All the trees collected will be shredded into mulch the following fall. Thank you for your co-operation.

The Santa Claus Parade: a true fairytale
Were you aware that the Deux-Montagnes Santa Claus parade is the largest community parade in the province of Québec… We should be proud! This year, those involved in this wonderful parade will collaborate on a « fairytale » theme. It promises to be enchanting! The parade is scheduled to start at 1 pm on Sunday December 2nd, from the corner of 20th Avenue and Oka Road. Donate a toy! The Optimist Club will be part of the parade with a float to collect your used toys that will be distributed to children of low-income families along with the Chrismas baskets.


The Laval – Lower Laurentians Operation Red Nose will take place from November 30th to December 31st, 2007. Operation Red Nose raises public awareness on good driving habits to people under the influence. More than 2,300 volunteers will be involved in this year’s campaign for road safety. Look in your local paper for more information. Operation Red Nose telephone number: 1.866.desjardins As of November 30th for service: 450.664.4314 To sign-up as a volunteer: 450.664.1415

By-law concerning stray animals
Keeping any wild animal is prohibited and constitutes a nuisance. Certain species are permitted, according to certain limits. All animals kept outside of the house must be kept on that property through the use of a restraining device. It is therefore forbidden to let them run free. We also ask that you not feed the birds (gulls, wild pidgeons etc.), squirrels, cats, dogs or any other stray animal. Please contact THE POLICE DEPARTMENT (450.473.2730) for more information on this by-law.



Zoom on our city

Zoom on our city

he very first edition of the Deux-Montagnes Recognition Awards Gala took place at the municipal library on October 30th. During the ceremony, the municipal authorities underlined the social contribution of five citizens who, through their professional or volunteer implication, allowed our community to shine and progress. Congratulations to Nelson Lavallée (posthumously), volunteer citizen who distinguished himself through his involvement at the community level during his entire life; to Gilles Dumoulin, former director of the Town’s Public Works department, whose implication in the municipal field and his concern for improving the quality of life of the population played a role in the city’s development; to Martin Roy, citizen and engineer renowned for the excellence of his professional practices with regards to the principles of sustainable development; to Gismaine O’Brian, volunteer citizen whose dedication to numerous causes and organizations contributed to the improvement of the community’s quality of life; and to Bob Fordham, citizen and basketball coach whose continuous involvement during more than 21 years has influenced the life of so many young sports activists. Each of your contributions is very valuable for the progress and well being of our community. Thank you!


wards Recognition A


From left to right: Marc Lauzon, Bob Fordham, Gilles Dumoulin, Martin Roy, the children of Nelson Lavallée, and Gismaine O’Brien

2008 Calendar

Deux-Montagnes, where we enjoy living…
The beautiful pictures of the 2008 calendar were selected at the term of a photo contest. Thank you to all participants and congratulations to the winners, whose pictures illustrate the Town’s slogan and, in this perspective, are a vibrant testimony of quality of life in our city…

• Katherine MacNeil • Jean-Hugues Roy • William D. Smith • Johanne Lefebvre • Sophie Dominique • Richard Dumoulin • Manon Girard • Lise Bienvenu Smith • Ryan Kiley • Robert Lamarche • Carole McKenzie



60th wedding anniversary

Mary and Larry Cool celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary; they were married in St.John, New Brunswick, in 1947. They have been living in DeuxMontagnes for 54 years. Larry Cool was mayor of Deux-Montagnes from 1961 to 1967. They had 3 children and, to this day, 4 grandchildren. Congratulations!

The Green Campaign that we are all involved in is continuing on a very positive note. The amount of valued matter has more than doubled compared to that at the same date last year. Congratulations for your dedication!

…Let’S reCyCLe even more !
A reminder was put together to support and maximize the participation of one and all. User friendly, it lists the types of recyclable and non-recyclable matters. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to refer to it!
This tool was distributed with the 2008 Municipal Calendar. Additional copies are available at City Hall.


Small and simple gestures, towards a greener city…
Eco-energetic lightbulbs
If you plan to purchase Christmas lights or change your old ones, choose eco-energetic Light emitting Diode lightbulbs, commonly called LEDs. These lightbulbs use 90% less energy, and last 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs and produce less heat, hence reducing a potential fire hazard.


a responsible and civil gesture
As indviduals, we all can play a major role in reducing our impact on the environment. If every driver turns off his or her vehicle rather than letting it run idle for five minutes a day, every year, Canada would save 680 million litres of gasoline and approximately 550 million dollars, all the while reducing by more than 1.6 million tons the carbon dioxyde (CO2), the main greenhouse gas sent into the atmosphere. Let’s protect our planet and take a breath of fresh air!


La Société d’horticulture et d’écologie
de Deux-Montagnes
La Société d’horticulture et d’écologie de Deux-Montagnes presents: - December 5th: a conference with Larry Hodgson, horticultural columnist, “les vivaces à floraison prolongée” (long-blooming perennials) - January 9th : “à la découverte du thé” (discovering tea) with Groupe Camellia Sinensis At the Centre d’art La petite église
(271, Saint-Eustache street, Saint-Eustache),

7: 15 pm – Admission: free for members, $5 non-members. Door prizes, offered by the Société, will be drawn at the end of the evening. 450.472.7692
the Green page was created in collaboration with Mélissa Brault, Horticultrist for the town of deux-Montagnes.

The green page

twice as much !


ats! gr

The green page

DEux-MONTAGNES, now recycles

Biblioculture Biblioculture

at the LIBRARy…
Registration is required for all Library activities. Register by phone at 450.473.2702 or in person at the Library.

Culture Days in Deux-Montagnes :
Last September 28, 29 and 30, over 1,000 citizens participated in activities organized here in town as part of our Culture Days event. The Deux-Montagnes Culture Association presented the 5th Edition of its Art Symposium at City Hall, where some forty artists painted artworks right before your eyes. To complete the weekend program, the Library presented a live show called SOS Terre, for the youngsters, and offered an original stroll through totems, structures et mobiles built with recycled material, for the adults.

Les petits spectacles

LE RHUME DU PÈRE NOËL Interactive entertainment by La petite valise Théâtre

aaatchoo! santa claus has a bad cold! He is sneezing and blowing his nose so often that he can’t get around to taking care of the children’s presents. that’s why he asks his elf tirelou to go get him some magic syrup. But tirelou is a very absentminded elf: He forgot dr. pill’s address! december 15 – 2 to 2:45 pm - 2 to 8 years old – 70 places – parents are welcome!

Histoires à dormir debout pour les frileux

Stories with animation - december 14 – 6:30 to 7:15 pm - 3 to 6 years old – 20 places – parents are welcome! stop off at the library… on your way to bed. come listen to fairytales, unbelievable stories or amazing adventures! Brush your teeth, wear your pyjamas and bring your teddy bear or security blanket along!

Photographs by Germain Beauchamp Until January 4, 2008, discover the historical heritage of our city through a photograph exhibit by a well-known photographer in the Deux-Montagnes area. Mr. Beauchamp was present during the exhibit’s vernissage on Thursday, October 25. He captured the interest of those with a passion for our past history by his knowledgeable insight about the events that contributed to our collective wealth.

Deux-Montagnes, my city, its history

Atelier des petits curieux :


A Quebec 4H Club Workshop Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. tame the invisible world that surrounds us. using different tools, young inspectors will dive into a strange and fascinating world! – January 25 – 6:30 to 8 pm - 8 to 12 years old – 25 places


Illustrations, “sketches” and short 2D animation films by Justine Julien January 7 to March 2, 2008 This young Deux-Montagnes artist specialised in Manga illustrations, will definitely seduce you with her exhibit focussed on fictitious characters and her reflections on man’s many facets, thus sharing with the visitor a thought, an emotion or a moment frozen in time.


Café-lecture : les tendres jeudis
With Mireille Brodeur, a reading club for adults, a place to share favourite titles, read and discuss various themes over a good cup of coffee! every last thursday of the month – december 13 – 10:30 to 11:30 am - 20 places

At the End of the Jaune-Art Festival
Last summer, many artistic painters took part in the Jaune-Art Festival, by reproducing, on canvas, a specific Deux-Montagnes scene. Close to fifty artworks were painted and exposed at the Petite école jaune (Little yellow Schoolhouse) during the months of July and August. At the end of the Festival, five of these paintings were chosen by a selection committee and purchased by the municipality. They are now on permanent exhibit on the walls of our municipal offices/buildings. Thank you to all those who participated!


Hi my 3 to 6 year old pals ! I am a real bookworm who loves books so much that I have been caught, more than once, nibbling on some of the most scrumptious ones ! Join the club and we’ll get to know one another in one of the story-telling workshops presented in February and April 2008. By participating, you have a chance to win great books and fun surprises. Find out all about it at the Library !

Regular Library Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 1 to 8 pm Saturday & Sunday: 1 to 4:30 pm

The Comité d’aide alimentaire des Patriotes is offering cooking courses to all persons wishing to learn to cook. Classes will begin in the new year and according to the number of reservations. This activity is organized in collaboration with the Centre local d’emploi de Saint-Eustache and the Centre de formation continue des Patriotes – Additional allowance for Income Security recipie nts. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Louise St-Laurent at 450.472.94 69

the Deux-Montagnes Soccer registration for be held on Saturday 2008 summer season will th am January 27th and February 16 , between 10 and 4 pm, in the Veterans’ Hall located at 141 Grand Moulin. Please bring a photo of your child and proof of residency. Payment by cheque or cash only.

ching The 4 Korners organization is laun place” in suppor t the program “Taking our of young of the declining population s in the Laurentians. Beginning anglophone um” will in the month of March, a “youth For s, networking and be set up to facilitate link anizations. agreements with francophone org welcome to par ticipate and Everyone is will be help develop this project; training t. provided. Reserve your spo .974.3940) For information: Lise Palmer (450 Web site: ww w.takingour plac

The Senior Citi Social Club, lo zens ca at 503 Cedar St ted re invites you to co et, me and watch the Super Bowl on their BI February 3rd at G SCREEN on and hamburger 4 pm. Hot dogs s will be on For more inform sale. ation: 514.827.1361

ntagnes Deux-Mo istration g Soccer re

th the winter session begins Januar y 14 . courses offered: baladi, gypsy, african and Hip Hop dancing, capoeira, djembé, tai Ji and chinese language. exclusively, registrations will take place on Januar y 6th and 7th, from 2 pm to 8 pm. Workshops “introduction to tea” will be th held on february 3rd and 24 as well as March 9th. prior registration is required. schedules and fees are available on the web site: 237, industrial Blvd., - saint-eustache450.473.9699 or

Congratulations to Denis Naud! On October 13th, Denis Naud was elected as the new president of the Deux-Montagnes Optimist Club. As such, he has now become the Club’s 4th president.

The Denis N newly elect ed pres aud a the out nd Roxanne ident going preside Paquette, nt

On November 24th, at the Veterans’ Hall, the “R ock & Roll” years were re-lived with an Elvis impersonator. That evening was a fund-raiser for the “Adolescent an d young Adult Oncology Program ” McGill University He of the alth Centre.

Judo classes

e to everyone! Boys and girls, young and old, judo is accessibl e-mail: Register by phone: 450.623.8307. Byth 14th, 2008. Classes will take place from January 8 to June TuESDAy 6 to 6:30 pm 6:30 to 7:30 pm 6:30 to 7:30 pm 7:30 to 9 pm THuRSDAy 6 to 6:30 pm 6:30 to 7:30 pm 6:30 to 7:30 pm 7:30 to 9 pm FRIDAy SATuRDAy 8:30 to 9 am 9 to 10 am 10 to 11 am 11 to 12:30 pm

Pre-judo 3 - 5 yrs Beginner 6 yrs and older Intermediary 6 yrs and older 12 yrs and older Advanced 12 yrs and older Competition

7 to 9 pm

Community Billboard

Community Billboard

2008 Program 2008 Program

May 17th – 8 pm


April 26th – 8 pm
Marie-Hélène Thibert
Regular: $43 Resident* and subscriber: $39

Regular: $33 Resident* and subscriber: $29

Laurent Paquin

Get the best seats by taking advantage of the early purchase and resident’s discount!
* This offer is valid from November 28 th to December 8 th inclusively, upon presentation of a proof of residency at the box office.

May 23rd – 8 pm
Regular: $38 Resident* and subscriber: $34

May 3rd – 8 pm
Stéphane Rousseau
Regular: $44 Resident* and subscriber: $40

Claude Dubois

Where can you get tickets?


611, 20e Avenue, Deux-Montagnes Box office: 450.473.1423 Opening hours: Until December 8th | early purchase Monday to Friday – 1 pm to 8 pm Saturday – 11 am to 5 pm As of December 9th | general admission Monday to Thursday – 1 pm to 5:30 pm Friday - 1 pm to 7:30 pm Saturday – 11 am to 3 pm

May 24th – 8 pm
Regular: $41 Resident* and subscriber: $37

May 9th – 8 pm
Louis-José Houde
Regular: $44 Resident* and subscriber: $40

Rachid Badouri

May 30th – 8 pm
Regular: $36 Resident* and subscriber: $32

May 11th – 2 pm
Regular: $18 Resident* and subscriber: $16

Peter MacLeod

100, rue Duquet, Sainte-Thérèse Box office: 450.434.4006 Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 9 am to 5 pm Saturday – 10 am to 5 pm

May 31st – 8 pm
Regular: $34 Resident* and subscriber: $30

May 16th – 8 pm
Éric Lapointe
Regular: $35 Resident* and subscriber: $31

Tickets for seats with limited visibility are available at a reduced price.

D e u x - M o n ta g n e s

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