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Third Annual Veterans Day Parade - Army and Navy Academy


									SPRING 2012              Vol. 7 / No. 2

   Third Annual
   Veterans Day Parade
   Page 16

   The Impact
   of Your Gift
   on Cadets
   Page 25

   Class Agents
   Page 30
                            A RMY        AND      N AVY ACADEMY T RADITIONS

       Battalion Commanders through the Years
    George Smith ‘45 is a self-avowed computer nerd. William         enter the US Army working in explosives, ordnance and
    Ting (Young) ’88 is an international                             demolition. Cody Zoschak ’09 is a junior at Massachusetts
    businessman. Adam Levey ‘07 will graduate from                   Institute of Technology, studying Arabic at Harvard.
    the US Naval Academy this spring.                                Garrett Kennedy ’10 is at the US Military Academy at
                                                                     West Point where he recently qualified to shoot at the
    They all served as Battalion Commander over six decades
                                                                     national intercollegiate pistol marksmanship competition.
    in different eras, but the position always came with the
                                                                     Stefano Guidetti ’11 is at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
    weight of responsibility, dedication and leadership skills.
                                                                     University in Arizona.
    George is the oldest living BC, retired in Oro Valley, AZ,
                                                                     And then there’s Dirk Wray ’12, our current Battalion
    with wife Ann. Of his Academy experience, he states, “I
                                                                     Commander, who says, “It’s a great way to exercise the
    owe the Academy quite a bit. When I was a freshman in
                                                                     leadership we learn at the Academy and make a difference
    September, 1941, there were only about 40 cadets in the
                                                                     in the Corps of Cadets.”
    student body. Pearl Harbor happened in December, and
    the following year, Army Navy became a non-profit
    institution. What a change those two events caused! By the
    time I graduated in 1945, the corps had grown to about
    140 cadets.
    “What did I learn as a Battalion Commander? The main
    thing was to take charge when there was lack of
    organization, stick up for myself and fight for what’s
    right,” George notes.                                                    George Smith ‘45      William Ting (Young) ‘88
    More than 40 years later, Willing Ting (Young) ’88 of San
    Clemente became Battalion Commander. He says, “I am
    Vice President of GSSI and also hold the position of
    president of an affiliated company, Global Discoveries Inc.,
    which imports packaging for the wine industry, mainly
    bottles and export US wine to places like China and
    Hong Kong.
    “Being Battalion Commander enabled me to maintain                        Adam Levy ‘07              Arden Tran ‘08
    the discipline and ability to succeed at what I do today.
    I learned early that leadership by example is a way to live
    life. For an 18-year-old, being BC is a lot of responsibility.
    It gave me training to last a lifetime. I was expected to take
    responsibility for my own actions as well as those of the
    battalion. It taught me how to treat people with respect.
    The most important thing is that it taught me that
    anything is possible. Accept the challenges of life and
                                                                            Cody Zoschak ‘09          Garret Kennedy ‘10
    utilize your resources. There are no shortcuts and no time
    for regrets.”
    And Adam Levey ’07? He will finish up at the Naval
    Academy in May and head to Quantico, VA, for training
    with the US Marine Corps. He’s in the top quarter of his
    class and travelled abroad with his brigade’s boxing squad.
    What about our most recent BCs? Arden Tran ’08
    graduates from the University of San Diego this spring to               Stefano Guidetti ‘11        Dirk Wray ‘12

                                 Table of Contents                                                                                Army Navy
Features                                                                                                                     MANAGING EDITOR
 Battalion Commanders Through the Years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2                             Nicole Knight, Director of Mktg & Comm
 The Loss of a True Friend: Jim Klinger ‘63 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4                         EDITORIAL
 The Journey at Army Navy Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8                           Justin Anderson, Marketing Coordinator
                                                                                                                               (ABTS/Camp Pacific)
 From California to Rwanda: An Alumnus in the Peace Corps . . . . . . . . . . .10
                                                                                                                             Lisa Basista, Director of International Student Services
 Social Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32        BG Stephen Bliss, Academy President
                                                                                                                             Carol Cooper-Brennan, Director of Health Services
Departments                                                                                                                  Griffin Bertalot '12, C/1LT S-5 Community
                                                                                                                               Relations Officer
 Office of the President                                                                                                     Sue Downey, English Chair
                                                                                                                             Christa Emerson Operations Receptionist
 Welcome Message From the President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5                         Barry Friedman, Director of Development
 Academics                                                                                                                   Candace Heidenrich, Director of Admission
                                                                                                                             Bonnie Hengesbach, Director of Patron Affairs
 Academic Profile: Dr. Chong . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12                   Ann Langlais, Development Administrative Assistant
 Spend a Summer by the Sea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13                   Jennifer Mayo, RN
                                                                                                                             Frank Monteleone, ANAPA President
 ANA Launches Peer Helpers Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22                             Ruben Rodriguez, LOTE Chair
 Admissions                                                                                                                  Susy Smith, Director of Alumni Affairs
                                                                                                                             Casey Hopkins-Stecks Weekend Support Supervisor
 Referrals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33
 Advancement                                                                                                                 PHOTOS
                                                                                                                             Jeff Barton, Head of Lower School
 Giving Donor Profile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24             Camille Boatwright, (Brett Boatwright '13)
 Impact on Cadets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25            Charles Glimka, Commandant of Cadets
 Annual Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38         Cyndi LoGalbo, (Frank LoGalbo ‘12)
                                                                                                                             Susan Salka, (Brad Nowakowski ‘13)
 ANAPA                                                                                                                       Ashley Walker, Yearbook Advisor
 Building the Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21                  Pat Weber, Pat Weber Photography

 Alumni Affairs                                                                                                              BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                                                                                             John “Jack” Wyatt ‘63, Chairman
 Why am I a Class Agent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30                David G. Kelley ’47, Secretary
 Class Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26       Warren L. Metzger, Treasurer
 Celebrations and Taps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27             Jim Callaghan
                                                                                                                             John Burden ‘63
 Alumni Weekend 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
                                                                                                                             Wade G. Davis ‘57
 Athletics                                                                                                                   Leon Davydov ‘01
 Warriors Basketball Captures Coastal Conference Title . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14                                     Mark D. Duffer ‘87
                                                                                                                             Russ Hanthorne
 Ron Smith Weight Room Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15                          Rodolfo Nelson ‘58
 Soccer Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15        Ed Roe ‘60
 Warriors Find a New Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15                      Theodore “Ted” Tafe ‘51
                                                                                                                             Rodrigio Valle ‘72
 Campus Life                                                                                                                 James J. Weber
 Autumn Ball Weekend 2011, November 4-6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6                               Ex-Officio Board Members
 3rd Annual Veterans Day Parade w/Carlsbad Rotary Club . . . . . . . . . . .16-19                                            BG Stephen M. Bliss, President of Army Navy
                                                                                                                             Frank Monteleone, ANAPA President
 ASB Bring Recycling to Campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-19                          Dr. Robin Cowen, Faculty Chair
 Brothers Stand by Brothers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-19
 Cadet Community Service Field Trips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-19                              GRAPHIC DESIGN
                                                                                                                             Design Group West, Encinitas, CA
 Cadets Qualify for Boy’s State Again! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-19
 “Good Morning San Diego” Films Live from the                                                                                PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                                                                                             Cover Photo: Pat Weber Photography.
 Army Navy Campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-19                   Christa Emerson, Joel Williamson, Casey
 Roye Oliver Inducted into Hall of Fame . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-19                             Hopkins-Stecks Cadets on Cover: Christopher
 WASC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-19         Thomas ‘14, Patrick Marshall ‘13, Wilhelm
 Basketball Community Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18                    Sorteberg ‘12, Michael Henry ‘13, Trevor Lyons
                                                                                                                             ‘14, Nicholas Enriquez ‘13, Mark Joseph Leal
 View from the Baton: Drum Major Clayton Mosbey ’12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19                                        ‘14, Mark Rakusin ‘13, Chris Gonzales ‘15,
 Grandparents’ Weekend 2012 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20                    Matt Philip Carlston ‘14, Pablo Moreno ‘13
 Commencement Invitation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34
                                                                                                                             “Our Mission is to Educate
 ARMY NAVY is published in fall and spring for the community and friends of the Army and Navy
 Academy, a college-preparatory, military residential and day school in Carlsbad, California, for young                      and Develop Good Character
 men in grades 7-12. The Academy offers students a well-rounded learning experience that cultivates
 individual excellence, responsible leadership and strength of character as it prepares cadets for lives                     in Young men.”
 of academic, personal and professional achievement.
                                                                                                                                        Army and Navy Academy
 Please Note: Every effort has been made to avoid errors, misspellings and omissions in this publication.                        P.O. Box 3000, Carlsbad, CA 92018-3000
 If, however, an error has been made, please accept our sincere apologies and notify the Director                                       Admissions: 888.762.2338
 of Marketing and Communications so that we may correct our records. Thank you.                                        
                       The Loss of a True Friend: Jim Klinger
    “Jim loved Army Navy and wasn’t bashful in extolling the
    virtue of his military boarding school education.” So went
    the eulogy from BG Stephen Bliss, Academy president, in
    his farewell to trustee Jim Klinger who succumbed to
    cancer in late December.
    As friends and family gathered to honor Jim, his life
    was remembered as one with loyalty, bravery, humor,
    sportsmanship and spirit. General Bliss said, “I first met
    Jim in 2002, shortly after I became President, and we hit
    it off from the very beginning. Not only did we have Army
    Navy in common, we had the Army in common, having
    both served a tour of duty in Vietnam at approximately
    the same time.
     “I had learned as a student in Ranger School that in an
    infantry platoon, the biggest and strongest are often asked
    to carry the greatest burden. In Jim’s case, that was the
    M-60 machine gun he carried during his Vietnam service.

                                                                  “Not only was it physically demanding
                                                                  to carry an M-60 and the ammunition
                                                                  needed through dense jungle terrain,
                                                                  it was also critical to the platoon’s
                                                                  success and survival that the machine
                                                                  gunner know his trade well. I have no
                                                                  doubt that Jim was responsible for
                                                                  saving the lives of many of his fellow
                                                                  soldiers because of how well he did
                                                                  his job,” said General Bliss.
                                                                  He did his job as a member of the
                                                                  Academy’s Board of Trustees as well,
                                                                  serving six years for his alma mater
                                                                  with humor and grace. He was chair
                                                                  of the Audit Committee, Safety &
                                                                  Security Committee and later an
                                                                  Officer of the Corporation before
                                                                  taking a leave of absence due to his
                                                                  ill health.
                                                                  General Bliss continued, “Jim visited
                                                                  the Academy often. When he was
                                                                  here, he spent most of his time with
                                                                  cadets, talking to small groups of
                                                                  students to see what was on their mind
                                                                  and what he could do to improve their
                                                                  educational experience. He never
                                                                  missed a board meeting and showed as
                                                                  much insight and common sense as
                                                                  any trustee with whom I have served.”

‘63                                                                     From the President

                                                                      I recently spoke to the senior class regarding where they
                                                                      stood with less than 60 school days remaining before
                                                                      graduation, and about what they had to look forward to
                                                                      in the coming months and years.
                                           We reflected on what it took to get them to this point in their lives and how
                                           fortunate they are to have the opportunity to go to school at Army Navy. We
                                           mused about how family and friends had sacrificed, encouraged and mentored
                                           them from the time of their birth to bring them along and, in the end, provide
                                           for their high school and upcoming college education.
                                           It was uplifting to have each senior stand and inform his classmates where he
                                           was going to college next year. Of the 53 seniors who attended our discussion that
                                           evening, only four had not yet made college plans; those four will do so before the
                                           end of the school year. This is something in which the Academy and graduating
                                           seniors take pride.
                                           We talked about how excited and gratified their extended families will feel at
                                           their graduation ceremonies. Most enrolled their sons here with the hope that they
                                           would see positive change represented by greater maturity, intellectual curiosity,
                                           personal responsibility and improved character and leadership skills. None of the
                                           families will be disappointed!
                                           We reflected on the expectations of real life, and contrasted thoughts of “senioritis”
                                           with the realities of the private and public sectors, where there is no such thing as
                                           time off on the job. We considered how important it is to their legacy to continue
                                           to execute their duties and responsibilities at the Academy until they are transferred
  A successful business owner of           to the Class of 2013.
  Modern Tree Company, Jim was also
  an avid sports fan and followed the      Finally, we talked about what it means to be an Army and Navy Academy alumnus.
  athletic teams of Capo Valley near his   We considered how the future of the Academy is, more than anything else, in their
  home of San Juan Capistrano. His         hands and will be a reflection of their interest in and willingness to support the
  friends and classmates could write a     Academy and its program in all ways. As another alumnus shared recently: “If not
  book on the laughter that emitted        us, who?”
  from the man, the pranks he played       We speculated that within their ranks someone would likely emerge as an Academy
  and the general light-heartedness of     Trustee, perhaps even an Officer of the Corporation, and how important Board
  a man we will miss deeply.               service is to the Academy.
                                           Finally, we spoke about the shared sacrifice of classmates and how it would bond
                                           them together for the rest of their lives, how their classmates would always be there
                                           for them in good times and bad, as they were for Chris Simonds ’00 when he was
                                           nearly mortally wounded in Iraq. Their membership in the Academy’s long gray
                                           line will give greater meaning to their lives.
                                           Army Navy is an unique, life changing experience that prepares its graduates for
                                           rich lives that include great contributions to community, state, country and family.
                                           If our graduates remember their roots, and keep Army Navy among the things they
                                           cherish, we will be able to continue as an institution into perpetuity.

                                           Warrior Pride!

                                           Stephen M. Bliss
                                           Brigadier General, United States Army (Retired)
                                           President, Army and Navy Academy

                                                                         Autumn Ball
    A cold dreary weekend, including a muddy football                                                      Saturday’s
    game and an almost-rained out Battalion Parade, didn’t                                                 activities
    dampen the party atmosphere of November’s traditional                                                  kicked-off with
    Autumn Ball.                                                                                           parent-teacher
                                                                                                           conferences. For
    The rain came down on the Academy’s campus by the
                                                                                                           the parents of
    sea, but it didn’t matter to the cadets that umbrellas had
                                                                                                           new cadets, the
    to be unfurled
                                                                                                           conferences lie at
    from time-to-time                                            George Liddicoat ‘12, Enjoys the sunshine the heart of the
    or that the side-                                            with Madeline and John Liddicoat
                                                                                                           entire weekend.
    walks were wet. It
                                                                 Oftentimes, parents are anxious to hear about their
    was party time at
                           Nikita Tucker ‘13, Tony Tucker ‘16,   cadet’s progress. But after just a few minutes into the
    Army Navy!
                          and grandparents, Vladamir Deryabin
    It was about            and Loubov Deryabina
    beautiful, poised young women in equally beautiful
    formal gowns. It was about proud moms and dads
    sharing the experience of one of the Academy’s oldest
    traditions. It was the long-awaited Autumn Ball with
    all its fanfare, formality and fun.
    The Autumn Ball is the first time the seniors dress in
                                           the Academy’s
                                           most formal
                                           uniform—the           Andrew Meckley ‘12 with grandfather, Angelo and
                                           “whites” which        mother, Katina Tsakopoulos
                                           are patterned after
                                                                 conference, they realize that, with the Academy’s small
                                           the naval officer’s
                                                                 class size, the instructors have had the opportunity to re-
                                           white uniform
                                                                 ally get to know their cadet and have tailor-made a cur-
                                           and is worn only
                                                                 riculum to meet their son’s educational needs, thereby
                                           by seniors.
                                                                 creating a successful learning experience.
    Amy Coe and BG Stephen Bliss,
    President Army Navy                    Despite the cold
                                                                 Following the conferences, late Saturday afternoon, the
                                           and the rain, the
                                                                 graduating Class of 2012, the junior class, patrons and
    varsity water polo team and the Friday Night Lights
                                                                 staff gathered in the Atkinson Chapel for the traditional
    football game carried on. During halftime, the
                                                                                             Ring Ceremony. As is cus-
    Senior Fall Athletes were recognized.
                                                                                             tomary, seniors receive their
    Before the Friday Night Lights game, there was                                           class rings and are asked to
    a small, intimate dinner held in the library for                                         endeavor to live up to the
    Annual Fund campaign volunteers and patrons                                              words of the First Classman’s
    who had made their commitment early in the                                               motto: Facta non Verba,
    year. In addition to a review of the annual                                              Deeds not Words.
    campaign by Barry Friedman, Director of
                                                                                              The ring ceremony was
    Development, John Maffucci treated the guests
                                                                                              first started in 1946 by the
    to a presentation of the insider football strategy
                                                                                              President’s wife, Mrs.
    that was to be implemented in that evening’s game.
                                                                                              Virginia Atkinson. The ring
                                     Brian Bergquist ‘12
                                           With his date

Weekend 2011
                                        resembles those of
                                        the US Military
                                        Academy and the
                                        US Naval Academy.
                                        It is symbolic of the
                                        Academy’s ideals
                                        and traditions.
                                        It is also the
                                        administration’s official
                                        recognition of the
                                        graduating class.           Thomas Mathews ‘12, David and Kolleen Mathews
                                       In the fall, each
                                                                    This year Davis Hall was decorated by ASB advisor
                                       cadet takes great
                                                                    Veronica Parker-Davis and her team of creative cadets.
                                       pride in custom
                                                                    The gym was transformed into a magical ballroom
 Andrew Cheng ‘17 and Revelei Emerson,
                                       designing his own
                                                                    where live music played and cadets danced with their
 (Travis Emersons ‘02 daughter)        ring. After years of
                                                                    dates or young ladies from local schools who were
                                       admiring the rings
                                                                    guests of the Academy.
 of the seniors before them, it is finally their turn to
 create their own personal ring, choosing from a selection          While the
 of settings, metals and stones such as onyx and rubies.            cadets danced
                                                                    the night away,
 The annual Autumn Ball began with its traditional
                                                                    patrons enjoyed
 receiving line. The seniors look forward to this
                                                                    their own social
 opportunity to present their guests and parents to
                                                                    reception in the
 the Academy administration and Corps of Cadets.
                                                                    mess hall. By
 Following the receiving line, seniors strut under an               then many of       Kevin Hasenpflug ‘12, Daniel and
 archway of sabers, each recognized as his name is                  the parents had    Catherine Hasenpflug
 called out.r                                                       forged friendships with other families over the year as
                                                                               they watched their boys grow into young
                                                                               men at The Academy.
                                                                              With Maffucci Field soggy and the rain
                                                                              continuing to fall, families, friends and
                                                                              Academy staff enjoyed the new experience of
                                                                              a parade “indoor.” Along with the academic
                                                                              awards was the presentation of the
                                                                              prestigious Silver “A” award. An honored
                                                                              tradition at the Academy, the Silver “A” is
                                                                              given to cadets in recognition of their
                                                                              dedication and service to the school.
                                                                              Not even the unpredictable southern
                                                                              California weather could dampen the energy
                                                                              and enthusiasm that surrounded the campus
 Dirk Wray ‘12, Patrick Marshall ‘13, Christopher Thomas ‘14, Sam Ahn ‘15,    throughout the weekend.
 Matt Carlston ‘14, Directed by: Pablo Moreno ‘13

Che-Wei “Joey” Liu      Robert McKenna            Griffin Bertalot        Ting-Yu Shih             Ryan Thomas           Osorio Camacho

         The Journey at Army Navy Academy
      Army and Navy Academy’s Director              It has been filled with lifelong             The greatest life lesson I learned at
      of Admission, Candace Heidenrich,             memories. The greatest lesson has been       Army and Navy Academy has been
      caught up with 20 seniors (4+ years) as       discipline and organization.                 learning to be self-reliant. By living
      they wrap up their final year and                                                          away from home, it helped me learn
      prepare for the next step in their                              – Che-Wei “Joey” Liu       who I am and understand my
      educational journey. In a one-on-one          In my four years here, I have learned a      true potential.
      interview, these cadets reveal the most       lot, but the most important lesson is                                  – Ryan Thomas
      valuable life lessons learned at the          that hard work brings success.               The greatest life lessons that I learned
      Academy, their leadership position and                            – Robert McKenna         at the Academy are respect, responsible
      style, and plans for college and beyond.
                                                    I started out at Army and Navy               behavior, duty, personal appearance,
       Dirk Wray                                    Academy as a freshman eager to learn.        and how to be a better person.
                                                    The whole “military school” aspect                                 – Osorio Camacho
                                                    really intrigued me. But mostly, I was       The greatest life lesson that I have
                                                    here for the education that I was going      learned is to be motivated and “locked
                                                    to receive. I told myself two things         on,” and to be on time for all classes
                                                    during my freshman year. One, I was          and formations.
                                                    going to be on the Honor Council, and                                – Jacob Larcabal
                                                    second that I was going to be in the
                                                    Battalion Staff. Here I am, four years       My greatest life lesson was to not
                                                    later, and I have both accomplishments       give up. I learned most of my lessons
                                                    under my belt, along with many others.       during athletics.
                                                    The greatest life lesson I learned here                                  – Enoch Jun
                                                    at the Academy is honor. There is no         2. What is your current leadership
                                                    lesson that has been hammered into my        position? What do you consider to be
                                                    brain harder than being honorable at all     the most important attributes of your
                                                    times. Everything else, such as loyalty      leadership style?
                                                    and respect, will come if you lead an
                                                    honorable lifestyle.                         I am the Battalion Commander.
                                                                           – Griffin Bertalot    Leading by example, I know that you
                                                                                                 can’t expect someone to do something
      1. Describe your personal journey at          The greatest life lesson that I learned at   you are not willing to do.
      the Academy. What is the greatest             the Academy is to have the confidence                                   – Dirk Wray
      life lesson that you have learned?            that I need in order to face any
                                                    obstacles. Also, I learned the ability to    I am currently serving as the Battalion
      Time management is the greatest life                                                       S-5 Community Relations Officer and
                                                    communicate with others.
      lesson I have learned. Being able to                                                       I am held accountable for all the media
      manage my academic and leadership                                      – Ting-Yu Shih
                                                                                                 published about the school. If I don’t
      responsibilities and still have time left                                                  do my job, I am letting parents and
      for myself.                                                                                faculty down.
                                    – Dirk Wray                                                                        – Griffin Bertalot

Jacob Larcabal         Enoch Jun               Alex Hermsen           David Traitel          Alex Monsivaiz          Frank LoGalbo ‘12

      Through the Eyes of Seniors
  I am the Day Student Liaison. Since          3. What are your plans for college or       I plan on attending San Diego
  I’ve shown my guys respect, I’ve never       university? What career path are you        Christian College and will major in
  had any conflicts with any of them.          planning to follow?                         architecture or civil engineering.
                          – Alex Hermsen                                                                          – Osorio Camacho
                                               I want to study the agriculture business
  My current position is Delta Company         at Michigan State University.               My plans for college are to attend Cal
  Commander. The most important                                            – Dirk Wray     State San Marcos or Monterey. I plan
  attribute of my leadership style is                                                      on majoring in optometry.
                                               I have been accepted at UC San Diego.
  patience, because it is a necessary                                                                              – Jacob Larcabal
                                               I am pursuing a major in bio-chemistry,
  attribute when dealing with younger kids.
                                               cell biology and excited to be staying in   I plan on attending Virginia
                             – David Traitel
                                               the San Diego area.                         Military Institute or UC Davis
  My current leadership position is the                               – Griffin Bertalot                               – Enoch Jun
  Battalion Executive Officer. The most
                                               I plan on going to UCLA majoring
  important attributes of my style are to
  treat others fairly and to be responsible
                                               in pre-dentistry and becoming an              Prospective cadets and their
                                               orthodontist.                                 parents often want to know
  for my own actions.
                                                                      – Alex Monsivaiz       what students gain from an
                             – Ting-Yu Shih
                                               My plan for college is actually trying        education at the Academy,
  My current leadership position is the                                                      what our leadership program
                                               to find a field of expertise that I am
  S-3 Operations Officer. The most
                                               interested in at UC Davis or UCI. I           entails and where our cadets
  important attributes involve a good
                                               hope that college will be the first step      attend college.
  work ethic that allows me to stay strong
                                               for me to face the real world.
  and keeps me motivated throughout                                                          As you can see from the
                                                                    – Che-Wei “Joey” Liu
  the year.                                                                                  responses above, cadets gain
                           - Ryan Thomas
                                               Academy of Art or University of San           invaluable life lessons and
  My current leadership position is 2nd        Francisco. I plan on studying                 leadership skills at an early age,
  Platoon Leader. The most important           illustration and graphic design.              attend impressive colleges and
  attributes of my leadership style are                                – Frank LoGalbo       universities and forge strong
  consistency, responsibility, and honor.
                                               My plans include majoring in biology at       careers in business, medicine,
                        – Osorio Camacho
                                               the University of California San Diego.       engineering, the arts and many
  My current leadership position is            I plan on using my degree in biology in       other fields.
  Platoon Sergeant in HQ. The most             my career path for the future.
  important attribute of my leadership                                   - Ting-Yu Shih      For questions regarding
  style is respect.                                                                          attending Army Navy, please
                          – Jacob Larcabal     I intend to enroll at Chapman                 view the Admission section of
                                               University to major in business, in order     our website or contact the
  My current leadership position is
                                               to become a small business owner.
  Deputy Provost Marshall. The most                                                          Office of Admission at
                                                                        – Ryan Thomas
  important attribute of my leadership                                                       888.762.2338.
  style would be setting the example at
  all times.
                               – Enoch Jun

                                                From California to Rwanda:
                                                                 An Alumnus in the
                                                Peace Corps
     “I am very proud to be one of Army Navy’s alumni in the      Jonathan is now assigned to Ecole Secondaire de Nyane, a
     United States Peace Corps,” says Jonathan Tripi ’07, who     boarding school equivalent to a US high school in the
     wasted no time putting his life into service and into        Western Province of Rwanda. He explains, “Situated on
     perspective when he graduated from the University of         top of a formidable hill, this public school is surrounded by
     Washington in 2011.                                          a 360-degree panoramic view of terraced land speckled by
                                                                  the yellow and green of banana trees. Although
     “Much of my interest in joining the Peace Corps stemmed
                                                                  peaceful today, this school has an important history that
     from my time at the Academy. While there, I learned that
                                                                  I would like to share with you.”
     your ‘brothers’ are not necessarily those of your nuclear
     family. Your brothers are those with whom you live and
     work, and who have provided you with positive growth ex-
                                                                  Teaching in the Heroes’ School
                                                                  He goes on to say, “After training in Rwanda for three
     periences that last you a lifetime.”
                                                                  months, the Peace Corps notified me that this school
                                                                  would be my work/home site for the next two years. The
                                                                                                  Rwandese, who were in
                                                                                                  charge of volunteer
                                                                                                  training, quickly pulled me
                                                                                                  aside and conveyed what a
                                                                                                  great honor had been
                                                                                                  bestowed on me. I was
                                                                                                   puzzled at first by their
                                                                                                  statements. The language
                                                                                                  barrier is as formidable as
                                                                                                  the hills that surround my
                                                                                                  home, so all I could gather
                                                                                                  from their adulation was
                                                                                                  that I was going to the
                                                                                                  ‘Heroes’ School.’
                                                                                                  “I was no longer puzzled
                                                                                                  when I learned about this
                                                                                                  school’s history! After the
                                                                                                  horrific Rwandan Genocide
                                                                                                  in 1994, some of its
                                                                                                  perpetrators fled to the
                                                                                                  Congo passing through the
                                                                                                  Western Province near the
                                                                                                  school and crossed over
                                                                                                  Lake Kivu. Nyange is an
                                                                                                  hour from Lake Kivu, a
                                                                                                  little village adjacent to the
                                                                                                  only main thoroughfare to
                                                                                                  the lake. Post-genocide,
                                                                                                  many of these same
                                                                                                  perpetrators sought to

rekindle violence and slowly crept back into Rwanda, via                    locals, which we will place by the main highway to attract
the same route that they had used to leave, directly passing                the tourists. When I am not working on local business, or
through Nyange.                                                             teaching, I am in the school library. Another volunteer and
                                                                            I are creating systems to organize and better use the
“One night in 1997, the Interhamwe (a rebel faction from
                                                                            school’s textbooks.”
Rwanda which had fled to the Congo) arrived in Nyange
and overtook the E.S. Nyange. They murdered the school’s
headmaster and a female teacher. Then these violent rebels
                                                                            Textbooks Are Important
                                                                            Jonathan continues his fascinating experience with this: “It
proceeded to threaten the students’ lives by demanding
                                                                            is interesting to me that, despite the numerous textbooks
that they separate into their respective ethnicities; the 1994
                                                                            with which Rwandan schools are endowed, none of the
Genocide was principally based on the eradication of the
                                                                            students here seem to have their own personal textbooks.
Tutsi on behalf of the Hutu.
                                                                            Further, unlike in the United States, local teachers here
“The students, heroically, refused to separate themselves as                rarely turn them over to the students at the beginning of
ordered by the rebels, and famously remarked to them that                   the academic year to use while in class and to have as a
they were not Tutsi or Hutu. They were simply, together,                    supplement to, and a resource for, their lessons.
Rwandese. For their acts of extreme bravery, the rebels
                                                                            “I hope to change this, one class at a time, by encouraging
murdered many of the school’s students that night: Tutsi
                                                                            the widespread distribution and implementation of these
and Hutu alike. When the people of Rwanda heard of the
                                                                            textbook materials to the students. This will lead my
bravery of these students, they became more unified and
                                                                            students to study well beyond the time we share in class.
recognized that the students had sacrificed themselves, in
                                                                            The school’s library also emphasizes independent learning
the name of their country, and, therefore, they had all died
                                                                            so I offer free tutoring and candy for each book a student
with honor as heroes. For this reason, this small nation in
                                                                            completes. It has sparked some definite interest in those
Africa celebrates the students who died at E.S. Nyange
                                                                            dusty old books!”
every Heroes’ Day, held on February 1.”
                                                                            Jonathan believes the United States continues to be the
Peace Comes to Nyange                                                       most charitable nation in terms of financial and service-
Fifteen years later, life is calm and peaceful, notes                       oriented donations. This has earned Americans quite a
Jonathan. “This way of life reminds me of my days at                        healthy reputation in Rwanda. He notes, “Each time I
ANA and the camaraderie I developed with my fellow                          travel around the country, or in my small village, people
cadets. Although our standard of living is much higher in                   ask me where I am from. Immediately upon learning that
the United States than in Rwanda (they eat beans and rice                   I am an American, I am inundated with the same wonderful
twice a day every day and live without running water and                    remarks, ‘Aw, America, it is powerful and our friend!’
electricity), we do share with them the pride of being part
                                                                            “The U.S., and its Peace Corps volunteers, in particular,
of a living institution known for a higher moral code
                                                                            are on the frontlines with the Rwandans helping them to
of conduct.
                                                                            combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, poverty, and illiteracy.
“Currently, I teach entrepreneurship and am working with                    In 1994, this nation lost more than a million lives in the
locals to create and develop business ideas that can sustain                Rwandan Genocide. Yet, by 2012, less than 20 years later,
them in the 21st century. Subsistence farming is practiced                  it is recovering and rebuilding. Development is taking
by nearly 75% of the population, which has a per capita                     place throughout the country. There are remarkable
income of only about $1,500 a year. Entrepreneurship is a                   skyscrapers under construction in Kigali, the nation’s
major tool for developing the economy and for bettering                     capital, and HIV is at a low, two percent prevalence rate as
the standard of living for the Rwandans.                                    compared to other nations in East Africa where the rate is
                                                                            much higher. Rwanda is, as a nation, encouraging the
“I also work with locals to re-open a co-operative that will
                                                                            education of its people.”
provide high-quality crafts to tourists. We plan to market
the co-op’s crafts with hand-decorated signs, made by the

 Jonathan is grateful to be a part of the process and is committed to the                Share your personal stories, journeys and
 Peace Corps’ work.
                                                                                         triumphs with the Office of Alumni Affairs at:
                                                                                         Get Connected! Connect with the Academy On-Line
                                                                                         on our Facebook Fan page, Twitter Account,
                                                                                         Youtube and Google +

                   Greetings from the Health Center

                                Dear Army Navy Families,
                                The Health Center is striving to incorporate new ways to make your life easier and our
                                office more efficient so we can concentrate on the health of your cadets. Therefore, I wanted
                                to make you aware of some exciting new changes, as well as some things the Health Center
                                is involved in for this school year and the upcoming year at Army and Navy Academy.
                                Additionally, I encourage you all to view our revised webpage that includes more
                                information on new programs as well as forms you will find very useful. Let’s get started…
     Magnus Health SMR:
     We are pleased to announce that, beginning in the fall of 2012, a web-based system called Magnus Health Student
     Medical Record program will now collect our cadets’ health information for the 2012-2013 school year. Magnus
     Health SMR is an easy-to-use website that allows you to submit your son’s health information online. Benefits include
     less paperwork for parents to complete annually, as well as more accurate and secure information that is accessible to
     both parents and the appropriate Academy employees. You will have continuous access to your child’s health record,
     the ability to make updates when needed, and the option to take your file with you after your child graduates from
     Army Navy.
     GroupRx School Medication Management:
     The Health Center is excited to partner with GroupRx, a medication management company that offers a safe,
     effective medication delivery system with pre-packaged individualized, labeled dosages of medication. A team
     of pharmacists work directly with the doctor and insurance companies to ensure accurate and timely management
     of medications so parental involvement will decrease dramatically, saving you time and unnecessary frustration!
     Health and Wellness Committee:
     The Health and Wellness Committee is a group of employees that meets monthly to improve the health and
     wellness of cadets throughout their Army Navy Experience. Some of the topics discussed are:
     • Concussion Symposium for coaches, RLOs and employees
     • ImPACT baseline concussion screening for all cadets
     • “Love your Liver” presentation: Discusses drug, alcohol and OTC drug use and effects on the liver
     • Health and Wellness Fair for the students
     • Health Classes for the cadets: basic hygiene, nutrition, exercise, drug use/abuse, etc. This could possibly be a semester class.
     • Exercise/Sports Medicine, First Aid/CPR training for cadets.
     Meet Dr. Chong:
     Finally, I’d like to introduce, Dr. Yoo Jin Chong who has been our Academy physician for
     the past two years. He is a Board Certified Physician with over 15 years of experience in
     internal medicine. His core values are integrity, excellence and service, and he exemplifies
     those qualities in his dedication and work with our young men. Dr. Chong is on-call for
     consultation to me and provides personalized service to each cadet with whom he interacts.
     He makes weekly visits to the Academy to assess cadets who are ill or injured when not at
     his personal local practice in Carlsbad. Dr. Chong served in the US Army and therefore has
     a connection to the cadets as they navigate through the Academy’s military-structured
     program. We are fortunate to have Doctor Chong as part of our family!
     I hope these updates are helpful to you and your sons and look forward to seeing you both back with us in the fall.
     Should you have any additional questions after reviewing our new web pages, please reach out to me or one of my
     dedicated staff members.
     Carol Cooper-Brennan
     Army and Navy Academy Director of Health Services

                  Spend a Summer by the Sea
During the summer months, the Army and Navy                     Enhanced by its coastal location, Academy by the
Academy campus is transformed into a co-educational             Sea/Camp Pacific facilities include: seven resident buildings,
environment hosting a unique mix of students, teachers,         a library, computer lab, recreation hall, heated swimming
and camp counselors from all over the world. Academy by         pool, tennis courts, oceanfront recreation center, weight
the Sea/Camp Pacific programming is designed to enrich          room, gymnasium, chapel, bookstore, canteen, campus
                                             each               store, 24-hour health center, athletic fields, dining
                                             participant’s      services, and fully equipped classrooms and dormitories.
                                             character          Security and medical personnel are on campus
                                             through            24 hours a day.
                                                                Dormitory living allows students and campers to
                                                                experience life away from home while building
                                                                friendships with peers, counselors, and teachers. During
                                                                summer programs, they are assigned accommodations in
                                                                separate, gender-specific areas. Participants are assigned
                                                                shared, fully furnished, double- and triple-room
                                                                dormitories during their stay with us. Residents enjoy
                                                 We provide     three well-balanced meals a day in our fully equipped
                                                 a structured   dining hall, offering healthy salad and sandwich bars
                                                 program        daily at lunch and dinner, as well as delicious hot entrées.
for boys and girls ages 7-17. A variety of programming          To ensure safety and supervision that meets American
options allow for participants to gain the most out of their    Camp Association standards, the campus is monitored by
summer. Depending on the program that your child                supervisory residential staff, residential counselors, and
attends, he/she will experience a wide variety of exciting      nighttime security personnel. Constant adult supervision
activities. Participants in all options learn new skills,       is essential to provide an atmosphere of learning
gain self-confidence, and develop strong friendships with       and safety.
their peers.
                                                                During their stay, young people have access to athletic
Our academic program provides the opportunity to learn          fields, gymnasium, oceanfront recreation center, outdoor
in a classroom setting and earn credit in subjects such as      swimming pool, tennis courts, and supervised beach
oceanography, video/computer journalism, robotics,              area. Emphasis is placed on self-improvement and
comics and animation, and many more. Our recreational           sportsmanship during all recreational activities.
programming focuses on teamwork, sportsmanship, and
                                                                To learn more about the Academy’s summer programs,
self-improvement. All programs provide a well-rounded
                                                                please visit our website at: or contact us by
summer experience where participants enjoy scheduled
                                                                phone at: 760.547.5208.
recreational activities on a daily basis, including team and
individual sports, ocean front activities, arts and crafts.
Evening programs include talent shows, scavenger hunts,
campfires, and much more!
On weekends, participants enjoy planned, off-campus
excursions to many exciting attractions and themes parks
in Southern California such as: Knott’s Berry Farm,
Universal Studios, and Sea World. Additional mid-week
excursions can be added to campers’ schedules for an
additional fee.

                                         Brad Nowakowski ‘13                                                       Osorio Camacho ‘12

     Warriors Basketball Captures Coastal Conference Title
     Despite only having one senior on the roster, the 2011-        had the challenge of playing 15 games without Cheikh
     2012 Army Navy basketball team entered the season with         when he suffered a concussion in the season opener.
     high expectations. “We have a talented team this year. I       Sophomore Devin Watson emerged as one of the premier
     think we can go all the way. I really tried to challenge the   young guards in Southern California combining for over
     team and prepare them for the highly competitive Coastal       600 points and 120 assists on the season. Rounding out
     Conference by creating an intensive and competitive            the starting lineup were defensive stoppers and sharp
     schedule,” says Coach Tom Tarantino when speaking              shooters Brad Nowakowski ’13 and Akhadj Diatta ’13.
     about the Warrior Varsity Team. The team accepted
                                                                    The lone senior was power forward Osario Camacho who
     Coach Tarantino’s challenge defeating a number of highly
                                                                    signed a full scholarship to San Diego Christian College
     ranked opponents in their non-league schedule, including
                                                                    where he will join fellow alum Rafael Rodriguez ‘10.
     victories over El Camino, RBV, Westview, Rancho
     Bernardo, Foothills Christian and Palm Springs.                The Warriors advanced to the semi-finals of the CIF
                                                                    Playoffs where they were upset by a talented La Jolla
     In conference play, the Warriors swept Bishop’s, Horizon
                                                                    Country Day team before a capacity Davis Hall crowd
     and Santa Fe Christian and split victories with La Jolla
                                                                    including the entire Corps of Cadets.
     Country Day and Francis Parker, boasting an overall
     league record of (8-2) and earning a co-championship           Although the team fell short of its ultimate goal of
     with Francis Parker.                                           a CIF title, the fact that they went (22-7) overall
                                                                    and will return 14 of the top 15 players leaves the
     The team boasted two of the most highly-ranked players
                                                                    coaching staff to believe the 2012-13 season looks very,
     in their respective grade levels. Junior Cheikh N’diaye is
                                                                    very bright for these Warriors.
     one of the leading shot blockers in the country. The team

Soccer Notes
The 2011-2012 Warrior soccer team displayed excellent          Among the team leaders were Parker Paris ’13, who
effort and teamwork throughout the season, led by faculty      transitioned from the quarterback position in football to
members Sarah Hurley and Terry Matsuoka.                       anchor the defense from the goalie position. The
                                                               coaching staff also cited the effort and play of Blake
At the start of the season, this young team out-worked
                                                               Nevell ’14, Nick Menicucci ’13, Rod Deichler ’14 and
and out-executed opponents although it did not often
                                                               seniors Jose Ruiz and Aaron Styne.
result in goals. Despite repeatedly taking more shots on
goal then the opponents, the Warriors scoring challenges
led to several early season ties against The Rock Academy         Ron Smith Weight Room Update
                                    and Temecula Prep.
                                                                  The late Coach Ron Smith left an imprint on our school
                                   But through persistence        that will not soon be forgotten, and Erik Blekeberg, our
                                   and improved team              new strength and conditioning coach has worked hard to
                                   chemistry, they were           carry the tradition established by Ron. As many as 40-50
                                   able to generate more          cadets utilize the weight room daily under the guidance of
 Jose Ruiz ’13 and                 goals the second half of       Coach Blekeberg. Erik is working on his vision of an Army
 Frank Mancuso ‘12
                                   the season resulting in a      Navy weight lifting team that will compete throughout
victory over league rival Tri-City Christian and a tie with       Southern California in 2012-2013.
a strong Calvin Christian team.

Warriors Find a New Home
Under the leadership of Coach Roye Oliver, the Army            as the Warriors compiled an
Navy wrestling program continues to blossom in both            impressive 11-3 overall
quantity and quality of cadet participation.                   record in dual meet
                                                               competition. Most recently
Having outgrown the previous practice area on the
                                                               the team had an excellent
performing arts stage within Davis Hall, Academy
                                                               showing in the Division IV
officials and the maintenance crew had a dilemma on
                                                               CIF meet held at Brawley                           George Liddicoat ‘12
their hands last fall. With over 40 cadets signed up to
                                                               High School, as a total of
participate in the winter sport, it was clear the team
                                                               five wrestlers (Matthew Duffield ’13, Alan Enriquez ’12,
needed a new place to call home.
                                                               Enoch Jun ’12, Daniel Kim ’12 and George-Justin
The move to a climate-controlled tent housed over the          Liddicoat ’12) all qualified for the San Diego
Academy tennis courts was an extremely easy transition.        Masters Meet.
“The extra space and privacy have been instrumental in
                                                               At the conclusion of the season, Coach Oliver wasted
the quality of the experience of our wrestlers. Coach
                                                                little time in expressing his vision for the 2012 - 13
Oliver demands a tremendous amount of commitment
                                                               season. Connecting directly with Middle School Head
from both the Junior Varsity and Varsity programs
                                                               Jeff Barton, the Middle School wrestling program kicked
throughout the season especially in the six weekend
                                                               off in early March.
Invitational Tournaments. Often the Invitationals call
for a 7 am weigh-in, so it was not uncommon for our            What does the future hold for the wrestling family?
wrestlers to receive a 5am call to board the team bus. It      Coach Oliver states, ”The cadets are looking forward to
was imperative the boys have a space that suited their         participating in several camps as well as a team fishing
needs,” says                                                   trip during the off-season. The boys have developed a
Athletic Director                                              unique bond and become much like a family within the
Tom Tarantino.                                                 Army Navy community. It’s amazing to see how they
                                                               encourage and support one another throughout the year.
The team’s
                                                               The team is a prime example of the experience the
commitment and hard
                                                               Academy athletics program strives to give each student.”
work clearly paid off                  Wrestling Match ‘12

                                                  Academy Life – 201
     While the Academy may have celebrated its Centennial           guest speaker Col. M.G. Naylor, USMC, Deputy
     last year, there is no indication the school is slowing down   Commander. Taps played at the end of the memorial with
     one bit. The 2011-12 school year has                           a special flyover by the RedStars Formation team.
     certainly been an exciting launch into the next 100 years.
     Check out Life at the Academy:                                 Western Association of Schools and Colleges
                                                                    (WASC) Renew Academy’s Accreditation
                                                                    Every three years, the Academy’s board members,
                                                                    faculty/staff and cadets undergo a four-day self-evaluation
                                                                    by a WASC accreditation team. Comprised of volunteers
                                                                    within the western regions of the US, this year’s
                                                                    committee visited the campus over Super Bowl Weekend
                                                                    and met with trustees, administrators and staff.
                                                                    Appointed by General Stephen Bliss, Ms. Sue Downey,
                                                                    Director of Studies, led the WASC preparation with staff
                                                                    interviews and compiled the necessary paperwork and
                                                                    documentation for WASC since early 2010. Faculty and
                                                                    staff celebrated the commendations and recommenda-
                                                                    tions the WASC team gave with a celebratory happy
                                                                    hour hosted by the General at Coyote Bar + Grill.

                                                                    Cadets on Camera!
                                                                    Good Morning San Diego
                                                                    broadcasted LIVE from the Army
                                                                    and Navy Academy on February 17! Reporter Brad Perry
                                                                    stood tall with cadets during the morning accountability
                                                                    formation and followed them throughout their early
                                                                    morning activities interviewing: BG Stephen Bliss -
                                                                    Academy President, Stanford Stockdale - Vice President
                                                                    for Institutional Advancement, LTC Charles Glimka -
                                                                    Commandant of Cadets, Dirk Wray '12 - Battalion
                                                                    Commander. Check out our YOUTUBE channel to
                                                                    view the complete segment. Please comment on the
                                                                    post and share with your family and friends.

     Cadets Salute Veterans
     On November 11, the Army and Navy Academy
     co-hosted with the Carlsbad Rotary Club their 3rd
     Annual Veterans Day Memorial Parade and Wreath
     Presentation honoring veterans. In a special wreath-laying
     ceremony held at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on
     campus, community members gathered to pay tribute to
     those who dedicated their lives to provide the freedom we
     have today. Immediately following the ceremony, guests
     gathered on the Academy’s football field (Maffucci Field)
     and in the stands for a parade with more than 300 cadets
     in full dress uniform, a presentation by Veterans of the
     Korean Conflict, Marine Corps Installations West and       Wesley Cotton ‘13, Tyler Keys ‘15, Noah Gragson ‘17
                                                                    Ayden Haen ‘15, Remy Madarieta ‘15, Brandon Um ‘15

1-12 Year in Review
 Coach Roye Oliver Inducted into Black Music                   do if you are being bullied. The next day, the counselors
 and Community 2011 Hall of Fame                               received feedback from a faculty member that, before she
 Congratulations to Warrior Wrestling Coach Roye Oliver        even had time to respond to a student being negative
 for his recent induction into the Omaha Black Music           towards another, a classmate took a stand to bullying and
 Hall of Fame (OBMHOF). Roye earned his Bachelor’s             stood up to the bully. Other classmates then followed lead
 degree from Arizona State University. He coached the          and responded with the same sentiment of not tolerating
 1994 Olympic Team, 1986/1996 Olympic Coaches Staff,           bullying. This was encouraging feedback and counselors
 1992-1996 USA-W National Developmental Coach,                 are planning to make a presentation in the next month on
 1976-1979 3x Division 1 All-American, 2004 National           tolerance and celebrating differences.
 Veterans Freestyle Champ, 2007 Veterans World                 Dr. Robin Cowen
 Freestyle Champ “Gold Medalist,” and California Hall
                                                               Ph.D. Announced
 of Champions before working at the Academy. We are
 honored to include such a legendary athlete and coach in      as Faculty Leader
 the Academy family!                                           Wednesday Chapel service is
                                                               often considered a time
 Cadets Receive Honor Unit with                                of reflection. Recently John
 Distinction Rating (CFI)                                      Musser, Visual &
                                   February 14 marked          Performing Art Dept. Chair
                                   one more Honor Unit         spoke about the dedication
                                   with a Distinction rating   and devotion of one of our
                                   for the Corps of Cadets.    academic leaders – Dr. Robin
                                   Cadets earned a 99%         Cowen, biology, AP biology,
                                   score at this year’s CFI    and AP psychology teacher.
                                   (Cadet Formal               Dr. Cowen arrived at the
                                   Inspection).                Academy just over eight
                                   Cadets Qualify for          years ago. Since then she has
                                                               become an integral member of the Academy – respected
                                   Boy’s State Again!
                                                               colleague and mentor; faculty chair; advisor to the
                                Congratulations to
                                                               National Honor Society and Forensics Club; WASC
                                Cadets Dominique
                                                               Committee chair, and search committee member.
                                Rivas ‘13 and Nicholas
                                Norman ’13 (attendees),        Dr. Cowen holds Bachelor of Science degrees from the
                                Cadet Kendrick                 University of Minnesota in education and horticulture
                                Azubuike ’13 (first            and plant biology; a Master’s degree from Michigan State
 alternate) and Cadet Pablo Moreno ’13 (commendable)           in genetics; and a Ph.D. from Iowa State University in
 who will represent Army and Navy Academy in June.             plant breeding and cytogenetics.
 Well done - Warrior Pride!
                                                               She is a credit to the Academy and a treasure we are all
 Brothers Stand by Brothers                                    fortunate to share. Congratulations to Dr. Robin Cowen,
 For the third consecutive year, the Academy counseling        a true FACULTY LEADER.
 team led an anti-bullying presentation in mid-January to
                                                               ASB Bring Recycling to Campus
 educate cadets on the harmful effects of physical, verbal,
                                                               In early February, the Associated Student Body placed
 social, and electronic bullying. To incorporate the cadets’
                                                               15 recycling bins throughout the campus to promote
 alma mater, the counselors focused on reminding cadets
                                                               recycling of plastic bottles. It is their hope by starting this
 that they are brothers standing by brothers and need to
                                                               program that recycling will become the norm on the
 stand up to bullying. Counselors provided each student
                                                               Academy’s campus. Recycling requires a trivial amount of
 with a card on how to stand up to bullying and what to
                                                                                                          (Continued on page 18)

     (Academy Life continued)

     our time. It saves money, reduces pollution and is largely     contributions to the House Committee on Science and
     ignored but very important. ASB introduced recycling to        Technology. The conference is open to 10th through
     the cadets because we are in a generation where recycling      12th grade students. Any cadet interested in next year’s
     is normal. Next year we are hoping to get all the cadets to    conference should contact Ethan Segovia at
     realize the importance of recycling,” says ASB Advisor
     First Sergeant Veronica Parker-Davis. Thanks to Assistant
     Commandant Major Gonzales for his assistance in
     enforcing our program as well as the entire campus for           Connect with Us!
     helping the Academy move towards a greener environment!          You can stay connected throughout the year and learn
                                                                      about Campus Events by linking to one (or all of our
     Cadets Excel at Harvard Model Congress                           social media accounts).
     English teacher Ashley A. Walker and history teacher
     Ethan Segovia recently accompanied 17 cadets to the                       Facebook:
     Harvard Model Congress conference in Boston. This was                     Like, Comment and Share News and Photos
     the Academy’s 27th year to attend the conference, where                   from Campus Events on our Fan Page.
     seniors David Bach, John Killian, Matt Schulz, Ting Yu
     Shih, and Ryan Thomas were given the honor of                             Twitter:
     presenting and retiring the colors at opening and closing                 Follow us on Twitter for highlights on athletic
     ceremonies. This is an honor ANA cadets have received                     events, admissions and academic news.
     for the past several years. Cadets participated in a variety              YouTube:
     of committees, including HMC Media and Supreme                            Subscribe to 1910ANA2010 to view videos
     Court among others. Junior Scott Kleeman received an                      from closed weekend and campus events.
     Award of Excellence from HMC staff members for his

      Athletes Give Back to Children at Rady
     Prior to the ANA/Bishop’s School Basketball game in La         deliver to the kids. Inspired and led by Susan Salka (Brad
     Jolla last February, varsity warriors along with a small       Nowakowski ’13 and Kendrick Azubuike ’13) the trip to
     group of Academy volunteers travelled to Rady Children’s       Rady proved to be an eye-opener for the team.
     Hospital to present hand-crafted gift packages to the
                                                                    While the basketball season may be over, the season to
     young patients. Following an early Saturday morning
                                                                    give continues. The team plans to lead a basketball clinic
     practice and a 75-47 win over Horizon Christian the
                                                                    and work hands on in Davis Hall with a group of Special
     previous night, the team gathered in Bobby Huggins’
                                                                    Olympics Basketball players this spring.
     classroom for a heartwarming presentation about the
     youngsters who are bravely fighting off injury and illness     Well done, Warriors!
     at the hospital. The team then spent several hours
                                                                                                           Warriors Basketball Team
     in the gym putting together gift packages to                                                          and Volunteers
     It was great working with my teammates off the
     court to make a difference for someone in need. After
     experiencing the loss of a younger family member,
     I remember my own feelings of helplessness. Susan
     Sulka’s planning and support really made it possible
     for us to positively effect the lives of these
     special children.

View from the Baton: Drum Major Clayton Mosbey ‘12

When a US Marine walked through the double doors to
the Atkinson Warrior Band room last spring, he may have
appeared to be just another prospective replacement for
retiring Bandmaster Mike Donovan, who led the band to
the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC,
in May.
But everyone knew there was something different about
him. He had a certain energy, passion and enthusiasm that
radiated through the classroom, and he easily stepped in as
new bandmaster.
                                                                   Atkinson Warrior Band Parade Formation
Gunnery Sergeant Richard Nunley, USMC Retired,
assumed the school’s title “Major” but is known as “The          We don’t limit our excellence to public performances; now
Band Guy.” He brought extensive knowledge and experience         we are bringing it home. For the first time in the Academy’s
with Bachelors and Masters of Music. Major Nunley also           history, we will perform pre-ceremony music for the next
spent 20 years as a Marine Corps musician where he served        two parades. We will execute complex marching movements
as trombonist, arranger and enlisted conductor.                  and perform new musical pieces before the parades, a prime
                                                                 example of how Major Nunley’s professional musical and
                                                                 marching concepts from the Marine Corps are being
                                                                 introduced to us.
                                                                 This unit is more than just a band. It’s more than a group
                                                                 of guys. It’s a distinctive unit that has won Company of the
                                                                 Year and Best Drill Unit two years in a row. There is
                                                                 nothing stopping us from winning both of these trophies
                                                                 again. After I graduate, I know the band will continue its
                                                                 excellence in the hands of a teacher, a mentor, and a
                                                                 Marine: Major Nunley.

                                             Atkinson Warriors
                                             Band La Jolla
                                                                 The Band Guy’s View:
                                             Holiday Parade      Richard Nunley
                                                                 Each new event has challenged the band. However, they have
The secret to our band’s success isn’t just the music but also
                                                                 always succeeded, through necessity and self-motivated
the strong leadership and brotherhood in the unit. As the
                                                                 teamwork, beyond my expectations. As we reach one of the
Drum Major, I work hand-in-hand with Major Nunley.
                                                                 busiest seasons of the year, it is the band’s continued
When he became bandmaster, he wasn’t sure what to
                                                                 support, motivation to learn new things and sense of
expect. We told him, “Sir, expect our best, and we will do
                                                                 brotherhood that makes them successful. Warrior Pride!
everything we can to get there.” He has helped us get there.
We expanded the music selection for parades, including
multiple new drum cadences and marching movements.
Major Nunley showed us we could take an unsurpassable
year and raise the bar even higher.
He has organized, prepared, encouraged and motivated us
for performing opportunities of a lifetime. This spring, the
band will play on the deck of the carrier USS Midway in
San Diego. We are also performing the National Anthem
at Petco Park for a Padres vs. Dodgers game.
                                                                                                        Kendrick Azubuike ’13
                                                                                                        welcomes Bandmaster
                                                                                                        Richard Nunley          19
     The tradition of Grandparents’ Weekend began in 1990           In the evening, the cadets partied at the year’s final formal
     when former Dean of Students Garry Bowler thought it           event, the Military Ball, themed ”Walking Through the
     would be nice to honor cadets’ grandparents on campus.         Gates of our Future,” while their families joined ANAPA
     Twenty-two years later, families are eager to share            president Frank Monteleone in the Mess Hall for the
     the Academy experience with relatives who come from            Annual Black and Gold Event.
     as far away as Mexico City and Asia.
                                                                    Frank acted as “Cruise Director” for a “Party on the High
     Our recent Grandparent’s Weekend began Friday with             Seas” aboard the S.S. Warrior; Port of Call Cabo San
     opportunities to meet with teachers, RLOs and counselors.      Lucas, Mexico. Auction items included the opportunity to
     After conferences, the Academy baseball team really            trade places with General Bliss for a day, an assortment of
     launched the festivities with a win against Calvin Christian   vacations, Charger tickets, Madonna tickets, local gift
     at home, and the Class of 2012 hosted its annual “Rank         certificates, handmade jewelry, painting and woodworking
     Toss” fundraiser and beach BBQ.                                crafted by some very talented patrons, faculty and staff of
                                                                    the Academy.
     Braving the rain, parents met with their sons’ teachers,
     while family members were given the opportunity to enjoy       Auction proceeds benefit cadets and the Academy. This
     cadet-led walking tours that included room inspections.        year, ANAPA funds go towards the purchase of classroom
     Guests enjoyed tea and muffins in the Recreation Center;       Smart Boards.
     grandparents walked through the gallery of cadet-created
                                                                    The weekend concluded with the Corps of Cadets in Davis
     art and then listened to the Academy’s jazz band led by
                                                                    Hall for an abbreviated parade and awards. Clearly, the gray
     Bandmaster Richard Nunley.

                                                                                     1. Nick Menicucci ’13 and Jack Wyatt (Chairman
                                                                                     Board of Trustees) 2. David Hoffman ’15 and BG
                                                                                     Stephen Bliss (President Army and Navy Academy)
                                                                                     3. Dominique Rivas ’13 and his date 4. Dustin
                                                                                     Wang ’16, Joshua Rutledge’16, Vanness Zhu ’16,
                                                                                     Roman Wepplo ‘16 5. Harrison Ernenwein ’12 and
                                                                                     his date 6. Trevor Lyons ‘14 and Chris Thomas ’14
                                                                                     and their dates 7. Charlie Company 8. Dawne
       1                                                 2                           Streutker-Auctioneer and current parent of Nicholas
                                                                                     Enriquez ‘13

       3                                                 4                                                    5

       6                       7                                                 8

Weekend 2012
 clouds in the sky could not dampen the enthusiasm and                 Congratulations to the 2012-2013 ANAPA Board
 pride that glowed throughout the weekend, especially since
 five cadets received Silver “A” awards. Congratulations to            President - Frank Monteleone
 seniors Griffin Bertalot, Andrew Bodota, George                       Vice Presidents - Tracey Borst & Char Rivas
                                                                       Secretary - Linda Solis
 Liddicoat, Jacob Mole and Ryan Thomas.
                                                                       Treasurer - Barbara Kennedy

 “Building the Community” – ANAPA’S 2011-12 Goals
 Dear Patrons,                                                      • Welcome Back Beach Bash in August
 This year, the ANAPA Board decided to host monthly                 • Cadet snacks during
 events for our cadets. They were not to be extravagant or            Finals Week
 structured, but rather an opportunity to bring cadets              • 30 parkas for our swim
 together as a “family” spending quality time without the             and water polo teams
 formalities associated with attending a military academy.          • Birthday cards and a
 We envisioned each event as a night at home watching                 gift to each cadet on     Cyndi LoGalbo- ANAPA Treasurer, and Frank
 television and enjoying snacks and friendly bantering                his special day           LoGalbo ’12, Camren Powell ’14, Nicholas
 with our brothers.                                                                             Enriquez ’13, Linda Solis-Gonzalez, mother of
                                                                    • Autumn Ball with          Chris Gonzales ’15, Michael Monteleone ’14
 With a few events already having taken place, I’d say                a Asian buffet
 ANAPA has accomplished our objective. In September,                  complete with sushi
 cadets enjoyed Krispy Kreme doughnuts and milk. Armed                prepared by a
 with a group of parent volunteers, ANAPA served over 600             local chef
 hot doughnuts. You should have seen the eyes of the cadets
                                                                    The giving doesn’t end
 light up when they saw what was unfolding in Davis Hall!
                                                                    there! Our biggest
 On Halloween night, several volunteer parents dressed up           financial contribution      Frank Monteleone, ANAPA President, father of
 in costumes and served the boys apple and pumpkin pie,             of the year has been the    Michael Moneleone ’14, Bonnie Hengesbach,
 hot chocolate and apple cider. Cyndi LoGalbo (Frankie              purchase of Smart Boards    Director of Patron Affairs, Eleanor Davis, grand-
                                                                                                parent of Chris Gonzales ’15, Linda Solis
 LoGalbo ’12) walked around campus handing out candy,               for every classroom that    Gonzales, mother of Chris Gonzales ’15, Barbra
 while Linda Solis (Christopher Gonzales ’15) stopped at            did not already have one,   Kennedy, mother of Ian Kennedy ’16, Cyndi
 the local Halloween store and purchased “spooky” toys for          a total of 15.              LoGalbo, mother of Frank LoGalbo ‘12
 all the cadets to enjoy. Even the RLOs joined in the
                                                                    Our final event of the year will take place on May 17 when
 Halloween fun.
                                                                    ANAPA has arranged for the entire Corp of Cadets to attend
 In November (and again in January, at the request of the           a Padres baseball game. Not only will our cadets enjoy a pre-
 Corps of Cadets) ANAPA had 80 pizzas delivered to                  game BBQ, the Atkinson Warrior Band will perform the
 campus. It’s no surprise pizza has always been a hit, and cadets   National Anthem in front of an anticipated crowd of 30,000!
 look forward to this special surprise.
                                                                    Certainly this year has been a great success and can only
 Just in time for the winter holidays, Mrs. Solis headed up         grow with the continued generous support of our patrons.
 a group of parent volunteers to make stockings for each of the     I personally want to thank everyone involved, especially
 cadets. Not only did every cadet receive one, but each was         Director of Parent Affairs Bonnie Hengesbach who has
 personalized with the cadet’s name. Again, Ms. LoGalbo went        been an integral part of each and every cadet event and at
 the extra mile, dressing up as Mrs. Claus. Even Major Glimka       times, put our cadets in front of her own family.
 failed to recognize her when she handed him a candy cane!
 In addition to these events, ANAPA has been very busy with         Frank Monteleone, Jr.
 these projects:                                                    2011-12 Army and Navy Academy Patrons Association President
                                                                    (Michael Monteleone ’14)
      Army Navy Launches Peer Helpers Program

     Communicating effectively with people from diverse                                                      Four cadets
     cultural backgrounds is not always easy. One’s culture                                                  embarked on an
     strongly influences the way in which he sees, hears and                                                 experience last fall
     interprets the world. With the globalization of society,                                                learning these
                                                                                                             necessary skills
                                                                                                             through the
                                                                                                             Academy’s Peer
                                                                      Yonghao Liang ‘13, Haoyun Hong ‘14,
                                                                      Weijing Tang ‘14, Shao Yn Lin ‘15      Helpers pilot
                                                                      and Joseph Bauer ‘12                   program. The
                                                                     program is designed so that specific senior leaders, as well
                                                                     as select TAs, work as student helpers in the English as a
                                                                     Second Language (ESL) classroom.
                                                                     In speaking about the program, Lisa M. Basista, Director
                                                                     of International Students, explains, “This program offers
                                                                     benefits to both the English language learners and to
                      Jacob Mole ‘12 and Tyler Beach ‘12             their domestic peers. The international cadets are given
                                                                     authentic listening and speaking opportunities in the
                                                                     English language while the American cadets develop
     most of our graduates will enter a workplace where cross-
                                                                     effective cross-cultural communication tools without ever
     cultural communication skills will be both needed and
                                                                     leaving (their ANA) home.”
     highly valued. Thus, it is important that the Academy
     help students develop the skills that they will need to         The student helpers work with small groups of students
     be successful in this global economy.                           after instruction has been presented. With the teacher’s
                                                                     support the groups work on a specified collaborative task
                                            2011-12 Peer Helpers     with the goal of demonstrating understanding of the
                                                                     learning objective. When asked what he thought of the
                                            Joseph Bauer ‘12         Peer Helper program, cadet Haozheng Fang ’14
                                            Tyler Beach ‘12          responded, “I like it a lot. The student helpers have really
     Jacob Mole ‘12                                                  helped me learn English.” International cadet Yonghao
                                            Harrison Ernenwein ‘12
                                                                     Liang ’13 expressed similar feelings when he stated that
                                            Jacob Molé ‘12           “these guys are really nice and it gives me more practice
                                                                     in English.”

                                                                                     “Cross-cultural understanding and global
                                                                                     awareness are key tenets of the Peer
                                                                                     Helper Program. We must help students
                                                                                     develop effective communication skills
                                                                                     that will transcend linguistic and
                                                                                     cultural borders.”
                                                                                     ~Lisa Basista,
                                                                                     Director of International Student
                                                                                     Services Program

                                                                                  Jiadong Mo ‘15
            Developing Intercultural Communication and Leadership Skills
                 A Look at The Peer Helpers Program at Army Navy

    For the domestic cadets, the issues
    of “breaking down barriers” and                             Mrs. Lisa Basista is the Director of International
    “opening doors” seem to be
                                                                Student Services and joined the Academy last year
    recurrent themes. Peer helper Jacob
    Mole ‘12 states, “I have really come                        after 17 years as a secondary educator and teacher
    to understand Chinese culture after                         trainer at the university and state level. In addition
    working with this class. I have                             to teaching, Lisa is currently pursuing a doctorate in
    picked up on cultural differences                           Education with an emphasis on Teaching English to
    such as body language and sense of                          Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
    humor. Working in here has opened
    my mind to these differences
    between cultures.” Peer Helper Tyler                       International Interest?
    Beech ‘12 states that participating in
    the program has been very worth-         International families often come to the Academy by referral.
    while. When asked what he most           International applicant requirements include: Minimum of
    likes about the program he replied       3.0 GPA, no discipline record, TOEFL or SSAT scores in the
    “being brought out of my comfort         high beginner or intermediate range, Skype interview and
    zone and having to find ways to          writing sample. If you know someone who might benefit
    bridge the gap in communication.”
                                             from our program, please contact Victor Traycey by email at
    Well done Mrs. Basista, for     or by phone at 760.547.5285.
    enriching and enhancing
    The Army Navy Experience.

                                                         Tyler Beach ‘12, Eric M.Lin ‘14, and Guanqi Shen ‘13

     Harrison Ernenwein ‘12
     and Jiadong Mo ‘15

Shao Yu Lin ‘15,
Yonghao Liang ‘13,
Haoyvan Hong ‘14,
and Weijing Tang ‘14                                                                                                     23
         The Nuts and Bolts of What Makes
          Army Navy Worth Supporting…
      Up Close with the Vercammens from Bakersfield

     Ray and Nancy don’t have to go back too far in their minds        a very successful Charlie Company
     to a time when Ryan, their middle son, was struggling at          industrial
     school. Like many teens, Ryan – in 10th grade at the time         distribution
     – found a lot of other things drawing his attention besides       company –
     algebra and English lit! School was boring. Homework              Golden Empire
     was a non-starter. However, there was football. Athletics         Nuts & Bolts -
     had always had a pull on Ryan who started playing football        from scratch.
     at age nine. Years later, while playing for the Academy, he       Ryan, who at
     would go on to be chosen “best defensive player” in the           the time was
     Coastal League.                                                   more of a play-
                                                                       hard vs. work-
     Ryan’s story is not an unusual one for the folks at the
                                                                       hard kind of
     Academy. In fact, working with young men like Ryan –
                                                                       kid, was
     who have the “raw ingredients” to be successful but have yet
                                                                       struggling with
     to muster the discipline, drive and direction to see the fruits
                                                                       school and
     of their labor – fits squarely into Army Navy’s mission and
                                                                       falling grades.
     expertise in encouraging one to reach their full potential.
                                                                       The Vercammens believed the structured learning environ-
     What transpires at Army Navy is nothing short of a
                                                                       ment that Army Navy offers, might be just what the “doc-
     miracle from many parents’ perspective.
                                                                       tor ordered”. They actually
     That’s how Ray and Nancy Vercammen felt after making              became familiar with the school a few years earlier when
     the difficult decision to pull Ryan from his local public         their oldest son Ray Jr., was facing some similar challenges.
     school in Bakersfield and enroll him at Army Navy. They
                                                                       “Once you walk onto the beautiful grounds, embrace the
     understood the type of hard work and effort that it takes
                                                                       history and traditions of the campus, take in the ocean
     to be successful. They had built
                                                                       views, Army Navy seems much more of an elite prep-school
                                                                                                     than a military boarding school
                                                                                                     for boys,” commented Ray.
                                                                                                    After dropping their son off
                                                                                                    that first day in Fall 2002, the
                                                                                                    Vercammens were filled with
                                                                                                    optimism and hope that Ryan
                                                                                                    would excel in this completely
                                                                                                    different environment. They
                                                                                                    knew the reputations of the
                                                                                                    Academy’s faculty and staff for
                                                                                                    “bringing out the best in boys”
                                                                                                    and felt confident they could
                                                                                                    get to know Ryan well enough
                                                                                                    to bring out his full potential.
                                                                                                    “Of course he was constantly
                                                                                                    in our prayers as well – we
                                                                                                    wanted to cover all the bases,”
                                                                                                    adds Nancy!
Both Nancy and Ray had seen the                           “I Contribute to
changes taking place in the young
men of their community who entered                       Funding Excellence
military service. Whenever they
returned to town they came back
changed men. They had similar hopes
                                                          in Support of…”
for Ryan.                                   Excellence in Academics
                                            • 101 Years of Educating Young Men to Reach their
Today at 26, he is working full-time for      Full Potential
Ensign Drilling, an industry leader in      • Small Classes, a Devoted Faculty, Individualized Support
the delivery of oilfield services in        • Attracting and Retaining Top-Notch Faculty
Canada, the United States and               • Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty
internationally. As “motorman,” Ryan is     • Additional Technology in the
largely responsible for making sure the       Classroom
machinery is in tiptop condition,
                                            Excellence in Athletics
working 24/7. “We know that Ryan
                                            • Teams that Win…
looks back on his years at the Academy
                                              On and Off the Field
with positive feelings and good
                                            • Strong Coaches Who
memories.” Like many cadets, their
                                              Guide Our Young Men in
attitude towards their days at the
                                              Lifelong Lessons
Academy change as they gain the
                                            • Welcoming All to
perspective of time. So many alumni
                                              Participate and Play
are eager to affirm – in hindsight – the                                             Battalion Staff
                                            • Strength and Endurance Training
benefits of the Academy’s leadership
development programs in addition to         Excellence in Leadership Programs
core academics. Of course the biggest       • Learning What it Means to Lead
take-away for these young men are the       • Striving To Go Beyond One’s Comfort Zone
lifelong friendships they forged during     • Learning to Balance Justice and Compassion
those years away from home. In fact,        • A JROTC Program that Consistently Ranks Top in the Country
Ryan just returned from a trip to Las       Excellence in Character Development
Vegas to “catch up” with his good           • Teaching Right from Wrong
friend, Dave Thomas – also 2004.            • Instilling Personal Honor and Pride
                                            • Breeding Integrity and a Sense of Fairness
“Nancy and I are blessed to be in a
                                            • Cultivating Respect For God, Country and All For Which They Stand
position to continue to support Army
Navy, years after Ryan’s graduation. We     Excellence in Associated Student Body Activities
give because of what Army Navy gave         • Building a Rich, Diverse School Community
to Ryan and to us. We saw firsthand         • Providing Opportunities to Deserving Young Men Regardless
the impact of the Academy Experience          of Financial Abilities
on Ryan and want to do all we can to        • 300+ Boys, 14 Countries, 13 States – A Microcosm of the World
ensure that the quality of that             • Teaching Young Men to Take Ownership and Responsibility
experience remains strong.” The             Excellence in Residential Life
Vercammens know there are other             • Team Building Programs Strengthening a Sense of Brotherhood
young men, much like Ryan, who can          • Monthly Activities, Birthday Celebrations, and Holiday Parties
benefit tremendously from the               • Helping Boys See Beyond Themselves with Service-Based
opportunity to be a part of a school that     Community Programs
promotes love of country, honors God        • Aggressive Program of Upgrades and Repairs to Dorm Facilities
and forges strong moral values. Ray is      Quality Faculty
proud to add, “I still wear my Army         I believe the future of our country rests in the hands of these young men.
Navy jacket with pride…                     • The Lessons from the Field Translate to Life
Warrior Pride!”                             • The Academy’s Focus on Values
                                            • For the Future of Our Country…World
                                            • The Skills I Learned Have Helped Me Throughout My Life
                SS           T


     1930                                          ture in the pond adjacent to La Quinta          well this year, and it hit! We’re also get-
     We lost a truly dedicated and longtime        City Hall called “Stan’s Vision” was dedi-      ting an oilfield repair shop in Odessa on a
     Academy supporter with the passing of         cated to him. He also served as Mayor Pro       paying basis. Lots of activity in Texas
     Charles Garner in November. He was the        Tem during his lengthy service to the City      keeps me busy. Drilling is going on every-
     oldest living recipient of our Golden “A”     of La Quinta.                                   where in the state. If it isn't one shale
     and the grandfather of John Marquez                                                           play, it's another; Dallas-Fort Worth,
                                                   1945                                            South Texas, East Texas.”
                                                   Dan Brigham
     1937-38                                       2007 Bayside Drive                              1949
     Ruben Neuharth                                Corona Del Mar, CA 92625                        Donald McElvany
     P.O. Box 460777                               949.675.1576                                    P.O. Box 261
     Escondido, CA 92046                                                El Centro, CA 92244
     760.743.2444                                                                                  760.355.2857
     1943                                          65th Reunion                                    1950
     Judson Stevens says he is living the good     We hope to see a spirited turnout at            Charles Rodgers
     life in Huntington Beach. He was a fire-      Alumni Weekend 2012 from the Class of           574 Pinedale Drive
     fighter in Idaho from 1959 through 1968,      1947, including our own dedicated               Annapolis, MD 21401
     returned to California and flew commer-       trustee David Kelley of Hemet.                  410.897.9245
     cially until 1970. He then started a second                                         
     career with Los Angeles County govern-        Gordon Reigle                                   1951
     ment, retiring in 1986.                       205 Skywood Circle                              Paul “Rex” Hammock
                                                   Midland, TX 79705                               P.O. Box 533
                                                   432.682.8816                                    Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
                                                   Richard Kelley of Hemet has had a banner
                                                   year growing grapefruit and he thanks all       1952
                                                   classmates for their support. His product       60th Reunion
                                                   comes on the market in summer. He is            Chuck Freebern
                                                   having fun with his grandchildren in            236 9th Street
                                                   Idaho where they also live on fruit farms.      Del Mar, CA 92014
                                                   Tyson Willson is still in Carpinteria after
                                                   being a schoolteacher, counselor, and fi-
                                                   nally principal - 35 years. He says he lives    A joint dinner at a local eatery with the
                                                   in a house on a hilltop with a "Vista Paci-     Class of 1951 and the Class of 1952 is in
                                                   fica” and he also has acreage where he          the works for Saturday night May 19. We
                                                   grows avocados and cherimoya. Don               hope to see many of the Class of 1952 at
                                                   Thomas of La Habra sold one of his jew-         Alumni Weekend 2012.
                                                   elry stores after 47 years and collected on
                                                   the other when it burned. He is now re-         1953
                                                   tired seven years and finds he enjoys it.       Robert Armbruster
                                                                                                   38 Sage Canyon Road
                                                   His current hobby is the Lord's Prayer so
                                                                                                   Phillips Ranch, CA 91766
                                                   he is a Bible scholar and active in his
                                                   church. Bob Beach, the "swimming
                                                   judge" of St. Petersburg, FL, is still enter-
                                                   ing competition swim meets. The St. Kits        1954
                                                   to Nevis (Caribbean) distance swim is on        Isaac “Ike” McElvany
                                                   tap for this summer. He admits that the         1925 S. 11th Street
                                                   competition is getting thin to non-exis-        Los Banos, CA 93635
                                                   tent. As usual, Bob will be touring Europe      209.826.5589
                                                   this summer. He is still active in his legal
     The communities of La Quinta and Army
     and Navy Academy suffered a great loss        work, helping with house repossessions,         Samuel Weaver
     with the passing in November of Stanley       (banks and courts), which are in abun-          2444 Rolling Ridge Lane
     Sniff. Stan had not missed a meeting as a     dance in St. Petersburg. As for class agent     Elgin, IL 60124-4332
     councilman for 25 years and was honored       Gordon Reigle, he writes “I am building a       847.429.7677
     at a life’s work celebration in November.     new, smaller house since my own children
     A six-foot tall brushed aluminum sculp-       are spread so far and wide that they
                                                   don't come to visit. We only drilled one

Berkley Jackson                                    Army Navy happily salutes your milestones!
1164 Mirage Lake Street                            Please share your wedding and baby news
Henderson, NV 89052                                by contacting Susy Smith, Director of Alumni
                                                   Affairs at 760.547.5277 or
Report from class agent Jack Jackson: “At
the time of this writing, the Academy will be      BIRTHS
well on its way to another 100 years of edu-       Collette Raylinn to Ashley and
cating and developing young men as it has
                                                      Charles Chatfield ‘01 - February 23, 2012
done the first 100 years. It’s an astonishing                                                         Alvaro Lazo ‘01
achievement, to say the least, as our Acad-        Owen to Caitlin and Kevin Maag ‘07 -
emy is one of the last such schools still in ex-   December 10, 2011
istence today. News came from Lou Wenzlaff                                                          Kevin Maag '07
of Los Angeles that after his lengthy recov-
ery from back problems, he once again had
to hit the surgery table for orthopedic foot       Kylie Bielharz to Alvaro Lazo ‘01 -
surgery. With the tender care of his wife, he          February 4, 2012
has now back in the full swing of things en-       Helen Hyewon Han to Richard Lin ‘07 -
joying activities at the senior center. He still       December 10, 2011
is involved in model aeronautics which he
                                                   Sandy Clausen to Sean McTague ‘01 -
loves. I had a brief telephone conversation
with my old roommate Robert Nohle, and                  February 4, 2012
he is still working for the State of Washing-      Sarocha Tanjararak to Pipat Viriyamettakul ‘02
ton. He thinks that he will retire sometime
this year. Wife Martha will not allow him to
go crabbing alone after his stroke in 2009,
but he still enjoys his weekend trips to Puget
Sound. They also have a new granddaughter
born in December. Congratulations to you
both. Joyce and Dave Okerlund celebrated
their 50th wedding anniversary on New
Year’s Eve. They are in good health and
enjoy time with their two grandchildren. His       Army Navy is honored to list the passing of members of the Academy
coffee bean business has had a tough time          family. Please notify the Office of Alumni Affairs with your news.
this last year, but he is hoping that 2012 will
be a better. Elott Raffety of Wyatt, MO, has       Jake Aldrich, father of Joel Aldrich ‘94, January, 2012
survived the awful flooding from last year,
                                                   Chris Beck ‘58, January, 2012
and when last I spoke with him, the farm
was almost back to its original capacity.
                                                   Sean Michael Bird ‘73, October 2, 2011
Looks like he will be heading down to              Patricia Boetticher, mother of William Boetticher and
Florida for a little vacation and golf soon.            Robert Boetticher ‘65, September 15, 2011
Byron Taylor of San Marcos is back into the        Amet Cota ‘95 - February 24, 2012
golf officiating. Allen Phillips of San Diego is   Gerald Curland ‘63, January 18, 2011
deep into his political agenda to help bring
                                                   Philip Currey ‘57, November 24, 2011
this country back to some respectability. I
have to admire him for his devotion to a           William Gromoshak, father of Sue Downey, director of studies,
rightful cause. We have a 60-year reunion in            March 13,2012
a few years (2015), and I would really like to     Gregg Eichler ‘66, November 12, 2011
see us amass a large number for the event.         Charles Garner ’30, grandfather of John Marquez ‘03, November 29, 2011
We are not getting any younger so think
                                                   Magdalena Kruger, grandmother of Allen Hananel ‘87, March 5, 2012
about attending for one last get-together.
By the way, I had a visit from Jim Christie ’57
                                                   James Klinger ‘63, Army Navy Trustee, December 29, 2011
recently which was quite enjoyable. We             Athens McLaughlin, father of Jay McLaughlin ‘95, November 29, 2011
spent a few days enjoying ourselves with a         Will Marcum, brother-in-law of Don Palmer ’73, January 12, 2012
little golf and good food. All of you stay         Roger Reid ‘64, November 17, 2011
healthy this coming year, and I hope you are       Alice Bermanis, grandmother of Jason Saperstein ‘88, December 11, 2011
successful in your endeavors.”
                                                   Stanley Sniff ‘44, November 29, 2011
1956                                               Brad Strathearn ‘73, November 24, 2011
Robert Baar                                        Jack Testy, father of Earl Testy ‘72 - February 16, 2012
4843 New State Road
Plymouth, OH 44865                                 Fred Van Der Linde ‘48, March 21, 2011
419.687.8362                                       Phillip Vessey ‘11, January 30, 2012                                   Marion Wendt, mother of William Wendt ‘70, November 19, 2011
                  SS           T


     June and Bob Baar came to California for     reunion. Homer lives in Wellington, NV,      1960
     their granddaughter’s recent graduation      and Mike is in Lakeside; it’s been more      John Packham
     from San Diego State University. Rolf        than 60 years since they’ve seen one an-     9810 E. Camino Del Santo
     Christophersen of Loveland, CO, has an-      other.                                       Scottsdale, AZ 85260
     other new project: a watercolor of a                                                      480.657.9354
     Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a close
                                                  Fred Guenther
     up of the engine compartment with lots                                                    Carl Boetticher
                                                  317 N. Melrose Drive #C
     of chrome and a turquoise fuel tank. He                                                   4716 Cherokee Trail
                                                  Vista, CA 92083
     and wife Clarice marked their 51st wed-      760.724.0921                                 Dallas, TX 75209
     ding anniversary with a trip to Vancouver,                              214.352.3203
     Canada. Lucy and King Conner of Reno,        Donald Newcom                      
     NV, recently celebrated their 45th wed-      4795 Mayapan Drive
     ding anniversary at a family dinner in-                                                   1961
                                                  La Mesa, CA 91941
     cluding their son, daughter-in-law and                                                    Oscar Fitzgerald
                                                                                               206 W. Monroe Avenue
     two grandchildren. King has also been                              Alexandria, VA 22301
     playing golf with Fred Sweet ’58. Carl
                                                  We offer our sincere condolences to the      703.548.6804
     Morris of Cambridge, MA, missed the
                                                  family of Chris Beck of Novato who 
     Wimbledon Tennis Tournament last sum-
     mer; he was just too busy as the faculty     passed away in January. According to his     Class agent Oscar Fitzgerald reports,
     advisor of the Harvard Sports Analysis       obituary, Chris grew up in Petaluma and      “Toby and I had lunch with Terry Browne
     Collective which is dedicated to the quan-   attended a one-room elementary school        and wife Debbie before Christmas in An-
     titative analysis of sports strategy and     house in Sebastopol. He attended the         napolis. He was on his way home to the
     managements for students interested in       University of Colorado at Boulder, where     West Coast after a couple of years sailing
     sports statistics, sports business and ca-   he earned his degree in International Re-    his sailboat Wings around the Mediter-
     reers in the sports industry. As always, a   lations. He then transferred to Thunder-     ranean. Last we heard, they had made it
     million thanks to Bruce Weber of San         bird University in Arizona and achieved      to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and were planning
     Diego for keeping us up-to-date on all       an MA in International Marketing. After      a detour to the Bahamas on their way
     things 1956.                                 a move to New York to work in advertis-      back home to Seattle. Terry also told me
                                                  ing, Chris returned to Marin County in       that Paul Paulsen recently had a stroke
     1957                                         1970 where he made a career in the           and had moved to Corrales, NM, for
     55th Reunion                                 world of real estate. He was an avid         treatment; he’s doing pretty well now. He
     Tony McBride                                 horseman, a member of Cow Mountain           is an avid Ham radio operator. I have also
     P.O. Box 57-7527                             Hunting Club and a Sonoma County Trail-
     Modesto, CA 95357                                                                         gotten some spectacular photos from
                                                  blazer. He was a self-taught naturalist      George Daley who lives in Borrego
                                                  with an extensive knowledge of mush-         Springs and has taken up a new career as
                                                  rooms, birds, and wild flowers. Cooking      a professional photographer. I continue
     Ray Hymer                                    was his passion and everyone enjoyed the     to teach courses on the history of Ameri-
     3835 S. Umpqua Road                          fruits of his labor. He had a green thumb    can antique furniture for the Smithsonian
     Tiller, OR 97484                             and was known for his beautiful con-         Institution Masters Program in the Deco-
     541.825.3382                                 tainer gardens. Ever-faithful booster Don    rative Arts to train budding historic house                          Newcom turned up at Point Loma               curators and museum professionals. We
     Jack O’Brien                                 Nazarene University (formerly California     visited Wausau, WI, just before Christmas
     17656 Gainsford Lane                         Western University) to watch the Army        where I gave a lecture on the exhibit of
     Huntington Beach, CA 92649                   Navy Warriors’ basketball team recently.     contemporary boxes that has been travel-
     714.846.3512                                 Although they lost, he was happy to          ing around the country for a couple of                         cheer them on and visit his former college   years. I wrote the catalogue for the ex-
                                                  campus. He’s giving a shout-out for the      hibit called ‘New Masters of the Wooden
     Team ’57 will gather again at Alumni
                                                  55th reunion in May 2013. Get ready to       Box’ which features 30 box makers from
     Weekend 2012 to celebrate 55 years since
                                                  have fun.                                    around the world. Think Faberge eggs in
     the class graduated from the Academy.
     With the help of friend Jack Jackson ’55     1959                                         wood.”
     who graciously puts together a multi-class   Jack McAboy                                  1962
     dinner each year, they will dine at Ocean    7 Hilldale Court                             50th Reunion
     House (formerly Twin Inns…remember           Orinda, CA 94563                             Charles “Chuck” McVey
     the chickens?) on Saturday night. Homer      925.254.0182                                 21861 Oceanbreeze Lane
     Bailey attended Army Navy from 1949                       Huntington Beach, CA 92646
     through 1952 and will be meeting up                                                       714.968.3333
     with his old buddy Michael Cassell at the                                       

                            WE INVITE YOU ALUMNI!
                                                     Alumni WEEKEND
                                                     MAY 18                  MAY 20, 2012

                                        Honoring Classes:
   1932, 1937, 1942, 1947, 1952, 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007
                                            ALL ALUMNI WELCOME!
Friday, May 18                                                                             Sunday, May 20
11:30-5 p.m.                                                                               9 a.m.
Jon Higgins Alumni Golf Tournament ~                                                       Alumni/Senior Brunch Special Honors and
El Camino Country Club                                                                     Salutes to Class of 2012. Welcome to the Army
12 Noon-4 p.m.                                                                             Navy Alumni Association by the Class of
Harold Moses Alumni Tennis Event ~                Bert and Roberta Ford (Bert ‘74)         1962 ~ Senior Lawn
El Camino Country Club                                                                     11 a.m.
4:30 p.m.                                   Saturday, May 19                               Battalion Parade ~ Maffucci Field
Al Polhamus Band Concert & Salute to                                                       Presentation of 2012 Golden “A” awards
                                            10:30 a.m.-12 Noon
Former Band Members ~                       Formation at the Flagpole                      12:15 p.m.
Atkinson Chapel                             Registration ~ Refreshments available for      “Thank You, Alumni” refreshments/
                                            alumni & guests.                               reception sponsored by Army and Navy
5:30 p.m.                                                                                  Academy Parents Association
“A Taste of Army Navy”                      10:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
Food creations and libations on             Porsche Pride! Stylish rides for you to        ● ANA Museum/Guard House open
Maffucci Field featuring alumni             admire courtesy of Hoehn Motors of Carlsbad.
                                                                                             throughout the weekend.
                                            11 a.m.-Noon                                   ● Special alumni ambassadors/
  culinary delights.
Award-winning chili samples by Mike         Cadet-led campus tours                           volunteers welcome returning alumni
Stewart ’67 (and dad Willard Stewart ’44)   11:45 a.m.                                       during the weekend.
                                                                                           ● Sign up for 3rd Annual Alumni Bill Fishing
Smoked fish treats by Don Smith ‘68         Cadet Jazz Combo pre-luncheon
Barbecue specialties by Cathy and           performance ~ Davis Hall steps                   Tournament in Cabo San Lucas. ~
                                                                                             September 13-16, 2012
  Tom Edwards ‘71                           12 Noon-2 p.m.
Deliciousness from Coyote Grill by Burke    Annual Warrior Pride Luncheon ~
                                            Guest Speaker ~ Marc McClure ’75,              Alumni Weekend 2012 Co-Chairmen:
  family and Byron ‘03                                                                     Wade Davis ’57 ~ Ted Tafe ‘51
                                            who played the intrepid Jimmy Olsen in
Tasty treats from Thai Spice by
                                            Superman movies. Saluting Honored Classes
  Ruangtragool family and Ron ’08                                                          Office of Alumni Affairs: 760.547.5277
                                            ~ ALL alumni welcome! ~ Davis Hall
World-famous cookies by registrar                                                
                                            Announcement of 2012 Golden “A”
  Jan Erickson ’55 (honorary)               recipient(s) Sponsored by the
Wine donated by Bruce Woodward ’66 of       Class of 1972
  Sculpterra Winery and Dan Martin ’60.     1-4 p.m.
Fireman’s Brew Beer donated by              ASB Fair ~ Maffucci Field ~ Alumni &
  Paul Wendee ‘71                           families welcome to party with cadets.
                                            2 p.m.
                                            Memorial chapel service honoring fallen
                                            alumni in all classes, bagpiper
                                            Bill Boetticher ‘62
                                            Sponsored by the Class of 1957
                                            Evening ~Class parties~ Contact your
                                            class agent.                                       Patrick Marshall ’13, Mitchell
                                                                                               Kohler ’13, Michael Henry ’13,
                                                                                               Christopher Thomas ‘14
 Joe Orozco and Rudy Nelson (Rudy ’58)

                                Why am I a Class Agent?
     “My sister made me do it,” says Don Smith ’68. “And             What does a class agent do for his alma mater? He helps
     I’m having a blast networking with old friends, not just        the school maintain its extensive mailing list which includes
     in my own class but anytime I can connect with                  men located all over the world. The agent is the key
     Academy alumni.”                                                organizer of class reunions, with lots of support from the
                                                                     Office of Alumni Affairs.
     By the way, his sister is Susy Smith, Army Navy’s Director
     of Alumni Affairs, who enjoys working with the guys who         Additionally, it is the responsibility of each class agent to
     represent their classes from 1937 to 2011. “It’s really a       generate news for the “Class Notes” in Army Navy
     heartwarming experience getting to know our former              magazine. Our class news section has grown from one page
     cadets through the eyes of their reps,” she says. “The class    a few years ago to multiple pages with photos. We have
     agents are an invaluable link between Army Navy and all         now added color which makes the notes even more enjoyable.
     our 3500+ alumni.”
                                                                     Class agents are asked to support our Alumni Fund and to
     June No ‘99 of Baton Rouge, LA, recently volunteered to         encourage their classmates to do the same. Each year, Tony
     be the representative for his class. The position was vacant,   McBride ’57 launches a crusade so that the class will have
     and he didn’t want his class to be left out. He says he         the most donor participation. Likewise, Gordon Reigle ’48
     already keeps in touch with his classmates through social       is very persuasive with his peers and gets most of them to
     networking. “I will do my best to make our class look           join the effort. Both stellar examples for their fellow class
     better and keep the Warrior Pride going.”                       agents. Our class agents are also scattered nationwide,
                                                                     proving how well our alumni can serve the school
     When asked why he became a class agent, the ever-forth-
     right Jack Jackson ’55 claimed, “One hell of a question and     We thank and applaud all our class agents. There are
     I don’t know I can really answer specifically. To be very       currently several vacant positions. If you would be
     honest, I said ‘yes’ to Susy in 2006, and I have never          interested in acting as liaison to your class, please contact
     regretted taking on the task. For a while, I served as agent    the Office of Alumni Affairs.
     for both 1955 and 1956. Crazy for doing it? I don't think
     so as it has been great keeping the class together.”

                                                                                                                 Oscar Fitzgerald ‘61

            San Francisco

                            Los Angeles

        Don Smith ‘68

                                  San Diego

The Mighty Class of 1962 will mark 50         questing that you SAVE THE DATE as soon          also retired from Pomona College and
years since it graduated at Alumni            as Alumni Weekend 2013 is scheduled. He          Webb School. My son has just started
Weekend 2012. They will also welcome          hopes you will review the class roster for       teaching math at Rodriguez High School
members of the graduating Class of 2012       help in locating all the lost ones. It is with   in Fairfield, and his wife teaches second
as alumni at the annual Alumni Senior         much sadness that we report the loss of          grade (including my elder granddaugh-
Brunch during the weekend.                    one of our most memorable classmates,            ter). My daughter has started her PhD
                                              James ‘Jimmy’ Klinger. Jimmy lost a              program at Michigan State with an eye
1963                                          valiant fight with cancer but was so good        on university teaching. Among the five of
John Burden
                                              to the Academy until the very end. We re-        us, we might touch as many people as my
2155 Saint Emilion Lane
                                              member Jimmy as the tall tight end from          dad did. My wife and I love camping, par-
San Jacinto, CA 92583
951.487.5987                                  South Laguna. We remember with such              ticularly Yosemite, and spoiling the                         fondness his infectious laugh, great smile       grandkids.” Dick Fitzgerald reports in
                                              and wicked sense of humor. Jimmy’s               from Nashville, TN, “Still loving retire-
Jack Wyatt                                    annual Christmas cards were unlike any           ment after 38 years in the banking busi-
24171 Whitetail Drive                         others! After graduation, Jimmy found            ness. There’s something about when
Corona, CA 92883                              himself in the jungles of Vietnam. He            Sunday rolls around and you mentally
                                              always acknowledged that his time on             begin to brace yourself for the upcoming
                                              campus helped prepare him for the                work week (even after three+ retirement
This from class agent John Burden: “Here      challenges in his life. He served with           years), only to quickly realize Monday
we are in the 49th year since our gradua-     honor on the battlefield for his Country         could just as easily be Saturday for a re-
tion, and plans are starting for our 50th     and as a business owner of Modern Tree           tired guy. Retirement has been a blessing
reunion in the spring of 2013. A review of    Service. In 2006, Jimmy accepted his             as it has afforded more time to spend
our class records shows that 113 cadets       nomination as a member of the Acad-              with children, grandchildren and causes I
attended our class during the period from     emy’s Board of Trustees. He served as            really care about. We have two sons.
1956 to1962 while 66 cadets actually          chair of our Audit Committee, Safety &           Richard is in New York City and runs a pri-
graduated with us in 1963. It’s going to      Security Committee and later as an officer       vate equity fund and as yet, is unmarried.
be so much fun to see everyone at our         of the corporation before taking a leave         Andrew, the younger son, lives near San
50th! Dennis Boyer of Laguna Niguel,          of absence due to his ill health. Jimmy          Francisco where he owns and operates a
who is retiring his executive search          always took time with the cadets while           background screening business when he
 practice, has taken on the task of 50th      on campus. He wanted to know what                is not helping tend to two of the most
reunion chairman. Recently, we located        they were thinking and how the Acad-             entertaining grandchildren a grandpar-
three of our missing classmates. Bruce        emy could do better. Jimmy was an im-            ent could ever hope to have. Last fall,
Lenkeit, a retired law enforcement            portant part of the school’s leadership.         Richard took his two ‘aging’ parents to
professional, is now living in Honolulu,      He made a significant contribution to            Scotland including the Cotswold region, a
HI. He writes, “I retired in 1995 after       Army and Navy Academy as both a                  round of golf on the Old Course at St. An-
working 28 years for the California De-       historical educational landmark and a            drews and a few days in London. Spend-
partment of Justice. Over the years, I took   training ground for future leaders.              ing any amount of time with either of
many assignments that ranged from             Thank you, Jimmy, for your many                  the kids anywhere is a treasure, but being
narcotics, organized crime, homicides, aid    contributions to life on campus.”                in Scotland was spectacular. In addition to
to the Attorney General, instructor at our                                                     traveling the two coasts to be with our
                                              1964                                             kids, my time has been occupied with as
academy and several local police acade-
                                              Michael Blechynden
mies, and a ton of special assignments                                                         much golf as I can work in, helping An-
                                              8230 Valdosta Avenue
(state and federal task forces) that took                                                      drew with his company, SecuriCheck, and
                                              San Diego, CA 92126
me to Mexico, Asia, as well as all over the   858.271.4071                                     the demands of board work for Center-
United States. I lived on a sailboat for 18                          stone Foundation and Centerstone of
years. I started from San Diego, went to                                                       America with which I have been involved
Mexico, South Pacific, Tahiti/ Tonga/ Fiji/   Paul Brundage of Sacramento reports              for more than 25 years. It is the largest
New Zealand and many others. I also           “We traveled to Wyoming in late Decem-           community behavioral healthcare organi-
lived in Mexico and New Zealand for           ber to visit our third grandson who was          zation in the nation. Its mission to cure
several years. I have been in Hawaii the      born December 7 and weighed in at                and prevent mental illness and addiction
last 10 years and have a son, daughter-in-    seven pounds, seven ounces, 21 inches            is being pursued through the organiza-
law and two grandkids (two and six) in        long. Lucky day for us as that also was          tion's almost 80,000 consumer base, the
San Diego. Stan MacIntosh, a commercial       my retirement date in 2001. All are              use of highly developed technology along
bank manager, was found in Williamston,       healthy and with a grand name of                 with selective research partnerships with
NC. Fred Vang of Santa Fe, NM, was one        Alexander Patrick Pringle VI, he will go         Harvard, Duke, Vanderbilt, Northwestern,
of the original students in our class. He     far from now. I am waiting for the next          among others. Also critical to this effort
started with the Academy in September         reunion in 2014 and 50 years from gradu-         has been fighting stigma, promoting the
1956 but transferred after completing the     ation. Seems like yesterday (old age I           use of current science and making it
eighth grade. We still have 18 classmates     guess).” Rich Ede of Claremont responded         known that most of those afflicted with
whose whereabouts are unknown. Please         to our call for news with this; “I retired       mental illness already have a high proba-
let us know if you see anyone missing on      after 34 years of teaching at Claremont          bility (80% for depression, for example)
the distributions that you will soon see.     High School (something about the apple           of resuming a normal life if proven treat-
Dennis will be sending out a letter re-       not falling far from the tree). My wife has      ment is applied. All that is to say, it has

                     SS            T


        been hugely fascinating work. I was diag-     health agencies, hospices, intermediate         married and enjoying my single life. Bill
        nosed with Parkinson's disease in 2007.       care facilities for the developmentally         Sunderman of Tucson is anxious to get
        Luckily, it is still early stage, so I have   disabled and as well as all state facilities.   started on the Class of 1964 50th reunion
        been able to continue the activities out-     There are almost 4000 facilities I keep an      in 2014. Non-grad Fred Wynkoop of
        lined above. I will say it has given me a     eye on. My nine kids are spread out all         Florence, CO, was at Army Navy seventh
        much greater appreciation for the worth       over the country, and I have13 grandchil-       through ninth grade and says, “Good to
        of each day. Family support has been          dren. On top of that there are Wendy's          hear from everyone. I did miss the
        terrific. Soon after my diagnosis, Richard    (my better half) three kids and their five      academy over all of these many years and
        got involved with the Michael J. Fox          children. So in total, I have 12 kids and 18    often wish that my Dad had the $$ to let
        Foundation which is headquartered in          grandchildren.” Bill Stulck writes from         me stay. But girls in the class room at
        New York. I hope to see everybody for         Vancouver, WA, “After spending the last         public school wasn't all that bad either! I
        our 50th.” Steve Katzmann of Reno, NV,        19 years working at the Veterans Admin-         went to Clairemont High School in San
        brags, “All is well with Sue and me. Still    istration Medical Center, I finally got my      Diego but was a member of the first
        enjoying retirement, traveling, flying,       Agent Orange disability, retired from the       graduating class of Madison High School.
        playing with the grandkids and riding my      VA December 30, 2011, and am now able           I then went on to Mesa College just in
        Harley. Our health has been holding up        to live a bit more comfortably. I had come      time for my 1A number to get the call, so
        for the most part as I hope it is with        to the VA to get help with my alcohol           I enlisted in the US Air Force, went to
        others in the class.” Paul Romero of Elk      and drug addiction in 1993, and I am            Vietnam to an intelligence career that
        Grove checks in to say: “I spent the          happy to say the treatment they gave me         lasted for over 40 years in private life. I
        month of September in my Philippines          has been a blessing. I’ve been clean and        still work for the USAF doing satellite
        hideaway where I try to escape as often       sober ever since; it has changed my life        control work here in Colorado Springs. I
        as I can. I guess I will be somewhat like     for the better. My younger brother and I        have 11 grandchildren and a great-grand
        my dad and work way beyond retirement         have reunited with another brother who          child around the corner. I have wanted to
        age in my career with the California          wasn't adopted when we were. I had not          come out to many of the reunions and
        Department of Public Health, approving        seen him for over 40 years. We had a            other affairs, but every time something
        whether facilities get MediCal. I oversee     great visit in Germany. My 32-year-old son      comes up. Many times I was not in the
        all hospitals (including psychiatric), home   and I have a great relationship. I’m un-        USA but have wished you all my blessings.
                                                                                                      I also am sorry for the many losses our
                                                                                                      class has seen. My lovely wife and I are
                                                                                                      planning a trip out to California this
                                                                                                      summer, and I will, of course, take her by
       Connect with us Online!                                                                        to see the campus.” Class agent Mike
                                                                                                      Blechynden notes: “2011 was a lousy year.
                                                                                                      I had a heart attack in October, almost a
 Parents, Alumni, and Cadets are encouraged to connect with the                                       divorce (after 45 years-my fault, as usual).
                                                                                                      I am now ‘officially’ disabled, and health
 Academy online for:
                                                                                                      is on a downward spiral. I still get up for
                                                                                                      a meal, spend a lot of time thinking of
                                                                                                      friends (like you), am now officially
                                                                                                      retired and pretty much living on Social
 • Staying in Touch with Classmates                                                                   Security but still enjoying life. Very much
                                                                                                      looking forward to our 50th! Speaking of
             • Academy News                                                                           which, anybody got some great ideas to
                                                                                                      ‘make it special’, cause if we aint gonna
     • School & Community Events                                                                      do it now, we aint gonna do it. Sunder-
           • Featured Cadets                                                                          bunny has pledged his help, but we need
                                                                                                      ideas and suggestions.”
     • Sports Updates and of course...
              Warrior Pride!                                                                          1965
                                                                                                      Tony Guenther
                                                                                                      328 Piazza Lido
                                                                                                      Newport Beach, CA 92663
                  Attention Alumni & Parents of Alumni:
               Please email the Office of Alumni Affairs at                                           Army and Navy Academy is deeply sad-
                                                               dened to report the passing of class agent
            with news, weddings, graduation or career changes!                                        Gregg Eichler in November. Gregg organ-

                       We can’t wait to connect with YOU!
                                                                                 Share Your Journey
ized his class reunion last year and was an
enthusiastic supporter of the Academy.
                                                                                 through Personal Stories
Our condolences go to his wife Marianne,
his family and friends. If anyone would                                          Thank you for your Referrals
like to step into his shoes as class agent,
please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs.
                                                                                 “While I could talk about the Academy and how it
45th Reunion                                                                     prepared me academically for college, I will address
Andrew Simpson                                                                   the few things that the Academy offers that no
190 Alameda de la Loma
Ignacio, CA 94949                                                                other college prep, military or boarding school
415.382.0658                                                                     offers. First is self-discipline; Army Navy teaches
                                                                                 cadets to take care of themselves and develop
The Class of 1967 will gather at Hennes-                                          organizational skills for life.
say’s Pub in Carlsbad on Saturday after-
noon of Alumni Weekend to celebrate its            Self discipline and motivation helped prepare for me for a demanding college. I
45th reunion.                                      am now a premedical student at John Hopkins University. I remember the first
1968                                               day in college when all the new freshman were running around confused and
Don Smith
426 Rio Rico Drive
                                                   scared, while I was sitting calmly at my desk with everything organized,
Rio Rico, AZ 85648                                 reading Dr. Ben Carson’s book Taking the Risk.”
                                                                                                                  - Alex Mui ‘08
Dr. Wilhelm Sorteberg of Norway is a               We encourage you to share your stories with us. Alumni, tell us what you are
proud Academy dad. His son Wilhelm is a            doing, where life has taken you and the experiences at the Academy that
junior and has recently become an officer.         shaped your life journey.
Class agent Don Smith is once again
organizing the Annual Alumni Bill Fishing          As we all know, the Academy can be a turning point and life-changer for many
Tournament in Cabo San Lucas. He will be           boys, so thank you for making a difference and for sending referrals to the
available at Alumni Weekend to sign up             Academy. Perhaps you know someone who can benefit from the Army and
for this fun trip.                                 Navy Academy experience?
                                                   Your stories become our history, a history of personal journeys that began
                                                   here at the Academy.
                                                   To send referrals to the Academy, please contact Admission at
                                          or call Susy Smith at 760.547.5277

                                               We want to extend our grateful thanks to   We are told that the Classes of 1971 and
                                               Steve Boyum, an executive producer on      1972 were so close in school that they
                                               the television show “Hawaii Five-0,” for   seemed like one class. We are looking
                                               including a shout out about Army and       forward to seeing a super turnout from
                                               Navy Academy on a recent show. He          both classes at Alumni Weekend 2012.
                                               attended the school for one year and has
                                               been friends with Robb Bacon ’68 over
                                                                                          40th Reunion
                                               their years in the TV world.
                                                                                          Ronald Campbell
                                               1970                                       5748 Bixbywoods Court #C
                                               Nick Macris                                Columbus, OH 43232
                                               P.O. Box 511                     
                                               Kingsburg, CA 93631
                                                                                          Rodrigo Valle of Tijuana is a new Acad-
                                               (559) 897-4216
                                                                                          emy trustee and father of Cadet Rodrigo
                                                                                          Valle ’15. He is CEO of TERSA Group
                                               1971                                       which is composed of 68 stores in five
1969                                           Scott Wilson                               states in Mexico dedicated to the tire
Frank Stokes                                   1590 NW Red Oaks Court                     business. The TERSA Group has been
P.O. Box 1277                                  Bremerton, WA 98311                        recognized on a national level (out of
Crystal Bay, NV 89402                          360.698.4932                               more than 500 companies) as one of the
713.256.6894                                                   best Mexican companies of 2011. Rodrigo                                                                      is the CEO/Executive Producer of several

                SS          T


     Renault Dealerships. Additionally, he is    where his parents had settled. Classmates   1975
     vice president of a company that culti-     and family are equally aggrieved at the     Robb Temple
     vates abalone for exportation.              loss of former Battalion Commander Brad     6800 Anthem Ct
                                                 Strathearn of West Plains, MO, in           McKinney, TX 75071
     1973                                        November. The Class of 1973 needs a class   972.562.3707
     The Academy extends its sincere condo-                                        
                                                 agent to report news, help organize the
     lences to the family of Sean Michael Bird
                                                 next reunion and assist us in staying in
     who passed away in October after a long                                                 Kurt Groeniger of Temecula offers this:
                                                 touch. Contact the Office of Alumni
     illness with cancer. After attending the                                                “Busy fourth quarter! I helped launch a
                                                 Affairs if you would be interested in
     American School in the Philippines, he                                                  start-up reverse distribution company
                                                 serving your class.
     returned to the USA and graduated from                                                  specializing in athletic gear/apparel. Also,
     Army Navy. Sean's international skills      1974                                        I had the pleasure of attending Michael
     took him to many countries, including       Ronald Rodgers                              Frey's ’76 latest venture, Lynyrd Skynyrd
     Zaire, India, Dubai and Thailand. He        26 Hidden Valley Road                       BBQ & Beer at the Excalibur in Las Vegas!
     worked as an off-shore oil rig driller in   Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274             I traveled with Mark Vietz ‘76. Yes, the
     California. He later moved to Arizona       310.375.0533                                food is terrific, and the band rocked the

                Commencement - June 9, 2012
     Alumni, parents and friends – Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 9, 2012. Visit the Army and Navy Academy for
     the 1st commencement ceremony of our second century! Award Parade begins at 9am. For a detailed schedule of events
     or more information, please go to the Academy’s on-line calendar at:

house! I’m scheduled to meet my brother-       ter graduates from Case Western Reserve         completion of a four-month stint in
in-law Rob Swindle of Fresno for golf in       University this spring with a Bachelor’s        December where I was the IT Coordinator
Lompoc this spring. About time he came         degree in sociology. For the last 12 years, I   for the Gulf Coast Incident Management
out from hiding! The family is fine; our       have been one of the leaders for a group        Team handling the Deepwater Horizon
son is at Georgetown University Medical,       of seven churches that provide clothing         Oil Spill response in New Orleans, LA.”
and our daughter is starting to look at        and a hot meal to the poor and homeless         Matt Frady of Las Vegas, NV, says, “The
colleges. Empty nest is fast approaching!”     in our community. Demand is up, but so is       future looks bright. My oldest son is
Casey McKinley checks in from Duluth,          the willingness of people to give.              getting married, my 16-year-old is getting
GA: “All is well on the southern front. My                                                     his license and my nine-year-old is a chip
wife and I celebrated our 26th wedding
                                               1976                                            off the old block.”
                                               Michael Frey
anniversary in December by cruising the
western Caribbean with some like-
                                               3014 S. Rancho Drive                            1981
                                               Las Vegas, NV 89102                             Oliver Cass
minded conservatives from The Weekly           702.735.8322                                    11908 Henry Fleet Drive
Standard. My 18-year-old son is attending                        Potomac, MD 20854
Armstrong Atlantic University in Savan-                                                        240.715.1404
nah, GA, as part of an alliance with Geor-     1977                                  
gia Tech in its computer engineering           35th Reunion
school. He will get his core class require-    Robert Gage                                     1982
ment completed, then transfer to G Tech        11301 W. Olympic Boulevard                      30th Reunion
in 2013. My daughter turned 13 in Janu-        Los Angeles, CA 90064                           Robert Bents
                                               310.446.4702                                    2043 Westcliff Drive #200
ary. She wants to be a sports broadcaster
                                                                     Newport Beach, CA 92660
like Erin Andrews. Must be all the foot-
ball and sports we watch together!                                                             (949) 463-6327
Speaking of sports, after 10 years of          Joseph Elerding
                                                                                               Robert Vikander writes, “With my retire-
filling out the Masters Golf Tournament        1211 W. Sharon Avenue
                                                                                               ment from the Army in 2006, my family
ticket lottery requests, we finally got        Santa Ana, CA 92706
                                               714.547.3735                                    and I remained in Maryland. After 22
tickets for the family. I have been to it
                                                               years in the service, I was fortunate to
before with customers but never had the
                                                                                               join as president a small private technical
good fortune to take my family. So last
                                               1979                                            security company called SystemWare. We
April we spent the day at Augusta
                                               Who would like to represent the Class of        support the United States Government
National enjoying the sights and sounds
                                               1979 as class agent? It’s fun, it’s a great     with protective technical security solu-
of great golf. It’s amazing that my
                                               opportunity to reconnect with your class,       tions. Two years ago, we were acquired
children were not interested in golf at all,
                                               and we give you lots of support! Contact        by CACI, a large defense contractor which
until we spent the day at the Masters. I
                                               the Office of Alumni Affairs if you can help!   operates in the intelligence space. Post
guess a little brain-washing helped
                                                                                               acquisition, our leadership continues to
change their mind set. That may be             1980
                                                                                               run the CACI-SystemWare Division within
another reason why my daughter Macy            Brett Whitney
                                               20911 N. 62nd Avenue                            the larger organization. This year, my
wants to go into broadcasting. My wife is
                                               Glendale, AZ 85308                              wife Gisela and I celebrate our 20th
active in local politics, homeowners
                                               (602) 570-8090                                  wedding anniversary, and our daughter
association and church. Along with the
                                                               Maria Elisabeth is a freshman at a great
day-to-day requirements of keeping the
                                                                                               Catholic school, Mount de Sales Academy,
home fires burning, I continue to work         Chris Bonelli                                   in Baltimore County. Class agent Robert
for International Paper as a senior sales      1717 Westwood Drive
                                                                                               Bents is planning to gather the class for
person. I guess after you get a few years      Medford, OR 97501
                                                                                               its 30th reunion at Alumni Weekend
of experience under your belt, you get         541.857.8454
                                                                                               2012. A dinner for classmates is planned
the ‘senior’ label. They could call me
                                                                                               Saturday night (May 19) at Coyote Grill
‘chief cook and bottle washer’ for all I
                                               Chris Bostwick of Orange writes, “I             in Carlsbad. Details to come. Plan to
care. I am just grateful to be employed
                                               enlisted in the Army in 1983 and went           participate in all the activities on campus
and adding value back to my employer’s
                                               into the Virginia National Guard in 1989        in commemoration of 30 years since the
business. Hope to retire in six years…
                                               before transferring to the Army Reserve         Class of 1982 graduated.
..ahhhh.” Theo Yu reports from Olympia,
                                               in 1993. I left again in 1997. Finally, I
WA, “I am the Budget and Accountability                                                        1983
                                               switched to the Coast Guard Reserve in
Manager for the Washington State                                                               Ken Hughey
                                               2001 where I am still serving as a Chief
Department of Transportation, Public                                                           2007 Marshallfield Lane
                                               Warrant Officer. I have served all over the
Transportation Division. In addition, I                                                        Redondo Beach, CA 90378
                                               USA and the world (in peace and war), on        310.502.0915
teach ‘Budgeting for Leaders,’ a one-day
                                               and off for over 21 years combined. Army
class in a leadership development pro-
                                               Navy was a big help. I was just recently
gram for senior information technology
                                               named the 2011 US Coast Guard Reserve           1984
managers who are preparing to become
                                               Chief Warrant Officer of the Year. I            Pierre Ardantz
chief information officers. Our eldest                                                         11928 S.W. Dickinson Court
                                               retired from the federal government in
daughter's company won an award for                                                            Portland, OR 97219
                                               2006 after 20+ years with the IRS working
the best visual novel (a type of computer                                                      503.244.4771
                                               in the IT field, and I still do IT for the
game) for 2011, and our youngest daugh-                                              
                                               Coast Guard Reserve including the

                  SS            T


       Kenneth Ross                        From The Man Himself, class agent                    1991
       3117 Granada Avenue                 George Fox: “Here’s what’s new with                  Wil Cheung
       El Monte, CA 91731                  Foxy:                                                29291 Moon Hill Court
       626.442.2896                        1. Am coaching my daughter’s St. An-                 Menifee, CA 92584                drew’s 6th grade basketball team
                                           2. Am coaching my eight-year-old son’s               1992
       1985                                   football team                                     20th Reunion
       Mark Alcalay                        3. Made the top producer list for Studley            Kyle Emerick
       1728 Stanford Ave                      Internationally in 2011                           1750 Watson Way
       Redondo Beach, CA 90278             Contact me at to get                Vista, CA 92083
       310.953.1770                        our 2015 reunion going!                              858.694.8003                                                          
                                           Carlos Gonzalez                                      Class agent Kyle Emerick says, “I have re-
                                           40214 N. Fairgreen Way                               cently been promoted to a Senior IT Ana-
                                           Anthem, AZ 85086                                     lyst and Team Lead for Caterpillar Inc.
                                           623.322.6670                                         Additionally I have created a Facebook
                                                     page for the Class of '92. We only have a
                                                                                                few members so far, but we are looking
                                           Sayeed Hasnat
                                           8595 Cole Crest Drive                                to add the missing classmates in an at-
                                           Los Angeles, CA 90046                                tempt to get more of them to attend the
                                           310.435.7558                                         20-year reunion.”
                                           1987                                                 Hector Tamayo
                                           25th Reunion                                         505 Tamarack Street
                                           Mark Duffer                                          Chula Vista, CA 91911
                                           1440 Sapphire Drive                                  619.423.3222
                                           Carlsbad, CA 92011                         
                                                                                                Jeff Graybill
                                           Jeff Ryan                                            24223 Haywards Crossing Lane
                                           511 S. Carondelet Street #204                        Katy, TX 77494
                                           Los Angeles, CA 90057                                337.234.6166
Pipat Viriyamettakul '02 is married.
                                                                                                Tony Fiori is manager of technical
                                           Rafael Hernandez of Katy, TX, stopped by             operations at 24/10 Spanish Telenovas
                                           the Academy early this year on a vacation            Broadcast Network in Miami, FL. Philip
                                           with his wife and daughter. He’ll return             Rush has recently returned to the US after
                                           for the 25th class reunion in May. We wish           a stint as a Peace Corps Reserve Volunteer
                                           class agent Mark Duffer a speedy recovery            working in Conakry, Guinea. He wrote in
                                           after a skiing accident in Utah earlier this year.   November, “This is more of a consulting
                                                                                                gig than your traditional PC service.
                                           1988                                                 We’re here to lay to the groundwork at a
                                           Lane Ginsburg
                                                                                                couple of sites and produce a country-
                                           14904 N. 149th Drive
                                                                                                wide your entrepreneurship training
                                           Surprise, AZ 85379
                                           602.405.8148                                         curriculum for the incoming volunteers.
                                                             It’s actually quite challenging.” In the
                                                                                                more recent items, he noted, “Just got
                                           1989                                                 done with an all-day auto parts whole-
                                           Marco D. Chayet                                      saler research mission in downtown
        Philip Rush '95                    6555 S. Cook Court                                   Conakry. And tomorrow I have to brief
                                           Centennial, CO 80121                                 the Minister of Technical Teaching and
                                           303.355.8500                                         Training on my evaluation of Guinea’s
                                                                    largest and most developed technical
       George Fox                          1990                                                 trade school.”
       12301 Saratoga Creek Road           Roland Miraco                                        We are deeply saddened to report the un-
       Saratoga, CA 95070                  6304 Hillview Avenue
       650.996.2946                                                                             timely passing of Amet Cota in a car
                                           Alexandria, VA 22310                                                                         accident near his hometown of La Paz,

Baja California. Amet attended the Acad-    Service in Costa Mesa. Rizki Mahfudz is an     2008
emy for three years. He was an attorney     event organizer at K-4 Project Manage-         Alexander Mui
at the firm of Fernández, Cota & Man-       ment in Jakarta, Indonesia. He studied in-     4116 Folsom Drive
ríquez Legal Corporation.                   ternational relations at the University of     Antioch, CA 94531
                                            Al Azhar Indonesia.                            925.754.5125
Jorge Artiles                               2004
16375 Ladysmith Street                      Hyun Seo Park visited the Academy as           Ron Ruangtragool
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745                  one stop on his world travels. He has          1950 S. Midvale Avenue
909.967.3491                                completed his service to the Korean            Los Angeles, CA 90024                                                                       714.744.3391
                                            Army, and his first stop after San Diego
Philip Lancashire of San Diego is vice      was Mexico City. Ryan Parker of
president of sales and marketing for        Whitehall, PA, attended Army Navy his          Sheriff Attia is studying computer science
Games In Gear, which he says, “brings you   sophomore and junior years. He is a            at the University of Buffalo in New York.
the ultimate 3D video game experience       correctional officer with the Lehigh           Zachary Gaccione works at Bank of Amer-
delivered to your door.”                    County Department of Corrections. The          ica in Las Vegas, NV.
                                            Academy is looking for a volunteer to
1997                                        serve as class agent for the Class of 2004.    2009
15th Reunion                                If you would like to help out, we would        Anyone available to serve as class agent
Jonathon Polak                              be grateful for your assistance. Please        for the Class of 2009? Report on the ca-
1439 De Haro St                             contact the Office of Alumni Affairs for       reers and activities of your friends and
San Francisco, CA 94107                     further information.                           help us stay connected. Check in with the
502.558.9880                                                                               office of Alumni Affairs if you’re                     2005                                           interested.
                                            Nick Morales
1998                                        15527 Allingham Avenue                         2010
Mark F. Peters                              Montebello, CA 90640                           Curtis Brunell
1631 Mendocino Lane                         951.264.1146                                   21831 Michigan Lane
Newbury Park, CA 91320                             Lake Forest, CA 92630
805.381.4150                       Scott Pritchard called from Missoula, MT,      Kevin Chang is studying organizational
                                            to share that he has served two tours of       leadership and motivation, advanced
1999                                        duty with the US Army in Iraq and plans        manufacturing, entrepreneurship and
June No                                                                                    innovation at Purdue University. Chris Mui
                                            to go back on active duty again soon.
141 E. Boyd Drive                                                                          is in basic training at Lackland Air Force
Baton Rouge, LA 70808                       2006                                           Base in Texas.
225.333.7385                                Michael Wan                         411 Joaquin Road                               2011
                                            Arcadia, CA 91007-6216                         Derrick Fann
2001                                        626.487.8872                                   20103 Harvest Way
Baron Rupprecht                                                                            Cerritos, CA 90703
4132 Galbar Street
Oceanside, CA 92056                         Evan Smith, who attended the Academy           Stephen Azubuike and Lamar Greenwood
760.703.8336                                in middle school, graduated from Arizona       have been an enthusiastic presence on                        State University with a degree in psychol-     campus since graduation. Before heading
                                            ogy/sociology. He studied applied psychol-     off to UCLA, they worked with the
                                            ogy with emphasis in sports as a               facilities crew all summer and now often
10th Reunion
Artem Journist                              post-grad at ASU. Today he is tennis pro       return to cadet games. Non-grad Weston
3701 Aries Glenn                            at Chandler Tennis Center.                     Littlefield is the owner of Deprived
Escondido, CA 92025                                                                        Society, a clothing company set up by two
                                            2007                                           good friends who aspire to help the
                                            5th Reunion                                    unfortunate. Their plan is to donate
                                            David Gonzalez                                 clothes to deprived families of the world
William Kraemer                             13372 Illinois Street                          when people purchase their line. Army
14510 Big Basin Way                         Westminster, CA 92683-2612                     and Navy Academy is deeply saddened to
Saratoga, CA 95070                
408.313.5069                                                                               report the passing of Philip Vessey of                 Robbie Gleason came by to visit and            Holtville on January 30. We extend our
                                            shared that he is holding down two jobs        condolences to his family and many friends.
2003                                        at Pizza Hut and Legoland. Corey Thorell
Ben Grambergu                               is the owner and partner of Dynamite
3250 Europa Street                          Shine Auto Detailing in Solana Beach.
Roseville, CA 95661                         Daniel Pinsky, who attended the Acad-
                                            emy his junior year, is in the Class of 2015
                                            at Chico State University. Jeff Patterson of
Jake Jacobs posted on Facebook that he is   Torrance works at Metric Precision
a grease monkey at Buzz’s Honda Acura       Machine and Engineering.

     Make a Difference by
           Investing in Today’s Cadets
                      and Tomorrow’s Leaders
     “Funding Excellence” is the cornerstone of the Academy’s fundraising                  ALUMNI
     efforts in support of the cadet experience. Tuition and fees cover all the basics     Laurie and Keith Anderson '49 • Eric
     affording the Academy its long-standing reputation for solid financial footing.       Ashwald ‘03 • Lynn and John Bacon '48
                                                                                           Lynette and Richard Berg '59 • Dale
     However, “Funding Excellence” provides the Academy with the additional
                                                                                           Blessing '72 • Pat and George (Buck)
     critical funds to “do whatever it takes” to ensure the excellence in the Academy
                                                                                           Buchanan ‘57 • Choo Choo and Dennis
     Experience – year in and year out.                                                    Boyer '63 • Harrison Brennan '09
     Each year, faculty and staff are asked to identify program areas, specific projects   • Louise and Daniel Brigham '45 • Sharon
                                                                                           and Todd Brundage '64 • Suzanne and
     and other opportunities that they believe will enhance the cadet’s Academy
                                                                                           John Burden '63 • Myrna and Michael
     Experience even more.
                                                                                           Bush '68 • Clarice Ann and Rolf
     For 2011-2012, Funding Excellence was charged with raising $350,000 to                Christophersen '56 • Michael Clark '67
     support the following initiatives:                                                    • Anne and Richard Claspill '68 • Lois
                                                                                           and Pierce Clegg '70 • Sara and Nelson
     $250,000 – “Where Needed Most”                                                        Cochrane '64 • John Cook '48 • Charlene
     $50,000 – Residential Life/Team-Building Programs                                     and Andrew Crean '69 • Victoria Phillips
     $25,000 – Athletics Booster Program                                                   and William Crouch '59 • Bonnie and
     $25,000 – Engineering/Robotics Program                                                Charles Custer '47 • William Davies '50
                                                                                           • Enrique DeCastro '47 • Janet and James
     As we go to press, we have already passed the $220,000 mark and are well on our       Dort '51 • Kendra and Mark Duffer '87
     way towards reaching our 2011-12 goal of $350,000. But we need your help!             • David Duttenhofer '64 • Gay and
                                                                                           Richard Ede '64 • Wayne Fisher '55
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                                                                                           Rutherford Hartz '48 • Rosalie and Sayeed
                                                                                           Hasnat '86 • Trude and Richard Hirsch
                                                                                           '48 • Grant Ivey ‘72 • Jo and Jack Jackson
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                                                                                           McAboy ‘59 • Helen and Isaac McElvany
                                                                                           '54 • Ulysses Miramontes '80 • Arlene and
                                                                                           Jay Moore '57 • Edith and Webster
                                                                                           Morton '55 • Lupita and Rodolfo Nelson
                                                                                           '58 • Nancy and Ruben Neuharth '37
                                                                                           • Linda Larsen and Don Nickerson '44
                                                                                           • Robert Nicol '54 • Hyun Seo Park '04
                                                                                           • Pat and Allen Phillips '55 • Ross
                                                                                           Piccinini ‘09 • Stephen Rainier '57 • Judy
                                                                                           and Gordon Reigle '48 • Bonnie and
                                                                                           Edward Roe '60 • Jeanette and Eric Rydell
                                                                                           '73 • Herbert Schulze '63 • Mark Sellinger

'86 • Lisa and Philip Sloss '82 • Louise
and Dan Smith '49 • Patricia and George
Smith '45 • Theresa and Judson Stevens
'43 • Marie and Thaddeus Taylor '63
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David Thoreson '49 • George Todt '51
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